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  • Detect Various Kinds of Problems
  • iOS and Android Support
  • Fast Scanning
  • Can Be Used to Multiple Cars
  • Issues Found Are Categorized According to Complexity


  • Just Check Engine Light
  • Poor Customer Assistance
  • No Issues Detected

Bottom Line: Reintroduce yourself to your vehicle by buying state of the art FIXD OBD 11 system, which really knows your vehicle better than you do. Car owners don’t need to fret and waste a considerable amount of money each time the check engine light occurs. Sit back, relax, and let this fantastic tool handle all the issues. You can know more about the condition of your car from the app. With this groundbreaking obd2 scanner, you are able to find out accurately what is happening in your car without calling or going to a mechanic. The app shows you the reason why check engine lights appear and what you have to do.

Pros: FIXD car diagnostic is perfect to use on all cars released in the year 1996, or soon after, this device is integrated with a fantastic app that allows you to see multiple sensors together. Also, it alerts you if maintenance is badly needed. It also comes with video tutorials with simple and easy to understand terminology.

Cons: FIXD is a popular car diagnostic tool with lots of customers from all parts of the globe. On the other hand, some of them claimed that this device detected no issues with the cars, even if the light is on. Also, some users experienced difficulties in connecting the device to the internet or with the sensor losing the information.

FIXD Review –  What Is Fixd, and Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a straightforward and effective way of finding out issues which your car is experiencing from all the time, then why not get your very one code reader or scanner. For car owners who are not familiar with this device, a diagnostic scanner is an exceptional plug that applies to car design that starts from the 1996 model and after. The scanner takes account of the computer interface, which provides standardized tracking for emission and other vital systems. Owning a diagnostic scanner is critical and extremely valuable.

Today, you will find two types of code readers. The first one is price and features codes from the past brand I vehicles. However, you’ll find the basic diagnostic scanners, which may function with the much more recent types of cars.

If you connect it, it will give an updated status about your cars and will help check any possible break down inside your engine. Some of the common motor-related issues generally come from fluid, spark plug, or oil issues. It will give you an alphanumeric code that, in turn, indicates where the problem is.

An additional point that you must think of is the upgradeability with the auto repair manual. Yearly, companies put out new scan tools, so it is vital to get one that might work for the next brand new car. It can be critical the software for the gadget always be upgradeable as well.

OBD 2 scanners are great at knowing the issues of your car. Most of the time, these scanners attach effortlessly to a system in your auto. The connections are permitted by law, so chances are, your automobile will have them. Naturally, it depends on the model that you have; you’ll be in a position to utilize the scanner in practically every type of car.

Nevertheless, you’ll find times when you need to look for the right type of scanner so that it is going to work without any issues on your type of vehicle or car. Having an OBD 11 scanner is undoubtedly something that you can enjoy as a car owner.


FIXD: The Best OBD2 Scanner 

Are you familiar with an onboard computer system that can tell you what was happening with your vehicle? Well, that is what you called the OBD2 system or On-Board Diagnostic II scanners. These devices are standardized and can be used for self-checking or self-diagnostic and reporting.

That is to say that one tool can perform a periodic examination on every part on your car and track and control emissions together. In short, this onboard diagnostic scanner system will tell you precisely the condition of your auto by making use of dependable codes and fixes to cover up lots of car issues.

Forget the days when you need to utilize tape to cover up the check engine light, which can be annoying. Onboard diagnostic scanner diagnoses that issue and repair it. One specific OBD2 scanner available on the market today is the FIXD. A lot of car owners all over the world are going crazy about it. Read on to know the reasons why!

Getting to Know More About FIXD

FIXD is considered a second-generation onboard diagnostic tool, which is a pleasant combination of a sensor and an app that is utilized to identify the issues with your car. Many car fanatics refer to this fantastic device to a hardware-software combo. FIXD was discovered by Georgia Tech students, John Gattuso as well as Rachel Ford. On the 18th of September, 2014, FIXD Automotive Incorporation was filed as Delaware Corporation with a main office located in Atlanta, Georgia.

After performing a thorough and detailed analysis of your car, the device shows a report on the condition of your car and provides recommendations on how you repair it. A remarkable feature of this scanner is that it can translate error codes into easy to comprehend terms.

With this state-of-the-art device, there is no need to deal with technical terminology or get puzzled once the check engine light is on as the FIXD scanner will inform or notify you of what you need to do. This scanner also provides further information when car maintenance is required. Ideally, the FIXD car diagnostic scanner converts your car into a smart vehicle.

How Does this OBD2 Scanner Works? 

State of the art FIXD on-board scanner works in a straightforward manner. First and foremost, it consists of two parts; an app as well as the sensor. And beneath the steering wheel of your car, you will see an on-board diagnostic two-port. This is a port wherein you can attach the sensor. However, prior to using the device, it is highly advisable to download the app. Then connect the sensor to your phone through Bluetooth.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The hardware sources the info from your auto and conveys it to your device. The sensor zeros in on the issue show the information on your mobile device, and then you can give the information to the mechanic to address the issue.

To make it look alluring and remarkable, the sensor is powered by the auto, so there is no need to recharge it.

This groundbreaking device functions by sending you a warning or alert to give you information about:

  • When your car is facing a problem
  • The estimated expense of addressing the issue
  • The result of keep on driving your car without fixing the issues
  • When you need to stop in order to avoid further damage.

