Smart IoT Apps Changing Our World

Smart IoT Apps Changing Our World

Smart IoT Apps Changing Our World

We live in an incredible world with brilliant minds and technological advancements that are developing faster than we can keep track of. A term you have no doubt heard during this ever changing modern era is the internet of things, commonly referred to as IoT. The phrase “IoT” was coined by Kevin Ashton, an innovator and consumer sensor expert.

Wikipedia defines IoT as a network of physical devices, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Regardless of your understanding, or level of involvement with IoT, there is no denying that IoT is changing the way we view and use the internet. From smart homes and smart cities to smart objects, IoT is impacting the way our society uses the internet and technology on an everyday basis. In this post, we will look at some of the most impressive applications of IoT.

Smart Homes
Regardless of how close or tight you consider your relationship with Siri on your iPhone, Apple is taking it to the next level with their release of the Apple HomePod. The HomePod is set for release in the next few months. The HomePod is designed around the concept of IoT, as a smart speaker. Macworld stated that “The speaker will be able to respond to voice commands and play music, set alarms, control smart devices and search for information online. Apple claims - the device will blow the competition away on sound quality, so you don't have to sacrifice your audiophile credentials for the sake of smartness.” Years ago the concept of asking, searching and controlling so much from a small speaker would have been something you saw in a Sci-Fi film. Today it’s a reality, thanks to the concept of IoT.

Smart Wearables
Jawbone is a world-leader when it comes to consumer technology and wearable devices. They are most famous for their app and wearable tracker called UP. The tracker is a great example of a software, hardware and a service that incorporates IoT. Jawbones capability to collect and manage data analytics in real time is very impressive. UP is able to track your sleep, when you move and even when you eat... sounds like an over-involved parent or partner. However, it’s primary purpose is to help you create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. “It’s your life, take charge with UP!”

Smart Finding
We are all very busy people and we own more things than ever before. From iPads and iPhones, to your wallet and keys, it’s inevitable that at some point you will misplace something important. But that’s ok thanks to Pixie. This smart finder is a great example of an accurate location application that uses IoT, Augmented Reality and more, to help you find lost items. It does this in an enjoyable, smart, easy and fun way in3 simple steps:
1. Attach a Pixie Point to your iPhone
2. Attach Pixie Points to your things
3. See your things. The Pixie App shows you exactly where all your things are relative to you. It’s as easy as that!

Smart City
From football, Gaudi and beaches, to the amazing food and shopping, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe. But did you know Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world to be classified as a smart city? It has launched a number of IoT programs over the last few years and these programs have led to what has become a very impressive urban system. IoT helps monitor and control Barcelona’s public transit, parking, street lighting and even it’s waste management. With millions of residents and visitors every year, Barcelona is a fantastic example of the application of IoT and it’s potential on a grand and global scale.

Smart Health
There are a number of companies in the healthcare sector which have seen the potential and importance of taking advantage of IoT. Some include Epocrates, PEPID, and as always there are many more. From collecting and transmitting patient healthcare data, to data analysis and healthcare apps for caregivers and patients, IoT is changing the way we view and use healthcare. Smart Health is all about making things more accessible. Through the application of IoT, patients can get medical reminders, book appointments, and even access important contacts and content remotely from their smart devices. It doesn't end there, practitioners can use the library of apps to improve clinical care, research and public health. IoT is changing lives.

Smart Farming
Smart farming focuses on the aim of making farms more intelligent. There are hundreds of apps like AgWorld, BackPaddock, SpraySelect which all aim to do so. Using sensing technology these IoT apps track and send agriculture data to farmers so they can better monitor and implement the changes they need, remotely. From managing the chemical levels in the machines, to finding out what specific weeds or insects are endangering their crops, smart farming is a great example of the application of IoT and how it’s helping the farming and agriculture industry.

Smart Future
The above examples are just a few ways IoT is making an impact on our society. I’m sure you have heard of even more. It’s a very exciting time for technology! And the future is set to brings us even more great use cases and adaptations of IoT.