6 Awesome Things You Never Imagined You Can Use Pixie Points For

6 Awesome Things You Never Imagined You Can Use Pixie Points For
We’re a society that lives on the go. Always running around, always working, and let’s face it…always distracted. With so many things to remember and so many activities and tasks to complete each day, we lose things. A hell of a lot of things in fact. From everyday items like keys, wallets, headphones, backpacks and umbrellas, to the once in a while items, like suitcases and passports. We have all been there, experienced the panic and stress that come with losing stuff. So we think, it’s fair to assume that losing things, well, it’s no fun!

At Pixie, we specialize in making this stressful experience a little less stressful and a lot more fun. Like the childhood game of hide and seek, our aim is to get you reunited with your item faster and more efficient than the traditional methods of praying, getting the whole house hold worried and yes, that familiar stress and yelling. It’s simple, download the Pixie app to your iPhone and attach a Pixie Point to it. Then give your prized possessions magical properties by pairing them with Pixie Points. Pixie will guide you to their locations in three simple steps: Map It, Show It and Grab It. With Pixie, Lost Items are Simply Found. And while we all have the obvious things that we know we will attached a Pixie Point to, we promise you, there are some items you didn’t think of, and can benefit from being Pixified. Here are some of them.

1. Your piece of mind #1: precious headphones

Whether it’s your Bose, Beats or anything in between. You have done the research, experienced the amazing sound and experimented with the base settings. Perhaps you blocked out the sound of some unwanted family chatter with the noise canceling function or even listened to some of your favorite tunes. Life is great until…They are gone.  You are stressed, frustrated, annoyed, what else? Adding a Pixie Point to your headphones will have you reunited with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Bob Dylan in no time.

2. Your out of country identity: Passport

A necessary item to get any holiday started. You have been planning and counting the days for ages, maybe you even made one of those countdown calendars (which are clearly only fun for you, by the way). Perhaps you need your passport, last minute for an emergency or impromptu holiday. And when you finally are on holiday and you are sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas with tomorrows plan being, sip more cocktails on a different beach….it happens. “Harry have you seen our passports?” “Darling I’m drunk and have no idea, I thought you had them” Suddenly that Mai Tai doesn’t taste so sweet. By simply adding a Pixie Point to your passport, you will be able to locate it, and be on your way to the next beach in minutes.

3. Your beloved memories: Camera

You’ve decided to take a road trip and experience some of the fine sites your country has to offer. From photos near the Grand Canyon, to the, oh look that’s me looking fine at Yosemite. You’ve said cheese more than Barry, working at the dairy farm and your arm is suffering from a bad case of ‘selfie arm’. It’s finally time for your romantic photo near the Golden Gate Bridge and the camera is nowhere to be seen. You start flipping the car, mourning the loss of your photos and getting upset about all the photobooks you had planned to create to remember the miles traveled. Pixify your camera bag or the camera itself, to avoid all of the heartache that comes with losing a camera. It’s that simple and easy.

4. Your piece of mind #2: Stuffed Toys

It doesn’t matter how many toys you buy little Suzie, she always wants Bear-Bear. Her favorite Teddy. Sleep time, Daycare, going to the shops with mom or going to visit Grandma and Grandpa. With so many destinations, maybe teddy needs a passport? And then it happens…The “mom where is Bear-Bear?” Shortly followed by the turning your house upside down, the tears, the checking the car, the emergency call to every place you have ever visited, the lost posters around the neighborhood, the police report, the eulogy writing, more tears... It’s a nightmare. You guessed it, all of this can be avoided with the addition of a simple Pixie tag. Bear-Bear can now go on all the adventures he or Suzie desires and even have the occasional shower in the washing machine because Pixie is not only about you having more fun and time for the important things in life, but believe it or not, it’s also waterproof!

5. Your travel companion: Backpack

We have all been there before, carrying heaps of things when getting out of the house, there is always so much to remember to pack. Our backpack and our kid’s backpack can hold some of the day’s most prized possessions. It’s easy to put it down, get busy and forget to take it with you when you leave. Adding a Pixie Point to your backpack, will give it a digital identity. You will be able to check its last location and make your way back to where you last left it. While locating your backpack, only you will be guided to the backpack, so no sounds or alerts will be coming from inside the bag, keeping unwanted visitors out.

6. Your rainy-day pal: Umbrella

It’s that first day of rain and it feels like it came out of nowhere. Summer is a distant memory and you find yourself schlepping around the busy city with your best pal for the next few months, your umbrella. With the in and out of shops and perhaps some cheeky purchases along the way, you start to have more to carry then you can handle. Before you know it, you can’t remember which bus, taxi or shop you left your umbrella and your new Gap jeans and American Eagle jumper is in search of some much-needed shelter. Adding a (waterproof) Pixie Point to your umbrella, means it will be with you the entire journey, which makes for a much happier return home with the rest of your dry purchases.

There are plenty more ways that Pixie can help you to simplify your life. Many ways that turn, annoying and frustrating loses into simple, smart, and magical experiences. So, the next time you are on holiday or trying to remember the last place Suzie left Bear-Bear, let the magic of pixie dust guide you on your way and reunite you with your personal items.

You can get your own set of Pixie Points here.