The sensor of FIXD is compact and small, which enabled it to be hidden and visible while stays connected all the time. There, it will gather information concerning check engine light and then transmit it via Bluetooth to your mobile device, where the sensor will convert the information like mentioned above.

What is more, the algorithm of Fixd will determine the mileage and warn you if you are approaching vital maintenance intervals, give factory recommended maintenance schedule for specific year, model, make as well as the engine.

You can set up sensors in many cars to remotely track the status and health of other members of the family, and get mobile notifications if a new issue is detected. The information gathered is secured in the company’s leading safety protocol.

However, always remember that this device is at present limited to check engine light. According to the company, they are still working on expanding the capabilities of this device to include a lot of service reminders like TPMS, ABS, and many others.

What are the Features of FIXD?

Main Features

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Maintenance reminder of schedule car maintenance service
  • Live data display
  • Compatible with On-Board Diagnostic II protocols
  • Updates are published on a daily basis
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Estimates cost of the repairs
  • Freeze frame as well as a snap chat feature


Overview of the Features

FIXD sensor is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.96 lbs. The sensor is made to quickly and firmly connect to the OBD port of your vehicle. This is where the sensor gets access to the self-diagnostic computerized system of your vehicle. Not like other diagnostic tools available on the market today, you can leave the sensor attached to the port without recharging it. However, if you will not use your car for a couple of days, you need to detach the sensor.

One fantastic feature of this scanner is the integrated mobile app, which is user-friendly and communicates with the sensor via Bluetooth. It works through connecting to the server of the unit through Wi-Fi or cellular to pull through the diagnostic information needed to interpret the error code. It will save the data and the result of the scan on the server.

fixd reviews


In the middle of the mobile app, you will see the “Tap to Scan” button that can be used to perform an instant scan of the real condition of your auto. Beneath you will see the Timeline, Wear Items as well as LogBook button. To start scanning, you need to touch the Tap to Scan key. This will help you determine the condition of your car and will tell you if some issues are going one. If there is no problem found, you will see a green icon. If the problems are minor, you will see a yellow icon, and if the detected issues are worse or serious, then it will signify by a red icon.

To more about the problems detected, you can click the details button, and there you will see the diagnostics together with the possible results if the issues aren’t addressed immediately. Also, you can open the other dash light screen to know the one that stands for what. Sad to say, Fixd does not provide actual scanning for these parts.

The Timeline display will give you intelligent reminders concerning the air filter replacement, oil changes, lubrication, tire rotation, changes in transmission fluids, steering linkage inspections, as well as other ongoing maintenance services that your vehicle needs to undergo routinely.

The Wear Items feature will let you enter information about your battery wipers, tires including if they need replacement, and the voltage of the battery as well as the amount of tread and many others. The mobile app provides voltage testing, as well. The mobile app will utilize the inputted details to inform you when it is time to replace any of the parts.

The purchase button allows you to search in a list of components or parts that is compatible with your car and to order and buy them online. The Logbook features stores information of previous scans done and all the codes that have been cleared.

You can access the menu by clicking the 3-bar button located on the upper part of the screen. This allows you to edit account details, buy parts, add sensors, and look for nearby repair shops as well as see recalls of your vehicle.

By clicking the car logo or icon situated on the upper part, you can access the active sensors and the cars that you have paired with your account. Also, this mobile app comes with a Freeze Frame feature that will take as well as keep a snapshot of your car once the error code is kept.

The Live Data option feature shows you multiple PIDs as a gauge, chart as well as graph. Also, it can display zero to sixty mode, trip as well as fighter jet modes. This live data makes use of a huge number of information sources, which include fuel pressure, Range Per Minutes, mass airflow, and many others.

Issues Fixd OBD II Scanner Can Detect

FIXD Review

There are lots of diagnostic scanners available out there, but FIXD is the best option. According to the maker of this product, this is able to make out and spot many engine problems and other concerns, which can result in malfunctioning of the check engine indicator. State of the art FIXD OBD II scanner will list all the possible concerns. This will also give you vital information that takes account of engine oil temperature is running high, or O2 sensor stops working. So, you’ll be informed and warned when your car has a serious problem that needs urgent professional care by a professional mechanic.

What is more, you can also use the app for scanning the check engine like, in the event, the problems turn out to be insignificant. This app also allows you to clear other dashboard lights. The groundbreaking mobile app will inform you of your auto’s milestone and when periodic maintenance is badly needed.


Why Should I Consider Fixd and Not Other Car Diagnosing Tools Out There?

When you search online, you will see that FIXD is not the only scanner available on the market. There are hundreds or thousands of OBD II scanners to choose from. But the most sought after one is the FIXD. What makes this device apart from the rest? Well, this unit is readily available for purchase online as well as at all leading retailers all over the country. This only means that you can buy this product online and offline; you are not like other products wherein you can only buy them on the company’s website.

FIXD is also considered as one of the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and valuable products today. One amazing perk of this scanner is that it can break down the problems into simple terms that are easily understandable even if you are not technology savvy. Fixd scanner will tell you of how serious or stern the problems. But the best thing about it is that it keeps you safe and sound by means of telling you the possible results if you keep on driving without addressing the issue, so you know when the right time to bring your car to the mechanic. Also, it has a helpful timeline maintenance notification service that is extremely valuable for drivers who regularly forget to do periodic maintenance like filter change, oil change, tire rotation, and many others.

