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Bondic Review














  • The Bondic adhesive dries and hardens faster than other products.  The Bondic adhesive dries and hardens faster than other products.
  • It is Affordable
  • It doesn’t need any complicated processes to use.
  • Bondic is highly compatible with acrylic colors.
  • The adhesive is safe to the user as it does not stick to the skin.


  • The Bondic adhesive requires a UV light for it to be functional.
  • The bond may be quick, but it doesn’t last long.
  • It may not create a bond or adhesion with other materials.

BOTTOMLINE: There are tons of glue or other adhesives in the market, but nothing can compare to the Bondic. If other glues tend to dry and harden even when not in use, but the Bondic glue is the first and legit product to harden only when needed. The Bondic liquid plastic welder is also a very versatile product, and it can be applied to any surfaces without risking the performance. Plus, the fact it is easy to use, making it a convenient adhesive overall.

Bondic Review: Does It Really Work? 

Pros:  The Bondic plastic welder is a very fine tool that have many uses. Its ability to dry and harden at a faster rate makes it a great bonding agent. Not only that, but it can also serve as fillers for home repair jobs using wood, metal, and other materials.

Cons: There are cases where customers reported that the bond of adhesive goes away after a few weeks. Consistency of the bond made by the Bondic adhesive also have some cases.

What is Bondic?

Adhesives are used for various purposes. If you have projects at homes such as repairs or carpentry, then you will need the help of the glue. But adhesives can also be used for dentistry purposes. People with dentures benefit from using an adhesive because it holds the teeth in place, for a comfortable smile and eating. One adhesive that stands out and that was created by a professional dentist is the Bondic glue. The Bondic have the same qualities as the dental cement that is widely used in clinics. The viscosity or the consistency of the Bondic is thin, the same with the glue. But the Bondic adhesive performs beyond the capabilities of the glue.

But the use of the Bondic UV glue is not only limited to teeth. The qualities and capabilities of the bonding adhesive can also be extended to other solid materials as well. Once you applied the bond and adhesive, you will be using a UV light directly at the Bondic liquid. The ultraviolet light will be helping the liquid to dry and harden.

Below is our Bondic review, which you can use to know vital information about the product. You can also learn to use the Bondic plastic welder properly. This review will be guiding you to decide on which bottle of adhesive to choose.

Pros & Cons

Of course, a product has its great benefits to the user, and it will also have its own share of flaws. In this section, you will be reading the various pros and cons of using the Bondic plastic welder.


  • The Bondic adhesive dries and hardens faster than other products.
  • It is a very flexible product that can be used to almost all surfaces or materials.
  • It creates a durable bond at the quickest time possible.
  • It doesn’t need any complicated processes to use.
  • The adhesive is safe to the user as it does not stick to the skin.
  • Bondic is highly compatible with acrylic colors.


  • The Bondic adhesive requires a UV light for it to be functional.
  • The bond may be quick, but it doesn’t last long.
  • It may not create a bond or adhesion with other materials.


If you want to know more about the Bondic glue and its capabilities. Here are some of its attributes.

  • The Bondic is complete with a kit, and there’s a liquid refill included.
  • It is also versatile when it comes to the temperature as it can work between -40 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • It remains in a liquid state when not in use, as long as it is stored properly.
  • The pack of the Bondic is complete with trial and bundle.
  • It is an adhesive that can be molded and be used as filler.

Capabilities of the Bondic Glue

In this Bondic review, you will be finding out the capabilities of the Bondic glue, and what can you do with it. Since the dentist created this for teeth, that doesn’t mean that it can be used with dentistry only. There’s a variation of things that you can do with the capabilities of the Bondic glue. And here are some of them:

  • Connecting Two Objects

If you find two specific objects to be joined, then you can use the Bondic glue. It can connect the two items with its bond. You can also use it as a filler to fill the gap or space between two objects.

  • Repair Damaged Plastic Objects

It’s always inevitable that plastic such as toys in common tends to be broken. Plastic objects have a higher tendency to be damaged, where a part will be dislodged. But a great thing about a plastic object is they can easily be repaired by Bondic glue. What the traditional glue cannot do, the Bondic can double.

  • Repair Leaks

Pipes tend to have leaks due to some instances of accidents or issues. If you have a predicament where you are faced with minor leaks, then you can use the Bondic plastic welder as your solution. The bond it forms will serve as the barrier to prevent the water from getting out.

