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Arctic Air Ultra Review

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  • Cool any area in minutes!
  • Adjustable 3 Speeds.
  • More affordable compared to regular air conditioners.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


  • No night lights
  • The cable becomes hot easily

State of the Arctic Air Ultra receives lots of advantages and positive feedbacks from previous users due to its easy to use features. It is also inexpensive and easy to maintain. Arctic Air Ultra is pretty useful and safe to use. You can put it anywhere you want to, in the bedroom, or take it to the office. You will surely be astounded by the many benefits it offers.

A lot of people encounter issues about the cable of this air cooler that somewhat gets hot. However, this drawback is outweighed by the many perks it offers. It is considered one of the most sought-after air coolers on the market and Amazon store, at this point.

Arctic Air Ultra Review: Does it Keep Air Cool?

Today, we are experiencing a harsh weather not like before due to global warming. Heating temp causes heatwave, the leads to a considerable and alarming weather disturbances and issues on our environment. Heatwaves can also lead to wildfires, power outages, and many others.

One prevalent cause of heatwave is power outrage. This occurs due to the scorching temperature, the need for electricity increases. We need electricity to electric power fans, air conditions, HVAC, and other things that can make us comfortable. Due to the growing demands for electricity, we are experiencing a constant power outrage.

Heatwaves and extreme heat are also one of the reasons for wildfires that kills animals and a source of living. There are also a growing number of heatstroke incidents from all parts of the world, which is also associated with heatwaves. On the other hand, it results in kidney failure, seizure, or worse death.

It is upsetting and alarming. As of now, we don’t have the solution to keeping away or stopping this global warming. According to experts, we have to drink plenty of water to avoid heatstroke, and we must keep inside your premises, most notably at the peak of the sunrays. It is also advisable to bring an umbrella when going outside.

However, the issue is not addressed by just staying inside your building and home. Usually, you stay inside your home with this soaring and burning heat; you are likely to use HVAC, electric fan, or air conditioners. Using these appliances can cause you a lot, from purchasing to installation. You will notice a remarkable spike on your power bill. All these things can be avoided because today there is a new product available that can help you breathe fresh and cool air right at the comfort of your room without the high cost of installation. We are happy to introduce the Arctic Air Ultra. This is one of the best air coolers available on the Amazon store at this point.

Groundbreaking Arctic Air Ultra is your reliable air conditioning or air-cooling unit which was intended to give a fresh and cooling air to avoid you and your loved ones experience the heatwave for a very reasonable price. It is easy to use and can humidify, cold as well as purify the air inside your room or house. What is more, you can bring this appliance to various areas or places in your home like the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc. as it weighs very light and is portable.

Arctic Air Ultra Review, Is it The Quickest & Easiest Way to Cool Any Space?

This air cooler is considered the best buddy by a lot of homeowners because it offers coolness and peace while staying at home. Also, there are lots of amazing and useful features integrated into this product that makes it very popular.

This Arctic Air Ultra review will help you determine if this product is for you or not. We will discuss the features of this product, the pros, and cons, buying guide to the best air cooler available, Frequently Asked Questions as well as the best alternatives. However, prior to diving into the main topic, it is worth knowing the significance of buying air cooler.

Arctic Air Ultra Review

Why You Need Air Cooler and Why It is Vital?

An air cooler is a vital home appliance which is utilized for cooling down surrounding in places which have a hot or warm cli9mate in general. These have been used for quite a long time now and are superb for fighting heat on a day to day basis. Often compared a lot with conventional air conditioners, sometimes people may even consider that they work the same, but in reality, there is a huge difference between the two. Air coolers can be purchased easily and are being utilized in many houses in the world at this point because they give high-end cooling at all times.

  • Provision of Individual Cooling

One thing that makes this air cooler different from any other cooling device or equipment is the fact that it allows you to get individual cooling. So, meaning you can obtain an individual that is only and precisely for a single person, without the need of facing any problems or issues in the matter. Other cooling devices available, most especially air conditioners, don’t provide this exclusive and fantastic benefit. Instead, they provide overall cooling, and this is something that has become common. Individual cooling is indeed the most excellent way for us to fight the heat during the hot season for as long as we want.

  • Cost-Effective

Air cooler is an extremely capable device that can be found easily within the market at a very reasonable price. This not just allows you to keep away from the soaring heat at all times in the summer season, but also allows you to save a massive amount of money in due course. With air conditioners, as well as other cooling devices available out there that are expensive, and air cooler is very cost-efficient and something which will almost surely leave you feeling satisfied.

  • Wide Range of Types to Select From

Air cooler is available in many types, and each one is exceptional and unique in their own way. People can pick the one they want; it depends on their choices, in general. On the other hand, different types always tend to have varying costs, and this is something that a lot of people must be aware of. Prior to buying an air cooler, make sure to check the quality of the product in order to ensure that it will last for a long time. This is simply because high quality air coolers are, without a doubt, much more reasonable than the low-quality ones.

  • Fast and Easy Installation

The installation of this device is another reason why you must consider getting one. It has exceptionally easy to follow the guide, and it can be used for many years to come. Because of the easy installation process that also takes little time, air coolers have become the most excellent way for cooling down places, and to get individual cooling in the summer season. Mostly the installation is handled by the company itself through which people buy this product. On the other hand, the process of installation being fast and easy surely does give people a high level of convenience.