A scanner that Connects to Your Device

fixd sensor

State of the art FIXD onboard diagnostic scanner is a second-generation diagnostic tool made by professional engineers as well as ASE Certified Mechanics in the US. This device is made of two components, the scanner itself and the app.

To start using the device, you need to insert to the OBD port and fire up the app on your mobile device. The device display is proportional to the display of the FIXD scanner. Having a bigger screen or display means you are able to see the detail clearly. The FIXD sensor will just work once you turn off your car.

With the help of the FIXD app, you will know what it means once the check engine light appears. The scanner works as the mediator between your mobile device and your car. It synchronizes data wirelessly to your mobile device as well as decodes the errors to provide you an explanation of what can be the issue with your car.

  • Clear Check Engine Light

The integrated scanner is able to read and then clear the maddening check engine light and display permanent, pending, or store codes in your car. You obtain two to three sentences explaining the error. The detail is shown in a way that a first-time drivers can comprehend.

Also, you will get live data on the status of the fuel pressure, Mass Air Flow, RPM, tire pressure, airbag transmission issues, as well as hundreds of issues shown straight to your mobile device. The information is either shown as a gauge, graph as well as numerical value. For extra convenience, the app is made with a freeze-frame system, which allows you to acquire a better picture of when an issue code was diagnosed.

  • Error Detection in Real-Time

Another remarkable thing about this scanner is that you are able to determine the degree of wear and tear of your car as the scanner shows the battery life, windshield wipers condition as well as tire tread. This remarkable scanner is integrated with real-time error detection, so you are able to acquire a notification once the problem occurs or develops.

Also, it features a mileage detection which set out an algorithm to know the mileage gap for better service maintenance. This state-of-the-art scanner goes the extra mile by offering links to the local mechanics nearby as well as AutoZone, wherein you are able to acquire spare components.

Aside from this, for every problem, you will acquire a bunch of useful instructional as well as resourceful videos that explain the issue and, at the same time, guide you on the best solution. The FIXD app can link to a lot of devices on diverse cars and monitor the development at the same time. This scanner only works with cars made or produced in the year 1996 and beyond.

Customers Review on FIXD Scanner

FIXD is the best scanner available on the market today. It provided a solution to car issues that everyone goes in, but just a few have the required spatial capability or know how to know and address them. With this device, you will get a tool which translates the tech jargon into easy to comprehend terms without the need for spending a lot of money. Every issue is given an exceptional alert and determined the severity through color. This is very vital because this gives you an idea of when to bring your car to the mechanic.

A lot of users are happy with the user-friendly sensor. It is also easy to set up; in fact, and it just takes a few minutes. It also assists you to reduce on diagnostics expenses done by a mechanic computer system.

In view of the fact that it needs a little amount of power to work, there’s no risk to the battery of your auto if you leave it overnight attached to the OBD port. In general, this is one of the most sought after scanner available today. A lot of users give positive reviews on this product. It also receives high ratings in various online sites, which include Amazon. So, if you want a tool that allows you to know what is happening to your car, then consider getting the FIXD.



Like any type of product available out there, the FIXD OBD II scanner also comes with pros and cons. This is a must in every review in order to give readers the idea if the product is worth purchasing. FIXD scanner has lots of remarkable perks, that is why it is considered one of the best and most sought aftercare diagnostic tool. Here are the benefits you can get when you buy this scanner.

  • Detect Various Kinds of Problems

One important reason why many car owners love and enjoy using this scanner is that it is able to detect various kinds of issues in your car. According to the manufacturer, FIXD is able to find as well as recognize more than 6,000 problems which take account of minor and complex issues that you can fix right at the comfort of your home. This can also detect significant problems that need professional care. Also, according to the company, the scanner can tell car owners outright whether he or she must need to call a mechanic to carry out the job. Compared to other scanners available out there, FIXD is able to tell car owners when the sensor oxygen is not working or when the level of oil temp is critical or when the tightening of the gas cap is required. Once you spot and address the problem, the app will allow you to clear the dash light.

  • Cost Estimates

Are you already involved in a road accident and required immediate repair? Perhaps, your insurer recommends a few shops which you can utilize but also advise that you get an estimate from others as well. If you are a busy person, then the instance is just a waste of money. This will take up most of your time and left you frustrated. FIXD scanner is integrated with a remarkable feature that provides you with an estimate that is based on your location as well as zip code. Aside from telling you the amount of money to shell out of buying the components needed, FIXD also lets you know the average cost of the labor for the job repair.

  • Fast Scanning

When you browse online for a car diagnostic tool, you will be shocked by the results you will obtain. There are hundreds of onboard diagnostic tools available which you can use at home. However, FIXD is highly recommended due to the fact that it works faster than other devices out there with the same price tag and feature. With this device, you just need a few minutes to perform a full scanning and see the results on your smartphone through the app. What is more, this scanner also provides the user the choice to do a scan while on driving or at the garage. You can open the app and begin scanning while you are on the driveway while doing a car wash or while sitting inside your auto. Once you take your auto to the nearest mechanic, you need to wait one hour or even days to determine the issue of your car and wait another week just to repair the problem.

