The Ultimate Moving Countdown Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Countdown Checklist

Moving is fun, easy and stress free… said no one ever! We have some tips to make things a little easier so you can spend less time worrying and stressing and more time getting excited about your new adventure.

2 Months Before Moving Day

It’s important to decide how you are going to move, whether it’s hiring a moving company, or paying your friends in pizza and beer; It is, have a plan. Hiring a moving company can be scary, so make sure you do your research and look out for customer references to be sure you are working with someone reliable and trustworthy.  

Before you start packing, collect boxes and packing material for the move. Also, this is a great  opportunity eliminate old stuff and purge your belongings. Only keep what you really need.  See it as a detox from unwanted items and an opportunity to start fresh in the new place!

Now that you eliminated some unnecessary items, it’s time to get packing. The key to making this move easy is being organized. From separating cleaning and hazardous materials to labelling boxes by room.

An organized pack equals an organized move. Separate what’s going to charity, the bedroom, the bathroom etc. and clearly label boxes. Categorize and label!  


 - Make sure you leave some cleaning products out for the final clean up.

- Check with local charities to schedule a pickup of your discards.

- Make sure the moving company is insured  if they cover breakage.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

Confirm your moving date and tell those who need to know, including your landlord or real estate agent.

Notify relevant service providers about your change of address. This may include: water, gas, electricity, telephone, cable , internet, post office - choose a date to begin forwarding your mail, subscription services - cancel or transfer your subscriptions (newspapers, magazines, etc.), bank and credit card, employer, insurance, health care providers.


Two Weeks Before Moving Day

Pack the items you won’t need for the next couple of weeks. Start with the least used room.  

Use the biggest boxes for the light items, and in general remember someone will be lifting the boxes, so don’t over pack with heavy items.

Take pictures of the back of your electronics, so you remember how to rewire and set them back up.

If you have kids that are too young to help with the move, make sure that you book a sitter or have someone to look after them on the big day. The same goes for pets that might get in the way or get loose during the move.

You want that fridge and freezer as empty as possible for the move, so start getting creative with your meal prep so you can use as many ingredients that you already have.  This way you can take a break from grocery shopping for a while.

Two Days to Go!

Now that you have emptied the freezer, it’s time to clean and defrost it.

Pack a bag with all your essentials, from toiletries, change of clothes, a flashlight and even a toilet paper roll. It might take some time to have everything set up and running, so best to be prepared.

Finally, pack away your kitchen items  and last few essentials that may still be out.  


 - Use the Pixie tracker to Pixify your most important box, like the electronics items.  That way when you’re in your new place with so many brown boxes that all look the same, you can find it right away!

- Label boxes not just with the room they go in, but where the items go in the room. For instance: master bedroom closet, and master bedroom nightstand to make unpacking easier.

One Day Before Moving Day

Make sure you have your keys and don’t forget to have a fully charged phone. You will be probably be on the phone a lot tomorrow.

Map out the best way to get to your new home. Knowing shortcuts will save you time and eliminate sitting in traffic.

Moving day!

Get up early and get an early start.

Don’t forget to do a last minute check, open all the cupboards and drawers and make sure everything is ready to go before the movers or beer loving friends arrive to start loading the truck.

Take a photo of your house to remember,  and don’t forget to also take a photo of your water, gas and anything else that has a meter in your old home. You might need to refer back to this later when your final bill arrives.

Leave your details with the new occupants and anyone who might need to get in touch with you.


- Keep Ziploc bags and scissors handy. You might come across small items like tiny screws, brackets or other easy to forget items during the move that you will want to keep safe. Once you start unpacking, you’ll never remember where you packed the scissors.

- Once you are in your new place, make sure to set up your bed first. It’s going to be a long hard day. If your bed is ready to go, you can roll into it later tonight without any effort.