flexsafe reviews

FlexSafe Reviews

FlexSafe Portable Travel


Ease of Use




Value for Money


Package Options


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  • Durable and sturdy
  • Five layers of materials that come up with a slash-resistant feature
  • RFID blocking material
  • It can be turned into the size that you prefer
  • Flexible and portable


  • It has a larger locking mechanism that might give you a hard time to grasp it.
  • It might give you an uncomfortable feeling while accessing its zipper.
  • It is a quite flimsy item, but it is a great one.
  • Make sure that you will place your valuable items inside of it properly organized.

We are now living in a technology-oriented generation. It only means that the living standards of an individual are continuously increasing and improving. Aside from that, a storage kit for your valuables is also vital for your daily living. A high-quality storage kit will save the things that are important for you from fire, floods, vandalism, and, most notably, robberies. You might also think of having a person whom you can trust your storage kit and access it while you are not around. There are lots of ways that you can do to maintain your valuables, such as credit cards, money, and laptop, safe from the thieves while you are enjoying your travel.

FlexSafe Review – Is it The Ultimate Portable Travel Safe?

We cannot deny the fact that it is a good idea for everyone. But there are some people who don’t love the idea of travelling because there are lots of bad things that might happen when you leave your valuables unprotected. You are always required to keep in touch with your bags.

There are lots of people out there who love to travel and usually left their bags, which contain their important valuables, left unsecured. These people who are travel wanderers are aware of the predicament of either enjoy their travel outside or leave their valuables unless you give the thieves the authority to steal your bags where you store your mobile phones, wallets, and other things that are crucial for you. Unluckily, it only means that most of these travelers will not enjoy their travel due to the fact that at least one of the travel members should be left in the area where their valuables are left. It cannot be denied that this situation will cause pain in your ass, but there is a newly invented device that will answer this kind of problem. Do you want to know more about it? Keep on reading, and enjoy it!

What is FlexSafe?

The portable anti-theft storage kit that was constructed by Aqua Vault will ensure that you will not have to worry about leaving your valuables without someone who will keep an eye to it. This is the well-known Flex Safe that was produced by three college graduate students who are dreaming of creating an anti-theft portable storage safe kit.

FlexSafe that was produced by Aqua Vault is considered by many as the number one solution to keep your valuables secure while you are traveling or in an area that you can’t keep your eye on it. The three college students who have created this anti-theft safe have their own experiences about ruffling their belongings while they are in a hotel room, strolling the beach, and even biking.

FlexSafe Reviews

The thing that makes the FlexSafe innovative is its capability to tightly secure and wraps around itself to the hotel clothing racks, beach chairs, bikes, and many others. This device will provide you with a convenient and portable safety deposit locker every single day that you will use it. “Portable safe” is the term that is used by its creators.

Why Should You Choose FlexSafe?

In spite of how crime-free and safe your area is, there is always a higher chance that the snatchers are waiting for you to snatch your valuables. For instance, you have put your mobile phone on a table and left it for just a second or two, then the time you will get it, it is already gone. By placing your bags on a chair or on the floor, someone can possibly slash it to get the important things, such as money, that are stored in the bag. It cannot be denied how stressful and nerve-wracking it is. But, if you have FlexSafe, you can ensure that your valuables will be secure wherever and whenever you go. As we mentioned a while ago, FlexSafe is also considered by many as the portable safe and is often compared to a metal box that is protected by a password.

Since it will provide a high-quality work to those who are using it, it is usually featured in ABC, Today, Forbes, Good Morning America, and Shark Tank. We have tried using it to experience the results ourselves. We also want to know what the things that make it as one of the trendiest storage and safe portable device are.

flexsafe reviews

Design of FlexSafe

The FlexSafe comes up with a slashing proof feature. It only means that a snatcher or a thief is not capable of slashing your bag. Aside from that, there are also lots of layers that feature essential materials, such as RFID blocking material. These materials will block the snatcher to scan your important materials and wallet cards. It only means that this Portable safe will secure your things from bruises and bumps.

The major storage space of this FlexSafe portable safe device is secured by a thicker zipper that will fold back itself when the FlexSafe is locked. It will ensure that when the main compartment is closed, you or the thief does not have the capability to unzip it. Aside from that, it also features a sturdy and strong locking mechanism. It also agrees to take three digits of number code for unlocking and locking it quickly and easily. One of the members of our team has a big hand, and it fits easily inside the FlexSafe’s pocket. It only means that it has enough space to store your GoPro HERO 5camera, iPhones, wallets, keycards, keys, and other important things that you should carry anywhere you go.

