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Flexispy Review














  • FlexiSPY is a reliable spy app – and has been around for many years.
  • Free demo account - Free Trail Version available
  • Good technical support (live chat, email and phone)
  • FlexiSPY is very user friendly and they have an installation service.
  • They have a cheaper version to compete with other apps.


  • It’s more expensive than many other spy software
  • It requires some initial configuratio
  • Some advanced features require root access

We know how important it is to keep track of your kids, employees and spouse. But how do you do that? Well, there are plenty of phone spy apps available for Android and iOS.

Flexispy Review: The Most Comprehensive Parental Control App of 2020

Most of these cell phone tracking apps offer more or less similar features. However, a few apps go beyond that and offer superior tracking through:

  • Call interception
  • Call recording
  • Ambient sound recording

In this Flexispy review, we will share with you how this parental control app offers you the phone tracker and spy app features that make it one of the best mobile spy apps available today.

Detailed Flexispy Review

Flexispy offers a suite of cell phone tracking features that offer it a competitive advantage over other apps on the market. Flexispy goes beyond the traditional cell phone spy app features and allows you to remotely capture audio and video of the target phone’s location.

Flexispy requires you to jailbreak or root the Android or iOS device you want to track. Jailbreaking or rooting might sound intimidating if you are not technology savvy. I would recommend mSpy if you are a first time user. They offer a version that is not as robust as Flexispy, but, then, it does not require you to jailbreak or root the target phone. Flexispy may require you to root the target device, but it is a robust cell phone spy app that allows you to track almost every activity of the target phone. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube on how to jailbreak a phone. It is a one-time thing that allows you to access a wider range of features.

Flexispy is a state-of-the-art mobile phone tracking software that allows you to easily monitor all activities performed on a target phone. The sheer ability of this cell phone tracker has found wide-range applications. For instance, parents can use it to monitor the activity of their kids to ensure they are not indulging in pornographic content. They can also use it to keep their children away from cyberbullies and stalkers. Organizations can use Flexispy app to ensure that their employees perform only work-related activities on company-provided laptops and smartphones. Not just that, spouses can ensure that their partner is not indulging in an extra-marital affair.

Sounds convenient, right? Let’s see the immense potential of Flexispy mobile phone tracking app and what it can do. You may have read many Flexispy reviews online, but in this review, we will try to share as much information on it as possible.

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Features of Flexispy

  1. Phone Interception: You cannot deny that kids today indulge in various sorts of conversations. They have access to a wealth of information, and the means of sending and receiving the information have only increased since the last decade. It is, therefore, important to know what they talk about and who they talk to. Thanks to the in-house product development at Flexispy, you can spy on live calls and join conversations discreetly. Easily activate phone interception service by sending an SMS or by using your Flexispy login to activate it from your dashboard. It is quick and easy.

Flexispy app also lets you identify and auto-activate phone interception for particular phone numbers. This feature can be used to monitor sales calls for quality monitoring as well. Businesses can identify problem areas in sales pitches and customer feedback phone calls to boost sales. Employers can intercept live phone interviews and make instant decisions for staffing.

  1. Call Notifications: Wondering how you would know when your child receives or makes a phone call so you can intercept it? Here’s where Flexispy’s Call Notification feature steps in. Get SMS message notifications when your kid receives or makes a call. You can instantly intercept their calls without them knowing you are listening to the conversation. You can set alerts for particular numbers you want to intercept so you are not deluged by notifications.
  2. Phone call recording: Kids are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Knowingly or unknowingly, they give out valuable information to strangers and friends. You don’t want that to happen. We understand it is not possible to stay around your kids 24×7. Chances are that if your kids are teens, they end up staying awake till late at night. It may also not be possible for you to intercept calls at odd hours, but you are still a worried parent who wants to safeguard your child’s interest and know who they are talking to. Flexispy understands your concern. Through its phone call recording feature, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls on a target device. The calls get automatically recorded and stored on Flexispy’s secure server. You can access them using Flexispy login. All recorded calls can be found in the Flexispy app dashboard. Download the calls on your mobile device or computer. Or simply listen to the calls from the app.

Flexispy allows you to select, identify and record calls from and to only particular phone numbers as well. You can now easily record calls from suspicious phone numbers and keep your children from harm’s way. Businesses can also track phone calls made by employees to ascertain that no confidential information or business insights are delivered to unwanted contacts. Flexispy app offers you total control.