  • Reduced Power Bills

Another remarkable thing to consider about air coolers is the fact that they only consume less amount of electricity, not like conventional air conditioners. HVAC and air conditioners are known for devouring huge amounts of electricity- which leads to increased electricity bills in the short and long run. With air cooler, energy bills can be reduced to a greater extent, and it can keep that way forever, allowing people to save a lot of money, which they can use to purchase other essential things. Since air cooler is indeed very advantageous, getting on immediately has been highly suggested for every homeowner.

Now that you already know the reasons why you need to get an air cooler lets us review one of the best and most reliable brands of air coolers, which is the Arctic Air Ultra. Don’t miss this Arctic Air Ultra because this will be your guide for the right purchase. Let’s start by listing down important product description.

What is Arctic Air Ultra?

Do you want to stay comfortable and cool, but you are feeling sweaty as well as hot? Switching on your HVAC or air conditioning unit is expensive and can be noise as well. And your electric fan only blows the warm air around you. All these can be addressed by the most reliable improved air cooler called Arctic Air Ultra. This is a personal air cooler that has the power to transfer hot areas into comfortable and cool refreshing spaces for a very reasonable price. What makes this product exceptional is that it comes equipped with double cooling power. It cools, humidity as well as purify your room.

This air cooler is integrated with Hydro Chill technology that works by pulling in hot air from the space through the built-in evaporative cooling filter and changes it into a fresh and cool air in an instant. You just add water to the water tank and then press the push button, and the machine will start cooling and refreshing the air.

Not like other air coolers available out there, state of the art Arctic Air Ultra works up to ten hours for water fill. The latest and improved air filter has an anti-microbial coating sponge material. The integrated multi-directional vent can be adjusted and pointed where you want to direct the air. It comes with a three-fan speed, which enables you to personalize your cooling experience. All you need is to choose between low, medium as well as high settings.

It is also integrated with a calming night light and super quiet fan that make it ideal to use all through the night for a sound and comfortable sleep. State of the art Arctic Air Ultra is energy efficient, eco-friendly as well as Freon free, so it is safe to use inside the room of your kids. Also, you don’t need to worry about an expensive electric bill. This air cooler is also super lightweight and available in a portable design that allows you to position it anywhere you want. Enjoy a fresh and cool air in your bedroom, den, kitchen, living room, basement, office as well as other parts of your room. You can also use this device outdoors and enjoy a cool air on the sweaty and hottest days. Cool air fast and easy is what you can get if you order Arctic Air Ultra now.

The new and improved Arctic Air Ultra is a handy and portable air cooler that has the capability to cool your room for up to ten hours through a water reservoir that turns hot air into a fresh, cold air. This amazing device makes use of the popular way of cooling wherein it sucks in hot air on one side, and runs air via moisture and so cools it by means of evaporation.

This device is made and produced by the company who is also responsible for producing various kinds of products which include Slap Chop, Handy Heater, Magic Pad as well as Huggle Hoodie. According to the company, they work hard on a daily basis to produce superior and high-quality services and products which improve the lives of many people, today and for the coming years.


The Arctic Air Ultra is an updated and better version of the previously out air cooler from the company a few years ago. This Arctic Air Ultra is presented with new, improved features, which are more reliable and functional than the last ones. Also, this new version is far different from the previous one with regards to style or design. The latest version is smaller and comes equipped with easy to adjust vent. What is more, it also changes the keys or controls. The buttons of the new version can be found at the top, and it makes use of a regular electric plugin, which is different from the old USB cable style.

Arctic Air Ultra Review

How to Utilize the Arctic Air Ultra Air Cooler

Not like the conventional air conditioners, HVAC as well as other air conditioning products, Arctic Air Ultra is easy to use. Buyers will find setting up this air cooler very easy. All you need to follow the steps given. You can download the guide right at the official website of the manufacturers or download the PDF format.

To use this air cooler, you need to follow these steps:

Pre-soak the air filter in the water, and then afterward slide it into place. If you want maximum cooling, all you need is to freeze the air filters. However, the cooling will be dependent on how hot the room is. If it is sweltering inside your room, then choose the highest cooling setting.

Next, fill up the water tank and then set the desired temperature

This air cooler works by pulling of dry and hot air in the air filter and in the water chamber. This process does two important things, first to freshen and cool the air surrounding you and to evaporate the water. It leads to the generation of a cold breeze that doesn’t scratch your throat, not like the conventional air conditioner.

The Arctic Air Ultra also works outside and is most chosen by many people who want to spend most of their time backyard in spite of the rise in temp. The air filter is very reliable in catching dust particles, so aside from giving your comfort and cold breeze, this device also gives you clean air to breathe. This is particularly beneficial to people who are experiencing allergies and respiratory issues.

The use of this amazing air cooler couldn’t be plainer and more straightforward. The water reservoir can accommodate 2 cups of water, which is enough to keep it working and leave the area feeling chilly as well as more bearable.

Arctic air ultra reviews

Arctic Air Ultra Pricing: Return Policy and Pricing

Arctic Air Cooler is one of the most reliable but reasonable air coolers available on the market and on online stores today. At this point, you can have it for only $39.99 and available with free delivery. The manufacturer offers a remarkable deal to value their clients. If you buy two units, the second one can be purchased for half the price and free delivery as well.

You are given a chance to try this product to know if it is reliable for sixty days. If just in case it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund. Al you need to do is to call OneTel’s customer service department by dialing (800) 205-3001 to begin the process. This is the only way to ask for a refund.

