Find Anything With The Pixie Tracker

Find Anything With The Pixie Tracker

In our modern times, and with the existence of high technology in this fast-paced world, people highly need to access their needs with the convenience of using technology. Most of the time, people need to cope with their tight schedules, deadlines, and errands that cause their absentmindedness, forgetfulness, stress, and lack of sleep which results in misplaced items. And the answer to this kind of dilemma is a key tracker.

A key tracker or key finder is a tiny electronic device that is used to help us locate our misplaced or stolen items with the likes of keys, remote control, mobile phone or any kind of gadget, purse, and even a pet. Some of these trackers beep or has a melody when used to track a specific item and some of them have a flash of lights so the tracker can still be used even in noisy places.


A key tracker has many uses; it can be used at home, schools, office, animals, tools and even while you travel. Pet owners can place the tracker on their pet’s collar, while tools can be tagged to monitor their location as a deterrent against theft or misplacement. The key finder is very essential when you travel, it will prevent the misplaced luggage, cameras, laptops, medication, mobile devices, and even passports; it also ensures none of your valuables are left behind. The key tracker is also beneficial at home, it prevents treasure hunting under your pillows for lost remote controls, mobile phones or house keys and no more late time-ins at work due to messed up schedules because you still have to find your car keys.

One of the beauties of this product is it can be placed on strategic locations to assist the blind with improving their auditory location ability. Because the key tracker has a beep that assists the user when trying to locate an item.

Can you track how many times a week you look for your lost keys, misplaced gadgets, wallet or files? We’ve all experienced this kind of scenario and we often tell ourselves that it will be the last time that it’s going to happen even if it’s not. The last-minute searching for keys when you are running late, leaving your wallet at home accidentally or forgetting your bag somewhere is stressful and never good. If you regularly lose your keys or gadgets like me, this is something that you will want to invest in. This is a simple and affordable solution to our everyday concerns. It’s called a Bluetooth Tracker.

A Bluetooth tracker or also known as the key finder is a small device that can be attached to any object and monitored using your smartphone. It emits an audible alarm when accessed with the use of a mobile device along with an application. A modern key tracker can generate a distinct sound, such as a beep or tone or flash of light. It is useful for a visually challenged individual, deaf and with memory problems.  To use this type of device, all you have to do is attach the device to a keychain or anywhere you can easily access it and you can either push a button on a separate unit or you can use your smartphone to use it. You make it ring by pressing a button in the app of your phone, which makes the Bluetooth gadget ring with a loud melody or beep to help you find your missing item. Once the device and your phone are out of range, the app on your phone will display the last location the tracking tag was connected on a map instead.

Each AR tracking is unique that is only known to its owner once they connect the Bluetooth gadget to their user account on the accompanying mobile app. This way, a tracker and app can recognize each other, an assurance that the tracker won’t be tracked by outsiders and is only known by the owner.

A Bluetooth tracker is different from GPS Tracker. GPS Tracking provides location updates in real-time while Bluetooth tracking relies on an owner’s mobile device to update the location of the item it is attached to.

Pixie Tracker


Pixie Wireless Tracker exclusively allows you to see exactly where your lost things are. It uses augmented reality to easily show you where your lost items are. It also has visual guidance that is very helpful for noisy environments especially if you were in a place that you can hardly hear a beep. It is the best Lost & Found Tracker.

Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth Tracker is the only finder accurate enough to show you where your things are down to the last inch. It uses Bluetooth and signaling which allows Pixie points to work together.Pixie Points  work together to provide accurate distance directions to your lost item. Pixie Augmented Reality Tracker offers a high search range of 30 to 50 feet indoors and up to 100 feet for outdoors. To maximize and get the best results, you may have to stand and turn 360 degrees while holding up your phone until the shimmering group of dots called Pixie dust displays on your screen, which gives you the signal that the missing item has been found.

As you approach the direction of the target object, the app switches to the pointer mode and becomes your compass directing your way. As users get closer, the avatar grows its size and once you’re within the five feet radius on the target object, the app changes to a metal detector inspired interface which provides audible beeps that beep faster as you get closer to the lost item.

Pixie AR Bluetooth Tracker has 4 available colors, orange, yellow, blue and green. The very handy size of 47 mm x 35 mm x 3.2 mm in size, water-resistant that can withstand being submerged in shallow water for 30 minutes, has built-in lithium batteries and has a 12-month life span of typical use.

The Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth Tracker is very easy to use. Thus, kids may able to use it. When you buy the Pixie Tracker online, you will get a complimentary iPhone case with it that will allow you to attach it easily to your phone. The initial set up is direct and you don’t need to be a technical person to make it work.

How to find things using Pixie Tracker?

The ability of the Pixie Tracker is incomparable, you can scan through walls while you see everything around you and it will tell you the direction where to head in the exact location of your missing item. It is the best lost and found Bluetooth tracker that you can find even online. It is one of the most pocket-friendly investments that you can make without making a hole in your pocket. There are innumerable Bluetooth trackers in the market, but Pixie Tracker is here to save the day not just by the quality of this product, it is also economical and worthy of every single centavo spent. While others have already bought other brands and suffered, we are here to save your money.

Thousands of people have already bought Pixie Augmented Reality Tracker and have been convinced by its outstanding performance and experienced amazing results. Since our lives are hectic and we want quick solutions to everything, the Pixie tracker is beneficial to instantly track your lost keys, your lost files, documents, or anything that you need for everyday living. This customer-centric invention aims to make your life easier. You can now have more time to sleep, put on make-up, or exercise before leaving for work, school or run errands without getting late looking for your missing valuables.

The Pixie Tracker

How does Pixie Tracker locate your things?

  1. So you don’t have to run around and ask for somebody’s help to look for your missing precious items; you will feel responsible for your things. If you are the type of person who has been dependent on others, it’s time to become independent, start buying a Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker. Do you know how this device draws a map on your phone that will lead you to your lost items?

Since you have a tag attached to your phone and the other card is attached to your lost item, you can use the Bluetooth technology to establish a connection between the two tags. Then, your phone will show you a complete step by step guide on where your lost item is. Your screen will display the distance in feet and inches. Moreover, when you hold up your phone to scan the room, your phone detects where the item is. Imagine your lost car keys to be under a pile of books. Then, the Pixie scanner app will scan through the collection of books even without having to pick it up. You not only save time but also maintain a calm and peaceful mind. Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff.

Pixie is an innovative idea that is designed to help everyone save time and money. If often happens that we feel we have lost something, buy a new one, and then find the old one in some corner of the house. Then, all we can do is sit and contemplate. This is why the Pixie tracker is here to save the day.

The Pixie Bluetooth tracker is available online at affordable rate of $99. It is available at your favorite e-commerce sites or platforms. You may also check for any discounts and offers at the time of your purchase. This is the item that you are looking for that will surely end your nightmare of misplacing or missing your things. No more misplaced items, No more stolen valuables and no more late appointments.