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Ease of use



  • Read Messaging
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance
  • No Jailbreak


  • It does not support BlackBerry.
  • There is a lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, listening surroundings, and secret camera activation.

Being a parent is really a tough job. From time to time, you need to monitor whether what your kid is doing or where he/she is at the moment. But the problem, in sometimes, you aren’t beside them to check if they’re okay or not. It’s the same thing if you are an employer. You are not always beside them to check whether they are doing their job during their working hours or doing something illegal like sharing the company’s secret information to a third party.


Well, these kinds of problems is really a serious matter to deal with. Especially nowadays where electronic crimes are increasing and evolving at a rapid pace.

Therefore, a spy software is a must-have.

To help you with that problem, I have listed and reviewed here some of the best well-tailored spy applications in the market. Each has an array of powerful monitoring features that will surely help you to solve your problem and will surely give you a peace of mind. We advice you to read more about Free Cell Phone Tracker App & Mobicip Review


best gps phone tracker appHighster Mobile is a kind of spy application that allows you to monitor the activities of a certain device. For instance, it can monitor what your kid is doing at his/her mobile phone, where are he/she at the moment, or to check whether your employees are really working or doing something that is not related with his/her work. These are just few of many monitoring abilities that Highster Mobile has.

Some of the key features of this cellphone GPS tracker are the following:

  • It can track the GPS location of the target device or retrieve a stolen phone.
  • It has a great SMS tracking ability. It will help you identify whom the user of the target device is texting. It will help you determine whether a text from the device is inbound or outbound. You can also view the deleted messages of the device by just going into the control panel of Highster Mobile. It’s the same thing with iMessage for iOS devices.
  • It allows you to view the target phone’s call logs.
  • It can help you view the photos or videos or any multimedia files stores in the target device.
  • It allows you to read the emails, whether sent or received, of the target device.
  • It also allows you to view the target phone’s browser history.
  • It has a keylogging ability that can save messages, usernames, and even passwords being typed on the target device.
  • The live control panel of Highster Mobile gives you access to your target phone’s details. This also helps you to make an advanced setting on the phone’s calls, texts, and many more.

Aside from these awesome key features of Highster Mobile, this spy app also has some quite not legal tricky offers which should be used responsibly. Because using these features without knowledge can lead to serious judicial offenses such as data privacy and intrusion of privacy. Here are they:

  • It can record a phone call conversation with the exact time and date it was made.
  • This also offers a covert microphone which allows you to hear what’s happening in the surrounding of the target device.
  • It also has a stealth camera feature which allows you to capture photos from the target phone’s surrounding.

Once again, remember to use these tricky features responsibly and mindfully. Because any unauthorized surveillance will consequently lead to judicial responsibility. Actually, there are only two cases in which using Highster Mobile is legal.

First is when you are you are monitoring your kid and just protecting him/her from online predators (including scammers, violent and age-I appropriate content, and many more), bullies elsewhere, or any danger. Also, the location of your kid at the moment because it’s your responsibility to ensure his/her safety. The second one is when monitoring company-owned devices. This is to ensure that no employees will leak secret information to the third parties and to see whether your employees are doing their roles during working hours.

So how Highster Mobile application works?

The first you need to do is to purchase a subscription of this GPS tracker app. Then you will get an instant email, link for download, username, password, and of course, the license key.  Download and install Highster Mobile through Over-the-Air (OTA) method. Enter the target phone number during installation. Activate the license key, log in to your phone, and you can now start monitoring the data of your target device. Remind that the target device doesn’t need an Internet in order for Highster Mobile to function.

It can also be installed remotely but you need to have a physical access to the target device to make this possible. It can be done in three ways: through OTA method, QR code scanning, and through using the USB cable. But I’ll recommend you the first one because it is the easiest way among them.

The data that the spy app would collect will be sent in your login page. If you wish to transfer the GPS phone tracker app from your PC to your phone, you can do it either via USB or Internet.