  • Can Be Used to Multiple Cars

Before diagnostic tools and apps can only be used in one car. While the FIXD scanner also needs that you utilize on one vehicle, however, it allows you to utilize a single account in tracking other scanners that you utilize. Like for example, you drive one auto, but your kid and spouse have a car of their own. You can purchase and install the scanning tool in every car and utilize the app on your smartphone to do a scanning on every auto. Also, that same app allows you to set up reminders on any maintenance in the future that those cars need.

  • Issues Found Are Categorized According to Complexity

One reason why this scanner is popular amongst car owners is that it clearly shows any problems found. After performing a scan, the app opens a window that shows you the number of problems detected. What is more, it also tells you how severe the problems are that allow you to know if you need a professional mechanic to fix it or repair it on your own. FIXD makes use of green, yellow as well as red color to show which problem are minor and which are serious. After fixing the issue, you can also do another scanning to determine if you successfully addressed the problem or not.

  • The Most Reasonable Diagnostic Tool Available

A lot of shops offer diagnostic scanner for free for car owners these days. The idea behind this move is that you will come into their shops for free scanning provided that you agree to pay for expensive repairs on the spot. A lot of hardware stores offer free scans as they presume that you will purchase the components that you want from them. A free scan will often need that you fall in line and deal with annoying sales representatives, though. State of the art FIXD scanner provides car owners the choice of performing your own scans at the comfort of your home each time needed. It provides its diagnostic combo for about USD60 and as a package that comes with two scanners that can be availed for only USD100.

  • Clear the Dashboard Light

Once you find yourself under pressure with a check engine light that appears and stays on for a few days at a time, you will need to know what is happening and address it immediately. If you discover that it is something straightforward like a broken lid on the gas tank, you may feel a bit silly that you allow the issue keeps on for a long time. Once you perform scanning but do not have enough time to address the issue right away due to your busy schedule, worry no more because this scanner provides you the choice of clearing the light. This will switch off the dashboard light as well as keep it from returning.

  • iOS and Android Support

One issue that is found in other products available just work with one kind of operating system. This works with iPhone and Android phones. What is more, the maker of this amazing tool provides free apps that work with its tools that can be downloaded from the Apple Store as well as Google Play Store. If you make an account, you are able to log back into it once you decide to change your mobile device later on.

  • Remind You Maintenance is Needed

Though many professionals claim that changing oil is badly needed every 3,000 miles, some models and makes of cars are able to go for 8,000 to 10,000 miles prior to needing an oil change. FIXD is the only scanner that allows the user to set up a maintenance reminder. FIXD app will alert you when changing oil is needed and replace the fluids as well as check the brake pads and tires if you are going a long road trip so you will get caught miles from a gas station with a flat. This shows you precisely the number of miles you put on your car and what kind of maintenance needed in the future. Those important reminded can assist you in saving time and a considerable amount of money in future repairs.

  • Constant Tracking

Another remarkable that makes the FIXD scanner the best among the rest is that it provided you a continuous tracking or monitoring. Maybe you already experience a check engine light that appears if you pass by a rough road and then turn it off. This usually happens due to the loose engine wire. The bumps in the highway can temporarily repair the issue until you come across another bump. You don’t have to worry as this diagnostic tool will carry out the scanning that you need. What is more, it also keeps tracking your auto until you detach the tool. Once it detects an issue, the app right away informs you of what it discovered and found.

  • Ideal for Less Skilled Users 

Yes, you can purchase a reliable scanner from different car shops, on the other than, those devices most of the time re hard to use. Aside from you have to work out exactly where to attach the device, you also need to see the complex codes which pop up. The codes need that you access a database as well as utilize the info given to determine the next thing to do. FIXD takes out the guesswork of diagnosing as well as fixing the vehicle. When you carry out a scan, it displays in the clear as well as simple terms what it founds and what that signifies to your auto. Then you can get a fix done without the need to deal with a database.

  • Car History /Background 

Depending on your age, you may recall your parents keeping a thorough log of the number of miles they drove. Often the old generation kept that information in a notepad, which they stored in the glovebox. State of the art FIXD enables you to monitor the history of your car right at the comfort of your smartphone and in a log that you can read as well as access with ease. Every time you do a scanning, it will make a report which shows the whole thing is discovered. You are also able to access each of those past scans and see all the info which you want to know regarding the history of your auto.

  • Safe and Secure Information

fixd amazon

A lot of car owners worry about their private information when using wireless tools. This is common amongst those who buy online due to data breaches experienced by many major retailers. On the other hand, once you utilize the FIXD scanning tool, you don’t have to worry about breaching your data. Though the tool and app work via Bluetooth, the moment you make a connection between the device and your smartphone, no one can access that. This gives you an assurance that nobody can have access to your diagnostic scans. This is the reason why it is one of the most sought-after scanning tools available on the market today.

  • Money-Back Warranty

State of the art FIXD OBD 2 scanner is available with a generous warranty. If you purchase this from Amazon or any stores online, you are given 30 days to try this product. In case you are not happy with the result, you are free to return the product and ask for a refund. This is a remarkable move for you to ensure that this tool not just works with your car, but also give you the information you need. You might find that you have a preference for a diagnostic tool that is able to do tracking as well as scanning of other components of your car engine.