  1. Spy call: This ground-breaking feature is widely and fervently used by enthusiastic Flexispy customers. If you are always worried about what is going on behind your back in business meetings, then you have to buy Flexispy and use the Spy call feature. Parents can use it to become aware of their child’s surroundings and activities. Using Spy call, you can listen to what is happening around your child in real-time. Don’t think this is possible? Well, all you need to do is place a phone call to the target smartphone. This will trigger the target phone’s microphone and activate it, allowing you to hear every conversation happening in your children’s vicinity. This is a really helpful and excellent feature for parents who suspect that their child is being bullied at school or in the neighborhood but doesn’t want to open up about it due to embarrassment. Flexispy app allows you to help your child out. The best thing about the Spycall feature is that your child won’t even know that you are assimilating all the information. When you make the call, the target phone does not display any activity and lends the impression that it is idle. This feature is particularly helpful for businessmen who want to ensure that their staff is attentive and discussing key agendas during meetings in their absence.

Flexispy also offers you the Ambient Recording feature, which lets you record the target phone’s surroundings. The recordings get saved in your dashboard. You can access them anytime or simply download them on your phone or laptop to listen to later.

  1. VoIP Call Recording: Calling from social media platforms is replacing traditional phone calls quickly. Because of the easy availability of the internet and cheap data packs, individuals now find it more convenient to call from Facebook, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, and similar applications. This can be alarming. Your kid may have over a thousand friends on Facebook or on chat groups. Imagine how exposed they are! Almost anyone can place a call to your kid, making it possible for the exchange of information to happen in a matter of seconds.

Flexispy makes it possible for you to instantly record VoIP calls made through Facebook, Viber, LINE, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Skype, and more. Learn who your kids talk to on social media platforms and stop them from cyberbullies and sexual predators. Install Flexispy Extreme on the target smartphone as well, and you are good to go!

The feature is not just to spy on kids. It is very useful to record and refer to any important information that might have been shared through a VoIP call. Businesses can use to it enhance their business processes and customer service. All the recorded calls get automatically stored in your dashboard. Flexispy offers you the ability to fall back on social media calls to retrieve important information.

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  1. RemCam: There is no denying that the young generation has the tendency to sneak out and make the best of those moments whenever possible. You may have done that as well. But, as a parent, you are always concerned about your kid’s whereabouts – who they are with, or what they are doing. You might even want to know if they are really at a friend’s place to study. The RemCam feature from Flexispy has endless possibilities. The spy phone app triggers the target smartphone’s camera and allows you to watch and not just listen to your kid’s surroundings. The owner of the target phone is not notified, and you can, therefore, watch everything discreetly. You can also take a maximum of two photographs, one each from the front camera and the back camera. All photos get saved in the dashboard. After getting saved in the portal Flexispy lets you either download it on your device or access from the app.

Sales managers can use the RemCam to monitor if the sales professionals are actually on the client site. This feature is very helpful for pet owners who want to check if their pet is okay alone at home. RemCam also comes in handy if you think your kid or spouse is in a dangerous situation.

With Flexispy spy phone app, you get access to RemVideo as well. RemVid allows you to discreetly record the target smartphone’s surroundings making use of the phone’s camera. By storing all videos in the portal Flexispy lets you access them anytime you want. You can easily activate this feature from the dashboard.

