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iMemories Reviews

iMemories Reviews


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  • Easily convert EVERY old memory into a high resolution digital format
  • FREE labeling & organizing of all memories
  • Get every original back – Guaranteed
  • Affordable Way To Convert Your Memories
  • Quickly download everything to your computer, hard drive, DVD


  • advertising emails and spam sent to former customers
  • Production that took up to a month or longer

Bottom Line: With the help of imemories, you can now have the easiest way in regards to making a digital record of your entire home photos and movies. With this device, you can create your customized DVDs and share them with your family members and friends.

Pros: The steps of sending your final work with iMemories are easy and will enable you to get your DVDs back and send your films to the mail. You are allowed to make editing and preview with your final product. You can also get your work done within a month or less.

Cons: Some users of this iMemories device are claiming that the company is sending them incorrect mail after they sign up the request form or utilized their service.

What is iMemories?

iMemories Review – Convert Your Old VHS Tapes To Digital Format

Are you one of those individuals who have parents who love to take photos and videos? Do you still keep those old movies and pics that were made by your parents many years had passed? Varying upon the time when the vids were filmed, or the photos were taken, you might have a hard time looking for a proper projector that can show those pics and vids clearly. iMemories is one of the best companies around the world that are capable of giving you a helping hand when it comes to preserving your home memories.

The only thing that you should do is to send your preferred video to the company. After that, the company will do the entire work of creating a copy of your vid into a disc and sent it to you with your originals, as well as their finished works. There are two types of drives that you can choose from, the traditional DVDs and the Blu-Ray discs. Either of the two discs will enable you to get a duplicate video that you want. The company does not only work with videos, but it can also preserve your family and home photos that you can reminisce about in the future.

We are all aware that there are lots of companies with similar caliber out there. These numbers of companies might get you overwhelmed. That is the reason why we will provide you with imemories reviews that cover the complete information that you should know about the service. We created this review through consulting the company’s official site, try the service ourselves, and research of different public opinions about iMemories online. With the help of this review, you can notice the problems that other users had experienced about this service and know the different reasons why you should hire their assistance. Rest assured that this iMemories review will help you to decide whether you should purchase their service or not. Aside from that, we will also provide you with some alternatives that you might consider rather than the iMemories.

Who is this iMemories for?

If you are asking, who is this iMemories for? Well, the answer is for everyone. The service is designed for those who have lots of family videos that they store in a box for many years. Do you have parents who are fond of recording each of your holiday celebrations and family vacations? With these movies, you can reminisce about the fun that you had during that time. Watching those home videos with your loved ones and other family members are one of your great ways to share the memories that you had with your late loved ones. We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of other companies out there that offer the same service with iMemories. But, this company has lots of positive reviews compared to its competitors. It is because their service will provide you with the convenient and most accessible way of sending their final work with the videos you have submitted to them. They will also help you in deciding which of their services are better to perform with your video. You can ensure that you will get your videos from them within a month or less. You are not required to visit their area because they will send their final product directly to your area.

The service of iMemories is perfect for everybody, including those people who:

  • Are worried about losing the old films and photos taken by their parents
  • Wants to have a more precise document of their family history
  • Children who wish to have a great gift idea for their dad and mom
  • Parents who are looking for the best service that will help them to preserve their old movies and photos as a preparation for the next generations
  • Those who are not knowledgeable enough and don’t have the proper equipment needed to transfer the old pics and vids to a DVD or any disc

Upon reading this iMemories reviews, you will know how the company will send your memories into a digital format and the other things that they offer.

How iMemories Works?

Now that you have learned the price rate of iMemories, one of the things that you should know is the process of how it works. The technicians of the said company will preserve your memories in just a few easy steps. You will begin by browsing your family, films, movies, pics, and other memories and decide which of these memories you want to preserve. Once you already pick which memories you want to undergo the process of preservation, the next thing that you should do is to make an iMemories account and send the company your items, together with the things you want to happen to them. If you are ready to send your items, you might consider picking the SafeShip kit for a safer transaction of items. But, if you have a tight budget, you might consider making your own safe box and send it to the company together with your items.