  • Insulation to Wires

The Bondic goes well as an added insulation to the wire. If you have an exposed wire using the Bondic glue as an alternative insulation is a wise move. The wires are not hot, so it will not melt the glue entirely. So, it creates a bond that can add up to the insulation.

Similar to other adhesives or glues, the Bondic UV glue is used as a repair tool. Yes, it was created by a dentist, but it is commonly used for household needs, such as repairs or mini projects. Plastic, metal, wood, and other materials, the Bondic can work with them. You can even use them for minimum voltage wirings and minor leaks. These just shows how capable the Bondic glue is.

Who is the Bondic for?

The need for glue inside the house is a common thing. We have projects, repairs, and even arts and crafts where a glue is used. But there are cases where glues tend to dry and harden even if you are not using them. This is definitely frustrating on your part. So, if you need a glue that stays as it is, even if it not in use, then the Bondic is for you.

The glue in a liquid state and stays in that state. It will only harden by the time you use or need it. Even if it is stored or not used for a longer period of time, it will stay in its liquid form. But the Bondic is not only applicable to the common household. As the adhesive works with wooden, metal, and plastic surface a mechanic or a repairman may find the Bondic glue and effective adhesive too. In general, the Bondic is applicable to almost anyone needing effective glue or adhesive for work and household purposes.

Using the Bondic Adhesive

This is probably the most awaited part of the Bondic review. How do you use one? Well, compared to other glues in the market, the Bondic liquid plastic welder is easy to use. You will only need to consider a few steps, and after that, you will be experiencing Bondic magic. The process isn’t complicated at all; here are the detailed steps of using the Bondic glue.

  • Step 1: Sand the Surface

The primary step which you need to do is to sand the surface of the object, regardless of it being plastic, wood, or metal. Sanding the areas widens the bond point of the adhesive. And when you sand the surface becomes rough, thus will give an added mechanical grip for the Bondic. Sanding the surface actually applies to all objects that need bonding.

  • Step 2: Applying the Adhesive

As it was said above, the Bondic is easy to use. The manifestation of this easy to use feature is the small bottle with easy to apply attributes. Through this, you can apply the right amount of Bondic adhesive to the surface. If the case involves two objects being glued together, you only need to apply the adhesive to one side or one of the two items only.

  • Step 3: Dry with Light

Now, you will be using the UV light to dry and harden the bond. The UV light is included in the kit, so you don’t need to buy separately. Direct and aim the UV light to the area where you applied the Bondic adhesive. Hold the position to 4 or more seconds.

But if you applied the adhesive in large amount or wide area, you will need to move the light to accommodate the whole area.

  • Step 4: Repeat the Process

If you find the bond you applied is not satisfactory, then you can repeat the whole process. If you want a secure and durable bond, then apply various thin layers. It is recommended to use multiple layers than one thick layer.

But that Bondic is not used for bonding or sticking only. There are also projects or repairs where the Bondic will be used as filler. Fortunately, this Bondic review also included how to use the Bondic glue as fillers properly. Here are the steps in using the Bondic glue as fillers.

  • Step 1: Sand the Object

As it was stated above, you need to sand any item or object regardless of its nature being plastic, metal, wood, or other materials. You need to make the surface rough for the bond to have an added grip. But it will be better if you sand the object ahead of the expected schedule of the project. You can use water and sandpaper to sand the surface.

  • Step 2: Direct UV

Same in the step for bonding two materials, you need to shine the applied glue using the UV light. But as you are using it as a filler, you don’t need to expose the glue for a longer time. Just direct the UV rays 2 seconds to partially cure the glue.

  • Step 3: Molding the Adhesive

Given that the glue is partially cured, it will be softer, and this will be the time for you to mold the cured adhesive into your desired shape and size. If you are going to use the Bondic glue as a traditional filler, then you have to cure the adhesive completely. But you will be adding it in small or controlled amounts.

  • Step 4: Remove the Excess

There will be an instance where the finished filer will have some excess adhesives on it. You can just deliberately remove the excess adhesives by using a sandpaper.

The process of using the Bondic plastic welder depends on the amount you will be using, and the project you will be doing. If you are going to use the Bondic glue as a bonding agent, then it is recommended to use multiple thin layers. And if you are going to use it as a traditional filler, you need to cure the adhesive completely, but you have to add it in controlled amounts.