  1. Spoof SMS: For a parent, there can often be situations where they know they have to intervene. Fake SMS messages come handy in such scenarios. Let’s say you discover someone not suitable is in touch with your daughter and you want to end the communication, sending a fake SMS message on her behalf not to further establish communication can work great. Flexispy comes with the Spoof SMS feature that allows you to remotely access the target device and send an SMS message to a contact. You can quickly compose a message from the Flexispy dashboard and send it remotely. The fake SMS will not even appear in the Outbox, thereby leaving no trace behind. It is a great feature to terminate poisonous relationships. As a responsible parent, you have a responsibility to take the necessary action that you deem fit your child’s future.
  2. SMS Keyword Deletion: We all are aware of how SMS messages can transfer unwanted information. You don’t want your child to get exposed to such harmful messages. Using Flexispy app’s SMS keyword deletion feature, you can instantly remove messages containing particular keywords from the message box. All you need to do is specify unwanted keywords within your account. Flexispy will automatically detect incoming messages to the target device and auto-delete those that contain such keywords. Your child won’t even know they ever received such an SMS message. Now, you can save your child from hate speech, phishing text messages, and vulgar content.
  3. VoIP Call Logs: If you are less suspecting of your child or only want to access the contacts your child has been making contact with, Flexispy will share with you call logs of calls made through social media platforms and chat applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Hike, Kik, LINE, Skype and Google Hangouts. You will gain access to both incoming and outgoing calls. Using the call logs, you can track which numbers and contacts are called the most or call at odd hours and then block them if needed.
  4. Social Media Chat Monitoring: Almost every social media platform allows users to not just upload content but also interact with each other through direct messages. Kids are smart these days and know it is safer to interact or share information through chat messages. It is both discreet and a cheaper way to interact. Unfortunately, social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Tinder, WeChat, and Telegram, are also widely used platforms for scammers and sex predators. Flexispy allows you to access full chat threads and view entire conversations. All conversations get auto-saved in your Flexispy iPhone account, where you can access it anytime you want or star the important conversations so you can get back to them later.

Spouses can keep a watch on their partner’s activities to ensure they are not in an affair with someone. Similarly, businesses can use Flexispy to make sure that their employees are engaged in fair business practices.

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  1. Email Spy: Emails are the most extensively used medium for sharing confidential and important information. Flexispy allows you to monitor every email your kid sends and receives. This feature is not helpful for only parents but also for employers who want to track their employees’ emails in order to improve conversion rates. Flexispy records HTML-rich emails and makes a copy of them in the online portal. You can view date, time, and sender/recipient along with the email body. Important emails can be starred so you can get back to them later. The facility is available for Gmail and all other email services.
  2. Application Screenshots: Mobile applications bring along a lot of convenience to users. But their wrong usage by kids can be a cause of concern for many parents. Flexispy allows you to take screenshots of the target mobile phone in usage. You can quickly take snaps of the screen while your child is using an app in the foreground. These can be used as visual proofs in case your ward is using an app not how you intend it to be used. Once a screenshot is taken, it is saved in the Flexispy app online portal, from where you can star it or download it on your device for future reference.
  3. SIM Card Change Notification: Kids these days are really smart. They know how to bypass your restrictions. They know you are alert and could access your phone to check their call logs and messages. It is also easy to fetch call records from the mobile network provider. Changing SIM cards is an easy way to go under the radar. Fortunately, Flexispy’s SIM card change notification facility alerts you if the SIM card in the target mobile phone is changed. You can choose which phone number to send the alert to. Employers can use this facility to prevent their employees from leaking valuable business information by changing SIM cards.
  4. Phone Call Logs: Phone calls are the most extensively used medium to communicate and share information. Parents are constantly worried about who calls their kids and when. It is easy to delete call records, and that makes it tough for parents to even doubt that your child is connecting with the wrong person. Flexispy guarantees you peace of mind by fetching the call logs of the target mobile phone. All you need to do is install Flexispy on the target device, and Flexispy will do the rest by recording every incoming and outgoing call on the online portal. The call logs in your portal are unaffected by any action on the target device. So, even if your kid deletes any call details on their phone, you will still have all the details. You can view the phone numbers, date and time of the call, allowing you to confront your kid and take the necessary action.
  5. Location Tracking: We can’t emphasize more on the importance of keeping track of teenagers’ activities. The means to indulge in the wrong company have only increased with the advent of technology. Kids have the tendency to lie or hide the truth about their whereabouts. While it was nearly impossible to ascertain the verity of their statements until a few years ago, it is now possible to track their location. Flexispy is also a GPS phone tracker that will not only share your child’s location in real-time but also capture the location history. So, the next time your child says he was at his best friend’s place and Flexispy says otherwise, you know it is time you be alert. The feature is also helpful to check your ward’s location if you are not able to reach out to them. Offering help in times of distress has become a lot easier.

Flexispy app’s Location Tracking feature is very beneficial for businesses too. You can check your employee’s location and see if they are at the client’s site. Spouses can easily make out if their partner has been lying about their whereabouts with GPS tracking. Alternatively, you can tell the target phone’s owner that you are tracking them invisible mode to instill fear and ensure they don’t have to lie.