As a shopper, you need to bear in mind that the refund will not cover the money you paid to deliver the product back to OneTel. Also, the company will not cover any expenses you shell out. In this instance, the fee would take account of the $19.99 you shell out for another unit.

Therefore, if you purchase the second unit, understand that you are keeping it as it will not qualify for a refund.


Arctic Air Ultra Review: How to Keep it Working and in a Good Condition 

Of course, we want our appliance to last longer in order to give us further benefits. You can do so by following some maintenance tips. When it comes to Arctic Air Ultra, you are able to prolong its service for many years by cleaning it at least once a week. Make sure to clean the filter at least once a week. Doing so, you are able to keep it in a good working condition. You also need to ensure that the filter must be replaced for 3 to 6 months. Cleaning the filter is so easy, you can hand wash it using a mild cleaner and a brush. You can also use ordinary soap to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime. You also need to ensure proper rinsing, then shaking out any excess water, and then letting it dry.

If you some mold or your air cooler filter has a musty or odd smell, you must clean it right away to avoid any harmful effects to the air you breathe and to your wellbeing as well. You must soak the air cooler filter in bowl filled water with a few drops of vinegar.

Let the filter to submerge for 45 minutes or one hour. It depends on how dirty the filter is. Afterward, rinse it with warm water, then squeeze out and allow it to dry outside. Vinegar can kill germs or bacteria caused by stingy odor or molds inside the filter. Also, you must look into the product’s official website to know more about the proper way of maintaining the Arctic Air Ultra.

Arctic air ultra


Best Climates for Arctic Air Ultra Cooler

Air conditioners are best used in a place that has closed as well as constant air circulation like residential and commercial property. The fact that they are able to cool the room by means of dehumidifying it, these systems function well in the humid setting. The air will be relaxing and comfortable in a place in which humidity is reduced, making this unit the most excellent option for anyone residing in humid places. Also, it is essential to keep room closed-off. Like for instance, utilizing air conditioner in the garage isn’t a smart choice as the room isn’t totally closed off as well as the refreshed and cooled air will just drift outside.

If you reside in dry settings, like, for instance, in desert climates, a portable evaporative air cooler can be the best way of cooling your room down on a blistering hot day as they put in moisture back into the air by means of evaporation. The dry air will assimilate the cool moisture, leading to a cooler temperature in your environment.

If a humid location, an evaporative cooler is almost inefficient as the air is packed with moisture. Putting in more moisture into the air isn’t recommended in areas with humid weather. Despite the fact that the evaporative cooler will cool down your room, it is vital that you stay the relative humidity levels under 50 percent inside your home. Even when you reside in the driest, hottest setting in the world, there are lots of issues that can take place if your home has a high humidity level.

Arctic air ultra

What Makes Arctic Air Ultra Apart from Others?

Air cooler makes use of the exact opposite method of the conventional air conditioner to cool down your room. So, they have extremely different outcomes related to their application and use.

If you live in uncomfortably dry weather, an air cooler is able to make the conditions more livable. This is down by minimizing the number of dryness in the air. Aside from helping in making the air cooler and fresher, this device also helps in relieving some of the signs related to the itchy eyes, sore throats as well as dry skin. Using Arctic Air Ultra enables us to keep these conditions at bay.

If you’re on a tight budget, then Arctic Air Ultra is the best and appealing option. Compared to air conditioners, air cooler like this is cheap, and most of all can be purchased with huge discounts most especially if you buy in bulk. If you are concerned about our environment, the natural procedures which take place when making use of air cooler mean it is energy efficient without emissions.

Arctic Air Ultra Features

There are lots of air coolers available out there promising to give you the best and reliable service. But, one product that sets apart from the rest is the Arctic Air Cooler. This is a handy and portable air conditioner appliance which not just cools and humidifies air, but also filters and purifies it in order to give you a fresh, cool, and clean air to breathe. This appliance is easy to use. You don’t need to be a techie person to use this air cooler. All you need to do is to put in the water in the air cooler water tank, and it starts blowing out cool, fresh, and purified air. This is a simple yet very reliable way of staying cool if you need it. It comes with a fully adjustable thermostat, so you are able to adjust the temp according to your needs. With this air cooler, you have control to the temp. Thus, there is no more hassle with others to turn it down. State of the art Arctic Air Ultra is cheaper and portable than other air coolers available out there. It is also efficient and reliable than air conditioners as well as an effective replacement for an annoying fan. It runs up to ten hours for every fill, just fill in the water tank, relax, and then enjoy the fresh and cool air.

Arctic Air Ultra is integrated with amazing and state of the art features, which are the reason why it is one of the most sought-after air coolers at this point. Some of the best features integrated into this air conditioning appliance are listed below:

  • Extremely Portable

The groundbreaking Arctic Air Ultra is extremely portable due to its handy small size. This allows you to use and transfer it anywhere you like, from the kitchen to the living room to bedroom or garage. You can also bring this device to your office and even inside your car. Arctic Air Ultra is extremely flexible and convenient to use. It fits in anyways you like to put it, whether in the bookshelf, on your table, or center table. This air cooler is considered the lightest weighing only 2.55 pounds.

  • Add Little Water

In order to generate a fresh and cool air, this air cooler requires filling water on its water reservoir that is situated at the top portion of the unit itself. If you switch it one, it pulls the hot air in the area, and through the application of hydro chill technology or the evaporation cooling system makes it cool. You can take pleasure in the cool and purify the air for ten hours for every fill of water.