  • This GPS tracker app has the covert mode feature, meaning, it is undetectable.
  • You don’t have to reinstall the Highster Mobile application if the target telephone number changed. Meaning, this monitoring application can still work even how many times the target device change its number.
  • The software will run for as long as you are using it in a compatible device.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It has a set of nice features.
  • It has a live control panel.
  • The current location of the target device is displayed on a real map.


  • You can only monitor one device. If you want to monitor two or more devices, you need to purchase for more.
  • It only has a live chat support. The phone support has a fee.
  • It doesn’t have a jailbreak solution offer.
  • It has no discount, no subscription options to choose from, and no free trial.
  • It has no geo-fencing feature.
  • Some features can lead to judicial responsibility if not used wisely.
  • Installation is difficult and takes about 5-10 minutes.


Another good thing here is Highster Mobile monitoring software is compatible with Android devices, iOS devices, and even with Blackberry devices.

Android devices must be a version of Android 3 and up. In iOS, all versions of iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, 11 and iPad are compatible with Highster Mobile.

best gps tracker app


I’m sure that you are now asking how much this great cellphone GPS tracker costs. But before you purchase this awesome spy application, make sure that your current device is compatible with it.

You can check whether your device is compatible with Highster Mobile by just simply going into their website. If it’s compatible, then great! If it’s not, then think whether you will find another monitoring software or buy a new mobile phone.

What’s quite a downside of Highster Mobile software is it has no free trial offer that other monitoring applications out there have. This also has no coupon. How unfortunate, right?

However, this GPS phone tracker app only costs $69.99, an affordable price compared to other available monitoring applications out there. And remember that this is a “one-time” purchase. Sadly, there are also no subscription options for you to choose from but only additional options to your subscription.

Additional options to your subscription:

  • One-month subscription with full access- you will become a monthly subscriber until you cancel it. Be sure that you are aware of your monthly subscription so that you will avoid unintentional additional charges that no one wants to really happen.
  • Extended download warranty- you will have a backup file copies from the device you monitored. This is indeed great because in any case that problem exists whether technical or personal, you don’t have to worry because Highster Mobile got your back.
  • Premium support package- you will have a 30-minute telephone chat in assisting you installing the Highster Mobile application.

These additional options for your subscription are all worth $29.99.

Our Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

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spyzieSpyzie is another great spy application that allows you to monitor certain things on your target device. Many parent users said they chose this because they want to prevent their child from online risks such as cyber bullying, cybersex, and the like.

To get know more about Spyzie, here are some of its best monitoring features:

  • It can help you view the call logs on your target device including names, contact numbers, time and date, type of the call, and duration.
  • It can also help you view the sent and received messages and even the chat list history like in WhatsApp.
  • It can also help you view the phone book of the target device.
  • It can also help you view the multimedia files of your target device and can also download such things directly to your smartphone.
  • It can track the location of the target device in real time and it can even provide you the route history as well. The unique geo-fencing is also available here.
  • It can help you view the browsing history and bookmarks.
  • It also does keylogging and screen capturing.
  • It can monitor the installed apps in the device.

The collected data from the device will be delivered straight to the dashboard and you can download it if ever you want to.

New data is available every after four hours. Another way to obtain new data is through turning on the sync icon of the spy GPS tracker app. However, you must remember that internet can affect the data collection. So, it’s really important that your target device has a stable and nice internet connection.

So how does Spyzie works?

Using Spyzie is simple and comfortable. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy, same with the first mentioned spy app. After purchasing Spyzie, you will have an account. Installation in Android devices are different from iOS.

Installing Spyzie in an Android device requires physical access to the target device. On the other hand, there’s no need of jailbreaking in iOS because the only thing you need is the device credentials. Instructions for setting up are provided and easy to understand. Remember that the target device must be connected to the internet. Because, as what I’ve said earlier, it will not collect data if it don’t have an internet connection.

There’s a temporary icon when setting up. But it disappears after the installation process. It works in a stealth mode, so you don’t have to worry anymore. After setting up, log in to your Spyzie account and you can now start browsing the content of your target device.

Spyzie also has a Privacy Policy just like other monitoring applications out there. This policy is made to ensure that the monitored data will not be leaked to a third party. Rest assured.