  1. Geo-Fencing: Are you worried that your child might be skipping school or visiting unwanted locations? Help is here. Using Flexispy GPS phone tracker, you can create custom alerts to notify you when they move out of a pre-defined boundary. Defining a geographical boundary on a map is really easy. This way you can instantly connect with your kid when they attempt to move out of the safe zone.
  2. Keyword Alerts: This is perhaps one of the most helpful features of Flexispy and can help prevent fraud. The mobile phone tracking app will instantly trigger an alert if a keyword defined by you is used in the target device’s email, SMS message or MMS. You can set your credit card number as a keyword and get alerted every time it is typed in the target device. You can also set your name as a keyword to receive alerts every time your name is mentioned. By including profane keywords, the Flexispy app online portal, you can receive alerts when your child is indulging in illegal activities. Businesses can use the keywords alerts facility to get updates when employees use their phones to share unwanted information. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Likewise, you can receive Caller ID alerts as well. Flexispy, the mobile tracker app, lets you create triggers for instances when the target smartphone receives a voice call, MMS, or SMS message from specific phone numbers. This way, you can track if your child, employee, or spouse is in touch with a suspicious individual.

  1. Browsing History: Worried about the content your child accesses on the web? The internet, as much helpful it is, is also a source of profane information. With a few clicks, your child could be browsing porn or dangerous websites, and deleting browsing history is a matter of only a few seconds. This makes it impossible for parents to be sure that their child is accessing only healthy content; well, at least until now. With Flexispy, you can remotely view the browsing history of the target device. The browser history is automatically uploaded on the portal along with the date and time of access. Using Flexispy login, you can visit ‘Data’ and then ‘Browsing History’ to check how the internet is being used on the target device.
  2. MMS Monitoring feature; Sending multimedia messages from a phone through cellular networks is one of the easiest ways of communicating. When the mobile phone was first developed, MMS helped to enhance fluidity in communication. Multimedia Messaging System is another possible way by which your kids can receive security threats or your employees can be distracted from their daily activities. Using FlexiSpy can minimize kids’’ vulnerability to security threats and maximize employee’s productivity during office hours.  Installing FlexiSpy on their device not only gives you the ability to monitor their SMS but also gives you the power to check all sent/received MMS contents, access the names of the sender/recipient, date and time of sending, and most especially total control of the victims MMS contents.
  3. Remotely Uninstall Software: Did you just read ‘remotely uninstall software’? Yes! If there is one great feature that is beneficial to all FlexiSpy users, it is the ability to remove FlexiSpy software from victims’ phones through your dashboard.  FlexiSpy is more than just an undercover agent. It removes its footprints without a trace. With your dashboard, you can easily uninstall flexiSpy software and remain undetected by the target phone’s user. This feature is great for individuals who want to monitor more than one phone in case the victim switches to a new device. With this, FlexiSpy makes it possible to use your existing license for more than one device at a time.
  4. Application Activities; Technology is evolving. And with FlexiSpy’s remote application, you should be enjoying technology in the 21st century. FlexiSpy gives you the ability to monitor all application activities of your child, employees or victim’s phone. Kids might be exposed to an adult content app if not properly monitored. With this great feature, you can tell how frequently they are using any application on their phone and if it is distracting them from their studies.  Also, Flexispy can be a great alternative for employers who wish to monitor the activities of their employees. It can show you how frequently they use each application on their phone and the number of hours spent on them. This can be a great way to measure your employees’ productivity and turn over in your business.
  5. Application Monitoring Phone Network: The benefits of using FlexiSpy are nearly endless. As we have read from the beginning of this Flexispy review, we will observe that FlexiSpy Application is more than just a conventional application. It is a tool with a difference. And one way by which it is unique is its ability to monitor the Phone Network of your victim. FlexiSpy displays its strength by giving its users the ability to monitor all network activities of the target phone. From your dashboard, you can trace all networks, be it cellular or Wi-Fi connections, monitor the date it connected on, and also check its status. FlexiSpy monitoring phone networks can be an alternative way to keep track of your children and even employees. Its data and results can give you a precise location where the target phone is currently receiving a network. It also tells you if your kids are currently where they are supposed to be or if your employees are actively participating at work.
  6. SMS Remote commands: Flexibility is a watch-word when using FlexiSpy App. One way through which FlexiSpy enhances flexibility for its end-users is by using SMS remote commands. This feature allows you to send commands from your online account. This can either be to secretly and remotely turn off or turn off target phone’s features, restart the phone, and even check battery levels. You can send SMS commands to FlexiSpy without the availability of the internet.
  7. Visibility Option: The Visibility Option in Flexispy is another way to go ghost-mode. This option gives the user the ability to hide the application icon without displaying it on the target phone’s background. This can be an efficient way to remove all traces of being noticed by the target phone’s user. With the visibility option, users can choose to hide the FlexiSpy icon and remain active in the foreground.

