9 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Enough of Your Mobile Phone

9 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Enough of Your Mobile Phone

For those of you living under a rock, it’s ok, it’s safe to come out now, we are living in the mobile age. From my experience, mobile phones can make everything either simpler or more complicated, depending on what it is and how you look at it. For instance, if you are part of the older generation (not mentioning names), you might have a little more luck sending that telegram instead of exhausting that one index finger of yours, trying to comprise a text message (you know who you are). All jokes aside, I look at it this way: I can use my mobile to do things differently than before. For many tasks, my productivity has increased, I have become more efficient and have more time to invest in other aspects of my life. For me, my mobile is a lifesaver. Having said that, a dead battery is a killer, and a drop to 10% battery is one of my biggest nightmares.

Let’s have a look at just a few examples of how my mobile makes my life easier: 

The Trusty Calendar

Remember those hard cover, non-digital, table top calendars? Well, unless you’re my mom (sorry mom), nobody uses them anymore. Today it’s all about the digital calendar, presented in one of your apps (such as the famous ‘Google Calendar’), and if you’re an advanced user, you probably even have a widget for it. It’s so much simpler to set an event (a meeting with mom), share it with others, move dates around and so on. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I do miss seeing what good looking person has won May or what cute little puppy has stolen June. Overall though, it’s always on and ready and gets me excited about my upcoming appointments.

Say Cheese

When I was 26, I travelled to New Zealand. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it - it has some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. But one thing that burdened me during my travels greatly, was my camera. Having to dig it out of my bag every time I wanted to take a  photo was so annoying, it was just so heavy. More than that, I always had to carry a lot of memory cards with no ability to backup the photos. Today, having a camera (and a damn good one, I might add) on my mobile, is one of the most convenient things I can think of. I can take as many photos as I want, back it up on the cloud and always have it with me… I swear, I should just travel to New Zealand again, just to see how it feels being there without that brick of a camera.

Locating Your Important Things

O.K I’m messy. I said it. I always have been, always will be and just can’t help it. I use to spend valuable time looking up stuff like keys, remote controls, sunglasses and what not. I admit now that I could have found better use of my time. Nowadays, I use my mobile to find all those things and it takes a couple of minutes, at most! How? I hear you ask... I use Pixie. I affix a Pixie Point to those important things and use the Pixie app to find them. It provides me with an Augmented Reality view (very cool by the way) of where I’m searching and within minutes, the app reunites me with my items. So… before you lose it: Map it, show it and grab it with Pixie!

Get Me There

Maps – I hate them. I really do. I’ll admit it, I’m not the best navigator to start off with. I would have liked to be, but it hasn’t quite worked out. To me, a map is just a vicious item doing its best to make me feel inferior.  Not anymore (now who’s laughing!) with navigation apps, like Waze, to do all the heavy lifting. All it requires is simply to follow the directions, which is perfect, being the navigation challenged individual that I am. It even checks for traffic and hazards. Take that, you evil map!


I met my husband online, via Facebook (cue music). Once upon a time in a faraway land (jokes, it was only six years ago), Facebook had a dating app called ‘Are you interested?’ You guessed it, we were both interested and the rest is history. Luckily for us, we lived quite close to each other, so we made it happen. Nowadays, dating is so much easier than just scrolling through endless lists on online websites, getting matched up or meeting someone randomly on the bus. Today, there are dating apps, such as Tinder and many others, that create matches while calculating proximity. It sounds like a single person’s heaven to me. 

Tour Guide Books - Remember Those?

Again, my mom still uses those hard copy tour guides (from 1990), but for the rest of the tourists around the globe, it is just so much easier (and frankly, a little less embarrassing) to just look up restaurants, hotels, attractions and so on, using travel and tourism apps such as the Trip Advisor app. It calculates distance and popularity, and presents you with the best results. Also, they are constantly updated. Tourism has never been so ‘local’.

Search and Find

Before mobile web was around, if I was on the move, I had to call friends, asking them to look up stuff online for me. Alternatively, I would have to wait until I get home, which of course was a little too late. How archaic! Now I can easily look up stuff on my mobile, like everyone around me does. Sometimes it looks like a bunch of people just engaging with their mobiles in public instead of communicating with each other, but the amazing thing to remember, is that they could be using it for so many different purposes.
Foreign Language Translator

Have you tried traveling to China using a foreign language translator? You know that bulky book with all those words and definitions, ha. Let me rephrase: Have you tried traveling anywhere using it? If you have, and you lived to tell the story, kudos to you. For the rest of us, I’m afraid it isn’t a pleasant experience. Why would anyone want to bother with all that effort of looking up the right page, awkwardly trying to pronounce a word or a sentence, when now we can just open an app for it. With a quick search, it will provide us with the right word and will even pronounce it for us.

Get Stuff Done

My mobile allows me to be a lot more productive. One of my apps, Midu, helps me manage my to-do lists, reminders and even combines my husband’s calendar with mine. I can delegate things I need him to do, like unpack the dishwasher and stop off to get milk on the way home. Perhaps, now it makes sense that I’m more of a fan of the app than him ☺. Having apps like Midu and other personal assistant apps, I can stay organized, delegate and be a whole lot more productive. At times the app world feels unlimited, there are even apps to help you mediate and track your diet and fitness, so for me, there is no doubt that being productive is a whole lot easier with my mobile.  

The Bottom line

You see, there’s a reason people spend so much time on their mobile, It’s not just fun or easy, it’s also a whole lot easier. I know that some people crave the old days, when people use to sit on a bench next to Tom Hanks, discussing how “life was like a box of chocolate and you never know what you’re going to get next”. Those people I’m guessing, never had to sit through a traffic jam which could have been avoided if they just had Waze. They never tasted some of the best dishes of their life, because they read reviews on Trip Advisor. They also didn’t find something they left behind in a fun and stress-free way with Pixie. Unlike Forrest Gump, we now know what we are going to get next: A whole lot more apps making our life easier.