Moreover, if you wish to monitor two or more devices, you can contact the Spyzie company and they will tailor your account to your desired satisfaction.

If ever you will cancel your Spyzie subscription or detach the target device from its account, expect that the data will be deleted. It’s the same thing if you will uninstall Spyzie, the data will also be lost.


  • No hassle in downloading and installing the spy app.
  • There is no need to jailbreak an iOS device because it only requires the credentials of the device.
  • It has a nice monitoring feature.
  • It works on all devices.
  • They have a 7-day money back guarantee if ever you Spyzie failed to catch your interest.
  • Spyzie is undetectable.


  • The customer chat support is poor.
  • The basic plan doesn’t have much powerful monitoring features which makes it somehow costly than other package plans.
  • It doesn’t have free trial offer.
  • Uninstalling an app is only effective in Android devices.
  • It doesn’t collect data from the target device if it is not connected with the internet.
  • Some of its features could also lead to judicial responsibility if not used properly.


Spyzie both works with an iOS 8.0+ and Android 4+ devices. Same with the finest iPhone X and Samsung S9. In short, Spyzie both works with iOS and Android devices. GPS tracker app for iPhone and GPS tracker app Android, Spyzie for short. You may visit their website to know more about this.

spyzie pricing


This GPS phone tracker unfortunately do not offer a free trial. But they do offer a 7-day money back guarantee if Spyzie failed to meet your satisfaction.

This spy app, however, offers two packages (pro version, ultimate version) for iOS devices while three packages (basic version, pro version, ultimate version) for Android devices.

The pricing for Android devices:

Basic Version

  • $29.99 – one-month license
  • $49.99 – three-month license
  • $89.99 – six-month license

Pro Version

  • $39.99 – one-month license
  • $69.99 – three-month license
  • $99.99 – six-month license

Ultimate Version

  • $49.99 – one-month license
  • $79.99 – three-month license
  • $119.99 – six-month license

The pricing for iOS devices:

Pro Version

  • $39.99 – one-month license
  • $69.99 – three-month license
  • $99.99 – six-month license

Ultimate Version

  • $49.99 – one-month license
  • $79.99 – three-month license
  • $119.99 – six-month license

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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best gps phone tracker appIf you are looking for the best spy application that has advanced features like call interception, call recording, and keylogging, then this one is the best for you.

Just like the first two monitoring applications, Flexispy is mainly used for monitoring children’s action and company-owned devices. Many users are very satisfied with the monitoring skills that Flexispy offers. Actually, this GPS phone tracker app has over 150 amazing monitoring features.

These are some of the key features of Flexispy:

  • It can monitor both digital and audio communications. Call recording and call interception are also possible.
  • It can give you access to the multimedia files of the target device. You can even download copies of those to your phone.
  • It can monitor everything happening on a PC or Mac.
  • It enables you to read the SMS and web mails of the target devices. Plus, it helps you to check whether it’s ongoing or outgoing.
  • It can monitor the installed applications like social media apps of the target device as well as the installation history and frequency of usage.
  • It can track the location of the target device. It exports the coordinates to your GPS app for bird’s eye view.
  • It can control the microphone of the target device. This feature enables you to listen what’s happening on the phone’s environment. And take note, it’s live.
  • It can monitor what sites are being visited by the user of the target device and can even identify what are the passwords used.
  • It also has a free mobile application that allows you to access the collected data from the monitored device.
  • It can log keystrokes, which are best for identifying the passwords being used by the user.

And just like other spy apps, this is also 100% works in a stealth mode.

So how does Flexispy works?

Okay, first you need to, of course, purchase a package of Flexispy. You have two packages to choose from- the Flexispy Premium and the Flexispy Extreme. After purchasing the spy GPS tracker, a confirmation email will be received containing your logging information and the step-by-step instructions for the very straightforward installation process.

Once the Flexispy is installed, the data from the target device will be sent secretly to the Flexispy server. To view the reports, you must log in to your Flexispy portal.

Remember that, unlike other GPS tracker app Android, Flexispy requires rooting of the Android device first. It’s also the same with iOS devices that you need to jailbreak it first before the GPS tracker for iPhone and iPad do its monitoring job.