  • Dimensions

One of the best features of this air purifier is its small size. It has a dimension of 10.9 10.4 by 10.4 inches. This small size makes it ideal to use inside the room of your kids. If you are living in a condo or apartment with your family, then this air cooler is perfect for you.

  • Eco- Friendly

A lot of people today opt for a product that is safe to use. There are some products that produce carbon, which is not just for our wellbeing but also to our environment. Carbon is one of the main reasons for global warming, and we, as a responsible consumer, must do our part to stop this turmoil. We can do this by buying and using products that don’t generate harmful compounds. When it comes to air cooler, choose Arctic Air Ultra as it is free from Freon. This is not just eco-friendly but also energy efficient. The Arctic Air Ultra doesn’t only allow cooling down and refreshing air, but it also keeps you safe from harmful compounds common to low-quality air coolers.

  • Double Cooling Power

One feature that makes this air cooler apart from the rest is that it is integrated with dual cooling power that has double the power of the previous model of Arctic Air cooler. It comes with an evaporative filter that is coated or covered with sponge material that serves the freezing air as well as an adjustable air vent that gives you the right amount of fresh and cold air you want.

  • Fan Speed

When searching for an air cooler unit, speed feature is a vital thing that you need to think of. What makes the Arctic Air Ultra apart from others is that it comes with a three-speed fan setting, so you are able to pick between low, medium as well as high settings. This is important as it gives you the opportunity to pick how fast or cold the fan must run.

  • Ultimate Personal Cooler

The price of this air cooler is far cheaper than air conditioners available out there. As a matter of fact, it is considered the most sought-after solutions to everyone who wants to take a break from the heat of the hot weather. Arctic Air Ultra is an ultimate personal cooler available at this point.

  • Money-Back Warranty

Money-back warranty is what many shoppers are looking for an air cooler. This allows you to ask for a refund in case you are not pleased with the product. State of the art Arctic Air Ultra can be purchased with 30 days money back warranty. This allows a shopper to ask for reimbursement once the items they received are defective or not functioning well. However, this is less to happen due to the fact that the company assures that prior to the delivery of the product, it is well-checked and well packed. So, you will get a product that is totally working.

  • Cheaper

Are you looking for an air cooler that works well but can only be obtained for a reasonable price? Then consider the Arctic Air Ultra. When we are buying something in our home or for ourselves, the first thing that comes to our mind is workable, affordable, convenient as well as long lasting. The same applies when searching for an air cooler, which we likely to purchase as we can’t afford to procure HVAC or air conditioner. It might be due to the portability, as well as the price that can’t be. Well, state of the art Arctic Air Ultra is the best solution to hot temp, which indisputably saves you a considerable amount of money due to the fact that it is 98% cheaper than other models available. Arctic Air Ultra is intended to providing you a product that gives a refreshing air inside your home or office. With this air cooler, you can reap the benefits of high-quality and cold air and low price.

  • Programmable Thermostat

State of the art Arctic Ultra is integrated with a programmable thermostat. This groundbreaking feature can be utilized easily and is effortlessly adjusted by its read display. A programmable thermostat has full control in the type of climate that depends on your choice and preference. It is extremely convenient compared to air conditioners, which come with the temperature with fixed features.

All in all, advance Arctic Air Ultra is your reliable air-cooling unit, which is not just super lightweight and affordable but also self-contained. This amazing air cooler can be used and set up almost anywhere you want, be it at your workplace, garage, or home. It is also good for outdoor use. It functions by sifting the hot temp in its icy water chamber, thereby giving you a cooling effect that helps you relax.

Arctic air cooler reviews


Pros and Cons of Arctic Air Ultra Air Cooler

The significance of air-cooled offices and homes can never be overemphasized. A high-temp condition has lots of harmful effects on the community. In general, it causes us uneasiness and can deprive us of relaxation and sound sleep.

Discomfort and uneasiness are a mild issue when other issues like heat stress as well as associated disorders are considered. In serious cases, a high temp condition can result in death. At present, there are three significant issues to cool and refresh our air inside the house, such as using electric fans, air conditioning units as well as air coolers.

Each one comes with its fair share of pros and cons. However, the air cooler has been regarded as the best option for cooling air amongst the three mentioned options due to many essential factors. Are you planning to buy Arctic Air Ultra, but still in doubt about how beneficial this device will be to you? Then it’s good to consider the advantages and disadvantages of Arctic Air Cooler. Let’s begin with the pros.


Arctic Air Ultra is one of the most sought-after air coolers today due to the many benefits it offers to users. Some of these perks include:

  • Reasonable/ Cheap

One factor that makes this air cooler apart from the rest is its price. You don’t need to break your wallet to buy this device, which will keep your home cool. When you buy this product, you’ll be astounded at what the total expense of the unit is. Installation is easy and fast, and you do it on your own even if you are not a techie person, eliminating the need for a technician as well as the accompanying expenses.

When it comes to maintenance, this air cooler has few components and simple maintenance routines. You can do general maintenance that will be at a fairly inexpensive cost as the parts are equally reasonable as well as readily available.

  • Minimized the Expense of Cooling

This might look like an addition to the mentioned benefit above. However, its effect on your bank account is huge, that you think it must be discussed separately. One major issue a lot of people experience during the hot season is not just the heat, but also the considerable effect it has on the outlay side of their budget. An air conditioner that used to be the common appliance for cooling room consumes lots of power or electricity. This leads to a considerable rise in your monthly electric bill. This air cooler has eliminated this issue. If you get the air cooler, you’ll notice a significant drop in the power or electricity required for cooling.