When the iMemories company had your items already, they will digitize it carefully and properly. This process will ensure that your photos and videos will be enhanced. You might notice that your films, movies, and photos will look brighter, which will make it easier for you to see it clearly. When the process of digitization is done, the next thing that you should do is to know the things you want to do next. The process of digitization will enable you to download your original vids and pics to your laptops and mobile devices for easy sharing. If you are planning to have additional services above, you can perform it online. iMemories is a company that will enable you to look back to your memories for the future years. Aside from that, you can also pick one of their services offered.

iMemories and Order Tracking

To make sure that your items will be shipped securely, the said company will provide you with their online package tracking feature. To do this, write your shipping label number on your mobile devices and utilize it through online in checking the progress of your package. This feature will enable you to determine as the box of items makes its path from the head office to your home and vice versa.

Safety First

For the numerous public opinions about iMemories that we have read when we are writing this iMemories review, they emphasized the motto in terms of the company’s safety. The said company wants to perform possible things in protecting the memories given to them by their customers. Whether you prefer shipping your items with the provided shipping kits or send it yourself, make sure that the box you will ship clearly contains the full address of the company as well as yours. Aside from that, the company will also provide you with a customer card that you can sign up to give exact details to iMemories about the things that you want them to do with your items.

There are lots of big-name companies, as well as individual customers who prefer using iMemories for many years. The company had been built its reputation to the industry in terms of giving their clients the exact work and ensures that even a single scene in the film or video will be preserved. Way back in December 2018, it is concluded that the said company does not lose any item or package that was given to them by their customers. If their technicians find out that your image comes up with too much damage or your movies are degraded, they will immediately tell you about it and help you to decide other appropriate options that will ensure your movies and pics will be preserved. It is a reliable company that you can trust. So, what are you waiting for? Send your memories to iMemories and let them handle the process of preserving your items. You may also like MSpy Review.

What are the Things that You can Send to iMemories?

iMemories Reviews

Well, you can send anything you want to be preserved to iMemories. You are allowed to send photos and vids that you want to be compiled in a single storage disc. Most of their clients are sending them the old vids and films that they have been recorded during the 1980s and 1990s. The said company are always ready to accept a wide range of video types or format that was documented earlier than the 1980s. These video types and forms include the smaller mini tapes and full-size tapes that were being used to record with a camcorder.

Aside from that, you are also capable of sending vids that your family members were taken and stored in a regular reel. The different film production houses were using regular reels as their storing space during the past few years in the field of entertainment. They switched their storage space into a digital format during the latest years. In spite of the age of your videos, there is a higher possibility that these videos will be preserved clearly with the help of iMemories. They are willing to get films that were documented as early as the 1930s. Possibly, you are searching for the ways that you can afford to make your old videos and photos taken off from your computers, but cannot precisely remember where these files are saved. If you are one of them, you might consider using a photostick and send these files you want to preserve to iMemories.

You might be thinking that iMemories can only perform their service on films and videos, but you’re mistaken. Their service can also be performed for preserving photos. Are you still saving those old photo slides from your family vacations and adventures and don’t have applicable ways to view or play those photo slides? If yes, then we recommend you to send these slides to the iMemories company. Upon posting them, you are required to wait for about four weeks or less to get back the photo slides compiled to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. As a result, you can save a single drive containing all your photo slides yourself or give it as a gift present to your loved ones. The said company is considered to be the best since they are capable of transferring different types of movies, films, and photos into a single disc.

Services Available from iMemories

iMemories Application

One of the basic services that iMemories will provide is iMemories application. The app provided by the said company is free. It only means that you can download it and use it for free. By the way, you can get it from Amazon and other app stores. You can download it many times as you want. Thus, you can download it on your tablet or mobile phone and make a copy to your laptops.

From the first use, you will be presented with a popup that will acquire for your permission. It is because the said app will create some changes and access your vids and photos. The said application will provide you with the digital files that were saved on your gadget. Aside from that, they will also enable you to move these files to another location. Besides, you are also allowed to utilize the said application in transferring different contents, such as photos, movies, and files to other devices or an external flash hard drive.

Disc Transfer

If you are one of those who don’t want to see your old photos, films, and movies scattered in every corner of your shelves or boxes anymore, then there is a high possibility that you want to find a company that features disc transfer options. This feature of iMemories will enable you to send your memories, such as films and vids to a disc. This will allow you to watch your memories on your DVD player or TV through a gaming console. You will be presented with two types of discs, which are the Blu-ray disc and the DVDs. The price rate of Blu-Ray disc is for about 14.99 US Dollars and the DVD has a price rate of 9.99 US Dollars.

