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  • Read Messaging
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • No Jailbreak
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance


  • There is a lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, listening surroundings, and secret camera activation.
  • It does not support BlackBerry

Tracking and monitoring are things that you must focus on today. The technology is continuously evolving, so you need to adapt to the advancement that the world is facing nowadays. You should be aware and know how to use tracking and monitoring apps because it can help you in so many ways. You can use this at home for your kids, or you can also use this for your business ventures to get the ease of managing people and staff.

The Most Reliable Review for the Top 3 Best Cell Phone Spy Software on the Market

Cell phone spy is the newest technology that you can enjoy today to ensure on-time and constant checking of various things done within the use of the phone. This technology comes in a form of a reliable app that you can just easily download and install into your phone or tablet. The cell phone spy software offered today comes in many forms. There are a lot of companies that venture into the industry, but it is a must that you know who can trust and rely on. It is a must that you pick the right company because you will be entrusting to them your important information and data.

Do you want to know what are the best options for you when it comes to cell phone spy apps and software?

how to spy on a cell phone without having it

Well, here are the first 3 top companies that you should check on:

  1. MSpy
  2. FlexiSpy
  3. SpyZie

These three are known for their quality app services, but how would you know which one is the best for your needs. These apps have their own edge, and they are boasting different features and abilities. Since this is a tech product, which is an app, you need to really go into details. You need to check out what are the features and benefits that they can provide before you can decide which one is the best for you.  It is difficult to pick, which is the perfect one, but we are here to help you. We have collated all the information so that you can have research convenience. We have collected the details in this review. You don’t worry because we have prepared this so that you can be assisted in making a perfect choice and be satisfied with it. Read this from top to end before making a decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on more about the details of these top three cell phone spy apps. Start it now so that you can figure out what you need to subscribe to. You need to get the best deal and the best benefits when getting a monitoring app.

Now, let’s go back to the top 3 options for you and get into the details. Let’s deal with mSpy first. Then, it will be followed by FlexiSpy and Spy Zie. Read each review carefully!

First Option – mSpy

All About mSpy

mSpy branded itself as the ultimate or the most sought-after monitoring app or software when it comes to parental control. Through its use, parents can easily go through their kids’ phones without their knowledge. Once the app is installed on their gadgets, parents can already monitor them remotely. Their activities online will be logged properly and accurately, and parents can also check their real-time or actual location. This is really a good monitoring software that each parent should have for their kid’s safety and protection. Peace of mind can be guaranteed to you if you will subscribe to mSpy and use it to check on your kids.

If your kids are using a lot of apps and platforms, everything got covered by MSpy. The app is made to possibly access all other apps installed on their phones so that you can check on their activities without any difficulty. If they are using WhatsApp or Snapchat, you can easily look into their account remotely. That’s how powerful MSpy is. Aside from that, it can also go through your child’s account in Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many others. If they are not into online apps and they prefer making calls, you can also check that. Even the messages that go through in and out of your child’s phone can also be logged. This is really wonderful and you can’t imagine what good it can do for you. The location tracking, keylogger, and other features like photo and video monitoring and internet usage check are also all available. This is one of the only monitoring systems that have video monitoring. A lot of other systems or apps usually have photo tracking only. This is one of the edges of MSpy.

Also, remember that cell phone spy without access to target phone is possible with MSpy. You will be doing the monitoring discretely so that your kids will not feel very awkward about it. They will not also feel that you are getting too controlling and that you are intruding too much into their lives. There will be no issue related to privacy. Try this, and you will surely love the benefits that it can give you and your family.

mSpy is an investment for your child’s safety, so make sure to really consider having this app. You only need to make a small investment, but you will get a big bunch of useful benefits and features.

