Choose The Best Tracker

Choose The Best Tracker

Human beings live very busy and scheduled lives nowadays. Along with increasing duties and workload, the human brain starts focusing less on small yet essential things. Due to the lack of focus, we often lose our necessary items like phone, watch, keys, remote controllers, etc. But the progress of science has always tried to make human life comfortable and less complicated. Such a gift of science is a Bluetooth tracker. The best Bluetooth trackers available right now are TrackR and Tile. Both of them are quite famous in the market due to their amazing features. They help you to find your stuff quickly to which they have been attached. We advice you to read more about MSpy Review , Thetruthspy Review

TrackR vs Tile: Choose the best tracker to find


The mobile app Tile allows you to keep track of your things. It indicates the last locations of your stuff on the google map as several tiles. By taping on a Tile, it takes you to a screen informing about whether the Tile is connected or not. Then by tapping on the ‘Find’ button, you can activate the alarm attached with your respective Tile. When you lose something, this app will show eight sections around the Tile helping you to go to the location of the Tile. When you reach an exact location, you can click on the ‘Find’ button and the alarm will let you find your stuff.

There are four versions of Tile in the market. They are

  1. Tile Mate– It is the least expansive Tile in the market and ideal for keys, backpack, remote control, etc. The alarm volume registers at loud 180 decibels and it is waterproof.
  2. Tile Slim– It is a thin tracker ideal for wallet, passport, files, key, etc. The alarm volume and waterproof range are the same as Tile Mate.
  3. Tile Sport– It is durable but rough looking. Its waterproof technology and twice louder makes it fit for outdoor uses.
  4. Tile Style– It is the most fashionable mode of this series and ideal for women. It has an elegant look and the volume, waterproof rating, and tracking range are the same as Tile Sport.

Disadvantages of Tile

Tile uses a custom battery in order to keep it small in size. It requires a replacement every year, with the replacement Tile costing only around 60% of the original cost. Apart from the waste, you will need to change the Tiles on your smartphone as well. This might not be too much hassle in case of only one or two Tiles, but if you have several, it might be an issue.


TrackR works in the same way as Tile. The only difference is you have to attach it to individual devices and pair them with your smartphone. It also helps you to find out your phone if you lose it.

There are two versions of TrackR available in the market right now. They are

  1. TrackR Bravo–  It is an ideal keyring finder and tracks things in the Bluetooth range only. It comes in four colors, namely silver, black, rose gold and blue.
  2. TrackR Pixel– It is a superior version with a louder sound, smaller size, and more rage of colors.

Disadvantages of TrackR

The separation alert feature is quite buggy. There are also complaints that the TrackR Bravo’s alert volume is quite weak. This problem is not seen on the Pixel, which has an advertised loudness of 90 dB.

Similarities between TrackR and Tile


Both TrackR and Tile function similarly. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you lose an item but you are out of Bluetooth range, you can use the mobile app to see its live location. The best feature for both TrackR and Tile is the crowd GPS feature. Both can use other people’s smartphones to help you find your lost item. Please check out our reviews about Spyzie review , How I find my iPhone? Flexispy & The Best Bluetooth Trackers For Your Lost Items.

A summarised comparison between TrackR and Tile

Major Features Differentiating TrackR and Tile

  • Design and price

When it comes to design, Tile does not give you a wide range of color options, while TrackR does. However, Tile has a more attractive design than TrackR’s circular coin-like form. Tile also has affordable trackers with the Tile Mate. Even the Tile Sport and Tile Style, which have better specifications, are priced competitively. That is of the same price as the TrackR Pixel and cheaper than the TrackR Bravo. TrackR also has the lightest devices. Both versions of TrackR are lighter than the lightest Tile version: Mate.

  • Waterproof rating

All of Tile’s devices have some degree of water and dust resistance. This allows them to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. This helps make Tile a good choice for pet tracking. TrackR’s devices are not waterproof, and you have to buy a water-resistant case. Hence, Tile is convenient to use for safety concerns.

  • Bluetooth range

When you buy Tile or TrackR, you should be aware that it finds your lost things rather well when it is in the Bluetooth range. Tile Style and Sport give you more leeway with a Bluetooth range of 200 feet. TrackR’s devices only have a maximum range of 100 feet. Some users, however, have noted that the Bluetooth range for TrackR is severely more limited. It only gives you around 60 or 70 feet which is less than the claimed Bluetooth range. Once you go out of range, TrackR finds it difficult to re-connect with your phone. So, Tile proves to be more trustable as a key finder and thing tracker.

  • Geofencing

Tile does not provide you with the feature of geofencing. On the other hand, TrackR alerts you when you go out of the Bluetooth range of the device.

  • Replaceable Battery

Tile tracking devices are disposable. The battery used in it is custom-made and lasts only for a year. You cannot charge it nor can you replace the battery. Once the battery runs out, you have to buy another Tile. This means that while Tile prices its products competitively and cheaper than TrackR, you will be spending more in the long run. Tile tries to soften the blow by giving a 40% discount on your replacement Tile and making it so that the entire device is 100% recyclable. On the other hand, TrackR uses a replaceable battery. When its battery runs out, they will send you a free replacement battery, so you do not have to spend at all. This makes TrackR quite convenient and budget-friendly.

  • Alarm Volume

The Alarm volume of TrackR Bravo is the least while Tile Sport and Tile Style are the loudest ones with 98 decibels loudness. There have been several complaints that the volume of TrackR Bravo is less than 82 decibels.

The above comparisons highly suggest a good competition between Tile and TrackR in the market. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. A customer needs to be careful while buying a tracking device. The uses of a tracker may differ from one customer to another. So, one should look at his priorities and necessities before purchasing one of these. TrackR is suggested for long terms while Tile is suggested for more powerful tracking. Both seem to be budget-friendly. One should go through the features of both products before choosing one of them. It depends on the buyer to make a choice according to his needs and budgets.