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FlexiSpy operates through a two-way communication system. This involves allowing the end-user to spy on the activities of another user. For successful activation of the FlexiSpy spy app, you will require the following;

  1. Two devices that have access to internet connections.
  2. a valid licensing plan that is valid for one target phone.
  3. rooted configuration on the targeted phone device.

FlexiSpy Compatibility

In this Flexispy reviews, we will be running through FlexiSpy compatibility and how it can help you make the right choice when choosing the right device for its installation.

FlexiSpy platform is developed keeping in mind users’ interests and specifications. It runs on iOS, Windows and Android OS.  But for the sake of easy understanding, we are going to treat each subject peculiar to its Operating System.

Android Compatibility; FlexiSpy mobile tracker app is compatible with Android Operating System from version 4.03 to 10. For users who currently possess Android OS versions outside these specifications, FlexiSpy cell phone tracker might experience installation difficulties. However, users who possess this Android OS within this specification might experience some disabled features according to the version of your Android or iOS.

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For example, individuals using Android OS 8 and 8.1 Oreo will experience the following features disabled – Spy Call, Call Interception, SMS remote commands, while for Android users with OS 9, which is also known as Pie, will find the following Flexispy app features disabled – Remvid+/-, Spoof SMS, and SIM change notification.

Android 10 users will be limited to all advanced features but further specification and requirements can be done through their remote installation services. We advise you to read more about mSpy App Reviews

Before the installation process of the target phone, it is advised that you check the Android version before following all installation processes.

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iOS Compatibility: FlexiSpy iPhone spy app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. For individuals using an iPhone or iPad device, FlexiSpy iPhone spy app can support up to iOS versions 9.1. But for users with version 9.2-12.4 iOS, the tethered mode can be activated.

Just so you know, every iOS device will need a jailbreak process before the installation of the FlexiSpy app. Jailbreaking iOS devices can allow you to install and run apps, like FlexiSpy, which are not originally available in the iOS App Store.


Windows Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, and 10 currently supports the FlexiSpy app. It’s a ‘no fuss’ installation procedure. When proper installation is done, users will be enjoying all tracking features on their dashboard. But one limitation using this tracking method is that the target laptop must have an internet connection for an effective tracking process.

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FlexiSpy How to Install?

In this version of Flexispy reviews, we are going to address the different installation processes of the FlexiSpy cell phone tracker and its plans. If you want to have Flexispy how to install the app should be your first concern. For convenience and easy understanding, let’s break it into the following headings;

FlexiSpy Plans: FlexiSpy currently has 3 different plans – Lite, Premium, and Extreme. Each plan has its own unique features and price. Lite plan is the cheapest, with more than 30 features to enjoy, while the Premium plan costs just $68 per month, with more than 50 features to assess. The extreme plan gives you full right to all FlexiSpy features at a price of $199 for three months.

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Installation Guide/Processes

  1.   After choosing your plan, your purchase page comes with different form fields to fill in payment information. FlexiSpy currently supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Astro pay, bank wire, and even Bitcoin. When you are done placing your order, an email containing your portal flexispy login details will be sent to you.
  2.   Inside your email notification from FlexiSpy, you will see your user login details and a link for the user activation.
  3. Your login details will give you access to activate your FlexiSpy web page portal by entering the required fields, like the plan you have subscribed to, the device you want to spy on, and if you need any rooting assistance on the target phone.

Rooting in Android or what we call jailbreaking in iOS devices is a mandatory step to follow for successful tracking of the target phone. Rooting involves breaking through the preinstalled limitations that can arise when installing the FlexiSpy app on your target phone. When your target phone is rooted, limitation to extra features is broken. With a rooted phone, you will have access to more apps, free WiFi tethering, and a host of other benefits.

Also, the word jailbreaking is familiar to iOS users. Jailbreaking enables iOS users to have access to apps not available in the iOS app store. When iOS devices are jailbroken, it allows for easy installation on iOS devices.