Aside from that, business owners and entrepreneurs can also make use of the app. A lot of people are using this for their child monitoring, but this can actually be used to any other similar purposes. This can also be used if you want to track the activities of your staff or business employees. If you have a business model that requires fieldwork, this is also a very good investment for your business. Through this, you will know if your employees are really on-site or if they are really doing what is expected of them. You will also know real-time if they are performing or just slacking. You will improve the way you transact your business if you utilize this app properly for it. Try this now and discover the endless possibilities that this app can allow you to enjoy. We suggest you to review about XnspyQustudio, & TheTruthspy

The Main Features That mSpy Offers

What are the main features that mSpy is bragging about? Well, it’s a long list, but here they are:

  1. App Monitoring

How to spy on a cell phone without having it is possible through the app monitoring function. Once you successfully installed the app on the phone, you will already be able to check on the activities done on the other apps installed. This is the reason why some spouses appreciate this app because they can spy on a spouse’s cell phone for free. The spouse may be tracked even without their knowledge.

  1. Calls, SMS, MMS Monitoring

The calls and messages log can also be monitored through the app. If you are doubting your kid or partner of who they are relating to, you can use this app to figure out who is that person as well as their phone number. You will be given clarity on the information that you need because the tracking system for this feature is working really well. The app functions professionally and will never fail you. You will surely get the right and proper data for your needs. The Choose The Best Tracker is ideal for those parents who have a very hectic working schedule.

  1. Location Check and Search

If you want to keep track of the location through a free cell phone spy without access to target phone, you can use this app. The location check and the search feature of MSpy are done in actual time and without any delay. It will really allow you to be updated perfectly on time.

  1. Quick and Easy Installation

The installation can be done in 3 easy steps. Buy, install, and start utilizing it for your purpose. You only need a few minutes to get started with monitoring and tracking. The installation process would be very smooth because the process is laid out easily for you. Since it is mainly done for parents, even the most non-techie guy can use and set-up this app on their phones.

  1. Multilingual Support Round the Clock

The Support that the company have is one of the great things that customers are really happy about with MSpy. Definitely, aftersales support is needed since this is a tech product. If customers have some questions or problems, they need someone to give clarification. MSpy have aced this aspect. The company have a multilingual support so anywhere you are or whatever language you have, you can use this app and you can get support conveniently in your own language.

The Pros & Cons of MSpy


  • Read Messaging
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance
  • No Jailbreak
  • The mSpy app comes up with filtering functions


  • It does not support BlackBerry.
  • It will require you to pay for the downloading charges
  • There is a lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, listening surroundings, and secret camera activation.

  • Compatibility

Jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions are also possible on this app. The MSpy with jailbreak is fully functional on IOS 7 to 9.1. The gadget must be able to be connected to the internet when utilizing this strategy. The device that needs to be monitored should already be jailbroken. If you use the app through this, you need to have a physical access to the gadget so that you can have the app functioning on it.

The other one, the MSpy with no jailbreaking required, can be used and is very compatible to all IOS versions. The gadget that you have if you are going for this should be enabled in using the internet.

  • Price

Go to mSpy and register so that you can access the price. It is very affordable and very reasonable.

best tracking apps

  • Requirements

This app is not picky because it can work on almost all popular devices, both apple and android phones. You will surely have the app working fine on your phone and start experiencing its great functions and features. Check it out now and start to discover how to do free spy on a cell phone without installing software.

The second option that is available for you is FlexiSpy. Check out what it is and what are the special benefits that you can get out of using this app.


Second Option – FlexiSpy

All About FlexiSpy

SpyPhone is another software that you can consider when it comes to phone tracking and monitoring. This is being used as well by many people across the globe. In their site, you can actually find an online demo so that you can have a better appreciation of what this app can do for you. They also have the try it for free offer if you want to give it a try. It is also featured in many know sites like “The Times, “The Sun,” as well as “The Guardian.”

FlexiSpy can do so much for you and your family. The benefits are a lot. That’s why many parents are resorting to the use of monitoring apps such as this. This can check on your kids and what they are doing online. If you have the app, you will not worry about your kids and the internet activities that they are doing from time to time. Monitoring them would be a lot easier and you will know immediately what they are doing or what they are just planning to do. Your foresight about things would be greatly improved so you have a better chance of protecting your child from online threats. Aside from kids monitoring, businesses are also utilizing the same app for their employee monitoring systems. Many companies have attested that through the use of the app, they were able to ensure their employees’ whereabouts and what they are working on or doing for the company. Employee reliability and productivity is greatly improved when they started utilizing FlexySpy in their general operation. They also added that the ability to track it remotely is really an outstanding feature or ability of the app. It is totally convenient and so easy to use without any hassle and inconveniences on the side.