When it comes to its outer cover, you will be presented with a numerous varieties of mesh pouches and rubber hooks if you still have other things that are non-valuable, such as knick-knacks, a pencil, swimming goggles and other things that you need to carry with you. At the bottom area of the FlexSafe portable safe, it features a hole that will help you in drying it when you accidentally spill water in it. At last, it also features a loop that you can fix on your belt for easier access anytime and anywhere.

Performance of FlexSafe Portable Safe

As we said a while ago, FlexSafe portable safe will provide you with a sufficient storage space where you can store your important valuables safely, such as your mobile phones, wallets, and credit cards. There are lots of long chairs that are ideal to use with FlexSafe. The pouch flap that it features can be wrapped around a stroller, bike frame, or a chair. The pouch is wide enough to wrap around in most of the tube-shaped things. It only means that it can perfectly fit in any wardrobe poles in a hotel room that you will stay, just ensure that you will attach it properly.

Aside from that, FlexSafe also features an impressive strength and thickness that will give you the feeling that it can hold all your valuables securely. Its additional mesh pouches and loops will also provide you with great work on keeping different kinds of stuff that have a low value for you. What we like about these features is that it comes up with a handle that will enable you to carry it whenever and wherever you want.

The only thing that we have considered to be made better or updated is its numerous wheels that are attached to its locking mechanism. These wheels can be accessed for going down and cannot be turned into different directions. Aside from that, we hope that these wheels must be constructed with bigger size and better grips.

The following are the fixed objects where you can attach your FlexSafe portable safe securely:

  • Closet rods
  • Wheelchairs
  • Boats
  • Bicycles
  • Golf carts
  • Strollers
  • Umbrellas
  • Lounge chairs and more

FlexSafe will Keep Your Things Safe

You can attach FlexSafe portable safe in your stroller to have a more enjoyable minute with your friends, and other family members. You can enjoy your vacation or trips on camps, dorm rooms, hospitals, cruises, waterparks, resort theme, and beaches.

flexsafe reviews

How FlexSafe Works

This FlexSafe portable safe device has a design that can perfectly fit on umbrellas, lounge chairs, and other objects. To do this:

  • Insert your important things inside its storage space, zip it up, and keep it safe on a bar while it is securely locked. After doing this, you can now swim and enjoy the beautiful views of your destination.
  • Create a combination password as your lock, and make sure that you will remember it wherever you go.
  • Store the things that you will carry for your trip inside its storage space.
  • Close the bag zipped.
  • Look for a stable object where you can fix your bag.
  • When you have found the potential stable object, you can fold the flap on it simply.
  • When there is a time that you want to retrieve your bag or get some of your valuables inside of it, simply enter your combination password to have a full access to the storage space or to get rid of the bag from being attached to a fixed object.

Key Features of FlexSafe Portable Safe

The following are the key features of FlexSafe that will make you feel amazed. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

FlexSafe is made up of numerous layers of splash-resistant materials

As we have mentioned, this FlexSafe device is made up of not only one layer of material but five layers of high-quality and splash-resistant materials. These layers of high-quality materials are Nylon, 3 mm f EVA, RFID, an ultra-slash proof material, as well as 168D Denier Nylon. The exterior and interior material layers of this portable safe device are all composed of a hundred percent nylon. In addition to that, it also features 3mm of EVA, which is an excellent rigid material that will help you to prevent your valuables from getting bruises and bumps.

One of the great things that you might notice while using this device is that it also makes use of the RFID material that works as a blocking material of FlexSafe. It only means that this portable safety product has the capability of blocking the thieves from getting your wallet or credit cards. Since we are now living in a technology-oriented era, where the use of technology is increasing and continuously improving, electronic pickpocketing with FlexSafe is now possible, it will give you an irritating feeling when your personal details can be manipulated by these thieves and criminals. It is the right time for you to be vigilant and make your cards and wallet safe from the thieves with the help of this FlexSafe portable safe product. You can also check out our more products like photostick mobile & photostick

FlexSafe is Powered AquaVault Technology

Besides the sturdy layers of materials that have used for the construction of FlexSafe, it also features a smart lock that ensures that your valuables will not get stolen by those criminals. One of the good things that you will notice while using this product is that it is powered by AquaVault technology. The said technology is being used for the security lock of the portable safe device. This smart lock can be reprogrammed. It only means that you can change the combination of your password if you think that other people can guess it easily. Ensure that you will read the entire instructions written on how to use a smart lock before using it. This will help you to utilize it correctly without experiencing confusion.