Removing the Bondic Adhesive

If there are steps in applying the Bondic glue, there are also ways that you can use to remove the Bondic from any surface. So, if you are not satisfied when you apply the adhesive, you can use the ways to remove it at the quickest possible.

  • Before the adhesive dries, you should have already removed the bond. The Bondic is hard to remove once the hardening phase steps in. So, it’s better to remove the Bondic glue wet than dry.
  • The next thing you will do with the wet Bondic is to run or wipe the surface with a damp cloth. If the surface applied with glue is immersed with water, it will weaken the bond, thus making it convenient to remove.
  • If ever you didn’t make it through and the adhesive already dried up, there is still a way for a quick removal. Take a fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding cloth. Sand the surface where the glue was applied until you reach or come up with the original surface of the object.
  • Another way that you can use to remove the dried up Bondic is by using a chisel. Using the chisel try to pry the dried glue away from the surface of the object. Or if you don’t have any chisel, and flexible yet durable tool that can pry the glue will be fine.
  • If there are any residues or dried adhesives left on the surface, use water to remove it.

There are cases where the process of removing the glue tends to get messy and disorganized. Nonetheless, if you want something that is quick and doesn’t care about the process, then you can use the abovementioned ways to remove the Bondic adhesive.

Benefits of using Bondic Glue than other Glue

Every item has its benefits to the user. In the case of the Bondic UV welder, there are a bunch of advantages that you may get in using it. The benefits of the adhesive are far different than conventional glues. And if you want to know about the benefits of the Bondic glue, then you are in for a treat as it is also included in our Bondic review.

  • Tighter Bonds than any of your Conventional Glues

In every people’s home, there will always be glue. But those glue does not actually perform well and may lose its stickiness over the hour. If you want a tighter bond for basically any of your projects, then the Bondic can deliver. But you have to be aware that this is not a glue but a better version of it. It can create tighter bonds that can fix, connect, or fill any object in your home that needs fixing.

  • Temporary and Permanent Bonds

There are cases where are other glue says that they offer permanent bonds, but after a few days or a week, they lose their adhesiveness. The Bondic glue can deliver when it comes to the type of bond that you need. If you need a permanent or a temporary bond for your object, then you can. Although you have to deviate when it comes to the amount of glue you will be using. If you want a permanent bond, then you have to apply more than the recommended amount.

  • Quick Bond

Another advantage or benefit which you can enjoy if you add the Bondic plastic review to your repertoire is the quick bond. It creates or forms a quick bond in the fastest possible time. To do this, you will need the power of the UV light rays. Direct the light of UV to the area where you applied the glue and you will experience the magic in an instant.

  • Design and Make your Own Custom Part

There are instances where your object or a simple toy of your child will be missing an important component. Without any assurance of buying the component to any store, you can make your own. How? With the use of the Bondic glue, you can use it as a filler for that component. You can create your custom part as a substitute for the original. And what’s great with the Bondic is you will have no issue with residues sticking on it. So, you are guaranteed a clean and smooth custom-made part. Refer to the steps of the above if you want to perform the said project.

  • Less-Toxic

Conventional glues or adhesives today are one of the sources of chemicals and toxic materials. Although some are used for projects for arts and crafts, weld, carpentries, and used by people, they still have the potential to harm. These glues or adhesives contain some chemicals and toxic materials that can be detrimental to health. Buti if you are looking for a lesser toxic glue and does not use the same materials as the conventional glues, then you should go with Bondic. With less toxic materials and not using the same chemicals, this is far safer than the other products.

  • You can Store it Anywhere

Glues or adhesives at home tend to harden when not in use for a long time, and if storage is not managed well. The Bondic glue begs to differ with these conventional adhesives. You can store the Bondic glue anywhere inside your home or your car. It is a versatile product that can be stored at low temperature and high temperature. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about the glue hardening when not in use. It will remain in its liquid state and will only harden if you need it to be. So, you don’t have to worry about an investment hardening its way to uselessness.

  • Applicable to Various Materials

Projects are not always the same. They may differ in the process, the structure, the plan, or the materials that are used. But in projects, people use glue to bond something and make the work easier. But there are issues or predicaments where the glue will not take effect because it is not suitable to work with the material. Nonetheless, if you want something that is suitable and applicable for almost every project that you do, you can use the Bondic glue. This glue is created and designed to take effect with various materials. Whether the nature of the materials is wood, plastic, metal, or others, the Bondic UV welder can pretty much deliver beyond your expectations.