Main Features of FlexiSpy

There are a lot of benefits that FlexiSpy can offer, but below are the top features that you really need to know and understand.

  1. SMS and MMS tracking with SMS Alert

The app can do SMS and MMS monitoring automatically once the app is installed. You can also make use of its SMS alert function if needed. This is one of their popular features that many customers love to utilize.

  1. Call Logs and Blocking

Aside from SMS and MMS, Calls are also monitored by FlexiSpy. The app is capable of tracking the calls, both the incoming and the outgoing call. You will have an idea of who are the people that your child or your employee is dealing with. Aside from that, you can also get an automated recording of the call that has been done. You will have full knowledge of what is happening to them so you can act wisely if needed. Aside from that, the blocking system is also possible with FlexySpy. You can use this if there are annoying calls that you don’t want to bother your kids or to be entertained by your employees. please review our guides for Best Spy App for iPhones , Tile Slim

  1. GPS Position and Location Check

The location of the phone where it is taken can also be checked. This is also done in real-time its very advantageous. However, if you just want to check the history of the GPS track that has been gone through, the history can also be retrieved. This function is really good because you would know the places they are visiting and you can monitor the track.

  1. View and Access Photos

The photos taken on your child’s phone can be accessed with ease. This is also a great feature especially if you want up close updates with the activities that your child has. The pictures can also show you how your child actually feels and interact with other people. You will have a closer look into your child’s life through this amazing feature.

  1. Instant Messaging Access and Monitoring

There are lots and lots of apps available today that can be used by everyone. The app can monitor the other apps installed on the phone of your child.  This is another useful feature that the app can do. WhatsApp, Hangouts, Kik, Line, Viber, Gmail, Snapchat, Tango, Skype, and many more can all be monitored and tracked by FlexiSpy.

Pros & Cons of FlexiSpy


  • FlexiSPY is a reliable spy app – and has been around for many years.
  • Free demo account – Free Trail Version available
  • Good technical support (live chat, email and phone)
  • FlexiSPY is very user friendly and they have an installation service.
  • They have a cheaper version to compete with other apps.


  • It’s more expensive than many other spy software
  • It requires some initial configuration
  • Some advanced features require root access

Compatibility Flexispy

Both Android, iPhone, and iPad can make use of FlexiSpy. If you also want to use it on computers, it’s also possible. The app is made to be of use on almost any popular gadgets out there. You can go to their site, under their compatibility tab, to really make sure that your phone model or gadget will work with the app. How to stop someone from spying on my cell phone can now be done as long as FlexiSpy is compatible to it. Check this out now.

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Price to Subscribing to the App

As of the price, it is very reasonable and easy on your budget. You can go to the site now to check it out and log-in. You will really be happy getting the app because of the reasonable price that you are going to spend. You can get a lot of great benefits that you can use.

iphone spy app no jailbreak


Since the app can be used on almost all gadgets, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, it is still best to double-check the compatibility requirements through the site for full assurance and peace of mind. Once you have done the installation to your phone, you can now without accessing the phone personally. Remote access can be you for your full convenience and use.

Aside from MSpy and FlexiSpy, there’s another one that you shouldn’t miss checking out. Make sure to include in your list another option, the SpyZie.

portal flexispy

Third Option – SpyZie

All About SpyZie

Are you eager to know more about Spyzie? Well, for sure, because you have continued reading this review article until the end. Right now, SpyZie 6.0 is already released. This is their most advanced app that is really admired by many people around the world. Can you imagine that 3 million parents are making use of this app nor? Yes, that’s very true because they find this app totally helpful in ensuring the safety of their child, both online and offline.