Another reminder is that the Flexispy software is not available in neither Google Playstore nor Apple App Store. It can only be downloaded from their website.

If you wish to transfer the license to another phone, it’s possible. But if you want to have more license to monitor more devices, then purchasing another Flexispy apps is the solution.

Flexispy also reminds its users to be knowledgeable with the features it has. Again, the legal cases are only parental monitoring and company-owned device monitoring. Spying over personal devices is another talk and could lead to intrusion of privacy and other illegal cases. So, use this spy GPS tracker mindfully and responsibly.


  • This GPS phone tracker app has more monitoring features (over 150) compared to other spy applications out there.
  • Flexispy offers a direct device delivery. In here, you will receive a brand-new phone with already a pre-installed Flexispy. No hassle, right?
  • It has some monitoring features that jailbroken iPhones and rooted Android devices don’t have.
  • This GPS tracker app works on all devices.
  • They have a 24/7 live chat support if you forgot your passwords or encountered any technical problems. The technical support of Flexispy is quick, helpful, and has a high level of patience. They also have videos explaining how to use all the features of Flexispy.
  • It is 100% undetectable.


  • It can only monitor one device per license.
  • If the target device has a poor signal, the quality of the recording will also be affected.
  • It has no jailbreak solution.
  • Some of the features are quite not legal.


It is a good thing that Flexispy works on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. Specifically, it supports Android 4.0.3 to Android 8.1 versions; iOS versions up to 11.4.1; Windows 7 and up versions; and macOS X Mavericks 10.9 up to macOS Sierra 10.12.

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Flexispy offers a 24-hour free trial on their website so that you can test whether it’s good or not. But I’m telling you that this spy app is more than good.


This GPS tracker app is available in two packages: Flexispy Premium and Flexispy Extreme.

The Flexispy Premium package includes basic monitoring features like access to the target phone’s multimedia files, browser history, GPS location, activity logs on social media accounts, SMS, and call history. It also includes keyword alerts wherein you will get notify if the target device receives or sent an email or SMS containing those keywords. It also includes keystroke recording which helps you identify the username and/or password of your target device. Take note: those are just some of its many monitoring features.

The one-month subscription of this package costs $68. It costs $99 for a quarterly (or three months) subscription. And the annual subscription of Flexispy Premium costs $149.

On the other hand, the Flexispy Extreme is quite more expensive than Flexispy Premium. A quarterly subscription of this package costs $199 while $349 for an annual subscription. Although the price of the second package costs bigger than the first one, the monitoring features on Flexispy Extreme justify why is it more expensive.

flexispy rating

Aside from the given monitoring features in the Flexispy Premium package, Flexispy Extreme package also includes call interception feature which allows you to be in the line without the user of the target device noticing it. It also includes call recording feature, password cracking, maneuvering of the phone’s camera and/or microphone, and live listening to the phone’s surrounding. Once again, the mentioned features of both packages are just some of Flexispy’s many features. And remember, use these features responsibly and mindfully.

One more thing, they also have a comparison chart on their website that will further help you in which of the two packages suit your needs better.

If you don’t know how to do jailbreaking, just pay them $39.99 and they will do the job. If their technician cannot really jailbreak the target device, your money can be fully refunded.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

portal flexispy

  1. mSPY

mspyIf you’re thinking that Flexispy is the best GPS tracker app in the online market, then you’re totally wrong. Because the best GPS tracker app to buy is none other than… mSpy!

To give what mSpy have got, here are some of its best features:

  • mSpy can help you view call logs with the name, number, time, date, duration, and the type of the call.
  • mSpy also tracks SMS. It can identify if the text is outgoing or ongoing. It can also help you view the sent, received, and even deleted messages.
  • mSpy also helps you to be like a third party on different messaging applications including Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, iMessage, Instagram, Kik, Line, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, and WhatsApp.
  • mSpy also allows GPS phone tracking. It provides you a detailed location of the phone number in a map. Geo-fencing is also included.
  • mSpy can control the installed applications and the programs of the target device. Keystroke logging is also possible which can help you in identifying any words you need to know such as passwords, username, and even messages.
  • mSpy can also help you to take a peek over the multimedia files of the target device. This include the photos, videos, recordings, etc.
  • mSpy can also monitor the internet activity of the target device. This includes the browser history, bookmarked sites, and many more. Plus, it can also go through the device Wi-Fi management.
  • mSpy allows you to read all emails whether sent, received, or deleted.
  • mSpy gives you an access to the device contacts and calendar of activities.
  • mSpy also has a control panel that views all monitoring data. This also allows you to track several devices simultaneously.