If the need arises for a glue to be used for your projects or home repairs, the most suitable brand is the Bondic glue. This adhesive can be your all-around glue master that can be applied to almost all surfaces without the expense of its effectivity. So, those are the advantages which you can enjoy if you invest in the Bondic.

The Bondic Kit

It’s not fair that the highlighted component of the whole kit is the Bondic glue only. It is only fitting for the other components or items in the kit to be showcased as well. This is beneficial for you as you will know what kind of items are included in the kit, along with the Bondic glue.

  • Bondic Bottle

Of course, being the center of all this attention, the first to mention is the Bondic bottle. But this is no ordinary bottle. This bottle contains the magic formula to create bonds with various materials into one. And by the quantity of it, the bottle can be used for multiple applications.

  • UV Light Tool

The second notable component of the kit is the UV light tool. Hence from the name, it does not use a normal light to dry and harden the glue. It used the properties of UV to make the glue work, dry, and harden.

  • Applicator Tip

Although the Bondic glue does not stick to the skin, it is still not recommended to apply or use it by hand. If you want to apply the glue, then you can use the applicator tip that comes in the kit. The Bondic applicator tip is similar to the point or tip of a pen. The applicator tip is made this way for the glue to be applied the right amount and come up with thin layers. Thus, there will be no excess glue that will be wasted.

  • Carrying Case

To complete the Bondic kit, the package comes with a steel-finished carrying case. This superb carrying case is a solid storage container for your Bondic adhesive. It can keep the Bondic glue protected from the negative elements, thus keeping it protected as always. The inside of the case is larger than you thought. It can accommodate all the Bondic supplies, and it has enough room for the UV light tool. So, you will have no issues in terms of storage as you have the fine carrying case as your organizing tool.

Here’s an important note for you to remember. Not all Bondic kits contain the same components or tools. There are cases where the UV light tool will be sold separately. So, you have to buy the kit in a trusted shop or from the brand to get the best bunch. Make sure that you buy from a store that is offering the best of all worlds, including the cleaning cloths and fine-grit sandpaper.

Bondic: Where to Buy?

If your interest in the product is slowly arousing, you may ask particular questions about it. One of those questions is where to buy the Bondic? Knowing where to buy the Bondic liquid plastic welder is the concern of not just you, but various people as well. As the world of the online world is progressing, there are online platforms where you can shop almost everything. And the Bondic glue belongs to those “almost everything.”

One online platform or shop that is trusted by millions is Amazon. You can buy the Bondic UV glue in amazon. Using the amazon website and searching for the Bondic will show you the availability, price, features, and specifications of the product. So, if you want to do a detailed research on the Bondic, then you can use the Amazon website to check out the information about the Bondic. And if you want to purchase it, you can directly buy from the amazon website.

Buying from any physical store may be difficult, not unless Bondic have its own business shop. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you try your luck in online shops such as Amazon and other available online market platforms..

How about the Official Site?

If you are still undecided in buying on the Amazon app or website. Then you can visit the official website of the Bondic glue to know more about it. The official website is named as the “Not a Glue” website. And here are the products which you can find there.

  • Bondic Trial Pack:

If you are still debating with yourself on whether to buy or not to buy the Bondic kit. Then the official website has something for you. If you want to experience the magic of the Bondic glue first hand, then you can avail of their Bondic trial pack.

The trial pack contains everything you need to try out and experience the adhesive. You will experience how the Bondic works. And if you decided to purchase that full starter pack, then you can buy it directly from Amazon. The starter is complete with the adhesive tools, and there are some bonus items as well.

  • Bondic Gift Pack

If your experience with the Bondic kit is superb, then you should share the effects to your family. You can try the Bondic gift pack to give to your family, friends, and anyone significant in your life that needs binding. The gift pack comes with three trial pack of Bondic that contains the same bonuses.

  • 4G Refill

If your Bondic bottle has run out and you’re in a state of panic. Have no fear since the official website can save you from the given predicament and misery. The Bondic bottle is not actually that large, and you may compare it to a vial. So, the official website is ready to supply you with refills. They will be offering you five packs of 4G refills for you to continue binding or repairing everything and repairs inside your home.

  • Bondic LED Light

If luck hasn’t shone on you and you only purchased a kit that doesn’t contain the UV light. Then the official website has got your back covered. One of the items that they are selling is the Bondic LED light. So, if you don’t have any light to cure the glue, you can buy from the official website the Bondic LED light. Therefore, you can continue lighting and bonding your way around various projects.

