Bluetooth Key Finders

Bluetooth Key Finders

One of the most common scenarios that you can encounter once in a while is misplacing your keys. Good thing, a Bluetooth tracker can help you locate your keys in an instant.

The key tracker is unnoticeable, lightweight enough to clip onto your keys and to use your smartphone, and you’ll feel less worried the next time you lose your keys. On the other hand, with a number of models and makes of key tracker available in the market, you might find the buying journey to be overwhelming.

Best Bluetooth Key Finders in 2020: Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Don’t stress yourself! We give you this simplified buying guide to help you end up with the best lost & found tracker for you need. So, let’s start finding your key now!

  1. Pixie Tracker- Best Overall Bluetooth Tracker

Other than being one of the loudest Bluetooth trackers we tested, the Pixie tracker comes great Bluetooth range. The radio waves can penetrate through furniture, doors, and wall. It is a small tag, which you can easily attach to your phone. The indoor range is approximately 30 feet, while the outdoor range is approximately 100 feet. The Pixie technology Bluetooth tracker allows you to use augmented reality (AR) to guide your eye to missing wallets, keys, and other valuables. Although the Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker is a very dependable

option, you cannot replace its battery.


  • Use of augmented reality
  • 100 feet Bluetooth range
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Alarm is loud
  • Dependable and distinct design


  • The battery is non-replaceable
  1. Tile Mate 2020 – Budget-Friendly Key Tracker

This small Bluetooth tracker can easily fit anything you do not want to lose, especially onto your keychain. It connects to your smartphone so that you can use it to locate your missing items quickly. You can get the Tile tracker community in case you are out of coverage to help you find a missing key. Besides, it comes with a replaceable battery. On the downside, we find it hard to replace it.


  • Very reasonable price
  • 2-way find features
  • 100 feet Bluetooth feet
  • IP57 standards of water resistance
  • 1-year battery life


  • The specific brand of the battery is hard to find
  • Not very loud
  1. Cube Tracker – Key Finder with Separation Alarm

You can attach the Cube Tracker to almost anything, including a car, motorcycle, and house keys. Compared to other Bluetooth key finder options, there’s no need for you to replace this one yearly. Interestingly, it comes with additional batteries. It works smoothly with a smartphone and other mobile devices. Through the Pixie GPS tracker, you will know the last known location of your keys. What’s more, the separation alarm will help you not to forget your keys in the first place.


  • Works on most mobile devices
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Comes with a separation alarm
  • 100 feet Bluetooth range
  • Can be attached to almost anything


  • Customer support is sometimes unresponsive

Pixie Key Finders

  1. TrackR Pixel – Small and Lightweight Bluetooth Tracker

If you are into finding small items like phones and keys, the TrackR Pixel can be an ideal choice for you. Since it is small and lightweight, you can effortlessly attach it to almost anything. With its dependable Bluetooth technology, it comes with a 100 feet range. It also comes with a phone app that works well on most mobile devices and a tracker unit with flashing LED light for easier detection. Not only that, the Crowd Locate feature will alert you immediately once other people have spotted your item.


  • 100 feet range
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Includes a flashing LED light
  • Comes with Crowd Locate feature
  • Easy to attach to almost anything


  • The alarm is sometimes not very loud
  1. Orbit Key Finder – Stylish Key Tracker

In terms of style, you’ll definitely feel proud of attaching the Orbit Key Finder. You can choose from 12 color options, and you’ll find the brushed aluminum finish very interesting. With its digital leash feature, you will receive an alert once you strayed too far from the keys.  Although it is designed to have a replaceable battery, you still need to get a separate tool so that you can open it and change the battery. Furthermore, during our test, we find it difficult to connect our phone to the key finder.


  • Stylish design with 12 color options
  • Interesting brushed aluminum finish
  • Great digital leash feature
  • Well-implemented 2-way find feature
  • Replaceable battery


  • Swapping out the battery is a bit challenging
  • Trouble in connecting it with the phone
  • The alarm is not very loud
  1. Tile Sticker – Versatile Bluetooth Key Finder

In case you are not interested to key finder with ring or hook, then Tile Sticker is what you are looking for. You can attach this unique Bluetooth tracker to just about everything. It is designed with an adhesive back, and it will remain in place for about 3 years when you stick it to any surface. But the use will depend on the non-replaceable battery life. During the test we conducted, we discovered some downsides. The alarm is not very loud, and the range is not as good as other options. Besides, it performed erratically.


  • Compact design
  • Can stick to a number of surfaces or objects
  • 2-way find feature
  • Water-resistant
  • Can stick to items for about three years


  • The battery is non-replaceable
  • The alarm is difficult to hear
  • The range is not good as its competitors
  • Erratic performance
  1. Mynt ES – Cheap Key Finder with Nice Performance

The Mynt ES is a perfect companion to those who want to save money yet wish to experience a nice key tracker performance. It comes with a decent range and an impressive digital leash feature. On the other hand, the companion app delivers a not very clear operation. As it is designed to have a non-replaceable battery, you may find the swapping out process a bit tricky. Overall, this key finder is a nice and budget-friendly option but still need some improvements.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great digital leash feature
  • Solid battery life
  • Decent range
  • Nice Bluetooth tracking performance


  • Mynt app comes with a confusing documentation
  • Swapping out of batteries is a bit challenging
  • Needs improvement

How Much Does the Best Bluetooth Tracker Cost?

On average price, you can buy key finders between $20 and $30. There are a few models that cost $35. interestingly, you can key finders at discounted prices, especially if you buy them in bulk.

How We Tested and Rated Key Finders?

Before we ended with the above list, we performed a series of tests to review each key finder.

We went to a public place to test the range and left it there. Then, we checked every ten feet until we can no longer hear the alarm.

We buried the key tracker in the clothes hamper that was filled with laundry to test the alarm volume. After that, we tested how far we can go before the alarm becomes not audible.

As for the digital leash feature, we tested it by walking away and see how long it would be before we receive the smartphone’s out-of-range notification.

When rating the Bluetooth trackers, we considered the following factors:

  • Design

We look at the shape and size of each key finder. We also consider the ease of swapping out the battery into key finders with replaceable batteries.

  • Battery Life

We determine how long each key finder’s batteries will last. We also see whether or not they are replacement and could replace them on our own.

  • App Features

When it comes to app features, we consider the companion app’s design. Not only that, but we also see other features like the 2-way finding capabilities.

Key Finder Buying Guide

If it’s your first time to buy a key finder, the following tips will help you end up with the best one that suits your needs.

  • Range

Make sure that the key finder can find your key from where you are while keeping its connection to your phone.

  • Battery Life

Some key finders come in a replaceable battery, while others like Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth tracker are designed to have a non-replaceable battery. However, your decision will depend on your needs. Just make sure that it offers a solid battery life.

  • Alarm Volume

A good Bluetooth key finder should be at least 80-85 decibels. That way, you can hear the device despite the ambient noise. Besides, you can find your keys as quickly as possible.

  • Ability to Track Multiple Items

With companion apps, it’s a lot easier for you not just to find keys but other items like a wallet or purse. So, if you wish to find other small items, then look tracking multiple items feature is a must.

Bluetooth Key Finders


No matter how careful you are with your things like keys, wallets, and smartphones, there are some instances that you might lose them. Fortunately, key finders will help you stay worried less once you experience that kind of situation. All you need to do is to determine your needs and try to find a key tracker that perfectly matches your requirements. However, if you are interested to Augmented Reality, then the Pixie tracker is the way to go.