FlexSafe is Lightweight and Portable

Because of the fact that this FlexSafe product is considered to be a “portable safe,” you can expect that it is portable. Dissimilar to the other metal boxes out there that have a heavier weight, you can ensure that this FlexSafe product can be your travel buddy due to its lightweight-ness. It is very convenient to use and can be packed easily inside your luggage bags when you are planning for the out-of-the-country adventures. This product is made up of a hundred percent quality fabric. It only means that it will enable you to make your valuables more secure. You might find that it is just a simple belt bag, but you will be amazed once this ordinary-like belt bag shows you its real functions.

FlexSafe features RFID blocking material

Many people are using this product because it features RFID blocking material. This feature will provide you with the protection from RFID skimming, which is an electronic pickpocketing form. Aside from that, it will also avoid your driver’s license, passports, credit cards, and debit cards from being scanned and transfer your personal information to the criminals out there. With the help of technology enhancement in these days, picking your wallet can now be a complex activity. The creators of this pouch have a great mind to include this feature to their product.’

Flexsafe reviews

FlexSafe has a Water-Resistant Feature

One of the features that you will surely love about this product is that it features waterproof materials. This feature is ideal for those who love swimming or having a beach escapade. With the use of this FlexSafe product, you don’t need to bring a transparent pouch while having your island hopping with friends.

FlexSafe Features an Easy to Attach and Detach Function

As we have mentioned above, this FlexSafe product features a belt loop and hook. It only means that this portable safe can be detached and attached quickly and easily to your stroller, wheelchairs, chairs, gold carts, closet rods, umbrellas, as well as bicycles.

FlexSafe comes up with Water-Resistant Feature

One of the great features that you will surely love about this FlexSafe product is that it is water-resistant. With this feature, you are not required to buy and carry any transparent storage box that is usually being used by those individuals who love the island hopping. With the use of FlexSafe, rest assured that your valuables and other low-value things are dry and safe at the same time.

Other Security Benefits of FlexSafe

FlexSafe comes up with a slash-resistant and water-resistant feature, and these features are not the only excellent things that you will find when you use this FlexSafe portable safe product. From its outer cover, you will see that it has numerous mesh pockets that can accommodate different items that have low value for you, such as goggles, pencils, and many others. There is nothing for you to worry about water spills. It is because there is a hole at the bottom area of this product that will enable you to drain the water out and turn it into a sunny dried product.

Aside from the aforementioned features of the said products above, this FlexSafe also comes up with an excellent combination lock at its outer cover. This belt bag-like product also features a magnetic-locking flap that comes up with a high-quality zipper. These features will ensure that the things that are important to you will be kept inside the pouch securely. This product does not feature dividers or pockets inside of it. It only means that this product will provide you with sufficient storage space to keep your cards, phones, wallets, and other important items.

Pros and Cons of FlexSafe


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Five layers of materials that come up with a slash-resistant feature
  • RFID blocking material
  • It can be attached to stable objects, such as chairs, bicycles, and many others
  • It can be turned into the size that you prefer
  • It can be packed ad carried easily
  • Flexible and portable
  • It comes up with a combination password which will give your valuables extra protection
  • It is reasonably priced and has a price rate that is perfect even for those who have a tight budget.
  • It will provide you with excellent customer service that can help you to solve any issues regarding the product.
  • Good build quality, standard size, and is a great product.


  • It has a larger locking mechanism that might give you a hard time to grasp it.
  • It might give you an uncomfortable feeling while accessing its zipper.
  • It is a quite flimsy item, but it is a great one.
  • Make sure that you will place your valuable items inside of it properly organized.

Buying Guide for FlexSafe

At this time, you know the features, as well as the pros and cons of using FlexSafe. You might probably see this item on different social media sites or on your televisions, which cause you to look at some of the reviews about it. In spite of it, do you want to purchase this product? Have you ever thought of a situation that you will enjoy the rest of your day on a beach without thinking about your valuables being stolen or misplaced?

flexsafe reviews

Well, similar to the other individuals out there, you might be thinking that you really need to purchase this product to protect your valuables against the thieves and criminals out there. This is the perfect item for you to keep your personal items securely, most notably when you are at the beach or on travel. But wait, before clicking the “Add to cart” button, make sure that you know the factors that you need to consider for this item. Considering the possible factors before buying a FlexSafe portable safe product does not mean to spoil the excitement and fun that you have. Instead, it is one of the ways to ensure that you are purchasing a product that is worth your money. Aside from that, making your valuables safe is like having an investment. You are investing in a storage pouch that will make your valuables and other things more secure.