If you see yourself still undecided in buying the adhesive from Amazon, then you should proceed to the official website. From there, you can try the Bondic glue by availing the trial pack. And if your kit is missing some important component, you can try and buy from the official website.


Bondic Adhesive Expenditure

One of the important portions of this Bondic review is the pricing or the expenditure of the said glue. The price or the cost of the Bondic review tends to change depending on the website you’re buying from and the type of kit as well. It is understandable as different websites have different charges, and the kit contains some bonus items so the price is truly amped up.

Well, if you are really interested in knowing the price. This review will be giving it by websites. Since one of the mentioned websites in the review is Amazon, it is only fitting to give the cost or pricing given by the website. On the Amazon website, the product, Bondic glue, is listed with a price of 23.99 dollars. You may not be aware of it, but the price is actually lower than the suggested retail price of the manufacturer. There are cases where some third-party sellers using Amazon as their platform will be pricing the Bondic kit more than the price given by the online market platform.

But if you plan to buy the complete starter kit from the official website, then the price will only be ranging from 19 top 20 dollars. But, if you order from the official website, then you are also obliged to pay the shipping fee, as products that are 49 dollars and above are the only ones entitled with free shipping. Nevertheless, if you buy from the official website, then you can exclusive merchandise of Bondic that Amazon cannot offer.

However, if you are truly interested in the product, the decision is still yours to make. The decision on which or what online website you will be buying the Bondic kit and its other component. Please check out about photo stick review guide.

Pros and Cons of Bondic Glue

This is probably the most vital portion of the Bondic review. If you want your decision to be guided on whether to buy or not to buy the product, the pros and cons section can help you. This portion of the review highlights the various advantages and disadvantages of the Bondic glue. This will also serve as the reasons for you to buy the product, or to just pass on the product. Here is the list of the pros and cons that the Bondic UV glue will be offering you. The pros and cons of the Bondic were rooted in various customers’ reviews. Some of them are great, while some are not.


This contains some of the positive attributes or qualities of the product. You may experience these pros or advantages when you are using the product. To know more about the great things that this product can offer, here are its pros.

  • If the material you will be applying Bondic on contains a rough or porous surface, then the bonding capacity of the glue is high. It will develop a bond or a grip on the surface that is strong.
  • The Bondic kit comes with a UV light that you will be using to do the magic. Once you direct the light of the tool to the particular area where you applied the glue, then it will harden instantly. The UV light creates a creation for the adhesive making it hard and durable in an instant.
  • Along with the kit is a tool that is used to apply the adhesive. There are cases where glue tends to make things messy because their way of application is inefficient. The applicator tip is the tool that is used to apply the adhesive. This works differently with other known tool applicators as this one applies the adhesive in a controlled manner. So, there will be no excess adhesive applied and the layer will only be thin.
  • What’s great about this product is that it can be applied to almost all types of surfaces. Wooden, metal, or plastic project repairs or projects can be serviced by the Bondic glue. You will have no problems or issues developing a bond as this goes and works well with various materials.
  • If you are looking for quick works and small repairs, then the Bondic glue can deliver. With the quickest possible time to harden and with a strong bond, it can fix toys or construct small carpentry projects.
  • If any component or part of your plastic toys, objects, or item is missing, then you can make one. The Bondic super glue is used as a filler and to develop a custom-made part of any plastic objects.
  • It stays in the liquid form for longer period of time. Even if it seats in the top shelf or at your garage, it will never harden. The Bondic is created to be in a liquid state unless it is needed for hardening. It is also well-adaptable to the temperature to the environment as it can be stored in a high or low temperature without hardening.
  • There is an instance where some adhesives or glue are not clear when they cure or dry. But the Bondic begs to be different. By the time that the Bondic dries or cures, it is completely clean and dry. Without any manifestations of other foreign residues.


As others say, there is always a flaw in the system. Therefore, there are drawbacks or flops that the Bondic glue have. To give you an idea to its drawbacks, check out the cons down below:

  • There are cases where the bond or the adhesion of the Bondic is lost. Items or objects tend to fall apart, thus regressing to their damaged state.
  • The Bondic may work with teeth, but there are cases where it does not work with metal, plastic, and wood.
  • If you are doing any repairs or projects, never do it outside the house while the sun is up. Since the sun produces ultraviolet rays at extreme temperatures, it can easily dry the Bondic. So, it is recommended to do projects inside the premises where the sun cannot reach the glue.
  • It is not capable of creating bond or bonding materials that are polypropylene in nature.
  • If the break of the object is clean, then it is not recommended to use this. You may have some trouble in creating a bond with a surface like that.
  • Although the bond is advertised as having strong qualities. There are cases where the bonds are actually weak, and objects to break again.