The said company will ensure that they will send back your memories, together with their made copy directly to your area. When you are going to pick this service of them, you are required to pay additional charges for the disc cost and the transfer charges.

Thumb Drive

We cannot deny the fact that we usually use a flash or thumb drive on our day-to-day basis. This is always true when we are at the office or school. iMemories is one of the few companies that will provide you with a single thumb drive in the package. It is being used not only for preserving your films and movies online. It is also utilized to copy these files to a thumb drive, which will enable you to plug it into your tablet, laptop, or computer easily and quickly. This thumb drive is perfect for those who desire to share their pics, movies, and films. It is because you can get it easily and send it to your loved ones. This drive can be purchased for only 19.99 US Dollars to ensure that your memories will be stored safely inside an 8GB thumb drive.

 Cloud Storage

The iMemories company will also provide you with their iMemories cloud storage. This feature will provide you with a work that will back-up all the files stored on your computer or laptop. It cannot be denied that hard drives are one of the most sensitive devices. You can lose your desired videos and pics when you accidentally misuse the drive. This is one of the reasons why iMemories cloud storage is considered to be a must-have item. It is because it will back-up all your files, so you can ensure that even your mobile phone has been damaged, your files, movies, films, and pics are secured. This service will also enable you to have a full access to your files. Aside from that, you can also view all your saved files from different devices you prefer to use. For a cloud storage, you can have it for only 5.99 US Dollars every month. But, you can sign it up and pick for a yearly package and pay for only 49.99 US Dollars annually.

iMemories reviews

Pros and Cons of iMemories


  • It has an accessible process that starts from the sending process of your items up to the time of getting it back together with the finished product.
  • You can customize your memories that are compiled in a Thumb drive, Blu-ray disc, or DVDs, which will enable you to share it with your family members and friends.


  • Some clients of iMemories stated that they have received a video that does not feature the content they have given to them.
  • Some of their customers are also claiming that the company send them a wrong mail after using the service or during signing the iMemories’ request form.

Frequently Asked Questions about iMemories

“How Much Fees Should I Pay with iMemories?”

The price rate that you need to pay with iMemories will always depend upon the things that you want to do with the items that you have sent to the company. If you are saving different videotapes and you plan to preserve all of them with the help of iMemories, the said company will require you to pay for about 19.99 US Dollars for every videotape that you will submit to them. One of the best features of their service that you will surely love is that they will not depend on the price rate they will charge to you on the videotape’s length. It only means that even if you are going to submit a single video that is running for about 80 minutes or more, you will be charged with the same fee.

On the other hand, you need to pay a little higher price rate when you are going to send them your film reels. It is because the process of conversion takes some time compared to the conversion process of videotapes. The technicians are required to perform the process carefully to ensure that their performance will not cause any damage to your reels. You are in need to pay for about 19.99 US Dollars or every 50 feet of your film reel. This information will enable you to calculate the possible price rate that the company will charge you. In terms of the images, you are required to pay the company of 0.79 US Dollars for each photo that you will submit to them. This is also a similar rate that the company will charge for the photo slides.

There are some times that you have some exclusive promos from them. The company usually gave their promos during the holidays. These specials will help you to lower down the price rate that you will pay. So, rather than paying for more than 19.99 US Dollars, the company will charge you 12.99 US Dollars for your reels and videotapes. When it comes to the images, rather than paying 0.79 US Dollars for each image and slide, with their specials, you will be charged for only 50 cents for preserving each slide or photo.

“What are the Videotape Formats that iMemories will Accept?”

  • Hi8
  • Mini DV
  • VHS and VHS-C
  • 8 mm Tape
  • Betamax

“What are the Choices for Sending Films, Movies, and Photos to iMemories?”

There is a high possibility that you are looking for this iMemories review because you want to know the choices that you need to pick in terms of sending photos, movies, and films to the company. Before you fill out the form for hiring their services, you might ask yourself about the things that you can do to send and submit your memories. The iMemories company will provide you with two choices. For those who are looking for the utmost protection for their memories, we recommend you to choice SafeShip Kit. Upon choosing this option, the company will send back your memories safely to maintain your tapes and photos secured. This shipping option will send your photos, films, or movies back to you with bubble cushions wrapped around it. These bubble cushions can withstand the drops and shocks effect. Aside from that, you will also be provided with the waterproof bags that will be wrapped around your items to ensure their safety against the different weather conditions, such as snow and rain.

