Pixie Key Finder

Only Pixie Wireless Tracker allows you to see EXACTLY where your lost things are! (That’s right, we even use Pixie dust!) Pixie Tracker uses augmented reality to easily show you exactly where your lost items are! Just don’t trip over the couch on your way there. Visual guidance is great for noisy environments where you can’t hear a beep!

Pixie Key tracker

Pixie Location Tracker is the only finder accurate enough to show you where your things are…down to the last inch! Our Location-of-Things Technology uses Bluetooth, but it also uses signaling, allowing the Pixie points to talk to each other. This may not sound like much, but allowing the Pixie points to talk to each other is what helps to provide accurate distance directions to your lost item. We can offer a high search range, 30 – 50 ft. indoors and up to 100 ft. outdoors. Pixie Bluetooth tracker shows you where your items last were. For those who have a hard time staying in the same place, this is a great starting point for when you wander too far out of range.

What is the Pixie tracker?

We often waste time looking for things because we do not remember where we last left it. Imagine a situation when you are late for the office, you need to submit a file urgently, and your boss is calling you consistently for the last 10 minutes. Though you are ready to leave, you are still at home because the nearest cab is unable to find your location and you cannot find your car keys. This is when you need the help of a Pixie tracker. To instantly find your lost car keys. Essentially, the Pixie tracker is a set of tags. You keep one of the tags with yourself while the other one goes onto your keys or the object that you wish to keep track of. Then, you can use the tag that you have to find the other one. It is a Bluetooth powered device that helps you to find any lost item. While car keys are a simple example, you can use the Pixie tracker for several things such as your phone, any important document, any box, etc. All you need is the Pixie tracker that you can easily order online. Keep reading ahead to know how the Pixie key tracker works, how you can track things with it, and more. Pixie Tracker

How does the Pixie tracker work?

The Pixie GPS tracker is one of the most accurate tracking devices that you can find in the market right now. It helps you to track a wide range of things. However, have you wondered how a tag can help you to find your lost items? The critical point here is that it is Bluetooth enabled. This is why you can track almost anything with the Pixie tracker. Now, without further distractions, let’s dive into the principle working mechanism. You get a set of two Pixie tracker tags. The high tech Pixie tracker allows you to keep one card for your phone’s use while the other one is attached to the item that you want to track. Then, whenever you misplace something at home, all you need to do is use the tag that you have. It will guide you with your phone and give your directions to the item. The mobile display is excellent and shows you the exact distance between the object and you in feet and inches. You no longer have to worry about losing your items being lost anywhere. Though there are several Bluetooth trackers available in the market, the Pixie tracker uses the latest and advanced technology to improve its accuracy.

How to find lost things with the Pixie tracker? 

The Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth tracker is very easy to use. Thus, even children can use it. When you buy the Pixie tracker online, you get a complimentary iPhone case with it that allows you to attach it easily to your phone. The initial set up phase is direct, and you do not need to do anything too technical. Then comes the tracking part. When you have lost an item and wish to track it with your lost and found tracker, you need to hold up your phone like a scanner. Through the mobile’s camera, you can scan your environment. In simple words, you will feel that you are making a panorama on your phone, or you are playing PokemonGo. When you see everything around you on the screen, then your Pixie tracker will tell you which direction to head in. Please note that the Pixie tracker can scan through walls so you there is a complete guarantee that you will find your lost keys in no time.

Can’t find your keys? The new Pixie augmented reality finder helps you track your things. 

The Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker is the best lost and found tracker that you can find online. It is one of the most pocket-friendly investments that you can make without burning a hole in your pockets. There are innumerable Bluetooth trackers that you can buy on different online sites and platforms. While others have already bought them and suffered, we are here to save your money. Thus, we will guide you regarding the best AR tracker that you can buy online. Thousands of other buyers have already used the Pixie augmented reality tracker and seen amazing results. We have so many things to look after that it is natural to lose some of them here and there. But that does not mean that you will waste time looking for them. Since our lives are so hectic and we want quick solutions to everything, the Pixie tracker is beneficial to instantly track your lost keys, your lost files, documents. Etc. It is nothing less than a blessing for humanity, and we are saying this only after trying and testing the product at several locations for several items. Our customer-centric invention aims to make your life easier. You can now sleep five minutes extra before leaving for office, and you will still not get late looking for your keys!

How does the Pixie Bluetooth tracker draw a map to your lost car keys? 

Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. Thus, you do not need to run helter-skelter or ask anyone else for help. It makes you completely independent, and you feel responsible for your things. If you are someone who has always been too dependent on others, then it is time to buy the Pixie Technology Bluetooth tracker. But, how does the device draw a map on your phone that leads you to your lost items? Keep reading ahead to find out. Since you have a tag attached to your phone and the other card is attached to your lost item, you can use the Bluetooth technology to establish a connection between the two tags. Then, your phone will show you a complete step by step guide on where your lost item is. Your screen will display the distance in feet and inches. Moreover, when you hold up your phone to scan the room, your phone detects where the item is. Imagine your lost car keys to be under a pile of books. Then, the Pixie scanner app will scan through the collection of books even without having to pick it up. You not only save time but also maintain a calm and peaceful mind. Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff. Pixie Tracker on Keys

Pixie key tracker finds your lost items in augmented reality with affordable Bluetooth trackers. 

The Pixie wireless tracker is undoubtedly one of the most pocket-friendly items. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives that we cannot imagine a day without our smartphones, laptops, and music stations. Thus, Pixie is an innovative idea that is designed to help everyone save time and money. If often happens that we feel we have lost something, buy a new one, and then find the old one in some corner of the house. Then, all we can do is sit and contemplate. This is why the Pixie tracker is here to save the day. The Pixie Bluetooth tracker is available online at affordable rates. You can also check for any discounts and offers at the time of your purchase. All you need to do is buy the product from a verified seller, add it to your cart, make the payment, and confirm the order. It does not take more than two minutes for the transaction to be successful. With an appropriate delivery procedure, we promise that you will get the product on time. In case of any queries, you can quickly contact the customer care team that is extremely friendly and ready to help you around the clock. In a nutshell, assistance is a few taps away!

Can Pixie Dust help you find your lost things?

Designing and launching a product in the market is not enough. Thus, we first tested the Pixie Dust tracker to ensure its authenticity and smooth functioning. Though we were confident that it would work, we were surprised by its accuracy and consistency. The lithium batteries are already in the box, and all you need to do is attach one tag to your phone while the other goes on to your item. We have tried several online trackers and compared the Pixie tracker to them. Though we will give you more details about our comparative studies, you must know before-hand that the Pixie tracker has won the competition by a massive margin.

The Tile tracker vs. the Pixie Tracker

The first lost and found key tracker that we wish to compare our Pixie to is the Tile tracker app. There has been a lot of buzz regarding the Tile key finder app and Tile Mate. To begin with, the Tile tracker is an excellent key-tracking device that you can use in a wide range. Additionally, it is slightly cheaper than the Pixie tracker app. But, does that mean that it is better? Though we had a lot of hopes from it, all our expectations were shattered when we used it. The price difference between the Pixie tracker app and the Tile app is insignificant. But, the features of Pixie impress us more.
  • The Pixie tracker app has a battery life of 12 months and comes with a one year warranty. This means that nothing is likely to happen to your tracker within one year of its purchase. However, the Tile tracker app has no such warranty.
  • Besides this, the Tile tracker app provides you audio services only. On the other hand, the Pixie app has audio as well as video services. There is dual assistance in tracking all your items. You can use the Pixie map on your phone to instantly find your items.
  • Last but not least, if your phone moves away from your Tile tracker for 5-10 minutes, only then will it start ringing. However, imagine a situation when your phone is stolen, and you cannot trace it? The thief can move quite a distance within those 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, your Pixie app shows you instant search results.

The Samsung SmartThings vs. the Pixie tracker app

The Samsung SmartThings hub was a disappointment because it has many drawbacks. Firstly, please note that it is not a great security system. I say this with conviction because it does not have any special monitoring services. Thus, there is very little that you can expect from the device. Moreover, in case an intruder breaks in, then he can easily disconnect the connection, and there will not be any alerts. However, the Pixie tracker app allows you to track your lost keys anywhere. There is no way to disconnect the devices because the tags are Bluetooth empowered. There is a complete guarantee that the sensors will work wonderfully, and you do not need to worry about losing your things. Though these two products are fundamentally different, they both have the same aim of providing you security.

TrackR Pixel vs. Pixie

Lastly, we have chosen to compare our Pixie tracking app with the TrackR Pixel. Once again, the Pixie app is the heroic winner. The biggest drawback of the TrackR Pixel app is that it works for a range of 100 feet only. Even if we overlook that flaw, it has a restricted partnership with Alexa. This means that it does not have an Apple partnership. iPhones are the most used mobile phones in the world, and if you are an Apple user, then the Pixie app is the best for you. Also, past users have found the TrackR Pixel siren to be uncontrollable and annoying.  Thus, the Pixie Phone monitoring app gets a full score on being the best key tracker. It provides a range of benefits at extremely affordable rates. You can order it online, and the 12-month battery life is commendable. No other land and found tracker comes close to this innovative device.


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