Enjoying The Journey

Enjoying The Journey

Time for the beach, sunglasses, tropical drinks, big hats, water parks and so much more. Yup,  it’s finally summer time! That means it's also time for summer vacations, time to coordinate time off, flights, passports and time zones! It’s a lot to manage… and even the most well-planned trips can run into a few unexpected surprises! We have compiled some hilarious travel stories to remind you to just enjoy the journey!


Party Time

A couple in their late 60’s found themselves on a trip they will never forget. They were traveling in Europe and had booked a bus tour to pick them up from their hotel in Athens. They got up bright and early to wait for their bus to arrive. The guide showed up but didn’t speak very good English, if any at all. They were a bit concerned, but decided to go with it. After some time, the bus stopped at the port, where they were instructed to get off. They soon realized that they were on the wrong bus, but with no ID on them and very little money they decided to go with the flow. Before they knew it, they were part of a 12-hour party-boat tour of the Aegean Islands with a Brazilian tour group that was, to say the least, a bit younger in age. But as the saying goes, when in Rome… so the couple enjoyed a few drinks, some time in the sun and partied with their new young travel partners!


Only the Essentials

When you plan to go on vacation with a toddler, you know it will be an adventure. One family thought they had prepared for everything, selecting a great location, checking the weather, packing enough clothes and supplies for their trip. However, they didn’t expect, they would need to buy a whole new wardrobe! When they made it to the hotel and opened their suitcases, they didn’t find their clothes that they so thoughtfully packed for the trip. Yup, their daughter  had removed everything from their suitcases and replaced them with her toys. Her adorable response: “I just wanted to play.”



Border Crossing

On their way home from a fun filled 2 week road trip across the US, a Canadian family on a met the ultimate detour when their car broke down in the middle of Kansas. It was a nerve-racking time, especially for dad. The car was in such bad shape that they ended up having to purchase a new vehicle! After a few days and much frustration they eventually got to the border crossing leading them back home to Canada.  Stressed and exhausted, the father forgot his child’s name when asked by the border protection officer! He tried to explain, but… let’s just say the border police didn’t believe his story. It took 15 hours of interrogation and being accused of kidnapping before they were finally back on the road home.


Don’t forget to Pack Pixie...

We can all agree travel is a fun adventure that is full of surprises. As long as you prepare for the unexpected and go with the flow, the journey is sometimes just as memorable as the destination!  Pixie is a great little tool that can eliminate a lot of common travel problems. From keeping track of your passport, wallet and keys, to being able to breeze through baggage claim because you know your bag has arrived. Pixie pinpoints the location of your stuff, so you can spend more time having fun and less time feeling lost and stressed. If it matters, Pixify it!  

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