Every SafeShip kit features a box that can endure the possible damages that might be resulted from an accident box dropping. On the other hand, you are required to pay additional charges for this kit. But, we ensure that the kit worth the price. Most customers prefer to pay additional charges rather than putting the safety of their items at risk. If you are one of those who want to save money, you might consider preparing your own safety box and send them to the company together with the items you want to preserve. The only thing that you need to do is log in to your account and pick your desired service. iMemories will offer you their address that you will need.

“What are the things that you need to do to send your Photos and Tapes to iMemories Yourself?”

  • The first thing that you should do to send your preferred items to iMemories is to decide which of your memories you want to preserve.
  • The next thing that you should do is to have an online iMemories account and pick their service you want to purchase.
  • The third step is to fill out the customer card completely with all the details about your item.
  • The fourth step is to create your own safety box if you want to save money or pick their SafeShip kit. After that, send your items along with your items with the shipping address that is given to you by the company.
  • The last step that you need to do is to find the nearest local post office and drop your items there.

“What are the Film Formats that iMemories Accept?”

  • Black and white film and other colored-films
  • Super 8
  • 16mm
  • 8mm

“How can I Download Pics and Vids from iMemories?”

  • The first thing that you should do to download vids, pics, and other memories that you want from iMemories is to check its official website and create your online account.
  • The next thing to do is to click the film, video, or image that you desire to download.
  • Check the button for “download” and click it.
  • Save your desired video or image under your preferred title.
  • If you are planning to download images for many times, just follow the instructions listed above.

“What are the Things that You can Send to iMemories?”

  • Partially damaged or fully damaged videos and photos
  • Different types of tapes
  • Analog photos
  • Black and white movies and films
  • Kodachrome and numerous types of colored movies and films.

“Why should I use Digitization Service?”

Only a few of the numerous families out there don’t have an everyday chance to sit down on a couch and watch home movies. I know that some of you are keeping an old 8mm video that was taken by your late grandfather or grandmother when you were young. You might also have watched this video many years ago. Most of the individuals who own these video boxes don’t have the idea that it can be damaged when you store it at the wrong place. So, by the time that you and your family members will watch it again, you can no longer see any clear scenario included in the video. We know how irritating it is. So, with the help of digitization service, including the one that is provided by iMemories company, it will help you to preserve your memories as a preparation for the future years.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get from using the digitization service of iMemories. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

  • When you use the iMemories’ digitization process, you can create your own copy of your memories to share it with your relatives and other family members easily.
  • It features formats that are not prone to damages which other companies are
  • You are not required to use other quality-made equipment in viewing those memories you have preserved.
  • The formats that it featured can be stored easily and quickly.

We personally love the feature of iMemories, which will enable you to create copies of those photos and videos that you want easily and quickly. It will only take you for about a minute or two to download various copies of the memories you have been uploaded to the site. In connection with that, it will also enable you to print and edit your desired photos.

“What are the things that can possibly cause damage to your home movies?”

  • Utilizing improper materials or equipment in playing or viewing those movies or films
  • Heavier items that are being placed on the storage box of the movies or film
  • The lint and dust in the environment are also one of the causes of damaged home movies
  • Very low or high weather temperature
  • Direct exposure to sunlight

“How long does the process takes?”

The time duration of the process of preservation of photos, movies, and films will always depend upon your decision – how you want the finished product to look like. If you choose the digitization process for your images, you are required to log in to your iMemories account and get your photos back within a week or two. Customers who want the iMemories’ technicians to perform photo scanner or video scanner to save their videos and photos on a disc might be done for quite a long time and might take more than two weeks.

Aside from that, expect that you will get preview orders for a little longer. When you prefer the preview order, the iMemories will post your images or videos on their page and will enable you to browse it and choose which one you want to be used in creating the final work. The company will take for about three weeks or more in terms of posting your items online. It only means that you need to wait for an additional two weeks or three to get your disc that contains your memories. As additional information, DVD disc-compiled orders might be processed easier and faster compared to those Blu-Ray disc-compiled orders. That is the reason why some people prefer using DVD discs rather than Blu-Ray ones.

