5 Must Have Apps for Organized iPhone Users

We know you are busy, so we’ll get straight to the point - a list of 5 of the best apps to improve productivity and help you navigate through your busy life.

Capture, organize and share notes from anywhere
Evernote has millions of users around the world and it keeps making top tech lists globally as one of the best productivity apps, with features like writing to-do lists and saving links you found online, to adding recordings and scanning documents. Evernote declutters your life with its impressive organization techniques at the touch of a button.

So many apps!
According to TechCrunch, smartphone owners are using an average of 9 apps per day, 30 per month. That’s average, which means it can be even more for some people. Many apps mean many things are going on, which can, of course, present challenges in and of itself, but don’t worry, there’s an app for that challenge too! Have you heard of IFTT? This clever and intuitive app helps you “do more with your apps and devices”. Sounds great, right? It’s true! From Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to Spotify, Google Drive, and Amazon (and many others), IFTT helps you integrate and manage your services, all under the same roof.

Looking for something?
For when you still haven't found what you’re looking for, there’s Pixie. Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. Designed with the fun of augmented reality at heart, Pixie allows you to track and find your most important items. From your iPad, laptop, iPhone and keys, to your passport and more, Pixie makes finding stress-free and fun. The down to the inch accuracy will have you reunited with your favorite Pixified items in moments. With Pixie, you can spend more time on the important things in life and less time stressing over lost things.

Did you mean... Google Drive?
The next productivity app comes from the tech giant, Google. It’s Google Drive. Built as a cloud storage and backup platform, it allows users to store and access images, excel sheets, documents, video files and more. What’s even better, it comes with 15 GB of free storage. What more can you ask for in an app? Well, if it’s more storage, no problem! Google Drive storage upgrades are pretty affordable and easy to apply to your account.

Making work simpler, more pleasant and more productive
Slack! no, I'm not calling you names or accusing you of being lazy. The opposite, in fact. If you’re a busy person at work, with a lot to do and a lot of people to do it with, then Slack might just be your new best friend. Companies around the world are using this amazing app to improve workflow. From private instant messaging and task designation to contacting a group of people through a designated channel and team project views, Slack makes office communication and collaboration easy and fun. Its accessibility, like being able to search for a colleague's answer to a question you asked months ago, makes Slack a great resource tool for any team.

That’s our list of the top 5 productivity apps. We hope you found this helpful; you might already be using some of these apps or downloading them right now. At Pixie we are all about making things fun, easy and helpful. Now it’s time for you to go and be productive. We can give you the tools, but we can’t do the work for you.