7 Best Wallet Trackers

7 Best Wallet Trackers

Are you drained and worn-out of frantically looking for your purse or wallet as you are rushing out your door? If so, then you must think of purchasing a wallet tracker. This is a remarkable gadget that can be attached in your wallet and produces a sound that makes in locating it more effortless. We will be discussing the best wallet trackers available, and how to choose the best one so you can get one that meets your needs.

7 Best Wallet Trackers: Your Easy Buying Guide

  1. Tile Slim 

Tile Slim is considered the thinnest Bluetooth tracker available today. This is a cheap option to the popular Cube Shadow, which is integrated with the same state of the art features such as community finding, location tracking, as well as the capability to ring your device by pushing a key located at the back of the unit. This tracker falls short with it comes to range and ringer volume. However, it is made of a renowned company and is only available for a reasonable price.

What makes this tracker apart from the rest is its portability feature. It has a thickness of a credit card and weighs 9.3 grams, which makes it the lightest Bluetooth tracker available. Tucking this device to purses, handbags or wallets is also a breeze. The size of Tile Slim makes it appropriate to use on your TV remotes, cellphones, and tablets.

This tracker also works along with the Tile App. This app is well made, as well as user-friendly. Setting off the ringer is as easy as pushing a key on the app. It has amazing features that are simple to use.

Tile Slim


  • IP57 water-resistant
  • Thinnest tracker available
  • Can be utilized to search for your phone
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Intuitive Tile app


  • The battery is not replaceable, so you need to buy a new one.
  • Limited range
  • Not very loud
  1. Tile Gen 2 

This is the best product to purchase for those who often misplace their purses in the car or the house. It is one of the smallest Bluetooth trackers that functions through an app easily. This is made of super lightweight material so you can carry it with ease. You can attach it to your wallet and press the button each time you lost it. It will produce a loud sound, which helps you determine the exact location of the lost object.

It has a range of 100ft. This is ideal if you are living in a small apartment or condo. It is waterproof and enabled you to utilize it in a wet setting without any issue. But, it is highly recommended not to bring it near the swimming pool or when you do car washing.

It is considered one of the best wallet trackers available on the market that allows you to track vital belongings in just a few minutes. It is small but works efficiently.

Tile Gen 2 


  • User-friendly and does not involve complex instructions
  • It comes with all the needed features in finding the wallet fast
  • Available for a very reasonable price


  • There is a problem with customer service and how they respond to customer issues and concerns.
  1. Tile Mate Bluetooth Wallet Tracker & Key Finder

Aside from being a popular key finder, Tile Mate also rated higher when it comes to wallet tracker. This Bluetooth tracker sets apart from the rest when it comes to reliability, design as well as efficiency. It is integrated with a hole, which makes attaching the keyring easier. Also, there is no need for using glue or adhesive.

However, it comes with a battery that only lasts for 12 months, but there is no need to change the whole product. Tiles are made to be replaced at a very reasonable price. It also works on many platforms, and the best thing about it is that it comes with a map function. It has a dimension of 1.3 by 1.3 by 0.2 inches.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Wallet Tracker


  • Can be attached using adhesive or to a keyring
  • The battery lasts for one year


  • The battery needs to be replaced after 12 months of using
  1. Yandog Hot Mini Smart GPS Wallet Tracker

If you are looking for a Bluetooth wallet tracker that makes use of your smartphone app, look no further than Yandog Hot mini wallet tracker. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology utilizing a cellphone app. This is easy to do; all you want is to pair it. Then it will notify you if you’re getting away. Also, you can ring it from your cellphone app.

This is available in yellow and needs a device to function. On the other hand, its app works on various types and models of smartphones. What is more, it also shows the last location of the tracker on a map.

Yandog Hot Mini Smart GPS Wallet Tracker


  • Very attractive
  • Provides app for Android and iOS powered devices
  • Provides last location mapping


  • Just available in bright yellow
  1. Luxsure 6-Receiver Wallet Tracker Set

If you love a handheld transmitter system, then Luxsure is the best choice. It provides the best way of looking for your objects without using any software or your smartphone. You will just need to pair the transmitter with the receiver, and then you can now start using the device.

This state of the art tracker is integrated with six buttons; with every button has a corresponding one receiver. This makes it a very straightforward system. However, it lacks additional features of an app. It comes with a manual, transmitter as well as available with a 24-month warranty.

Luxsure 6-Receiver Wallet Tracker Set


  • It has six receivers and RF transmitter
  • RF system
  • Trendy design


  • There are no smartphone functions
  1. Dangchu Bluetooth Wallet Locator

State of the art wallet tracker from Dangchu takes account of amazing features never seen on high-end products. It alerts you once the smartphone is getting far from it. It has a range of 76 feet and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

However, this device is a little bit bulky. It is also not flat compared to trackers from Tile. However, it can be utilized as a shutter button for taking selfies as well as sound recordings.

Dangchu Bluetooth Wallet Locator


  • It has smart features like automatic alerts
  • The shutter button is usable


  • A bit bulky and not flat
  1. Luxsure Smart Key & Wallet Finder

This tracker is ideal for everyone. Once paired, the app will keep in constant communication. It will also produce a sound to alert the user when the connection to the tracking device is lost.

It comes with a battery that can last for ten months. Asking for a replacement is easy and fast. This is also available for a broad array of cellphone devices. The package has two trackers, a user-manual as well as a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. We advice you to choose best tracker for to find your lost items.

Luxsure Smart Key & Wallet Finder


  • Amazing design
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Smart app functions


  • A little bit pricey compared to other products

The Best Wallet Trackers Buying Guide

When choosing the best wallet tracker, you need to keep in mind some vital features to make the most of your money. Some of the essential features to consider include:

  • Range: This determines how far you can monitor your wallet or purse using your phone. This is vital as a tracker that has a long-range is better than those with a limited range. The best tracker has 60 to 80 feet range, even if some comes with longer ranges.
  • Loudness and Type of Alarm: When tags pick up the signal of the tracker, it needs to respond and how it answers matters a lot. What type of sound does it produce? It is loud, and does it come with visual alerts or just audible ones. You need to find out.
  • Modules: There are wallet tracking devices out there that comes with an app. There are also tracking systems available with transmitter while others come in a pack of four or many devices, which include many tags, key fobs as well as a tracker.
  • Battery Life: A lot of wireless electronic systems make use of batteries. The issue with batteries is that they run out of power easily. Once this occurs, you will choose a user-friendly device that makes changing the battery easier. See how long the battery lasts? Is it replaceable or not?
  • Shape and Size: Even if a wallet tracker is only a tool that just needs to do its purpose, the way it looks is vital too. If you want small, stylish, or thin tags, then there are devices that provide these kinds of features.
  • Extras: Some wallet trackers provide more useful features than others. There are trackers that utilize RF transmission, while some make use of Bluetooth networking that comes with extra features.


Finding the best wallet tracker is easy if you know what to look for. The best tracker is the one that meets your specific needs. But it is also important to know the features to get the most value for your money.