If you opt for preview orders, expect that the company will send you emails that will notify you about the time that you can check your memories online. Aside from that, they will give you a month to decide what service you want to perform with your items. As we mentioned a while ago, the process for preview orders might take a little time when you prefer compiling it in a Blu-Ray disc. But, if you are one of those who want to get their photos after the process of digitization, we recommend you to use their featured application to save and browse your images online.

“How does the iMemories application works?”

  • To use the app of iMemories, you should first download the app to your laptop, computer, mobile phone, or any other mobile device. Don’t worry because it is free.
  • Make your account on the app with your current email add.
  • Hit the button for “Uploads” that is placed at the topmost area of your mobile device’s screen.
  • Pick the images that you desire to get from your files and folders.
  • From the button for “Downloads” hit the “download content” button and you are done!

“What are the things that I can do with iMemories application?”

Offline viewing

There are times that you don’t have your phone with you. It only means that you can’t view your photos and vids online. Thankfully, the iMemories app will enable you to perform offline viewing. Since it features cloud storage, you can upload your desired videos, films, movies, and photos from any mobile devices that you prefer to log in. In connection with this, you can also access the items you have uploaded with the use of the same mobile device. Aside from that, it will also enable you to download images to your gadgets to see them when you are offline.

Create Slideshows

Aside from offline viewing, one of the best things that you can do with the iMemories app is that you can make your own photo slideshows. This app will enable you to make photo slides that contain your pics when you are a kid until your recent age. It also features a wider screen. It only means that you can see the entire background of your photo easily.

Share Content

With the use of this handy and user-friendly application, your loved ones can now see your memories with the help of your social media accounts. It is compatible with Facebook and even on Twitter. It also works properly with other social media sites. It only means that you can share your memories with a wide range of individuals.

Cloud Storage

One of the best things that you will surely love about this app is that it features cloud storage. As long as you know your password, as well as your email address that you logged in, you can still use it in logging in with the other devices for you to see the vids and photos, as well as the newly uploaded ones.

“What are the benefits that I can get from the iMemories app?”

  • It is ideal to utilize for short or long duration videos
  • It will enable you to make use of your mobile phone as your photo scanner in uploading new images
  • It will provide you with immediate videos and photo uploads that you have taken with your mobile devices
  • It will allow you to watch videos that are on High-Definition on your mobile phones
  • It will provide you with easier and more convenient access.

 “Is there any content that iMemories will not accept?”

The following are the files that iMemories do not accept:

  • A content that contains violation scenes against the United States’ law
  • Commercial videos, including the television shows
  • A file that features a copyright. The iMemories will accept it unless their customer has been allowed by the copyright holder.
  • Any footages that feature people who engage in illegal works
  • Any adult footage or content that features nude body of whether male or female.

official website

Damaged and Broken Content

There are lots of customers out there who are wondering how iMemories edit their old vids and pics because their memories are already in poor condition. If you are one of them, there is nothing for you to worry about because iMemories accept broken and damaged contents. The first step that the company will perform before digitizing and preserving the items is to clean it. While cleaning can’t get rid of mildew or mold, the knowledgeable technicians of iMemories can diminish the layers of dust and lint that are placed on your old photo slides. They are also capable of removing the dingy sports resulted in the smoke. Their technicians will ensure that your items are clean and clear before they start the process of digitization and preservation. Also, check out about Photostick Mobile Review.

One of the things that you will surely love about this company is that they are capable of fixing the damaged and broken movies and photos. If you have kept an old movie that is torn accidentally by you or by your siblings, the specialists of the said company can fix it. They are capable of repairing broken movies and pics without charging you additional fees, which is great. While you don’t know how to edit your memories yourself, they will enable you to view your files online and pick which one to get rid of included in the disc.

How Much Does iMemories Charge

Web Uploading

Most of the iMemories reviews we have read stated that one of the best things that they love about the said company is that it provides a web-upload option. Are you one of those who are fond of saving a huge number of videos and photos on memory cards, whether from your old cameras or phones?  If yes, we know that you are thinking about the things that you can do to preserve all of them without losing even a single content. Some situations that are simple as placing your memory card on a table that is directly exposed to sunlight might cause your files saved in it erased and damaged. With the help of iMemories, you are now capable of sending your desired photos and movies that were saved in your SD cards to the other devices. Aside from that, the web uploading feature of iMemories will also enable you to upload some pics and vids to your online account.

