Bluetooth Trackers and GPS Trackers

Difference Between Bluetooth Trackers and GPS Trackers

Are you the kind of person who always puts things out of your mind like wallet, belongings, keys, phones, etc.? You are lucky because technology today has ways to look for important things. Trackers are devices that can be connected, attach, hook up, or attach valuable stuff, be it key, wallet, mobile device, etc.

With this type of technology fast advancing, a lot of developers advance smart locators in different sizes, shapes, and features. As a whole, there are two kinds of trackers available, Bluetooth tracker and GPS tracker or Global Positioning System.

Even if both of these smart trackers have similar mechanisms and functions; in fact, both are radio-based tracking devices that most experts utilize when they need to monitor something or someone. But, in spite of the similarities, still, there are many differences between using Bluetooth technology and GPS technology. Read on the differences between the two popular trackers. We advice you to read more about better augmented reality key finder

Bluetooth Tracker and GPS Tracker Overview

As mentioned, smart trackers come in an array of sizes and shapes and provide an abundance of diverse features that will please even the demanding and finickiest lower. But how do you choose which one is ideal for you?

GPS Tracker is a standard navigation technology utilized by a lot of people for location-based tools, including tablets, mapping, iPad, and smartphones. GPS works by depending on a satellite system that continuously conveys identification broadcasts. It picks up the satellite’ signal and makes use of triangulation in determining the exact position of a lost object.

Like for instance, school buses or any kinds of car utilize a GPS tracking tool. They make use of this for navigation and mapping, like in other trucks or cars. However, there is also one thing why cars use this technology and which is to track other cars.

Bluetooth trackers, on the other hand, are identical to GPS trackers. These are small devices that can connect with your mobile phone. You can fasten this device into your wallet or keys. There are many kinds of trackers available in the market at this point. If you want to get one, ensure to pay attention to the features.

This kind of tracker is common for those who are likely to forget something easily, most notably when they are in a hurry. The only concern when using this technology is that the range is limited. This only has a range of 30 to 40 meters range. Therefore, if you are out of the range mentioned, then it will be hard to look for the lost item unless you begin walking around, trying to look for a signal.

Bluetooth Trackers

Some Disparities Which Can Affect the Tracker Decision 

Below is a thorough comparison of GPS and Bluetooth tracking device to assist you in navigating in their features and helping you choose than one that meets your needs.

How Do They work?

Bluetooth tracker is ideal in restricted, daily areas. Like for instance, you cannot find your wallet, bag, or keys, and you are not certain if you left it at home, office, or in your auto. These are places you usually go to daily, so the tracker can connect to the lost item and update its current location.

You only need to open the app and see the last known place of your car keys if you lost them. Then visit the area and ring the object to know the precise location.

GPS trackers work best in more full and open places you are not familiar with. Like for example, if you want to monitor your luxurious photo tool bag, which you forgotsomeplace and it was no longer there when you come back.

Once more, you click the app, and the map will show the location of the object. The data you gather is in real-time. On the other hand, the information is transmitted via satellites in space; as a result, the exact location can be off by as much as ten meters, most notably when there is a bad weather or inside structures of buildings, for example.

Bluetooth Trackers

  • Price 

GPS tracker will cost you about $50 and above and has an additional monthly subscription charge where the rate can differ depending on the chosen coverage plan. On the other hand, Bluetooth tracker are cheap. They are available for only $10 to $50 without monthly charges.

  • Range of Connection 

The maximum coverage range of Bluetooth trackers is 200 feet; it depends on the strength of the signal of the Bluetooth between the mobile phone and the tracker. GPS trackers, on the other hand, keep a stable connection as can give an updated location anytime you want.

  • Battery 

A lot of Bluetooth trackers available need little power. However, just a few have a replaceable battery and last for about six months to one year. Some service providers provide a discounted renewal plan for regular clients. On the other hand, GPS trackers come with a substantial power usage. However, most trackers are rechargeable and last for one to three days of use.

  • Sound Alerts 

Bluetooth trackers available can ring once you look for them utilizing your mobile device. Also, you can make use of these trackers to ring your lost mobile device. This enables you to precisely and accurately locate the exact location of your device when looking or searching nearby.

GPS trackers don’t automatically have sound alerts integrated, and once they do, usually, it will mean extra expenses either with the monthly rate or with the tool itself.

  • Geofencing

This is a vital feature to consider. GPS trackers enable the users to set up many areas in which they get a notification concerning the activity of the trackers.

Bluetooth trackers, on the other hand, are restricted to track if you are in the range of the signal. They are able to send a notification if you’re in or out of the connection range. On the other hand, due to the intermittent of the signal, then sometimes happen even when the tracker and the mobile phone are meters away from each other.

  • Community Assistance 

All types of Bluetooth trackers available on the market today provide community help, in which you are able to anonymously ask other users for assistance when the trackers lose out of the connection. GPS trackers, on the other hand, don’t provide community support; this is due to the fact that you have constant contact to either your device as well as the external service.

  • Size 

GPS trackers are more significant than Bluetooth trackers. Since these tools have more technology as well as functions, it required more space in order to accommodate the whole thing. The smallest GPS trackers are about the dimension of an automobile key, but heavier. However, Bluetooth trackers are thin and slim, just about the size of a credit card.

A Bluetooth tracker is designed to be tiny so that the user can easily connect it to a wallet or key without an extra bulk. Since this kind of device depends on the signal of your phone, the makers stick with the concept that less is more to have a long battery life.

  • Battery Recharge

Since GPS trackers tend to function in huge locations and have considerable battery consumption that lasts for one to three days, it requires frequent charging. However, Bluetooth trackers only consume less power. In fact, some models come with replaceable batteries that can be replaced when needs are charging. The battery usually lasts a year; that is one of the many reasons why many people choose Bluetooth trackers over GPS trackers.

Which is the Most Cost-Efficient?

Perhaps you already have an idea that the latter is more expensive. Usually, the price of Bluetooth and GPS trackers differs depending on the brand and model and, of course, the integrated.

Today, you can buy Bluetooth tracker for as low as $10. If you want a model that is equipped with state of the art features, you need to give out $50, without extra charges or fees, while GPS tracker will cost you $50 or more with extra charges included because it requires maintenance not compared to the Bluetooth tracker.

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So, what is your best choice? Well, it all depends on what you like to use the device for. These tracking tools are vital and useful in various ways. If you are searching for a portable tracker device without the need to give out extra charges, then you must try the Bluetooth trackers. On the other hand, if you want a vaster range tracker, then the GPS tracker is the best. These two have a similar function, and in due course, it is only you who can choose which one is ideal for you.


Both Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers are a useful and important tool in our lives. Just make sure to choose the one according to your needs. This article will help you a lot in determining which one is best for you. Carry this information when you are in the market for trackers.