Reading this portion will clearly help you to decide on whether to buy the product or not. But as you can see, the Bondic glue offers various positive things for you, although it may perform at a certain point only. To fully help you guide in buying an adhesive, how about checking out our buying guide below.

bondic liquid plastic welder

Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best glue available in the market, then it will probably take you a day before you choose one. There are a bunch of adhesives available in the market, each having their own specifications and features.

Nevertheless, if you want to narrow your search and land the best among the best adhesive in the market, then you are on luck. Included in this Bondic review is a definite buying guide that you can use to be your standard in buying the adhesive for you.

The main focus of this buying guide is the factors which you have to consider before buying one. Guaranteed, after reading this guide, you’ve already made up your mind on which to buy. So, without further ado, here are the factors which you have to consider in buying an adhesive.

  • The Cost or the Price

Of course, the primary factor that you need to consider is the price of the adhesive you will be buying. You need to identify the price or the general cost of the glue or adhesive if it fits your budget. This is vital as all every people doesn’t have the same budget with glue. Some may have a limited budget, while some may even have more than they should have carried. Nevertheless, go with something that is within your budget without sacrificing the quality of the glue.

But you should also be very careful about the products that are sold at cheaper prices. Cheap products are often a gift, but the quality is risked. So, you have to be conscious of the quality of the product even though it can be bought at a reasonable price.

  • Easy to Apply

Another factor that you need to consider is in connection with the application. We’ll let you choose; would you prefer a simple process over a complicated process? Of course, everyone desires something that is easy to use or apply. So, that is another factor to consider. Is the glue you are interested in contains any easy to use components or features?

Don’t settle with something that is generally difficult to use and will end up in a messy and sticky situation. So, go with something that does not involve any complicated operation in terms of application. Simple is always the best.

  • Quick Hardening

Glues or adhesives have this stigma of taking too much time before they harden. It will take so much of your precious time which you can use for other projects. In line with this, another factor that you need to consider is a quick hardening. There are a lot of adhesives or glue that takes most of your precious time by making you wait before it completely dries. There are also glue or adhesives that takes seconds to dry.

The drying or hardening phase should be accelerated and not make you waste a lot of time. Therefore, this is a vital factor for you to land the best adhesive available in the market.

  • Strength of the Bond

This is not concerned about any relationship, but the bonding strength created by the adhesive you are using. This is also another important factor which you need to consider. Since you will be investing in something that is of superior quality, one factor you need to check out is the bonding strength of the adhesive.

The bonding strength must not be created immediately, but it should also be tough and durable to handle weight, pressure, or force that exerted on it. The adhesive should be able to fix or repair any minor damages with its bonding strength. It should also be able to hold for a longer period of time. So, you have to be meticulous especially with this factor. You are buying an adhesive to repair something, or to bond something, so it is only fitting that you choose the adhesive with the strongest bond.

  • Adaptable to External Conditions

You have to be aware that our surroundings are dynamic. Such as the weather and temperature. They tend to change drastically and take its toll on most adhesive products. There are cases where adhesives tend to be sensitive to the environment, and their function fails. Some lose its adhesiveness, some harden, while some may turn to liquid. So, it is important that you invest in something that is adaptable to the dynamic weather or climate. An adhesive that can still function even if the temperature shifts from high to low.

  • Toxicity

It is inevitable that glues or adhesives will be using chemicals or toxic materials. But there are products that contain a high level of toxic materials and chemicals. Given that nature is chemical, it has the potential to cause harm to the individual using it. Therefore, you must go with a glue or adhesive that uses fewer toxic materials or does not use the same ingredients as the conventional ones.

Adhesive with fewer toxic and chemical materials may have a lower percentage or risk of causing harm that can be detrimental to the health of the individual using it. So, check the ingredients used and go with something that uses lesser chemicals and toxic ingredients.

  • Easy to Remove

If there is a factor about the easy application, you should also consider the adhesive to be very easy to remove. If it is easy to apply, then it should also be convenient to remove. Let’s face it. There are adhesives or glues that takes time before it is fully removed. And the fact that it had already dried up elevates the level of difficulty of removing it.

