The Weirdest Things People Have Found in Their Homes While Spring Cleaning

The Weirdest Things People Have Found in Their Homes While Spring Cleaning

Spring time brings flowers, beautiful weather, festivals and if you are anything like me, the fun of hay fever, and of course, let’s not forget the “fun” of spring cleaning. Spring time is an opportunity for us to get on top of things, get cleaning and get organized for the upcoming months. I can feel your excitement in the air, please try and contain yourselves.

No, we’re not doing the whole “Here are some tips to get you started on cleaning…”. While at Pixie we do like to give you some great life hacks and tips to keep organized, this spring, we are all about some good old fun. In this post we will be looking at the weirdest things people have found in their homes while spring cleaning. Ready?

Spring Clean Find #1

When it reached the time for this man to clear out his grandparent’s house one spring, he was greeted by a little more than the standard knitting needles, moth balls and VHS box set of mid-summer murders.

The weird part started with a closet door and some very dirty and disgusting… carpet. No offense to my grandparents, but at this point, I would have left the closet for someone else to clean and sort out.

But no job was too big for this man. He began tearing up the carpet, only to be greeted by a strange slab, which was in fact a safe. After some seriously impressive Sherlock Holmes skills (a call to the locksmith), he was finally in.  

Inside the safe he found Grandma extensive coin collection and even a few notes which unfortunately, were not so well preserved. I know what you’re thinking, what’s so weird about that? You’re right, but I think  the icing on the cake was with what Grandpa left behind... a whole bunch of wrist watches, antique guns and one very rusted tool box filled with some antique jewels. Maybe removing the carpet was worthwhile after all ☺ 

Spring Clean Find #2

Now I know that some people find spring cleaning therapeutic and somewhat of a religious experience. Weird, I know, but this notion gets a whole new meaning with this story…

It was Spring 2010 when a couple began renovations on an old house they had recently purchased. I’m sure they had high hopes for their future and pictured just how amazing it would look when it was done. They might have even prayed they find something like money, gold or perhaps the cast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, all ready to get started on the work.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in some way their prayers were actually answered (minus the extreme makeover cast) when they found this: An ancient chapel space under their home. Yes, a chapel under their home. Now, I know joining the neighborhood church is a common thing when moving to a new neighborhood, but why go to church when the church can come to you?! 

Spring Clean Find #3

When it’s spring cleaning time, we often “like” to go the extra mile. We start moving things around the house, use those high-grade cleaning products we saved for special occasions, and really start digging through the years’ mess. At times, it feels like we find mess we didn’t even know existed.

Here at Pixie, we love fun and games. In fact, our product is based on the famous fun of hide and seek, so when we heard this story, we just had to share! Here goes..

This home was built a very long time ago, at a time where I’m sure the residents had some help with their spring cleaning ☺

What was found at this old country house is amazing; 4,000 game pieces under the floorboards, dating back to the 1700s. Items included: chess pieces, old playing cards, toy soldiers, building blocks and more. I think if this playful family was around today, they would have benefited and loved the fun of Pixie.

Spring Clean Find #4 

They say you find love when you stop looking for it. This story has an interesting take on just that.  It was a few years ago, when Ann and Michael, two siblings, were helping with the family’s annual spring clean. They came across something weird on the wall, that was starting to peel away (the way an old wall sometimes does).

Being kids, they obviously just left it alone, didn’t want to damage it any further and so on… Yeah right! That didn’t happen. Instead, they began peeling it off until they discovered something very weird and wonderful hidden in the walls.

They found 31 love letters written by a World War 1 soldier. After building up the courage and showing it to their parents, the family tracked down the woman who the soldier had been writing to, (cue emotional music) who was now his wife.

Not only did Ann and Michael find something weird and wonderful, they became the first siblings on record to not be yelled at for peeling the walls away.

Before We Say Goodbye and Good Luck…

Now that you’ve had a fun read about some very strange things people have found during their spring cleaning, I am sure you are eager to get started and see what you can discover. After finding all your important things, take a minute and Pixify what matters, to ensure that next year, or even before your next move, you'll be guided smoothly to your valuable items. Did you Pixify remotes, keys or other things you don't want to lose during your Spring cleaning? Share pics on our Facebook Page.

From all of us here at Pixie, have a great Spring!