  • Works with Doors and Windows Open

Typically for air conditioners to cool rooms properly, windows and doors need to be closed. This is because allowing the door and window open will interfere with room temperature and make the unit work harder to give enough cooling effect.

This will lead to a condition wherein effective cooling can’t be acquired, and the expense of cooling will be increased. With Arctic Air Ultra, there’s no need for closing the doors and windows as well. This device works even if your doors and windows are open. Arctic Air Ultra also works perfectly fine in an outdoor setting.

When you buy this device, you can utilize it in your living room, kitchen while preparing food as well as transfer to the attic if you want to relax. The outdoor setting doesn’t take anything away from the efficiency of the unit.


  • Cooler, Fresher Air with Additional Moisture

One con that air conditioners and electric fans have is that the air they generate is dry. Yes, this might be cold; usually, it is not remarkable as breathing air. They also cause skin dryness and eye irritation. On the other hand, Arctic Air Ultra generates fresher air. This device makes use of hot air and water to get the desired cooling effect in the natural way of evaporation.

While purifying and cooling the air, Arctic Air Ultra also put in layers of air moisture, which leaves the vents. This boosts air humidity and makes the air feel good on your skin, nostril as well as a whole respiratory system once you inhale.

  • Amazing Health Benefits

Prior to becoming popular and trendy, air cooling was related to some negative health issues. Electric fans function by circulating air at the highest speed to get the right cooling. This means particles like dust, grime, dust mints, and others are lifted as well as circulated in the air, which has a harmful effect on the air we breathe. An air conditioner has also been related to a lot of health issues. People with asthma are at risk of attacks once they stay under the air conditioner. Arctic Air Ultra is a good and safe option for people with this condition.

There are many other health issues related to air conditioner like eye problem, skin irritation, pneumonia as well as other complications which take place from molds that come up on the air vents.

With air cooler like Arctic Air Ultra, you get many health benefits instead of these health challenges. Like for instance, the air it generates is fresh and have moisture. It comes with an air filter that sifts and removes some contaminants present in the air. The level of cooling isn’t as low as the offensive low temperature, which is accessible with air conditioners.

Buying air coolers are the best and smart choice by all means. They are incredibly useful in cooling the air inside your room, and as opposed to fans and air conditioners, air coolers are far better.

Air coolers successfully supply efficient cooling without spending a lot and take pleasure in other perks mentioned above. With Arctic Air Ultra, there are only some flaws provided the fact that you clean as well as maintain it on a regular basis.

Buying Guide

If you have a plan of buying an air cooler, there are essential things that you need to consider, including the size, dimensions, and price, as well as the features. Familiarizing yourself to these essential features helps a lot in finding and getting the best one for you. To help you in finding the best one, here is the buying guide for the most reliable air cooler that you must always keep in mind to make the best out of your money.


Air coolers vary in sizes, and it depends on the company that manufactures the unit. The format is vital in searching for an air cooler. When the unit is big, it can provide cool air to big areas of your home. However, today, there are air coolers that can cool down air in large spaces, in spite of its miniature size.

Water Tank Capacity

If you have sized your air cooler properly, think of its water tank. This tank holds the water, which will submerge into the cooling pad and then evaporate into the air. A firm and steady supply are vital for proper working. The water reservoir is an essential part of an air cooler. Therefore, it must be easy to clean as well as a refill.

A big water reservoir enables you to go for many hours between refills. Therefore, you can take pleasure in the fresh and cold air without the need for checking the level of water now and then. The exact time for a refill will depend on fan speed, humidity level, as well as how often you use or run the air cooler. However, search for a big water reservoir for extra convenience.

Detachable Tanks

Aside from the size, another significant feature that you must look for air cooler is how it works for refills. Make sure to consider an air cooler that comes with a removable tank as it is easy to empty, refill as well as clean. Removable tanks are likely to be smaller as well as capable of holding 1 to 2 gallons of water per refill. This keeps the reservoir from being too heavy to attach once it is filled.

Air Filters and Cooling Pads

Air coolers must especially the evaporative ones come with cooling pads that submerge water and make a surface for evaporation. The best air cooler is the one that has the best surface is in cooling pads as this boosts the level of water, which can evaporate promptly and make the most of cooling. Look for air cooler with cooling pads that have lots of nooks as well as crannies as it is able to hold lots of water.

Make sure to consider cooling pads which act as block allergens and air filters. This helps in keeping the air inside your home clean as well as fresh.

Fan Settings

Air coolers are integrated with a fan to provide fresh air. The speed of the fan controls the air throw distance, and at the same time, it also helps in knowing how cool the air as it is blown in your room. Search for an air cooler that has three fan speeds to give better control of airflow. Also, consider how you want air to flow in your room. When you choose a steady and directed breeze, search for a tower fan style that has louvers as you can target the air where you like it. If you choose intermittent oscillation, look for an air cooler that has a toggle that you can utilize to switch on an oscillating fan function.

The settings of the fan are more than simply comfort and cross ventilation- also, they determine the level of noise of the device. If you have a plan of using the cooler in the media room or kid’s bedroom wherein quite an operation is vital, search for extra features such as sleep setting and a quiet mode that will immediately turn down the machine as required.