You can get assistance on how to root an android phone or jailbreak an iOS phone from FlexiSpy technical Live Chat assistance.

  1. Upon successful rooting or jailbreaking of the target phones, on your portal Flexispy login, you will be provided with an access link to download the app on your target phone.
  2. This link will guide you on the installation process of FlexiSpy app and how you can successfully activate it.
  3.       Upon completion, you will be able to have access to or spy through to all the contents of your target phone from your portal Flexispy login.
  4.     For technical assistance on the activation process, feel free to contact FlexiSpy technical help desk.

How to use FlexiSpy App

FlexiSpy is one of the easiest software to use as compared to another mobile tracker app. After the purchase and successful activation of the FlexiSpy app, the end tracker is given a license to spy on activities from their login dashboard. Using a full subscription on FlexiSpy gives you access to more than 50 great features. Every user’s dashboard is provided with the right list of menu buttons for easy navigation. On the right side of the navigation menu, you can find details of your portal FlexiSpy login, which includes username, password, email and your total SMS credit. Another list of features you can navigate through includes call logs, call recording, VoIP, VoIP recording and your live Listening features.

From the main session of your dashboard, FlexiSpy provides you with easy to upgrade software, and also access to contact Flexispy Support if you face any problem with the account. You may also like to choose your best bluetooth trackers for Your Android & iPhone.

Flexispy also allows you to transfer your Flexispy license to another user. This is great for customers who do not intend to use it anymore and want another person to start using it. But you will need to deactivate your license from the old phone before activating your new phone.

Pros and Cons of using FlexiSpy


  1.   More than 50 great features
  2. Easy to use
  3. Flexispy free trial demo account to learn how it works
  4. 24 hours customer services
  5. Fast and secure way of purchasing its app
  6. Three flexible plans to choose from
  7. Target phones that are not rooted can still work with some advanced features
  8. The installation process is easy to follow through their installation wizard
  9. It has a wide spectrum of compatibility.


  1. Purchasing price is reasonably high
  2. The rooting process might be difficult for a tech novice.
  3. Advanced features might require rooting before it works
  4. Access to the target phone might not be too easy.
  5. The average time spent on the overall procedure from downloading to activation is 12-15 minutes.

Comparing FlexiSpy to mSpy and Spyzie

flexispy free trial

  1. Price: In comparison, the FlexiSpy Lite plan goes for $29.95. This price is found to be almost the same for both Mspy and Spyzie which cost $29.99 for each.
  2. Plans: FlexiSpy offers three plans for its end users- Lite, Premium, and Extreme. Each plan has its own unique features and compatibility. Spyzie pricing plans are also divided into three which are Basic, Pro, and Ultimate version, while Mspy has just one pricing plan.
  3. Device compatibility: FlexiSpy can be installed on both desktop and mobile phone devices. The app is available on Play Store, App Store and Windows users as well. mSpy and Spyzie, on the other hand, are only compatible with mobile devices. This offers a great competitive advantage to Flexispy.
  4. Legality: There are some security concerns regarding Flexispy. It allows audio stream recording and video recording that is a punishable offense in the U.S. if done without the user’s consent. Flexispy is, therefore, partly legal in the U.S. The other two are 100% legal.
  5. A number of features: FlexiSpy is currently the most updated spy app in terms of features. It is focused on parental control and employee control. The parental control app, therefore, comes with advanced features.
  6. Customer Support; FlexiSpy offers 24 hours customer support through its Live Chat system. It is the only Spy app system that offers technical assistance through Live Chat as compared to mSpy and Spyzie.
  7. Payment method: FlexiSpy offers a wider range of payment methods, including Bitcoin payment option. This makes it easier to buy as compared to mSpy and Spyzie, which can be bought only via VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit and debit cards.
  8. Advanced Features; FlexiSpy has an advanced feature option when subscribing to either of its plans. When opting for their advanced feature, it will require you to root your android device or jailbreak your iOS device. But in the case of mSpy and Spyzie, rooting technique is not needed.
  9. Integration Capabilities for resellers; FlexiSpy developers have developed an easy system for businesses intending to make an income while selling their product. Its reseller program is ideal for individuals interested in selling the FlexiSpy app under their brand or businesses that want to integrate the FlexiSpy monitoring app into their organization. mSpy and Spyzie do not offer such integration capabilities as of now.

Is it legal to use FlexiSpy?

