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Finding Lost Items with a Pixie Sticker

No one wants to experience wasting their precious time looking for their TV remote for a long period of time. Anyone who has experienced this scenario will relate to the advantage of a Key Tracker.

Losing something can be annoying and inconvenient for anyone. Whether you’ve lost your wallet or your favorite gadget, the right tricks might help you find the lost item but is not guaranteed on how long it will take you to find your missing valuable. Retracting your steps is one of the ways that can help you figure out where lost it, but you’re probably going to have to do a thorough search at each point and you need to stay calm, so you don’t wind making it even harder to find your missing item.

Forgetting stuff is easy. We’ve all spent mornings frantically searching for our keys or worse, left our phones or wallets behind somewhere. Of all the everyday items that frequently go missing, it seems that some take longer than others to locate.

Theft is the action or crime of stealing. In common usage, it is taking of another person’s property without a person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. The taking element in a theft typically requires seizing possession of property that belongs to another and may also involve removing or attempting to remove the property. These Are the reasons why the key finder was invented.

A key finder, key tracker, key locator or some call it electronic finder is a small electronic device that is used to locate misplaced or stolen objects with the likes of a key, luggage, pets, bike, wallet or gadget.

All you must do is stick the Bluetooth tracker to any flat surface and you will have your very own assistant finder since your iPhone can make this tiny tag play a very loud melody or alarm.

One of the famous and reputable AR tracking devices is the Pixie Bluetooth Tracker. The Pixie Bluetooth Tracker or Pixie Wireless Tracker allows you to see exactly where your lost things Are. It uses augmented reality to easily show you exactly where your lost items Are. Its visual guidance is great for noisy environments where you hardly hear a beep.

The Pixie Tracker is a small Bluetooth tracking device. It has a shape like a large guitar picks, which makes it convenient to slip into your wallet or attach it to a laptop or any gadget you wish to track. It is also completely waterproof and comes with an adhesive backer that lets you stick them to a surface or inside a keychain fob. It is the only key finder that is accurate enough to show you where your things Are down to the last inch. It uses Bluetooth, signaling, allowing the Pixie to connect. This product provides an accurate distance and directions tracking your lost item. It has a high search range of 30 to 50 feet indoors and up to 100 feet for the outdoors. For those who often go from one place to another, this is a great investment in finding misplaced or stolen items.

Pixie is a set of tags, where you keep one of the tags with you while you stick the other one your keys or any object that you wish to track shall the need Arises.  It is a Bluetooth empowered device that helps you search for any lost object. It is the answer to your everyday treasure hunting which can be conveniently ordered online for a very affordable price of $99 and it comes in a set of four with two key fobs and an iPhone case.


Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker is Bluetooth-enabled which is the reason why it is easy for its users to track almost anything with Pixie Tracker. The advanced technology AR tracking device allows you to keep one card for your mobile phone’s usage while the other one will be attached to any item you wish to track. Should you have misplaced something at home, office or even at school, all you need is the power of Pixie’s tag. It will serve as your guide by giving directions to the item. Its mobile display is superb because it shows you the exact distance between you and the object in feet and inches. You no longer must worry about misplacing your items, wasted time searching for your things nor running late on your meetings because you still must look for your things. With the wide selection of Bluetooth trackers in the market, the Pixie tracker is one of a kind; because it uses the latest and advanced technology to improve its performance accuracy.

The Pixie Wireless Tracker is very easy and convenient to use- where kids can also use it by themselves. When you purchase the key finder, you will get a complimentary iPhone case with the product. It will allow you to attach it easily to your mobile device. The initial set up phase is direct and doesn’t require the person to be technical to operate and you can start tracking any of your misplaced valuables.

Pixie Tracker

When you misplace something and you Are trying to locate it with your pixie tracker, all you must do is hold up your phone like a scanner. With the help of your mobile’s camera, you can scan the environment and will feel that you Are making a panorama on your phone. When you start seeing everything Around you on the screen, your Pixie Tracker will start telling you which direction to head in. Since Pixie is using advanced technology, it can scan through the walls and it guarantees you that you will find your missing keys in no time.

Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff, it is one of the most pocket-friendly investments that you can make without spending too much. There Are innumerable trackers that you can buy in the market and even at any online sites and platforms. Some who have already purchased other brands and feel unsatisfied, Pixie is here to give you the most value for your money spent, even up to the last centavo.

Thousands of other buyers have already tried using the Pixie augmented reality tracker and have experienced amazing results. With the long list of things that we must attend to, it is natural to experience mind slip from time to time. But, since we have a long list of to do’s, we cannot afford to waste our precious time looking for missing valuables every now and then. With our hectic schedule and demanding appointments, we need an instant solution even on littlest things.

Pixie Bluetooth tracker is a blessing to the struggles of an absent-minded or forgetful individual. This customer-centric invention aims to make our lives easier. With its help, you can now have extra time to read newspapers in the morning now another 5-minute run Around your neighborhood because you no longer need to spare extra time looking for your keys or purse.

How does Bluetooth track your missing keys?

Pixie helps you find your lost valuables right from your phone and makes you independent. You no longer need to ask someone to help you dig into your sofa for the missing remote control or car keys.

Since you have a tag attached to your phone and the partner tag is stuck to your lost item. The Bluetooth technology will start establishing a connection between the two tags. And your phone will immediately show you the location of your lost valuable. You will notice the display on your screen the distance of your target from your current location in feet and inches. Its ability to scan through walls, even in between your collection of books where the item is possibly hidden can be found. You not only save time and money with this Bluetooth tracker, but it also keeps you from being stressed and irritated in searching for those missing keys. Therefore, you will be convinced that Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff.

What Are the features of a Pixie Tracker?

To give you a further overview of the product, Its size is very pocket- friendly, which is 47mm x 35 mm x 3.2 mm in size, has a built-in lithium batteries, water-resistant sealed case that can withstand being submerged in a shallow water for 30 minutes, all points ship with adhesive backing, 12-month service life of typical use and has 4 available colors to choose from between Orange, Blue, Yellow or Green.

Year after year, the evolution of technology is one of staggering promise and opportunity but also uncertainty for each one of us. The future may be unknown to everyone, but the advancement of technology continues to reshape our world in ways that encourage people to form new habits, finding new ways and strategies to work together and become better than we were yesterday. In most cases, these changes translate into different kinds of opportunities, success and Pixie is one of those cases.