If you have a plan of setting up a whole swamp cooler unit, then portability is a vital factor with regards to air cooler. A caster is a handy and essential addition since it enables you to transfer the appliance from one place to another rather than lifting it- most notably vital if you have a full water reservoir. A lightweight unit is a smart idea when you have a plan of moving your cooler around most often or when you need to lift it to the store during the winter season.


Types of Air Coolers

There are many types of air coolers to select from. You can find one that needs water to work, and some no water required to function. If your schedule is hectic, you can’ t notice alarms of the device once the tank is a drain, then consider the waterless air cooler.

There are many things to consider with regards to picking the best evaporative cooler. However, you can make a wise and smart decision by making use of this guide. Try sorting out the features according to priority as you look around so you can get the best one for you. If you have found one that meets your budget and preference, make sure to know the feature and read the FAQs to ensure you get the needed information before making a final choice.

Buy arctic air reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs by shoppers who are planning to buy air cooler. If you have a question in mind that is not indicated below, feel free to call the manufacturer.

Air Conditioner vs. air cooler- What are the differences between the two?

A lot of people believe that the two have the same functions. It is not valid. There’s a considerable disparity between air conditioners and air coolers. Air coolers are portable and can be used both inside and outside. It just needs the right amount of water to generate cold air. Also, it is lightweight and is very reasonable as well.

On the other hand, an air conditioner is installed to one area permanently and so heavy as well. It is powered by electricity to functions. However, it is able to cool down big places but very expensive.

Is Arctic Air Ultra air cooler able to cool down my entire home?

No! Arctic Air Ultra is far different from conventional air conditioners and HVAC. It only has the capability to cool down 45sq, most notably when it is an office or bedroom.

What makes Arctic Air Ultra Apart from the rest?

What makes Arctic Air Ultra exceptional is that it obtains its coldness with the help of the water in its water reservoir through evaporation. The air flows in the pads, and then the water evaporates, and then the air becomes cool prior to blowing it.

How long do I need to replace the filer of Arctic Air Cooler?

It is highly recommended that the filter must be replaced every 3 to 6 months. However, it also depends on how often you are utilizing the unit. But some air filters available are washable. Therefore, you just have to wash them now and then.

Why should I purchase an air cooler?

There are many things you must think of why you have to get one. If you have allergies or want to have a cool and purify the air without spending a lot, then an air cooler is the best purchase. It is portable as well as effortless to bring in almost everywhere. It is in demand due to its user-friendliness due to the heat waves as well as too much heat that we experience at this point.


Are air coolers available online?

There are lots of companies and stores online that offer air coolers. You can also purchase this appliance in malls. Some high-quality air coolers can only be purchased online on the manufacturer’s website. However, if you are buying online, ensure that you are dealing with a legit site to avoid scams and frauds. One reliable online store is

What exactly Freon is?

Freon or also known as R22 is a colorless gas, and it’s utilized for refrigeration as well as in aerosol for many years now. Also, it is being used in the air conditioners and chest freezer. The coil and the compressor in the air conditioners compress the Freon, which makes it hotter. The gas transforms into liquid when it goes to the loop then cools down. Then the cooled Freon assimilates the air outside and pushes the cold air away from a. This is why it generates cold air in our room and surroundings as well.

Why should I buy Arctic Air Ultra, not other models or brands?

You must consider the state of the Arctic Air Ultra and not other models due to its affordability and amazing features. Also, it is portable that allows you to bring it anywhere you want. You can utilize it both outdoors and indoors and, in your car, as well. It is also a cheap alternative to air conditioners and HVAC unit. It is user-friendly that you can quickly learn and know how to utilize it. This air cooler is eco-friendly that doesn’t produce Freon. The company also provides a 30-day money-back warranty.

Another good reason you need to buy this air cooler is that it is cost-efficient. It is cheaper than AC and more powerful than electric fans. Air coolers are also less expensive than air conditioners. Operating cost is less as well. Also, you can save a considerable amount of money on the power bill as it doesn’t consume lots of power or electricity. Like air conditioners, air cooler Arctic Air Ultra is convenient and offers cold and fresh air, and what is more, doesn’t create a harmful effect on our environment.

Where should I set up my Arctic Air Ultra to maximize its full benefits?

The best place to set up this device is in the area where you can access it easily. In case you are planning to cool the whole space, then it will take a lot of time, but this device is able to do so. You simply put it in place wherein there’s no hindrance in spreading cooling air to your room or a whole house. But you need to make sure that your doors, as well as windows, are tightly closed.

What is the best time to fill in the water reservoir to generate cold and fresh air?

The fact that this small and compact air cooler needs water to work, you are required to fill the reservoir with water to make it function and generate a fresh air. On the other hand, there are some which fill it with ice cubes and cold water. This is utilized to cool the air inside your room efficiently. You can also use running water or tap water. However, if you are a busy individual or need the best outcome, you can think of cold water for fast and instant cooling of air.

What is precisely a motion sensor?

A lot of air coolers available on the market today has a motion sensor that is able to detect once the air is cold. Therefore, it will instantly adjust it or switch it off in order to avoid consuming too much energy. What is more, the motion sensor is also capable of detecting if the room isn’t cold anymore. Thus, it will instantly switch on to generate cold air. This is a convenient and fantastic feature of air coolers today.

Are air coolers health-friendly?