Regardless of the adhesive being still wet or dry already, it should always be quick and easy. Easy to remove adhesive is great, as it will not affect or damage the surface that you applied with the glue.

  • Thermal Cure VS. UV Cure

There are different ways of curing or making an adhesive dry. The thermal cure and the other one is the UV cure. Thermal cure uses the properties of high temperature that can be effective but has a negative impact. Using the properties of high temperature, it can damage the object you are trying to bond. Therefore, it is not safe for you and the object that requires bonding.

On the other hand, UV light can also be used to cure adhesives. The difference of the UV is it does not cause any damage to the surface you are bonding. And it bonds quicker than the thermal light. Either of the two works well, but if you want efficiency and sustainability of the surface, using the UV light is highly recommended.

bondic plastic welder

  • Does not Harden during Storage

There are cases where some glue that is stored and not in use tends to harden. This may be in connection with the temperature of the room. But if you want an efficient, quality, and sustainable adhesive, then you should choose the one that does not go dry or harden if not in use. With the development in the world of science and technology, there will be products that will stand the test of time and remain functional even after a long duration of not being used.

The factors may be a lot, but you can never blame the review. If you want the best of the best, then you should be meticulous when it comes to the selection process. Every detail should be considered, for you not to regret your adhesive investment. So, use the factors above as your foundation or your standards in looking for the best and quality adhesive that perfectly suit your needs.


It is inevitable that customers or buyers have questions regarding the product. In relation to that, the Bondic review included a frequently asked question. So, if you have questions about the product, the answer is already in this section.

  • Can I use the Bondic to seal cracks?

Fortunately, yes. Bondic glue is applicable for all types of repairs such as sealing cracks. It is recommended to use multiple layers in sealing a crack or a fissure. Through this, the crack will be sealed completely.

  • Can I apply another layer of Bondic on a dried one?

Yes, you can apply another layer. Applying another or multiple sets of layers is actually recommended than going with a thick layer. Nonetheless, layers and layers of Bondic does not pose any7 problems or does not affect the quality of adhesiveness.

  • What is the specific temperature range of the Bondic?

Just like other adhesive or glue, the Bondic specific temperature range is from -40 degrees up to 150 degrees Celsius. Any deviation from these temperature ranges may cause abnormalities or undesirable reactions.

  • Is it okay for children to use the Bondic Adhesive?

The Bondic adhesive contains lesser toxic and chemical ingredients and will not cause any serious harm to the child. But it still advisable that the grown-up should be the one to handle the adhesive. The recommended age for children to use the adhesive is 12 to 13 years old only.

  • Can I add coloring or a dye before curing?

Yes, since the Bondic is still in its liquid form, you can very much add a dye or coloring powder to the adhesive. Just make sure that the amount is controlled and only equivalent to the amount of the adhesive. But you have to take note that the curing time of the adhesive will be extended, due to the addition of the coloring powder.

  • How can I remove the Bondic adhesive from a smooth surface?

The most recommended solution in removing the Bondic adhesive from a smooth surface is by using a chisel. Scrape off the adhesive, thus dislodging it from the surface. And if there are any residues left or remnants of the adhesive, you can just use water or any cleaning solutions.

  • Can the Adhesive be used as an insulating material?

Fortunately, yes, the Bondic adhesive can be used as an alternative insulating material for your wirings. As long as the current is low-voltage only, then it is possible. But if the current is a high voltage, the solder should be used as the insulating material. Also, you should let the professionals take over the job that concerns about electricity and wiring.

  • What will happen to the adhesive if it is left outside?

Nothing would happen to the adhesive. It was created to resist deviations in the temperature.

Even if it is left under the heat of the sun, it will not harden and will stay in its liquid state. With its flexibility, it can withstand high or low temperatures. Though, there may be some slight changes in the color. But all in all, the quality of adhesion will never be affected.

  • Can Children use the adhesive?

The Bondic adhesive contains lesser or fewer chemical or toxic materials, so it will not harm the children. But it is advisable that the adhesive is handled by a grown-up. The recommended age for children to handle the adhesive is 12 to 13 years old.

  • What is the chemical process behind the Bondic Adhesive?

The combination of the liquid properties of the adhesive and the UV light makes the magic possible. Rudimentarily the adhesive is pre-plastic in liquid form. But if the liquid is lighted or exposes to UV light, it hardens or becomes hard plastic. The molecules are attracted to each other but are being separated by liquid. But once that UV light is used, the liquid is broken down. Thus, the attraction begins, which eventually leads to hardening.