FlexiSpy is a legal software produced by FlexiSpy developers. However, you must have the target phone user’s permission to monitor and record their activity through the Flexispy app. Third parties have to be aware that you are monitoring their activities. In some countries like the USA, it is highly illegal to install a spy app that, in any way, records, tracks, forwards phone calls or text messages on someone’s phone without their permission.

When FlexiSpy is placed with the consent or knowledge of the phone owner, it would be legal.

FlexiSpy is also obliged to safeguard the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information collected from its customers. By doing so, they will not share content and data to third-party sources.

Benefits to Parents

The use of parental control apps is constantly growing. People are becoming more open to it. Without being told, many people have disapproved of the use of spy software for privacy reasons. But on the contrary, FlexiSpy can give parents the power to see through the mobile activities of their kids. The cell phone tracker is highly beneficial for parents all over the world because it allows them to extend parental care and guidance to children just by simply using the FlexiSpy app.

Spying on your kids with FlexiSpy can help monitor kids on the way they share their location and personal information online. This offers advanced protection to kids by sharing their call logs, chats and recordings, so they can take the necessary steps and keep their kids away from suspicious and unwanted individuals.

FlexiSpy location tracking feature is another excellent way to keep track of your kid’s location. You will be able to track their movements in real-time in order to prevent them from going beyond safe territorial boundaries.

Benefits to Employers

flexispy app

Every employer devices his own unique way of maximizing productivity. One way by which employers can understand behavior, improve productivity, and detect insider threats is by using Flexispy. FlexiSpy can help;

  1. Provide employers with data on how employees use their office laptops and mobile devices daily in order to maximize productivity.  Employee monitoring increases employee productivity. It boosts employee performance and also enables the employer to make informed decisions regarding promotions or layoffs.
  2. Provide a useful way on how to detect third party threats when there is any breach of security. Companies often want to secure work-related information since these are not supposed to be shared with anyone. Thus, monitoring software protects sensitive information.

In a nutshell, using FlexiSpy can help monitor time management, increase employee efficiency, maintain a budget, and, most especially, mitigates risks related to unauthorized information sharing.

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  1. Can FlexiSpy be made visible?

FlexiSpy makes it easy for users to decide whether to run with the icon visible on their screen or make it hidden. In order to hide the icon and keep it invisible, go to setting from your dashboard control and turn on the foreground mode. Parents and employers feel it comfortable to hide the icon as a way to safe track their victims and stay unnoticeable.

  1. Can I use more than one device in one License? 

FlexiSpy permits the use of one license to many devices, but there are conditions and limitations to it. You can only use one device at a time per license purchase. That means you can deactivate an existing license from a device and use that same license on another device.  However, in cases when you have to spy on two devices at a time, you will have to buy two separate licenses for separate devices.

  1. How do I add multiple licenses to my existing FlexiSpy account?

You can add a multiple licenses to your existing account if you already have a license for one device. When logged on into your already existing account, navigate to `Buy More’ on the top of your dashboard. Clicking on the tab will provide you with different options and plans to buy another license.

  1. What happens if the subscription expires? 

FlexiSpy offers you the option to subscribe to either of the three plans. Each plan has its own terms and date of expiration. When your subscription plan expires, users will be limited from enjoying the features of FlexiSpy. Upon renewal, FlexiSpy features will be made available again to users. To renew your subscription, go to your dashboard and click on the renewal button.

  1. Is upgrading my plan possible if I already had a lower plan?

FlexiSpy offers you the ease of upgrading your plan without necessarily reinstalling the app. When logged in, on the first page of your dashboard, you will find a tab to upgrade the plan and enjoy unlocked features.

  1. How safe is my data and content?

FlexiSpy tries much as possible to secure the contents and data by storing them on their secure online portal. But as a way of ensuring the smooth operation of its online portal, FlexiSpy removes data and content within every 90 days. If you would like to retain the data, you are suggested to export or download it from your portal to your device.

Final Verdict

In this Flexispy review, we have tried our best to share the benefits of Flexispy and how it can create another layer of security for your kids. It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices and that makes it one of the best parental control apps today. You can make use of advanced geofencing, audio stream recording, call recording, app blocking, and other innovative features that make it one of a kind mobile tracker app.

If you want to try Flexispy free trial, you can access their demo dashboard easily. Try the leading mobile phone tracker today to ensure your child grows in a healthy and safe environment at all times.

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