Of course, yes. Air coolers are 100 percent safe for our wellbeing. Aside from providing cold and fresh air, it is also safe to use as it comes with an air filter that sifts dirt and grime that is risky to our wellbeing. This doesn’t produce Freon or carbon that is dangerous to our health.

Can I use it without distracting the sleep of my baby?

Yes. You need to know that this device works silently. On the other hand, if you set it on a high speed, it produces a tolerable sound. However, when it is set on medium speed, it doesn’t create a loud and annoying noise. This is the reason why it is the best portable air conditioner.

Is air cooler works well in a humid place?

Arctic air, as seen on tv reviews, show that it works well in a humid place. The coldness this machine can generate is enough to make your room fresh. It is integrated with humidity control wherein you can adjust the setting to give you a cold and fresh air.

How often Does this Arctic Air require maintenance?

No. This mini air conditioner doesn’t need expensive and regular maintenance, not like the air conditioners. You only need to refill it from time to time to keep on working. Also, you need to check the air filter once in a while to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime. Also, you need to keep in mind that the filter needs to replace every 3 to 6 months. However, it also depends on how often you use the filter. If you just use it occasionally, then maybe it is advisable to replace the filter every 8 to 12 months. This saves you a lot of money compared to air conditioners.

Do I need to spend a lot to buy this product?

Air coolers available on the market differ in price. This is because of the integrated features and their reliability as well. When it comes to Arctic Air Ultra, you just need to spend a small amount of money. The company offers a massive discount if you buy two units. You just need to pay half of the original price for the second unit. This is how generous the manufacturer is.

Air cooler or electric fan, what is the best?

An electric fan is considered one of the best and conventional ways of getting rid of discomfort during the hot season. However, an air cooler is better compared to an electric fan. Air cooler is compact, portable as well as easy to take anywhere you want to go. Not like an electric fan that needs the power of electricity to work, air cooler needs water to produce cold air. This device also provides cool and fresh air, which can circulate the whole living room while the fan just covers a limited area.

Does Arctic Air Ultra consume lots of power or electricity?

No. This air cooler just consumes about 0.2 – 0.5 electricity each hour of use. This means that air coolers only use about 230w. That is comparatively high efficiency energy. Thus, it saves you a lot of money in the long run compared to other air conditioners available out there.

The Competition

Aside from Arctic Air Ultra, there are also other brands or models of air coolers available on the market. Two of the most popular option is the CoolAir and the Fresh-R Air cooler. Let’s review each product to know if they deserve your money.

CoolAir Coolair

If you are looking for a portable personal air conditioner that not just cool but also purifies and humidify the air, look no further than CoolAir. This mini portable air conditioner produces a clean and natural atmosphere that fits you without the annoying noise. It cools down the air around you in an instant without taking up so much energy, not like the conventional air conditioner.

This air cooler also makes sure your daily comfort will not be disrupted by the annoying and uncomfortable heat. You can put it anywhere you want to- in your living room, office, bedroom, and garage. It is lightweight and compact, which makes it so simple to carry around.

Who can buy and benefit from this product?

Almost anyone can buy and benefit from this product. If you are working in a stuffy, tight office or cubicle, then this is a good choice as it keeps the air around you cool and fresh. This is also ideal for households. You can put it in your kid’s bedroom to have a good night’s sleep. This also acts as a fun nightlight for your little ones. This amazing air cooler makes sure that you’re always resting in calmed and relaxed conditions.

If you want a reliable source of fresh and cool air, then you must consider getting a CoolAir. It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging in the dining room, or at the office or sitting outside your yard, you find heat is unbearable, then this CoolAir can save your day for distress.

What to expect from CoolAir? 

CoolAir is one of the best and reliable portable air conditioners available on the market today. It offers instant relied during the hot season on. It is integrated with a 3-speed controlled fan. It is powered by USB and has three functions such as cools, purifies as well as humidifies air fast, which make your room clean and fresh.

It is integrated with a water reservoir that could last 8 hours of providing cool air. It is compact, sleek, portable as well as super lightweight and can fit in your office, home and car. The moonlight setting is what makes this air cooler apart from the rest. It has seven different choices of color, which helps in setting the tone.

coolair review

How CoolAir Functions? 

Not like other small and portable air conditioners, this air cooler doesn’t need convoluted and hard to follow steps. In fact, this device is easy to use and just needs a few steps to use.

  1. All you need to do is to fill the water reservoir with cold water. Then the small reservoir enables the air cooler to work as a purifier and humidifier aside from cooling down the air.
  2. Insert or connect the USB cable into a plug
  3. In a few minutes, you’ll be breathing and surrounded by clean, cool, as well as fresh air.
  4. Essentially, this device pulls warm air in its water filter and push out clean and cool air. Even if it is small, this device is extremely powerful and will keep in pumping out fresh, cool air for about eight hours.


CoolAir offers lots of benefits, such as:

  • It is integrated with multi-colored light. Simply switch on the light and set the setting in your room.
  • This converts cool and used air at the workplace or home into cold winds that can be enjoyed, especially during the summer season.
  • It has heater the refresh the air, which makes it easier to breathe
  • Store it in a drawer or car or bring it to your office
  • Easy to clean and maintained


  • It is just available online, so you will need a fast internet connection.
  • Poor customer service.

The CoolAir is considered one of the best air coolers available on the market today due to its amazing features and remarkable benefits. However, it also comes with some flaws that you need to think of when buying to avoid wasting your money.

