Better Augmented Reality Key Finder

Better Augmented Reality Key Finder

Today, due to the age of technology, people tends to have an instant result. Because of this, many people are experiencing an information overload that will lead them to forget things. Historically, there is a study that shows that forgetfulness is being experienced with the old age. When someone misplaces something like their car keys, people generally refer to it as a “senior moment.” But a new survey tells a different story.

A New & Better Augmented Reality Key Finder: Pixie Key Tracker Review

According to Trending Machine national poll, the millennials aged 18 to 34 are more likely to experience being forgetfulness of what day than those aged 55 or older (15%  vs. 7%). 9% of millennials are forgotten to bring their lunch versus 3% of the elderly people whose age is 55 or older. There 6% of millennials who forget to take a bath or shower versus 2% of elders. Lastly, millennials tend to be most forgetful on where they put their keys because 14% of Millennials are forgetting where they put their keys versus 8% of age 55 or older.

In America, they spend 2.5 days a year for just looking for lost items and 2.7 Billion Dollars a year is spent replacing misplace possessions. Can you imagine how much time and money they wasted just a lost item? Here are the most common items that misplaced at least once a week:

  1. Tv remotes – 45%
  2. Car Keys or House Keys – 28%
  3. Shoes – 24%
  4. Wallets or Purses – 20%
  5. Glasses – 27%
  6. Phones 33 %

The average time in searching for a misplaced item is about 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Imagine that you are wasting 5 minutes of your life looking for a lost item instead of using it in productive activities that will help you to gain experience and knowledge. Here are objects that American usually spend more than 15 minutes of looking: the house keys (21.5%), wallets or purses (20.2%), umbrella (19%), Passport (18.9%), driver’s license (18.9%), and credit or debit cards (18.7%).

Because of losing or forgetting those things, Americans always face costly consequences. 60% of it has been late to work or school, 49% missed an appointment or meeting, 35% argued with a significant other, 22% missed a plane, train or bus, and 67% spent up to 50 dollars a year replacing lost items. Isn’t it a big impact on the economy?

Now, with the help of the innovation of technology such as a simple key finder — the Pixie Key Finder was launched in our society. The Pixie Key Finder is an Augmented Reality based technology that will help you to solve this problem with the help of a Bluetooth innovative device. The Pixie Tracker is the new solution for your frustration of losing or forgetting your valuable things. The Pixie Key Tracker uses Bluetooth to serve as the location tracker. But that’s not yet it. The Pixie uses Bluetooth as a signaling program that will allow the Pixie points to talk to each other. In this article, I will show all the possible things you should know about Pixie Key Finder and if it is worth to buy.

 Here is the List of Discussion Points in this Article

  1. What is Pixie Key Finder
  2. Features of Pixie Key Finder
  3. How Pixie Key Finder Works
  4. How to Track Using Pixie
  5. Cons and Pros
  6. The Final Verdict

What is the Pixie Key Finder?

Worry less and don’t lose any more valuable things like the keys, luggage, or a wallet. In Pixie key finder, you will be stress-free and time-saving if you lost your valuables. It’s the only 2-in-1 key tracker on the market that utilizes audio and visual location methods to provide you with the most options for finding your missing items. Pixie tracker is a set of tags that will be used to track in a form of augmented reality. You keep one of the tags with yourself while other ones go onto your keys or the object that you wish to keep track of. After that, you can use the tag you have to find the other one.  It is a Bluetooth powered device that helps you to find any lost item.

Features of Pixie Key Finder

  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet to 50 feet indoor and 100 feet outdoor
  • Measure 1.4 inches width x 1.8 inches x 0.13-inch thickness
  • With inches accuracy
  • Works with an iPad 4 or later
  • Work with iPhone 5s or later
  • Works most Pixie-enabled apps
  • No Charging of batteries needed
  • Up to 12 months of battery life
  • IP67 standard certified waterproof
  • IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period. Both are resistant to dust.
  • 30 Day Money-back guarantee
  • 12 Month warranty

How Pixie Key Finder Works?

Pixie is now the new location of things (LoT) technology. Location of Things is an emerging sub-category of the internet of things (IoT) concept that enables connected devices to monitor and to communicate with each other with their geographic location. Three years of research, studies, and product testing were done to ensure its accuracy. The Pixie Team was able to build a ground-breaking platform incorporating the benefit of the Location Awareness to the Internet of Things. Pixie Key finder works with a GPS Tracker. The Pixie GPS Tracker is the most accurate tracking devices that you can find in the market right now. It helps you to track a wide range of things. But how can the pixie tag help you to find your lost items? This is with the help of Bluetooth enabled system of Pixie Tracker, this is why you can track almost anything with the Pixie tracker.

In the set of Pixie tracker tags, you will have a tracker that allows you to keep one card for your phone’s use while the other one is attached to the item that you want to track. When you misplace something or lost something at your home, all you need to do is to use the tag that you have. It will guide you with your phone and give your directions to the lost item with Pixie Tracker. The mobile display is excellent and shows you the exact distance between the object and you in feet and inches. Because of this, it will lessen your worry when you lost your item.

How to Track Using Pixie Tracker?

The Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth tracker is easy to use, even elderly people can use this. When you buy the Pixie Tracker online, you will get a complimentary iPhone case with it that allows you to attach a Pixie Tracker onto your Phone. The initial set up phase is direct, and you do not need to do anything too technical. Then comes the tracking part.

When you have lost an item and wish to track it with your Pixie Tracker, you need to hold up your phone like a scanner. Through the mobile’s camera, you can scan your environment. To make it simple, you will do a panorama action on your phone, or you are playing Pokémon Go. When you see everything around you on the screen, then your Pixie tracker will tell you which direction to head in. Take note that the Pixie tracker can scan through walls so you there is a complete guarantee that you will find your lost keys in no time.

Pixie Bluetooth tracker

Pros and Cons


  • Polished application
  • Promising mesh networking technology
  • Works with the latest iOS update
  • Colorful, Water resistant Pixie Points Track Items up to 12 months
  • Find items in three steps including Augmented Reality View
  • Kit Includes accessories for variety of uses


  • Inaccurate and inconsistent tracking (In terms of the location)
  • It is available only for iOS devices
  • Pixie app doesn’t remember previously scanned rooms
  • Battery can’t replace

Pixie Wireless Tracker

 The Final Verdict

Pixie Tracker is one of the best trackers of this generation because of the augmented reality technology that has. Although there some cons of using the Pixie Tracker, they still developing it to serve you better in the future. But still Pixie makes finding lost items to feel like playing Pokémon Go, but it takes time to track it down the item.

Pixies come in a set of four with two key fobs and the iPhone case for US$99, but remember, one of those trackers needs to go on your phone. The company plans to release Android versions of the trackers later. One good thing to come of Apple’s new iOS11 version is an update from Pixie tracker with improved AI functions. You can now view your missing item in 3D, as well as some of the Pixie characters, such as the “X marks the spot”. It’s a more realistic view of the room you’re in and the item you’re looking for, making it even easier to locate.