Fun Gifts to Win Over Dad This Father’s Day

Fun Gifts to Win Over Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and we think dad has enough socks, ties and tool sets by now.  This year why not think of clever and fun gifts that will surprise dad. Whether your dad spends most of his time at the office,  loves to BBQ or anything in between, we’ve got some clever gift ideas every dad will love.

The Office Dad

It’s work, work, and more work for this dad. This year,  help improve dad’s work-life balance with this fun, yet useful, Golf Mug by Kikkerland Design. It comes with a ball and the putter doubles as a ball point pen, making the shift from work hard to play hard a little easier for dad. You are sure to score a hole in one, with this gift.

The Thirsty Dad

Who likes it when ice melts and waters down a delicious cocktail? No one! This year, you can solve that problem for dad with these cool geometric reusable cocktail chillers.  The 3D Shape Cocktail Chiller Set from UncommonGoods adds a sophistication to any glass, every time.

The Grill Master

Are picnics, barbecues and good old fashioned quality time outside some of dad’s favorite summer pastimes? If so, get dad something he can use for the rest of the year to prolong grill time!

This Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill makes a BBQ possible anywhere and anytime. It’s even got a charcoal pit for added flavor, it’s compact and easy to take on the go. Complete the gift by adding the 5-in-1 Barbeque Multi-Tool. Unfold this amazing multi-tool to find a marinade brush, spatula, barbecue fork, corkscrew and bottle opener!  

The Superhero Dad

Dad is always stepping in to save the day, they are our modern day superheroes who can basically fix anything!  Why not give dad something fun and convenient to help him in all of his repair work! Amazon is now selling the Many-Tools-In-One System. It includes eight tools in one: a hammer, a slotted screwdriver, a can opener, a saw, pliers and more. Whatever the mission calls for, dad will be ready to rumble.

The Digital Dad

Pixie helps dad keep an eye on his keys, iPad and even the remote by turning his iPhone into a finder! Pixie is the only tracking solution that features Augmented Reality technology, so it shows dad exactly where his items are hiding, even through walls and inside furniture.

The gift of Pixie will make dad’s life just a little easier, and during our Father’s Day sales it’s easy on your wallet. Plus, the more you buy, the more you save!

Right now when you buy 3 Pixie Points you get 1 free, a savings of $25. If the dad in your life has more than a few gadgets, keys and remotes to keep track of you can save even more with $50 off a 6 pack of Pixie Points, or $75 off an 8 pack. Plus, dad will get a free Pixie iPhone case with your order!