Best Android Tracking Apps

Best Android Tracking Apps

When you perform a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, it means that you are using the GPS technology to locate someone’s exact geographical position. Interestingly, a number of tracking device apps are not only used for vehicle navigation but also to track our kids or monitor our loved ones.

Android tracking apps are designed to track both the information and activities found on the target device. The collected data is transferred to a remote control panel so that you can view and check it more comfortably.

Simplified Guide to The Best Android Tracking Apps: Tracking Your Android Devices Is Never A Problem

Why is Android tracking apps matter important? Once you consider using this kind of app, you can experience plenty of advantages. You can easily monitor your kids and figure out whether or not they are at school during their class hours.

Top 10 Best Android Tracking Apps

You can check the arrival time of your kids from school. Even you are busy. You have the best opportunity to know where they are to ensure their safety. You do not need to be personalized with your loved ones just to know whether or not they are at a particular location. Not only that, in case that the target device is lost, you can use the app to locate and recover it.

For sure, you want to know what the possible best Android tracking apps options are. So, we tested a number of choices to give you the top 10 list below.

  1. Family Locator

Family Locator is the best app for finding lost stuff like Android devices. It comes with a set of incredible features. These features allow will allow you to track as well as communicate with other users, the same way with a group chat.

This app acts like a lost and found tracker where you can set alerts once your kids arrived at a particular location like home or school. You can track your loved ones, even using a single account. The unique thing about this tracking app is that you can create safe and danger zones. It will send you a notification when your loved ones have entered or left a safe or danger zone.


  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Advances Android tracking features for seamless tracking
  • Tracks more than one person
  • Displays location-tracking data for the past 7 days
  1. MMGuardian Parent App

The MMGuardian Parent App comes with a user-friendly interface to ensure that you can easily monitor how your children are using their Android devices. Besides, you can enjoy its great set of features at a very competitive price. After installing the app onto your kids’ phone, you can then start locating them remotely. In fact, you can block inappropriate content on their phone using the web filtering feature.

In the case that you do not want your kids to interact with someone, you can use the SMS and call blocking feature. You can also receive instant alerts and notifications whenever they are installing new apps onto their phones.


  • Offers real-time location
  • Dependable SMS and call blocking
  • Sets a screen time limit for device usage time
  • App and website blocking
  • Sends instant alerts and notifications
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is needed.

Best Android Tracking Apps

  1. FamiSafe

If you are looking for a GPS tracking app for Android devices that is quite flexible, then FamiSafe can be an interesting option. It effectively tracks the live whereabouts of your kids. It is is designed with a location timeline so that you can view and check the location history during your free time.

The FamiSafe app allows you to mark the geofence zone and will send you real-time alerts once your kids entered and left unsafe zones. It comes with a FREE 3-day trial from Google Play or App Store.


  • Sets geofences
  • Real-time location tracking and location history checking
  • Tracks both phone activities and apps used on the target device
  • Blocks dangerous websites and apps
  • Offers explicit content detection
  • Sends alerts when kids arrive at the geofenced locations
  1. My Family GPS Tracker

Are you familiar with the Pixie tracker? Pixie finds lost valuables from the phone. So, you will also find My Family GPS Tracker interesting as it will help you easily track the whereabouts of your family members. Whenever the target phones are with them, you can monitor their moves. In fact, you can share the location of one of your family members to another using the sharing features available in the app.


  • Real-time locations of your family members
  • Tracks the location history of the target device
  • Has a premium mode to see and hear the phone surrounding
  • Has a kid mode to will prevent the children turn off the location services
  • No need to provide any personal information to download the app
  1. iSharing Location Tracker

By using the iSharing, you have a chance to track the location of a lost phone while staying up-to-date about the whereabouts of your family members in real-time. This app is feature-packed, which ensures that you can track the enabled devices’ location with ease. It allows the creation of groups to maintain a close communication with other users.

This GPS tracking app will send you alerts when your family members are reached or left a particular area. You can even view their location history. It also has a Panic Alert feature that will send you alerts to other members once you shake your device.


  • Offers safety features like real-time notifications and Panic Alert
  • Sends alerts when family members arrive or leaves a specific location
  • Allows creating a chat group
  • User-friendly interface

Best Android Tracking Apps

  1. ESET Parental Control

This Android tracking app works in two ways, Child Mode and Parent Mode. In the Child mode, you can enforce rules and monitor the phone activities. As for the Parent Mode, you can manage those rules and the settings. Using the MY ESET online console, you can assign the configuration profile of your kids to all devices they use.

Once you installed this app onto your kids’ phone, you can view the apps they are using and block them if you think that the apps are inappropriate. You can also see the web browsing history and block dangerous sites. What’s more, you can also view the different phone activities of your family members, such as SMS and call logs.


  • Provides reports about the location history
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Tracks apps usage and history
  • Inappropriate website and app usage blocking
  • Allows online console for better tracking
  1. Find My Kids

For a comprehensive tracking app for Android devices, Find My Kids can be an interesting option. It is very helpful in staying updated about the location of your kids once the enabled devices are with them. It comes with a user-friendly interface so that you can effortlessly track wandering or lost kids.

pixie tracker for kids


  • No registration is required
  • Very dependable and easy to use
  • Sends automatic alerts once the kids arrived at a specific location
  • Monitors the battery level on the target phone
  1. GPS Phone Tracker

Whether you want to track the location of someone or you wish to locate a missing Android device, GPS Phone Tracker app is a dependable companion. Other than it is easy to use, you can also determine the real-time location of your loved ones. So, even you are not with them. You can have peace of mind that they are in a safe place.

  • Locates the GPS location of the target phone easily
  • Set alerts when kids or family members arrive at a specific location
  • Easily locates lost Android device with a high recovery rate
  1. SeTracker

With this GPS tracking app, it’s a lot easier for you to track an Android device while ensuring that your loved ones are staying in a safe zone. You can track and monitor their GPS location. In case you are busy, you can check the location history later on. That way, you’ll remain updated with the places they have visited and determine whether it’s safe or not.


  • Offers real-time location tracking with latitude and longitude details
  • Allows geofences setup
  • Tracks location history
  1. Family Locator & Safety

For a versatile Android GPS tracker app, you can try Family Locator & Safety. This app will show you the real-time location of your family members. It will help you ensure that they are safe at all times. Not only that, but it is also designed with a panic button. This button can be pressed by your loved ones in case they are in a dangerous situation.


  • Does not consume too much phone battery
  • Family members can share their location using the Panic button
  • Sends notifications when a family member arrives or leaves a location
  • Remains up-to-date with real-time location tracking


We have no idea when we are going to lose our stuff, especially the keys. That’s why there are key finders like the Pixie Bluetooth tracker. However, if you want to track and monitor the location of your loved ones as well as locate a misplaced Android phone, you can opt for GPS tracking apps.

As we carefully reviewed the above best Android tracking apps, we hope you already have an idea of which one suits your needs.