  • What is the Shelf life of the Bondic?

Regardless of the unit being open or not, the shelf life is one year. The Bondic adhesive is not the same with other glues that cures or hardens when it is exposed to the wind or higher temperature. But it is recommended that the adhesive is always sealed.

  • Is Bondic Waterproof?

Aside from being resistant to the dynamic temperature, the Bondic is also made to be water-resistant. So, any water that is applied to the bond will not be having any effect. But if it will be put into the dishwasher, it is recommended that the bond is strong and in multiple layers to withstand the pressure of the water.

  • Can it be Wiped Off any surfaces?

Since the Bondic is still in liquid form or still wet, you can still wipe it off. The most effective way for the Bondic to be removed is when the adhesive is still wet. It can still be wiped off, not unless the surface you applied is absorbent. For wiping the adhesive off, a cleaning solvent is highly recommended.

  • What should I do if the Bondic has hardened, and I want to remove it?

The best possible course of action for you to do is to chisel or scrape the adhesive off the surface. Insert the chisel to the side of the adhesive, and you will see how it will be scraped off. And if there any residues left, immerse them in water to completely remove it.

 The Competition

As it was said before, there are a lot of adhesives or glue available in the market. So, it is unavoidable for the Bondic adhesive to have its competition. On the Amazon website, there are particular competitions that have caught the interest of some customers due to their own unique qualities and features.

One serious competition of the Bondic adhesive is the Sugru Moldable Glue. This adhesive is also applicable to various types of surfaces, and it might even be better than the Bondic when it comes to the performance. The Sugru glue is made with silicone material, and when it cures, the end product will be having the same properties of rubber materials.

But the Bondic has an ace up its sleeves. When it comes to curing, the Bondic is still faster. The Sugru moldable glue, on the other hand, needs longer hours before it is fully cured. Manufacturers recommend that objects that had been applied with the Sugru should be left overnight for it to be completely cured.

Another product from Amazon that is willing to stand up against the Bondic is the Gorilla Super Glue Gel. Same with the Bondic, the Gorilla Super Glue Gel also comes with a bottle and an applicator. The applicator contains a seal at the top that can be twisted to be closed, thus preventing the air from entering. Nevertheless, in comparison with the Bondic adhesive, Gorilla Super Glue Gel isn’t even at par with the Bondic when it comes to the bonding strength.

One last competitor is the Krazy Glue, another adhesive that comes with its own applicator. You can fix basically anything using the Krazy Glue. But in comparison with the Bondic, the Krazy Glue may be limited to the type of surface it can affect. The Bondic has a vast range of surfaces or materials it can be applied. And the Bondic dries or cures quickly than the Krazy Glue.

Above are some of the competitions of the Bondic Glue. These are also popular with people. Each having the same quality or feature with the Bondic, or there is also a unique feature that the Bondic doesn’t have. But in general, when it comes to the overall performance, out of all the adhesives or glue, the Bondic UV Glue outperforms them all.


The Verdict

If you want an adhesive that can be applied to almost all types of jobs, then the Bondic can deliver. Repairs, small projects, minimal pipe leaks, low-voltage capacity insulations, and more. The Bondic is built to solve them all with its awesome adhesive qualities. It works with various surfaces which is truly beneficial as projects are not the same, especially when it comes to materials used. Wood, metal, plastic, or any smooth surfaces can be bonded by the magic of the Bondic UV glue.

This Bondic review have found a few chinks in its armor, thus limiting its capability. There were issues where the bond of the adhesive will only last for a few weeks only. Although it contained some negative attributes, the overwhelming positive qualities of the Bondic adhesive make up for it. The fact that it can quickly cure using the properties of UV, and no matter how long you leave the adhesive left in the storage, it will never harden or lose its quality of being adhesive. These qualities are the reason why the Bondic plastic welder have risen among the top, together with the other top products regarding glues and adhesive.

So, if you are looking for the best of all worlds in a single adhesive, the best course of action is to buy the adhesive and add it to your repertoire of tools. But of course, the decision is still yours. The Bondic review is created to be used as a guiding force in your decision to buy the product or not. Nevertheless, if you really see or find that the Bondic suits your requirement, then guaranteed it will never fail you. It will perform with the utmost quality and binding. So, every money you’ve paid is worth it.