The Weirdest Places People Have Hidden Engagement Rings

The Weirdest Places People Have Hidden Engagement Rings

February the 14th comes as a roller coaster of mixed emotions. Depending on who you are, will affect which emotions this day might stir. 

Valentine’s Day is a great day for businesses and fills millions of folks out there  joy, gift buying anxiety, and perhaps, if you have found the one… the opportunity to propose.

With proposals, come some very romantic, exciting and often hilarious stories. The person making the proposal really wants to make it as unique and exciting as possible, with one ultimate aim, to get the ring on their partner's finger.

The ring however, can sometimes take a very interesting journey between its origin at the shop and its final destination (the third finger on his/her left hand). We have gathered some weird and wacky ways people have hidden and lost their rings. So, let’s get started.

A Toast at Breakfast Time

Meet Jane, an avid toast eater, same time, every day, butter and crust included.

It was a regular Monday when Jane began her daily breakfast preparation, only this time to be surprised by a diamond ring in the butter dish.

To Jane’s delight her future fiancé entered the kitchen shortly after he heard her excited scream, got down on one knee and proposed with one very shiny ring (mostly, thanks to the butter ☺).

Play Tricks on Your Loved One

Mike and Sarah had midweek dinner reservations, at a somewhat quirky kind of restaurant. They had just finished their delicious mains when a magician started entertaining a number of tables.

When he got to Mike and Sarah’s table he performed an impressive trick with a loose diamond ring as the surprise to end of the trick. Magically, Sarah said yes.

Bark if You Love Me

Suzanne and Brad had been together for three and a half years and when it came to her birthday, Brad finally decided to get her what she always wanted. It was a beautiful shiny golden color and it felt like it was the perfect fit for their relationship.

It was a twelve-week-old golden retriever. As Suzanne started crying and hugging her cute new puppy she came across his collar, holding something else that is new, golden and shiny. And of course, she said yes.

On the Rocks

Sometimes, the weirdest and simplest ideas are the ones you never think of. Ice blocks are present in the majority of households. It doesn't matter how cold it is, ice can complement any drink, in my humble opinion.

So, when Johnny asked his girlfriend to add ice to their drinks (for dramatic effect, let’s imagine they were drinking Martinis), she got halfway to adding the cubes in the glass when she noticed one funny looking cube. Little did she know that her drink got something extra:  Yes, you guessed it, she had to wait for the ice to melt, but she got a ring on the rocks. Of course, she said yes, and the task of getting ice never felt the same.

Up and Away

10 assorted helium balloons seemed like a really, great idea to set the scene for one man’s proposal. Rightfully so, they’re impressive and can brighten up almost any occasion.

However, one man’s decision to include the engagement ring inside the balloons, perhaps wasn't the brightest decision, when it went flying as it got uncontrollably released by his bride to be.

Gravity: Friend or Foe?

Hot Hiding Spot

The stress of hiding the ring before the proposal can really heat up. So, it’s about thinking of a place your partner would never look.

One guy had the idea to hide it in the furnace room. The likelihood of her going in there was pretty slim. To his delight, this worked pretty well.

But if he wasn’t already getting the sweats thinking about when to propose, he was definitely getting the sweats when he had to collect the ring and get ready to propose.

Out of your comfort zone  

Slippers are meant to be comfy… hence the name ‘slippers’. Putting a ring inside one of them? Hmm, not so comfortable... Well, that’s exactly what Ben did.

He waited till his girlfriend went to sleep and slipped it right in. The next morning, he woke up to his loved one struggling with her right leg. When she finally took out the object that was annoying her so much, she felt better, MUCH better.

So, here’s a lesson for you guys: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Netflix and chill

Martin had it all down, with this idea. Tuesday was movie night, and let’s just say that Emily had a little more influence over the movie choice than Martin. If last week was The Notebook, then you can only imagine this week's’ romantic tear jerker.

Half way through the movie the tears began for Emily, followed by Martin’s polite offering of the tissue box and a cuddle.

When Emily reached in she was surprised by one very beautiful ring and some kind words to follow of course. He popped the question and they lived happily ever after.  

Here’s an idea for you! A New Kind of Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt proposal has been around a while, so why not add something new to it? What about a Pixified proposal? What on earth is that? I hear you ask. All you need to do is this…

Add a Pixie point to your engagement ring box and maybe some other items to make it a little more interesting. Place the items anywhere weird and wacky in your house that you desire. Get your partner to start looking using the Pixie app.

Within minutes, after some hide and seek fun, Pixie will guide your fiancé to be (hopefully), and unite him/her with a new and exciting piece of bling. The Pixie magic Dust will appear in support of the magical mood. The result: One surprised and impressed fiancé and A+ for creativity.


As you can see there are all sorts of weird, wacky and wonderful ways to hide the engagement ring. With a little help from Pixie, no hiding place is too weird or too difficult. Enjoy Valentine's Day 2017!