In spite of the many benefits this amazing tool offers, it also comes with minor drawbacks. Some of the flaws take account of the following:

  • Not All Makes and Models of Cars are Covered by This Tool

FIXD reviews 2019 shows that this tool just works to cars with OBD-2 port, a vital feature that can only be found on cars made in the mid of the 1990s and later. Except your auto came out in at least the year 1996, you are not able to utilize this scanner. Even if some claim that this diagnostic scanner will work on hybrid cars, however, the manufacturer claims that FIXD will just work on cars powered by gas. However, you can also utilize this scanner on any kind of car. It works well on trucks and vans alike. It also works well on SUV.

  • Just Check Engine Light

Yes, it is true that FIXD can detect car issues. However, it just diagnoses issues that are related to checking engine light. It doesn’t look for any issues with the lights, airbags, or other components on your auto. Even if you might see that the oil light appears, you cannot utilize this app as well as the tool to look for whether you want to replace the filter or change the oil. Once you experience issues with other components of your auto, it is vital to bring your car to an expert mechanic.

  • Poor Customer Assistance

Some makers of other scanners available offer a toll-free number that can be dialed by customers for issues and concerns, FIXD, however, requires you to make use of a specific email add for assistance. So, meaning you have to go online and then look for the website of the manufacturer. Then you will have to look for the email add listed on the manufacturer’s website and send your queries or concerns. Fixd reviews show that customers waited a few weeks prior to getting a response. Other clients also commented that they never experienced any response to their questions and concerns. Some of the issue’s customers encountered include hard connecting to phone and difficulty in putting a VIN number.

  • Error in Connecting

Setting up a Bluetooth connection is so easy. It is also easy to detect devices in nearby areas. There are customers that experience difficulty in connecting their phone via Bluetooth. In spite of having Bluetooth switched on, their devices couldn’t detect the device or the scanner. You are required to stand closer to the FIXD in order to obtain a good connection. There are also users that experience loss of connection after switching off the device, and thus they are required to set it up once more.

  • No Issues Detected

It is very vital that you know how Fixd works as well as what it does prior to ordering or buying it. One biggest complaint online was from users who commented that this scanner didn’t diagnose or detect any issues with their cars. The complaints come from those who experience a sudden malfunction of the engine while on the highway. FIXD is indeed a simple and easy to use tool which informs the user why the check engine light come up as well as the possible repairs needed. Sad to say, this device is not able to tell you the whole thing which is happening with your auto or provide you info regarding issues and repairs which don’t relate to that engine light.

fixd car diagnostic

What Comes in the Package?

Not like other car parts as well as tools that you purchased online, FIXD diagnostic tool delivers fast and comes with almost the whole thing you want inside the box. A lot of clients like the way the product is delivered as the outer box kept the tool safe and sound during the process of delivery. There is a cardboard box outside that you need to open to get the product inside. The box comes with a flap that can be lifted to slide the device out. The scanner is placed inside a softbox that secures it from being damaged during delivery. You can get the product by removing the top of the box and then pulling out the tool.

Aside from the tool itself, inside the box is an instruction that guides you on the right way of using the device, including the installing process. The guide also takes account of how you are able to download the app, which works the device to your smartphone. If you want to utilize the app on your smartphone, tablet, or any device, you can. However, you will need a fast internet to download the app. FIXD also takes account of info regarding its money back warranty and for those who like to call the customer service department.

OBD2 Scanners Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right car diagnostic tool or scanner for your needs is not an easy and simple endeavor. There are lots of different diagnostic tools available on the market today, which makes it hard to know which one is the best. This buyer’s guide will help you know how to choose the best on-board diagnostic scanner for your scanning needs. We will go through things to think of prior to buying. It is vital to keep these factors in mind in order to get the best out of your money and time as well. So, here are the factors you need to consider.

Kinds of Scanners Available

On-Board Diagnostic tool or scanner comes in an array of different forms with the bigger and more powerful being ideal for car shop owners as well as professional mechanics. The reason behind this is that most often, they integrated with a bigger processor, a hard drive, and many other essential features. Usually, the smaller scanners can be purchased for a very reasonable price as well as do the basic jobs, which include reading as well as clearing error codes.

One factor that plays a vital role when buying a car diagnostic tool is the make and model of your auto or car. Recently manufactured cars are integrated with on-board diagnostic 2. On the other hand, cars which are made before the year 1998 might have an onboard diagnostic one port. So, you may require to buy an adapter in order to convert the connection.

The abbreviation OBD means on-board diagnostic, while the number two stands for a second generation that is a remarkable development upon the OBD1 or first generation. The on-board diagnostic one tool isn’t universal and usually are specific to very auto as well as offer totally diverse codes.

The development of on-board diagnostic is a remarkable development. This is far different from the older versions as the information car owners can get is much higher. Cars that are compatible with BD2 scanner are able to connect to an array of scanners and give standardized error codes that make looking and finding the problem easier as well as faster. On the other hand, it’s always worth spending time to find the best one to make the most of your purchase.



Outdated car diagnostic scanners are hard to utilize with bland interfaces, diverse wired connections, as well as poor usability. On the other hand, with the developments of technology, scanners have become a user-friendly tool like our smartphone.