Aside from taking a look at the features that a product has, it would be a great idea if you will dive into its excellent features deeper. To give you a guide, we have provided a list of the things that you should keep in mind when you are planning to purchase your own portable safe. Read on to know more about it.


Since a portable safe item will enable you to protect your valuables even if you are not around, it would be great if you are going to invest your money to a good one. Keep in mind that no one wants to get trauma because their valuable items were stolen by thieves, and their personal information is being manipulated by criminals. It is always a good idea to know more about the product that you will have as an exchange to your money. On the one hand, we are not saying that buying an inexpensive item will not give you a high-quality work. Well, if the inexpensive one has the features that you want, then there is nothing for you to doubt it and purchase it while you can still have it.

Flexsafe reviews

Additional Storage Pockets

As we mentioned several times ago, FlexSafe features a mesh pocket that you can found in the outer area of the product. Some of the brands out there do not feature additional storage pockets. Well, some of you might think that additional storage pockets are not a necessity since you want to keep your valuables safe and secure. FlexSafe will always ensure your valuable’s safety. But it will also provide you with these pockets that are designed to accommodate your non-valuable things. You might consider placing your pen, pencil, comb, or other things that are not-so-expensive but you still need while you are on travel. Whether the portable safe features additional storage pockets or not, it will always depend upon your needs if you are going to purchase it or not. At the end of the day, these additional pockets are considered to be a bonus since the most important idea here is the interior storage design.


There are a numerous portable safes out there that can be fixed to the different stable objects, including stroller, chair, curtain rods, and many others. Do these portable safes feature belt loop, a magnetic mechanism, hooks, or is it a simple strap? Aside from that, it is essential for you to look if it features resistant to the different factors, including water, dust, or even fire, when there is a situation that sand or liquid gets inside the pouch. Are these portable safes can dry up and remove materials inside of it easily and quickly? Aside from checking its safety key features, it is crucial for you to look for its versatility. If a portable safe comes up with a versatility feature, then there is no doubt for you to purchase it.

Built and Material

Is the portable safe that you will buy made up of stainless steel, nylon, or even poly canvas fabric? One of the critical things that you should consider when buying a portable safe is the materials used for constructing it. It is okay if you are going to purchase a portable safe that is made up of steel materials. But the question is, is it alright for you to carry an item that has a heavier weight? We think that heavier portable safe will cause hassle to your travel. In addition to that, it is essential for you to look if the materials or the fabric used in constructing it have the capability to resist the slashing techniques of the thieves out there.


If you are fond of traveling, it will always be a good idea if you are going to purchase a portable safe that will perfectly fit in your luggage easily. It is also crucial for you to consider the items that you will place inside the pouch. Generally, the things that you usually place inside a bag contain your keys, mobile phones, pieces of jewelry, passports, and wallets. There are some situations that some individuals need to take their gadgets, such as tablets, laptops, or GoPro, while they are on a trip. So, if you prefer to take your laptops and other gadgets with your travel, make sure that you will purchase the one that has a larger storage space to accommodate your preferred devices.


One of the most factors that you should consider while buying a portable safe is its safety. Make sure that you will purchase the one that can make your valuable items more secure while you are not around. Aside from that, ensure that you will purchase a product that features a topmost protection system for your important items. Ask yourself if the portable safe comes up with a lock mechanism? Does it come up with a number of digital lock combination? When you have doubts about the safety features that a portable safe offers, it would be a waste of your investment and might give you shame. Besides its lock mechanism, there are lots of portable safes out there feature a zipper, and to keep your items safer, it also comes up with a magnetic lock. We recommend you to choose an item that comes up with numerous features rather than less. Keep in mind that there is no one who desires to get stressed or irritated rather than enjoying their whole day for their outdoor activities.

How Much Does FlexSafe Cost?

Upon reading the factors that you should consider we have listed above; it is time for you to know the price rate of the FlexSafe portable safe. Since it is one of the most durable items that are available on the market, you can ensure that your money will be worthy. It is because it has a wide range of works that can be given to you. This FlexSafe item will provide you with the security that you want to ensure that your valuables are properly secured. Aside from that, this portable safe does not feature complex instructions, so you can ensure that you can use it easily. The following are the price rate of every package of FlexSafe.

Flexsafe Reviews

One Piece of FlexSafe

If you want to buy a single piece of FlexSafe, it has a price rate of 59.99 US Dollars. The said price covers the shipping charges, as well as the handling charges.