The SpyZie app is really good and can have all-round updates and upgrades from time to time. This is a very advanced app that you can use to track your kids. You can continuously upgrade this app as time goes by to keep up with the advancement going on in our world.

Just like the other two monitoring apps that we have mentioned, this can also be used not just merely by parents. The efficiency of this app can be extended to many other purposes, such as in your office. You can use this to check on your employees, or you can also use this to know how to spy on a cell phone owned by your spouse.

How to spy on a cell phone remotely is very easy through Spyzie. All you need to do is to complete the installation process that can be done in a few minutes. Once you are finished doing the installation steps, you can already access the phone remotely. The GPS phone tracking ability can also be activated so you can already utilize that feature. The GPS phone tracker app that this have can also allow you timely monitoring.

The Main Features of SpyZie

Spyzie boasts of many features, so let’s deal with them one by one by checking the information below:

  1. Professional Monitoring Android Solution

The company claim that they have the most professional app when it comes to monitoring, especially when it comes to android phones. The syncing is done quickly and with accuracy. For android phone owners, this app is very advantageous to take advantage of today.

  1. WhatsApp and Instagram Access

If you use this SpyZie on your phone, you can access the activities done through WhatsApp and Instagram. It can be monitored and the history of the activity can also be logged for future use. You can check it back when needed anytime.

  1. Messages Tracking

The messages that will be done from the phone or will be received through the phone will be recorded and can be tracked. The details pertinent to each message like the time, sender, and other information, can also be made available for you. The messages tracking system that the app have is very reliable and useful especially if you want to supervise and track your kids and employee regularly.

  1. Location Tracking System

GPS tracking is also possible through the use of SpyZie. The location of your child or your employee can be determined as long as the gadget with the app is with them. The location or GPS tracking is good for responsible parents and progressive companies. It is very efficient to use and it can also keep the history if you don’t want to access the live or the on-time tracking.

  1. Browser Tracking Ability

The app can wisely track the browser’s history so that you can be informed of the sites that your kid or employees are visiting. You can check their usage, and it will allow you to see if you need to control it or if you need to take action. You can also keep track of everything that your kid is fascinated about and you can guide him or her whether it is good or bad.

  1. Make Screenshot Captures of Tracked Data

Aside from tracking, you can also document the data that you have monitored with the gadget through the app. You can even take some images or screenshots of the activities so that it can form part of your record. You can really take advantage of this feature, especially if you are going to use the app for your employees in your business. The day to day operation that you have will be better because your employees that you are on hand with the business.

  1. Data Export and Key Logger

For ease of recording, the app also has data export and key logger features. If you have tracked a big amount of data and you want it to be exported, it is very much possible with this app. In just a few clicks, you will be able to get and store all the data that you want through this magnificent tracking and monitoring system.

  1. Call Logs Tracking

The data on calls are also kept accurate and tracked by the app. Just like with the messages tracking, it can also keep the related information to the calls securely. It will make sure that you will get accurate details such as the time of the call, the number, and many more.

  1. Call Alerts

Aside from Call Logs, you can also set up call alerts for certain things. Check these features out through the site and be amazed at what this can do for you.

  1. Photos

People, especially the young ones, love to take pictures and to look into the photo collection that they have on their phone is one effective way to track them and what they are doing. You can do this through this advance app. You can view the pictures taken by your child and you can also see the details related to it.

  1. Facebook

A lot of people are very active on Facebook. Honestly, relationships, transactions, and casual interactions happen on Facebook each and every day. If you have this app, you can track your kid’s or employee’s activity through the platform. You can use the date that will be collected for whatever purposes you may have.

  1. Contacts

The contacts that your child have are very important. If you want to be fully aware of it, you can use the app and get all the contact information on your child’s phone without him or her knowing about it. You can easily sync it and get the data that you need and use the data export feature for full convenience.

The Spyzie is really a good app that can produce quality and reliable monitoring reports, but it is too professional in some way. It is a bit complicated compared to the other two apps that were mentioned above.

