10 Tips to Avoid Back-to-School Panic

10 Tips to Avoid Back-to-School Panic


That’s right moms, it’s the final countdown! It’s almost back to school time. And as much as you love spending time with your little ones, I’m sure there comes a point when the “go to school already” vibe begins to take over.

The stress of so many things to do, prepare, and organize for school invades the home long before classes start up. That’s why we here at Pixie have put together some hot tips to make things a little easier this time around.



The Holy Grail

We have the answer to your organizational prayers. That’s right, I’m talking about a colorful, color coded and simply fantastic… yearly calendar.

1. Calendar - Whether it’s an online calendar or the real thing, calendars are an easy and effective way to keep track of important dates, like appointments, birthdays, early school finish times, soccer games and practice and more. It will help you and the family keep organized and stay on the ball.

Hot tip! This is also a good time to book in any haircuts, doctors’ appointments and make sure important things like your health care plan is up to date.


Beat the Morning Madness

Being organized is key to eliminating… wait, let’s be realistic… reducing some of that typical morning madness.

2. Choose your children’s clothes and lay them out the night before. Dah, you might think, but that’s one less thing you need to negotiate in the morning.

3. Know what is for breakfast and have all of your ingredients easily accessible. Make sure the table is cleared and ready to go for breakfast time.

4. Prepare and make lunches the night before. It’s a great idea to have menu plans. It helps you stay organized with shopping and on top of lunches and dinners for the whole week. It’s also a great opportunity to monitor a healthy diet for the whole family.

5. Have backpacks organized and ready to go the night before. Make sure everything from homework to music and sports items are all accounted for.

6. Have a bathroom schedule. This can eliminate screaming matches and unwanted early morning stress.

7. Create a clear and labeled studying space for each child. This will encourage your children to be organized and minimizes the chance of losing homework and school books.

8. Set the clock back by 10 minutes. I’m serious. It will keep everyone on time, whether they realize it or not.

9. Start the wake-up schedule early. This one is often neglected, but well worth implementing. Get your kids on a schedule 2 weeks before school starts. Start gradually waking them earlier so when it’s back to school time, waking up doesn’t feel like a bucket of cold water on the head.

10. Get Pixie so you can find what’s lost without losing your mind. Use Pixie Points (little cute guitar shaped tags) to track down items like iPads, iPhones and of course, those keys that somehow are not ever where they’re supposed to be. When it comes to the morning rush, Pixie is a life saver.



Get started with these tips to make the transition to a new school year less stressful and more fun for everyone! It’s time to stop losing things, losing time and… losing your mind. It’s time to start finding Peace of Find with Pixie. Good Luck!