The only thing that you should do is check their official site and log in to your email add. If you have your own computer card reader, you can easily insert your memory card into it. The site of the company will also require you to plug your phone or camera into your computer. After that, hit the button for “Add memories” that you can see on the screen of your phone and click the button for “upload.” It will enable you to upload your files from your PC or MAC. The site will also enable you to decide whether to pick the individual files or entire folders as your uploading options. The uploading time will always vary upon the size of your preferred content.


Buying Guide for Movies and Photos Digitization and Preservation Company


We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of companies out there that will provide you with a video tape transfer service and other services, such as movies and photo digitization and preservation. As a result, you might get overwhelmed with all of these companies. So, in this section, we will provide you with the things that you should consider when hiring movies and photos digitization and preservation company. Read on to know more about it.

Price Rate

One of the important factors that you should consider when hiring a photo and movie digitization and preservation company is its price rate. If you have a tight budget, this factor is crucial. Luckily, there are lots of companies out there that will provide you with a quality work without charging you a higher rate. But, before you hire them, make sure that they are trusted and reputable because you will trust your memories to them; and we are sure that you don’t want to lose your items because of trusting a wrong company.

Sharing Options

We know that you want to share your memories with a wide range of people. When hiring a company that will perform the movies and photos digitization and preservation processes, make sure that they offer various sharing options. There are lots of companies, including iMemories, that features a sharing option, which will enable you to share the memories that you had with your friends and family members through the use of social media sites.

Restores and Backups Data

We are sure that you don’t want to lose your memories in just a simple reason. To avoid losing important files and memories, make sure that you will choose a company that is capable to backup and restore data. Luckily, iMemories features a cloud storage that will enable you to have a full access to your files even if you are not in your home. You can view your memories with your mobile devices, which will save you from the hassles caused by a hard time looking for the location of your files.

Choose the one that can Prevent Deterioration

Vids, photographs, and films that were taken many years ago are not meant to last for a longer period. Usually, these files fade as time passes by. In connection with this, make sure that you will have a company that is capable of digitizing and preserving your memories while avoiding the signs of deterioration.

Memories can be Viewed in Different Devices

Find a company that will enable you the full access to your memories with the use of different devices. Fortunately, with the use of iMemories, you can view your files for free, whether you are online or offline. Aside from that, it also offers free applications and an online gallery.

The Competition

Since the uses of technology are continuously increasing and improving, all the things that we need that we think impossible before are now possible. These advancements of technology include high-tech houses, touched-screen gadgets, and many others. With the advancement of technology, you can now take photos and vids easily. One of the in-demand services in the field of photography and videography is the process of digitization. The said process covers the conversion of the vids and devices into a digital form. It is also possible for you to preserve your old films, movies, and pics. You may also like Photo Stick Review.

On the other hand, doing it by yourself might give you a 50-50 percent possibility or working or not. one of the advantages that you can get from doing it by yourself is that you are free to decide which design and items you want to preserve. However, it also has lots of disadvantages, including the possibility of damaging it when you perform it wrongly. Aside from that, you are also required to be charged for the equipment you will use to perform the process, and the equipment can be bought with hundreds of dollars.

If you don’t know the right method of restoring your aged images and films, you might consider hiring companies that offer the service that you want. On the other hand, some of them are much expensive compared to iMemories company.

One of the competitors of the said company is this ScanCafe. Similar to iMemories, it will provide you with tracking and preserving your old vids and pics. Since they have launched on public, they have been digitally preserved more than 150 images already. As you can see on their name, they also provide you with scanning and saving services to your photos, negatives, videos, and slides. You can also send them with a wide variety of video types and formats. One of the best features that you will love about this company is that they offer an a la carte and full-service package, which will enable you to pick your preferred package. But, when it comes to their price rate, it is noticeable that it is much higher compared to the price rate of iMemories.

The next competitor that we will present to you is the YesVideo. It is one of the well-known movies and pictures digitizing and preserving companies way back in 1999. Upon their appearance on the public, they have created over 10 million videos and photos and help a lot of people. One of the great things that you will love about this company is that you can pay their service and sign up in a wide range of methods. You can pay their service through Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, and other stores. They are also willing to digitize and preserve photos, videos, slides, and films that you will submit to them through email. Aside from that, you can send your preferred items in their stores. The online placement, as well as the processing of the preservation or digitization of your memories, might take for about three weeks. You might also consider placing your memories on a DVD disc. If you are asking if this company is accessible online, yes, it is. But, if you are going to ask which is better between YesVideo and iMemories, we will give our votes to iMemories.