The Pros & Cons of SpyZie


  • The app is fairly simple to download
  • It is easy to use and provides a lot of detailed information including live GPS tracking.
  • 7 days money back guarantee.
  • The dashboard is clean and has all the data you could ever want from a tracking app.
  • It has powerful tools like the ability to uninstall apps on the target Android/iPhone.


  • No Free Trial available.
  • Uninstalling an application from a target phone only works on Android.
  • The customer support is not as good as it should be for an app like this
  • The basic premium plan does not have most powerful, making the app costly

Check on SpyZie’s Compatibility

No jailbreak is needed with SpyZie because it can allow you to access the target phone easily, especially if its an IOS device. The iCloud backup is very useful for this. However, if you have Android, you might be advised to have physical access to the device upon set-up. This will be a bit inconvenient, but this is only during the set-up stage. After that, everything will be convenient and access could be done remotely.

The Price of SpyZie

The pricing of Spyzie is categorized into two, the price for Android and the Price of IOS. If you are an Android user, you can get the app for $29.99 per month on the basic place. Then, $39.00 per month for the Pro version plan. And, lastly $49.99 per month on an unlimited version plan. If you also get it in 3 or 6 months, you can get a discount. Just check out the site to see their pricing table because there is more information that you need to know to get the best deal for you.

For iOS users, the pricing is only available for the Pro version and unlimited Version. The basic version is not available for IOS users. If you want the pro version, it is also $39.99 per month, and you want the unlimited version, it is $49.99 per month. Just like in the iOS offering, there are certain discounts available for you if you want to get for 3- or 6-months subscription. Also, you are advised to check the pricing table to compare which one will work for you so that you can get a full advantage if you are going to get this app.

The Requirements When Installing SpyZie

The requirement when using SpyZie is that it should be running Android 4.0 versions and if it is an IOS device, it should be running the IOS 10.0.0 or the higher versions. Make sure to be very particular with this so that there will be no issues with the use of the app.

Our Rating – Your Final Guide to Making the Pick

FlexiSpy, as well as SpyZie, are both good apps made by reputable and trustworthy companies. They are nice to have and use in many ways but mSpy is definitely ahead. MSpy has been in the business for many long years and its efficiency have been tested already by many people all around the world. The company also developed a good support system for customers who have some queries and need help. If you encounter any irregularities or confusion along the way when using the app, you have a team to run on. The staff is trained and provided with the technical knowledge that they need so that they can resolve your problem in an instance. They will guide you really well and make sure that your issue gets resolved.

Aside from that, mSpy also supports both the Jailbreak and Non-jailbreak feature allowing more people to use the app potentially. Whether if you have an Android phone or tablet, or if you have apple gadgets, you can definitely be a happy user of this monitoring and tracking app. You can enjoy the benefits of all the great features that it provides.

cell phone spy software

Before we forget to mention, mSpy is also a multi-language app. That’s why it is known worldwide. It can support you wherever you are. Considering that they have a very varied clientele, the company also makes sure that they have multilingual support. They will provide equal assistance wherever you are. mSpy got your back all the time that’s why it is the favorite pick of many. The app, as well as the company, have a 95% customer satisfaction rate. It is normal that you cannot please everyone, but definitely, 95% is a really good number. Considering the number of people using it, and knowing that 95% of it is happy and satisfied, then that’s already a guarantee that it is really a good app that you can rely on.

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Take advantage of the offer that mSpy is now providing to everyone. Don’t get left behind and stay updated with the new technology that the world is having. As early as now, you should sign-up and experience how the mSpy app can make your life a lot easy and safer.

mSpy is on the top when it comes to ease and convenience. The app is made to be very customer friendly. You can browse and explore it in a few minutes. Then, you can master it almost instantly. The app combines efficiency and convenience to make sure that you will have a happy time using it. Check out how you can get mSpy now, and you will never regret it.

You don’t need to complicate things, mSpy can provide you the function that you need. You don’t need to really look for a highly advance app because it can then give you a headache managing and using it. Settle with this app, and you will really have an effective and comfortable tracking and monitoring system.