If you are not familiar with this tool, then there are lots of instructions and guides online, with mechanics offering thorough tutorial videos. On the other hand, at this point, a lot of brands will give through guides online or in the box. Certainly, if you’re new to this device, we recommend keeping away from professional tools. These might give you far more information than needed, and you might just want to look for the error code which is kept on the ECU of your car.

There are lots of scanners available on the market today, but FIXD really stands out from the rest due to its easy to use the feature. After connecting to the OBD2 port, you just go to the app and do various tasks; you can also leave this device connected while you are driving and make use of the app to see the results. No wonder it is considered one of the best scanners today.


A lot of diagnostic tools are compatible with various makes and models of vehicles. The most common trouble code diagnostic tools are able to read the most cars made and produced after the year 1996 as they are making use of similar trouble code technology. On the other hand, if you wish to read other control parts of your car, which include Airbag, transmission, ABS, and many others, you have to ensure that the scanner is well-matched with your auto. You can find this info once you go to the links to the items, and you’ll see the vehicle coverage list underneath at Amazon. You need to ensure that you see your car there. Also, you can double-check this by sending a message through email to the seller and then ask if it is compatible with your auto.


When looking for a diagnostic tool, it is vital to ask yourself which functions you want for the OBD2 tool. Are you going to do some coding as well as other basic settings, you might need to pick a costlier trouble code tool or scanner? In case your purpose is just to read the issue codes of the engine control modules, then choose a cheaper version of the tool. You are able to look for the most functions of the tools on the list. On the other hand, I highly recommended visiting Amazon to see the link as well as read the description of every product. This will help you get to know more about the functions of every product and choose one that meets your needs and preference.


fixd where to buy

Like buying a home appliance, price is also a vital factor to consider when buying a diagnostic tool. Do you have a plan of using the scanner most often? If you’re not using it much, perhaps you can choose a cheap diagnostic tool as it will carry out the task for you. In case you own a car shop, and reading many cars on a daily basis, then it is highly advisable to pick a durable as well as a more professional diagnostic tool that will perhaps cost you a bit higher. On the other hand, the price of the scanner isn’t always telling you how remarkable the product is. As a matter of fact, there are some cheap scanners available that is more reliable than the expensive one. There are also expensive scanners that work poorly. So, the best thing to do is to buy a scanner that offers a warranty. This gives you the chance to ask for a refund when you found out that the product doesn’t meet your needs and preference.

Program Updates

Knowing how long you’ll get free updates of the diagnostic tool is very vital. This is due to the fact that what happens when you purchase a new auto and the diagnostic tool isn’t updated to the model of the car you bought, so you need to purchase a new one to scan it. There are hundreds of new cars that come up yearly, and the makers of code scanner normally do update the program in the tool to make it compatible with the new card as well. There are lots of manufacturers of scanner that have a limited time of free updates. And it will cost a bit to update the tool from time to time. So, it is highly advisable to find a product that offers free lifetime updates. You just need to do research online. You can also ask friends and relatives regarding the matter.

Product Warranty

As a consumer or shopper, it is vital to check the warranty of the product prior to ordering or buying it. There can lead to issues with the tool directly from the makers, and you do wish to have the capability to return it and buy a new one. Also, it is good to have when you don’t want the product and wish to return it back to the manufacturer. You’ll see the warranty period at the homepage of the manufacturer’s website or Amazon once you enter the link of the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will help you get to know more about this product. If you have questions in mind regarding this tool, then these FAQs are worth visiting. However, in case you have questions not mentioned below, you can keep in touch with the manufacturer by sending an email.

Is FIXD the best OBD 2 scanner available?

Yes. Based on positive reviews given by previous users, it is safe to say that this scanner is considered the best and most reliable one. It is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to read as well. Issues detected are categorized in color. This will help you if the issue repairable by yourself, or you will need to call a mechanic. FIXD reviews on Amazon; this product gets a 4-star rating.

What makes the FIXD OBD2 scanner apart from the rest? 

FIXD is not the only scanner available on the market that is capable of tracking as well as diagnosing the condition of your car. A slew of items available, which include Zubie Key, Verizon’s hum, CarMF, and many others- all these connect to your auto and make use of a companion app that provide you clear insight into the car.

On the other hand, FIXD seems to have gained from its retail accessibility at the biggest retailers in the world- something, not all products available, is able to match. What is more, the FIXD sensor app is regarded as one of the well-made programs in the world of diagnostic tools.

According to the company, this tool sets apart from the rest as it has the capability to break down issues into simple and easy to understand terms. Rather than giving you technical description or code, the tool informs or alerts you on the severity of the problem, the results of keep on using the car without fixing the issue, as well as the maintenance timeline for the specific model, year as well as make. There are lots of OBD2 scanners available for only USD100, and this came out on top. This state-of-the-art tool goes beyond basic OBD 2 scanners to display recalls as well as dynamic data and provide repair recommendations.

What is the Fixd app, and why is it vital?

Through this app, you will know more about the condition of your car. You can utilize the app to know the condition of your auto and see if there is something going one. The fact that some issues can be vague, this tool lists them in a tab and gives a clear description of each.

The app also notes the possible consequences of a car problem, so you are able to know how serious the caution is. Like for instance, when your auto is experiencing from O2 sensor failure, the issue can lead to fewer miles for every gallon and the chance which your car will not pass an emissions test.