But how does mSpy works?

For me, mSpy is not just the best spy app of all times, but indeed, also the one with the simplest working mechanism. After selecting a certain mSpy subscription, you just need to follow the simple steps in downloading and installing the app. Right after these things, just log in you can start monitoring. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to do these tasks because it was pretty easy, right?

mSpy is also 100% virtually invisible just like the first three. However, it collects data faster than those. It collects data every after five minutes and the app will display it on the control panel.


  • Downloading, installation, and monitoring is simple and easy.
  • No jailbreaking or rooting required. But you may jailbreak your iOS device or root your Android device if you want to. In this, additional features will be enables.
  • It has an impressive yet affordable price.
  • It works in a stealth mode; hence it is 100% undetectable.
  • It works on all Android and iOS devices.
  • It has the unique geo-fencing and keylogging features which other spy apps don’t have.
  • It has a 24/7 live chat support that responds quickly.


  • Though its monitoring features are very powerful and accurate, we cannot deny that it is a bit fewer than other spy apps.
  • Monitoring more devices is only possible when you purchase the Family Kit or purchase separate subscription.
  • Since it doesn’t require jailbreaking and/nor rooting, mSpy seems losing the most powerful monitoring features ever. You may jailbreak but it comes with an additional cost.
  • Support assistance is a bit expensive.


mSpy works on almost iOS and Android devices. Specifically, it supports Android 4+, iOS 7-8.4; 9.0-9.1 (jailbroken), and to all non-jailbroken iOS devices. It unfortunately doesn’t work with Windows.

To get know more about the compatible devices with mSpy, you may visit their website and raise questions there. Do not worry for slow replies because their chat support doesn’t have “slow reply” in its vocabulary.



Fortunately, mSpy offers a 7-day free trial for you to check whether you would like it or not. But I am telling right now that you will surely choose to purchase this one over its competitors.

mSpy also comes with four payment plans: basic, premium, no-jailbreak, and family kit.

mspy pricing

Basic Plan

  • $29.99/mo. – 1 month
  • $19.99/mo. – 3 months
  • $8.33/mo. – 1 year

Premium Plan

  • $69.99/mo. – 1 month
  • $39.99/mo. – 3 months
  • $16.66/mo. – 1 year

No-jailbreak Plan

  • $69.99/mo. – 1 month
  • $39.99/mo. – 3 months
  • $16.66/mo. – 1 year

Family Kit

  • $479.97/year – 1 year, allows monitoring three devices with premium subscription

To see what the features are available for each payment plans, you can visit their website because they provide there a comparison chart for your convenience.

Aside from these, they also offer professional support options and they are the following:

  • 1st Level (included in Basic and Premium plans)- this support includes the self-service Help section, email support, and live chat assistance.
  • 2nd Level ($12.99)- this includes a personalized customer assistance thru phone
  • 3rd Level ($53.99)- this includes an advanced assistance package inclusive of special assistance in rooting/jailbreaking and installation of mSpy by the Team Viewer for Android devices.

Our Rating

All the four monitoring applications are truly great. They have a lot of similarities in basic monitoring features, compatibility, requirements, and the like.

 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


If you will ask me to give these four spy apps a grade out of 10, it is like this:

Highster Mobile- This spy app has truly a set of nice monitoring features and has a reasonable price. But then, it doesn’t have some of the unique monitoring features like geo-fencing. Its chat support is poor, and they do not offer a free trial. So, I’m giving Highster Mobile a 7/10.