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Fresh R Air Cooler

If you want a contemporary air cooler that you can transfer to any part of your home, with no need for the electric plug, then Fresh R is the best choice. This gives you a cool and fresh air in the mid of the summer season.

This amazing air cooler and purifier is the best tool to consider during summer months. It is the best alternative to an expensive air conditioning unit and electric fan.

Since conventional fans only disperse the warm air inside the room, you will not feel comfortable. On the other hand, the air conditioner is very expensive. Fresh R is the best solution. It is cheap, and refreshes hot air in your room and makes sure a pleasant rest while working, relaxing as well as sleeping. On the other hand, when compared to expensive air conditioners and traditional electric fans, Fresh R is ideal for traveling.

How Does this air cooler work?  Fresh R Air Cooler

Fresh R just weighs 2.2 pounds measuring 11.4 by 6.9 by 3 inches, which makes it extremely convenient to use and carry anywhere you go for more fresh and comfortable cool air. This device mimics nature, with the use of similar principal as well as the power of evaporation without damaging and harmful chemicals. This is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, integrated with LED night light that is energy efficient and controllable.


Features of Fresh-R Air Cooler

This air cooler is user-friendly and just needs a few easy steps to use.

  • Fast cooling is what makes it apart from the rest. In just a matter of sixty minutes and one press of a button, you will experience a clean and cool air.
  • It works silently, integrated with 3-speed fan settings, as well as calming moonlight, which assists in relaxing. There is no noise pollution.
  • It is portable and extremely compact. You can transform it from the kitchen to your bedroom with ease.
  • The integrated water tanks last for almost 8 hours of using.
  • It is also integrated with easy to adjust rotor blades. This is ideal in controlling direction; it has wind outlet rotor blades that can be adjusted to move down or up.
  • It has three diverse settings to meet your cooling needs. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping or working.
  • The built-in water reservoir can last up to eight to ten hours of use.
  • This air cooler provides seven diverse color options for a calming mood light most essentially at night.
  • This also filters dirt and dust particles, which improve overall wellbeing as well as shorten the recovery time after disease. The air turns out to be clean, pure as well as fresh.
  • Easy to replace the filter- the integrated filter can be detached and cleaned with ease and securely. You can do the cleaning even if you don’t have experience in this device. You need to clean the air filter every six months.

Fresh R Cooler


Fresh R is a revolutionary air cooler that has many perks, such as:

  • You don’t need to set it up, so there is no need for calling an expert or spending more.
  • User-friendly
  • Doesn’t pose a health risk
  • Very efficient
  • Low energy consumption
  • Is has a small size and you can carry it anywhere you want to go.
  • Portable
  • Remarkable motion detection features


Despite the many benefits this air cooler offers, it also comes with some flaws such as:

  • You can only buy this product online
  • Only one design available

Where to Buy Fresh R Air Cooler?

A lot of people are asking where to buy Fresh R air cooker, well you can have for just a limited time, with exclusive offers as well as free delivery. The best thing about it is that ordering is easy and quick. This is the best time for you to take benefit of the amazing price by calling or visiting the manufacturer’s website right now.

According to the air cooler reviews, this amazing air cooler has many perks and is considered the smarted decision and choice to counter unbearable heat. If you are in the market for a modern air cooler, you must definitely try this one.

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Final Words

In general, there are lots of air coolers available on the market and online world at this point. Each one offers fantastic features and remarkable benefits. You can choose from CoolAir or Fresh R; they are known to give you cool and fresh air.

On the other hand, if you are running out of money but still want to get the best and high quality mini portable air conditioner, look no further than Arctic Air Cooler. The price of this device is its greatest strength. It is one of the cheapest devices available on the Amazon store.

This device is designed to call your room, and you can also take it to your office even in your car to give you cool air when driving just in case you don’t want to use the aircon. Arctic Air Ultra is the best solution for cooling down your office or space. It is also very user-friendly and integrated with amazing and easy to use features. Ordering this product online is fast. You can purchase it straight to the website of the manufacturer and other reliable stores online, such as Amazon. However, it is advisable to buy this product directly to the manufacturer’s website to avail of the fantastic discount.

Arctic Air Cooler is the most sought-after air cooler today. It receives lots of positive reviews online. To get an idea of how reliable and efficient this air cooler is, we will give you some comments and reviews of the previous users. We have collected these reviews from various trustworthy stores online, most especially Amazon.

According to one client, this state-of-the-art air cooler is ideal for small rooms and large rooms as well, but she needs to wait a couple of hours prior to achieving the cold and fresh air. But, it’s worth the wait he added.

Another consumer also stated that it is ideal for personal cooling and ideal to take when traveling. He also mentioned that he uses this air cooler as an alternative to a car air conditioning system when driving. He also stressed out that this device works function well in dry as well as arid weathers, even if that can still give reprieve in a humid place.

Another happy client from Florida commented that this works well in dry climates, but still perfect in Florida’s humid settings. She also gave a tip on how to prolong the service of the device. According to her, you need to clean the integrated evaporator most often. This will not just extend the life of the air cooler but also give you the best and most reliable service.

Also, according to her, the water tank must always be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to avoid pathogenic build up. You also need to check the humidifier frequently, as you do not want spiteful and annoying microorganisms to spread in the tank and be generated inside the room, which can cause medical issues.

For a high quality and proven to be a reliable air cooler, consider Arctic Air Ultra. It is a good investment and a good tool to keep you and your family comfortable and away from issues due to heatwaves.