Further than that, the app also offers a visual timeline of mileage that allows you to see what type of maintenance is required at different milestones. And each time there is an issue, the app is able to send you notifications, so you know what is occurring in your vehicle. This app work with many automobiles, therefore if you want to install a sensor in your spouse or children’s cars, you can do so. Doing this allows you to get the info from all of your vehicles on one smartphone. Also, through this app, you are able to pick the auto you want to scan.

Can I leave the tool connected 24 hours?

Yes. You can leave the device connected to your car 24 hours. This tool will not drain the battery of your car, particularly after the communication with the app is cut off. On the other hand, if your auto is sitting idle like, for example, two weeks or more, it is highly advisable to unplug the device in order to preserve the battery of your auto. Keep in mind that the sensor depends on the battery of your car to power up, and once left for a long period, it may consume the battery.

Does FIXD really work?

According to Fixd reviews online, this device really works. It is maintenance-friendly, which enables you to when the next oil change is and to acquire schedules maintenance on broken components of your auto. On the other hand, this device is not an alternative to a mechanic. Still, you need to contact a professional car repairman to address the underlying issue which a tutorial could not help you get through.

Why do I need the sensor when the mechanic is still needed?

The answer is very simple. FIxd sensor catches an issue way before the condition gets worse. This tool indicates the harshness of the issue by assigning an exceptional color to every alert. The app provides a video tutorial on how to address the issue, and if it not a do it yourself case, the price estimator provides you the amount you need to spend in fixing the issue at the nearest car shop.

What are the perks of the FIXD sensor?

There are lots of perks for this sensor. First and foremost, it saves you a considerable amount of money on identifying the issue at the mechanic. Also, it provides you peace of mind knowing that the engine light isn’t that serious. Also, you get the error codes translated into easy to comprehend terms which you can easily understand. On the other hand, the sensor can’t help when a TPMS light pops up, and ABS light comes on.

Can I use this tool on many vehicles?

Yes. This is one of the many features of Fixd that cannot be found on other scanning devices out there. This OBD 2 scanner allows you to connect to five vehicles. Just purchase multiple sensors for every car and then connect them to your smartphone. With this state-of-the-art technology, you are able to track and monitor the cars of your children and spouse and have peace of mind knowing that they are safe and sound.

Is Fixd tool is a good investment?

Yes. This tool is not a simple accessory. It is a device that makes you know it is ailing with your comfortable ride and really saves you time and money. This amazing app and the sensor provide you access to a lot of car control to track the vehicles in your garage. This will also give you access to your car history from stored or permanent codes. This also informs you when the next maintenance service is based on mileage. This also saves you money and time on diagnosis at the car shop. It also decodes engine light data to inform you what kind of repair is required. This also provides constant tracking alerts to keep you aware of the possible issues. This also gives you info prior to going to the car shop and provides a video tutorial on how to address the issue.

Does the manufacturer offer a money-back warranty?

Yes. Once you buy this tool, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back warranty. In case this tool doesn’t work or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can call the customer service and ask for a refund. The staff is very friendly and responsive when it comes to this matter.

Is Fixd compatible to a car powered by diesel?

Sad to say, this device will not work to a car powered by diesel. According to reviews online, this only works on gas-powered cars and hybrid cars as well.

What car issue this tool is able to diagnose?

According to Fixd reviews, this device is able to identify almost 7000 issues on your car, which may cause the check engine light to appear. The app is able to list out major problems that affect the car, such as failure of the O2 sensor or high temp in the engine oil. What is more, the app also features a key that allows you to clear the engine light that can get maddening once it goes on for too long. Also, you can clear other dashboard lights which are unimportant like the maintenance, airbag as well as stability control.

The app also informs you what problems must be brought to a car shop. It shows video tutorials for minor issues that you are able to fix or handle right in the comfort of your home.

What makes or models of car does this tool work with?

This OBD2 scanner works on autos powered by gas, hybrid cars, and those made in the year 1996 and beyond. This device only works with a car that is equipped with OBD 2 ports, which only implemented for vehicles in the US produced after 1996, this is the reason why this tool is just limit5ed to those year models.

Where can I find the OBD2 port?

The OBD2 port of your car can be found somewhere around or under the glovebox or steering wheel.

Can you tell me more about Fixd Maintenance Club?

This maintenance club is a service planned at giving high-quality customer support. Like for instance, the tool spotted a problem, and you need to take it to the car shop since you do not have the spare parts to repair it. You are able to send the info to the maintenance club through the app, and the manufacturer will send you the spare parts to address the issue yourself.

Also, you can get a regular maintenance kit from the club in accordance to your scheduled maintenance interval. You know what included in the box. The best thing about this maintenance club is that you can join for free. However, you are charged for additional spare parts that are delivered in the maintenance kit.

Who is the person behind this state-of-the-art tool?

FIXD was invented by John Gatusso and Rachel Ford. A team of skilled and innovative students from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What is meant by the first-generation model?

When you look for this device online, you will see companies that offer the first-generation model while others are offering the second-generation model. Generation is an integrated app. All combos have the same scanning tool. FIXD recently released a second-generation app that performs better. You can upgrade your app to this version if you want.

Do I need to unplug the device when I’m done using it?