Two Pieces of FlexSafes

When you purchase a single piece of FlexSafe, you now have a 25 percent discount for the second item you will buy

So, it only means that rather than buying the two pieces of FlexSafes for 119.98 US Dollars, you are required to pay it for only 104.98 US Dollars. Thus, you have saved for about 15 US Dollars.

One thing that you will love about the price rate of this package is that there are no additional shipping fees that you will pay if you are living in areas inside the US.

Three Pieces of FlexSafes

Since buying three pieces of FlexSafes will give you a great discount, this package is the most popular one.

When you are going to purchase two pieces of FlexSafe, you will automatically have a 75 percent discount for your third item.

Rather than paying for three pieces of FlexSafe for a total of 179.97 US Dollars, you are required to pay three FlexSafe for only 134.98 US Dollars. It only means that you have saved for about 44.999 US Dollars.

People who are living within the US will be provided for free shipping when they prefer this package.

Frequently Asked Questions about FlexSafe

“What is a portable safe?”

Answer: A portable safe, or also called as the travel safe is one of the necessities of every traveler. It is also considered to be an excellent choice that will ensure the safety of your valuable items from the thieves and other criminals. Upon hearing the word “portable safe,” you might be thinking that it is heavy and bulky duty safe, but honestly, it is not. In fact, it is a travel-friendly item because it is lightweight and portable. This item might have similar features to the heavier ones, but it is made up of lightweight materials or fabric that can endure the dust, moisture, water, and many others.

“Is it fire-resistant or water-resistant?”

Answer: Since we are now living in an era where the uses of technology are continuously increasing and improving, portable safes are constructed with the use of durable materials that are perfect for withstanding water. But unfortunately, it is not made up of materials that can ensure fire.

“Is it heavy?”

No. This FlexSafe portable safe has a weight of 9 oz, which makes it a lighter type of portable item. It only means that you can carry it wherever you go or mount it with the stable objects, including the curtain rods, your chair, and many others.

“Does it have a GPS locator for tracking if in case it has been stolen by someone?”

Unfortunately, no. This item does not feature GPS technology. But, the creators of this product have promised that they will create another portable safe that will feature the said technology.

“Is there a reset code if I can’t unlock the FlexSafe?”

If this situation happened, we recommend you to contact their customer support. As they respond, they will immediately provide you with your current combination code. After that, it is advised to save the system to your accounts to ensure that you will still have access to it when forgetting the combination code happens again.

“Does FlexSafe comes up with a warranty?”

Yes. This item comes up with a warranty, but it only lasts for 30 days or one month. If some issues happened with your portable safe product, it is our work to contact their customer support to ask for a replacement or refund within the said period of warranty.

“If I have questions about the item, whom and where should I go?”

If you are experiencing problems or have questions about the portable safe, make a call to their customer service and tada! Your FlexSafe problem is answered.

“How many items can I store inside the FlexSafe? Can I store inside of it my two mobile phones?”

Yes, two mobile phones can be placed safely inside this travel safe. In fact, it does not feature additional pockets or dividers inside of it. Thus, it only means that you will have a broader space to hold many items as you want to. With this, misplacing or dropping your mobile phones in different areas while you are enjoying your trip will be prevented.

“Does FlexSafe features different varieties of colors, rather than black?”

Fortunately, no. This FlexSafe portable item only comes up with a single color, which is black.

“Does this portable safe comes up with a motion detector?”

Unluckily, no. But it has its latest model, which is the FlexSafe+ that comes up with a solar charger, motion detector, and other features that you will surely love. If you want to have a travel safe pouch that features a motion detector or an alarm, you might consider purchasing their updated one.

“Are there some ways to reset my FlexSafe’s combination code?”

Yes. You can reset your FlexSafe’s combination code if you think that anyone can easily open it. But it is not you who will reset it, it is the knowledgeable person who must perform the reset process. If this happens, make sure that you will contact the FlexSafe’s customer service. They are capable enough to reset the combination code of your FlexSafe. With this, ensure that you will save or memorize the code to prevent this scenario from happening again.

Final Verdict

In this world, most of us love to discover different things through traveling. One of the problems that we might encounter while traveling is the security of our valuables from the thieves and criminals. There are times that we can’t keep our eye to our bags, and might cause to our valuables to be stolen. There are lots of ways that you can do to prevent this scenario. You might consider keeping an eye on your items or purchase a journey or portable safe. As we mentioned a while ago, this mobile-safe product is the most recommended must-have items for those who are travel wanderer.

So, if you are one of them, you might consider purchasing one. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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