The last alternative that we will give is this Legacybox. The Legacybox and the iMemories have the similar digitization and preservation processes offered. Similar to the iMemories, this company also accepts audiotapes, photos, and videos. On the other hand, they are not willing to perform digitization and preservation of photo slides. The Legacybox will require you, as their customer, to create your own box or purchase their box that will serve as the carrier of your items for shipping. Aside from that, if you are planning to download the items created by Legacybox, you will be charged with additional fees. But, when it comes to iMemories, you can customize your own box or purchase their ShipSafe kit to ensure the security of your items when these are being shipped. In addition to that, content downloading with iMemories will not charge you additional fees. It only means that it is free.

Should you Hire iMemories Company?

Now is the right time to decide whether you should hire the said company or not. One of the important things that you should know about iMemories is that it will charge you additional fees to pay for the return shipping. It only means that they will charge you for about 19.99 US Dollars to get your original files, as well as the copied ones. Even though you already pay for the SafeShip kit that they offer, you are still required to pay the return shipping charge to get back your contents.

The following are some of the disadvantages that we have found out throughout this review;

  • Some people claim that their original photos and tapes are not recovered
  • There are lots of spam and advertising emails that are being received by the other clients
  • Their process of digitizing and preserving your files might take too long
  • Some customers stated that they have received a disc that features memories of the other customers
  • They also stated that the finished work of iMemories feature a poor-quality content

If these problems with iMemories made you hesitant about buying the product, take note that there are lots of clients who were satisfied with the final product delivered to them by the company. One of the things that they love about iMemories is the fact that they can use and access the app without paying for additional charges. But, take note that the app they offer only works with the vids and pics that are currently existing on your tablet, computer, or mobile phones. When it comes to the movies that were stored on reels, and other formats, we recommend you to send these contents to the said company.

Former customers also stated that they love how the company handles various movie formats and types. As stated by the iMemories company, they are capable of converting a wide range of movie formats and types into a digital format which will enable you to watch your memories again and again on a television or computer. You are also allowed to access your iMemories account and check your videos and images on your television which is connected on Wi-Fi or other forms of internet connection. As a result, you can now share your preserved memories with your loved ones, friends, and family members in every corner of the world easily.

The following are some of the reasons why most customers love the work of iMemories;

  • Fast Response Time – iMemories feature a faster time of response. Upon sending your items to the said company, they will immediately give you their response within a day or less. If you have queries about their service, you are also allowed to give them a phone call. Most of the former clients of iMemories share their public opinion stating that the company delivered their orders in just a month or less.
  • UPS Store optionThis is one of the best storage options that iMemories offer. All you need to do is to sign up the form and their clerk will assist you in packaging your content. This option will ensure that your memories will be shipped and delivered safe and sound.
  • Commitment to Safety – The former customers of iMemories also admire the dedication, time, and care given to their contents by the company. It is not only because they will provide you with a SafeShip kit to ensure that your files will be secured during the shipping proves, but they will also enable you to view the progress of your kit until it has been received.

What Can You Send to iMemories

Final Verdict

We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of companies that can digitize and preserve your memories. But, with the huge numbers of the company, it would be hard for you to pick which one is the best. If you are going to ask us which is the best company between ScanCafe, Legacybox, YesVideo, and iMemories, it is very obvious that we will give our vote to iMemories. It is not because we are reviewing the product, but because there are lots of benefits that you can get from the said company. One of these benefits is that you can access their application for free. It only means that you can view your vids, pics, and movies, even if you are online or offline. Another advantage is that iMemories accept a wide range of movie types and formats. And lastly, iMemories will not charge you for additional fees for repairing your broken or damaged vids and pics. Among the four companies, iMemories is the only one that has the capability to repair your damaged contents.

While you can store your vids, movies, and pics on your laptop, computer, or mobile phones, you might also consider working with a company that can restore and backup all the videos and movies that were documented by your parents when you are young. One of the companies that we can recommend to you is this iMemories. If you are going to read different reviews about the company, you might notice that these are all positive. So, if you are looking for the best company that can preserve your memories, do not hesitate to hire iMemories Company.

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