One amazing perk of this device is that you are able to plug it in and leave it connected 24 hours a day. This will not consume the battery or cause a problem. Provided the fact that you stay connected to your auto, you are able to open the app and perform a fast scan each time you want.

Do I need to be close to my car to utilize the tool? 

Given that there is someone with the car running the Fixd app, you can see details as well as the status of that car in the Multi-Vehicle Control feature.

Will the FIXD sensor hinder with other devices that I am using? 

The best thing about this device is that it will not hinder other devices in your car. Your smartphone will allow you to pair and communicate with a lot of Bluetooth receivers at one time. 

Can I use this device on my Windows phones? 

No. At this point, the device only works with a phone with the Android and iOS operating systems. 

 Do I need to charge FIXD before using it?

No. The best thing about this device is that it doesn’t take up lots of power when working. It just consumes a small amount of energy, so don’t worry about draining the battery.

Will it work with a car from Europe and other countries? 

Prior to buying Fixd, you must remember that it just functions on local or domestic vehicles like Chevrolet and Ford. If you are using a foreign auto, it might not provide you information that you require. FIXD is just ideal for use on vehicles in North America.

The Competition

FIXD is a very popular car diagnostic tool. However, before this tool emerges, there are already scanners available utilized by many car owners. These amazing tools are ideal for drivers who want to save a considerable amount of money and time as well. A local car shop may charge you more to perform a quick scan and charge you hundreds and even thousands for the repair. Today, if you research the market, you are able to find a scanner for as low as $100.

One of the best alternative scanners available is the BlueDriver. The same as Fixd, it also comes with an app and a plug-in sensor. On the other hand, it stands out when it comes to customer support, as you can keep in touch with them 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you have issues with the device, you can contact the company and get instant support. The company listed their contact number on the product itself. You may also read the best photo stick review book here to choose your best photo stick in affordable pricing.

BlueDriver is different from Fixd. Rather than telling you what is happening with your auto, this tool will give you a code. Then, you will need to utilize the app to look for that code and read the description of what’s wrong. It also provided repair reports, and you will have access to a database of repair recommended by millions of professional mechanics.


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fixd appAnother popular option is the FOXWELL scanner that is very similar to the scanner used by a professional mechanic. This device is ideal for people with lots of auto repair experiences. It is integrated with a scanning device which you plug in a large tool which you hold in your hand, FOXWELL has many buttons and also comes with a small screen. The buttons are used to perform scanning and see what is happening with your auto.

One amazing feature of this scanner is the integrated touchscreen, which assists you in viewing the info fast regarding your auto and searches in the diverse database to know what’s happening. Compared to other scanners available out there, FOXWELL provides a code which you will have to look in the database to know what it found on your car.

Because this tool doesn’t utilize an app, you are able to plug it on various cars and perform a quick scan. It comes with a print data option which enables you to hook up the tool to your printer to print the result you’ve found during the scanning. The printed results can be brought to mechanics for the repair. If you are running out of budget, then this one is for you. You can have it for as low as $100 only.

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Another trendy car diagnostic tool available on the market is the SmartCar. If you own a car and want to keep away from expensive, unnecessary repairs each time you visit an auto mechanics, you have to consider getting the best car diagnostic tool. Basically, this state-of-the-art diagnostic tool is a small, extremely portable and easy to use the device. You can easily connect this device to the OBD port of your vehicle. You can also link this device to your smartphone so you can obtain help as well as real-time updates of your car’s condition.

This state of the art OBD 2 scanner also enables car owners to determine and, at the same time, discover any form of break down, which takes place in your car’s engine. By simply inspecting the app for notifications as well as alerts, knowing the parts that need to be fixed and repaired is now easier. What is more, the wonderful capabilities make the SmartCar a must-have instrument for car owners, businesses as well as mechanics. It is especially beneficial due to the existence of many car repair scammers.

This valuable device can be amazingly beneficial to car owners who aren’t that savvy in terms of car issues and repairs. The fact that it is easy to use, anyone will certainly be happy to have this superb car diagnostic tool. This can also be used by car shop owners as the job of detecting the issue is now easier and faster.

Through the help of this device, mechanics are able to accurately and properly identify the issue of the car. This offers many benefits as well as such as diagnose car issues in real-time. It will help you in fixing simple car issues through the use of your smartphone. It also reduces of risk of accidents as well as an instant car breakdown. It also keeps you safe from various types of car repair scams, thus saves you a considerable amount of money and time as well. It is compatible with all types of car produced in 1996

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Final Verdict

In general, when it comes to a diagnostic tool, FIXD is the best choice. The check engine light may appear as you need to fix the gas cap, or you need to replace some spark plugs. All these can be done without the help of an expert. This state-of-the-art tool will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and scanning as well as tell what you have to do. This gives you an idea of when you need to take your car to an expert mechanic. This tool is also ideal for beginners to check engine troubles. However, it is also beneficial amongst car shop owners, as it makes the process of knowing the issue easier and faster. This doesn’t just help them address the issue immediately, but also give them a precise diagnosis. So, there is no need to check each part.

The maker of this tool offers a 30-day warranty in case you are not pleased or satisfied with the product. Customer service is always available to answer your calls. So, the next time you are searching for car diagnostic tool which possesses state of the art features, look no further than FIXD. Various Fixd reviews show that it is the most sought-after scanner today.