RTLS App with Pixie Location of Things

Our Asset Tracking App is Ready

Ok, if you are in the location business this is cool stuff. Within 2 minutes setup, you can track moving object accurately! Building RTLS system has just become easier than ever.

Ingredients you need:

  • 4 Pixie Points

  • 1 iPhone or iPad

  • 1 Laptop

  • 2 minutes

    This App shows how easily you can build RTLS system with Pixie Location of Things Platform. The asset tracking App or as our nickname for it, “The Blue Dot App” shows you the accurate location of moving object relative to 3 static Pixie Points used as anchor points.

    The setup looks like this

     RTLS setup

    The setup process is as simple as that:

    1. In the room – put 3 Pixie Points on 3 different walls, at 2.5 meters / 8 feet height. 
    2. On the Mobile App – connect the points and press Start. 
    3. On the web client - drag and drop the 3 anchor points to roughly describe the physical setup. When you press start, the web app will automatically locate the anchors to their really distances. 
    That’s it! The moving point represented as the circle will move according to the physical location of the tag.

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