Spyzie- This monitoring software also comes with a set of great monitoring features, but its basic package plan is quite expensive since the features here are not that powerful. It has a 7-day money back guarantee but doesn’t have a free trial offer. The live chat support is also poor, and you will not be able to collect data if the target device is not connected with internet. But if you would ask me which is better between Highster and Spyzie, I think it’s Spyzie. So, I’m giving Spyzie, an 8/10.

Flexispy- Unlike Spyzie and Highster, Flexispy has a free trial offer. This spy app also has over 150 amazing monitoring features, making it as the spy software with the greatest number of monitoring features. It offers a direct delivery service which is very convenient to a customer. Its live chat support is pretty good. However, the recording quality of Flexispy diminishes if the signal of the target device is poor. That’s why I’m giving Flexispy a 9/10.

mSpy- Among the four given spy apps, this one is really my favorite. Its monitoring features are accurate and truly powerful. Its live chat support is awesome. The payment package is well-planned. It has seven days of free trial offer which you can use to test the capability if the spy app. Compatibility is indeed not a problem. The simplest and easiest yet the best. Definitely, a complete package of everything you’re looking for a spy software. That’s why I’m giving mSpy a shining perfect 10! we concluded the best of the best iPhone app & Best Spy Apps For iPhones that you should have in the year 2020.

gps cell tracker

Why mSpy is better than Highster Mobile, Spyzie and Flexispy?

Highster Mobile, Spyzie, Flexispy, and mSpy are really the best of all monitoring applications available in the online market. The monitoring features they have shows how they are all well-tailored by their respective developers. I can’t also deny that the features each spy has is truly powerful and helpful especially for parents and employers.

However, out of these four amazing spy apps, the mSpy is the one that truly stands out. There are several similarities, but also, there are also several differences. And those are the things that I think makes mSpy the best out of them. Wanna know what are those?

Okay, so here are some of the great reasons why mSpy is better than those three spy apps:

  • mSpy is a very reliable spy software that has a set of nice yet powerful monitoring features at a reasonable price. Although among the four, Flexispy has the greatest number of monitoring features (mSpy is next), mSpy is still better because its features are tested better than Flexispy and its cheaper.
  • mSpy has the simplest, fastest, and easiest process of downloading as well as installing.
  • mSpy’s compatibility is the best. It is available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices and jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS, unlike the three spy apps that has specific requirement (whether it has to be rooted or not) in order to make them available.
  • mSpy live chat support are the best and the quickest to respond to any problems.
  • mSpy and Flexispy are the only spy apps out of these four that have free trials. But then, mSpy is still the better one since it offer seven days of free trial unlike Flexispy which only offers a 24-hour free trial.

gps phone tracker


Final verdict

mSpy is indeed so far, the best GPS tracker app among many spy software available in the market. It is truly well-tailored and really perfect for both parental and professional monitoring.

It was the simplest and easiest to download and install. Instructions are very straightforward. No hassle.

Compatibility is not a problem, and this is one of the best things in mSpy. It’s entirely up to you whether you will root your Android device or not. Likewise, if you will jailbreak your iPhone or not. Plus, mSpy can work on all devices.

The 24/7 live chat support is absolutely great. If you ever encounter some technical problems during monitoring or installing, just send mSpy website a message, blink, and you will get a reply. They also have the most patient chat supports.

Its payment packages are the most well-planned. The monitoring features are really great and powerful. Geo-y, keylogging, recording, and many more astonishing monitoring features. All of such are packed in mSpy.

Another great thing I love the most with mSpy is that it has a freaking seven days of free trial offer which you cannot found on the other three mentioned spy apps. Through this, you will have the chance to test whether mSpy suits your monitoring needs or not. But I’m already telling that you will surely like mSpy, the best GPS tracker app.

But again, we should bear in our minds that these spy applications are for legal monitoring only such as parental and professional monitoring. There are judicial responsibilities like intrusion of privacy that you will face if ever you will abuse the monitoring powers of these apps. That’s why it is really important that users of these spy apps are mindful and responsible.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best spy app in the market, just look for mSpy because it is a complete package of everything you are looking for a spy software.