Making The Most Out Of The Augmented Reality

 Oftentimes we merge ourselves into the realities of the digital world. We delight ourselves by exploring the virtual world through games and other virtual experience. From arcades to Nintendo, and now online and mobile games, we have advanced virtually throughout the decades. We continuously move forward as we lead the 21st century towards blending the virtual world to the real world for different industries. As technology advances so our means to engage with the real world digitally. One of the advancements made is the augmented reality which enhances the interactive experience between the real world and computer generated objects. It is a trend in various fields due to its innovative nature and practical benefits. Compared to the virtual reality technology already present, AR apps instead of allowing us to engage in the virtual world, projects the virtual world to our physical environment. AR enhances sense of sight and hearing through graphics digitally. Augmented reality to simply put is augmented images come alive by physically projecting a virtual object to the real world with the use of a mobile device. AR heightens our experience of integrating digital information and the real world.

Through new heights of developments, augmented reality technology has provided different AR types:

  1. Marker – based Augmented Reality
  2. Marker – less Augmented Reality
  3. Projection Augmented Reality
  4. Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

Marker – based augmented reality uses a pattern or an image that AR focuses on. Marker – less augmented reality on the other hand uses GPS and digital compasses and adds location information on screen or about the objects that can be seen from the user’s camera. Through the use of location this type draws up data to show you information like restaurants and shops in the immediate area. It is usually used by travelers or used for activities which requires tracking locations. Projection augmented reality is where light is blown onto a surface and the interaction is done by touching the projected surface with hand. Superimposition augmented reality This is done by replacing the entire or partial view with an augmented view of the object. This is usually used in furniture stores or home depots to help customers visualize the space and its appearance. These different types satisfy various purposes, be it for traveling, education, manufacturing, and others. These developments satisfy the needs of the users and also improves the AR experience that fits a certain function or purpose.

 Just like any other apps, AR can be downloaded via the Google Play or iTunes store which is compatible with your phone. Since many of the augmented reality applications rely on a printed image to function, augmented reality trackers are necessary. Augmented reality tracking uses a specific pattern or image that an augmented reality app can recognize. AR trackers are usually flat and printed on paper or card, some are in a form of 3D objects like the merge cube. AR trackers are sometimes mistaken as QR codes but are different since QR codes technically are not projected; QR codes are only scanned to avail or pay something.

Stay digitally woke! Here are the steps on how to use AR tracking:

Step 1: First download and install the app on your device (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.)

Step 2: Then, download and print the tracker. (Curiscope offers free printable trackers)

Step 3: Open the app, and just let loading screen finish.

Step 4: Once you see a camera feed open with a blue square in the middle point your devices camera at the printed tracker. This is known as “scanning” the tracker.

Step 5: Once the app finally finds the pattern, it will automatically track the position of the pattern and       will accurately place a virtual object onto the tracker (so even if you keep on moving the printed pattern, the virtual object will moves with it).

Additional information on how to download Curoscope’s free printable AR tracker:

  1. Search for “Curiscope” on iTunes app store or google play and download the Virtuali – Tee app.
  2. Open the app and point your device at the tshirt above to open a portal into the human body. The digestive system and heart rate monitor are free to use with their printable tracker.
  3. You can check on their website curiscope for free lesson plans and resources

But as mentioned, because of the latest developments there are other AR apps that no longer need a printed tracker to display virtual objects in the real world. There are augmented reality apps that has motion capture as feature and uses devices sensors. AR apps used patterns back then, and now uses simply the environment as a tool to project virtual objects in the real world. Due to its accessibility and use, it can be claimed that augmented reality technology has a lot of benefits not only for the ordinary users but in a larger scale, different industries that adapted to this kind of technology.

Different industries benefit from this advancement. It paves the way for innovations and new opportunities for different markets or fields. In medicine, because of its 3D high definition video (and audio), it’ll be easier for doctors to view the patient’s condition through digital images. It’ll be easier for them to track down information of a patient. It has also made education more accessible and fun. Students now have an opportunity to enhance their learning through visualization. It also gives people a vast amount of opportunities for teaching and learning. Imagine being able to create your projects as an interior design, architecture or engineering student virtually which saves up more money than buying materials (also lessen trashes in the future). For medical students it helps them study the human body easily and digitally. They can also practice surgeries through this. This helps not only professionals but those in training to master the practical skills needed for their jobs before applying them in real life situations.


In addition to that, because of its benefits, it might even expand more its market for this year in the field of retailing and businesses. Globally known brand, Apple, made ARkit an innovation of AR technology which is similar to Google’s ARcore. It is because of the experience AR offers that the market is up to developing this technology to fit the purpose of their products. In the same way, it also helps manufacturers to save time and resources in designing and producing their products since AR features an object’s virtual size and appearance patterned in the real world. This can be applied to car parts as well; it’ll be easier to assemble parts and manage designs of a car. Businesses can create an interaction between them and their customers or prospects. This also gives the clients an opportunity to choose the right product for them. As for the customers, it gives them a sense of assurance on the products before purchasing them by visualization. It gives them confidence in deciding since they have control over what appeals to them most and what not; and they can also choose what to change and how to work things out virtually before purchasing. An example would be decorating houses, it would be easier to match colors and see if an appliance complements the rest of the house, what works for their house and what not. The early detection of design errors, inappropriate sizes, and other defects in either construction of a building, a car, or any product reduces the use of resources and time wasted. It also provides a simpler way to detect defective parts in a car, mobile phone or other gadgets that are to be repaired. AR technology has a great potential of  improving our everyday lives. Augmented reality can also be used in cars which will not only be an entertaining driving experience but can also be helpful in different ways for the drivers and the pedestrians.

Augmented reality truly has improved with more innovations. Augmented reality technology did not just end from projecting virtual objects; from the use of trackers to more advanced features that include augmented reality Bluetooth tracker. This added feature is like a lost and found tracker. Pixie which is an  app that finds your lost valuables right from your phone also offers a Bluetooth tracker with augmented reality feature. It is one of the best app for finding lost stuff. Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker is like a key tracker and finder of different lost stuff. Although we already have bluetooth tracker on our devices, Pixie augmented reality Bluetooth tracker made tracking not only easy but also entertaining. Through the Augmented reality tracker you can track your items in 3D space.

Pixie, a tiny Bluetooth transmitter which are shaped like guitar picks, triangulates the location of the objects who are tracking through the use of audio, and then now, through the mixture of augmented reality. So how does it work? One transmitter should be attached to your phone, and the other/s to objects you are most likely to lose but are important to you. These transmitters are connected to each other; basically they are the ones tracking each other so make sure that one transmitter is on your phone. Once you misplace an object, you just have to scan the area through the use of your phone with an AR app in a panorama way or form. A pixie dust will accumulate surrounding the area of the lost object which will be visible on your phone. The pixie dust technically does not accurately specify or point out where you item is, it just gives you or leads you close to the certain area where it is tracked to be. This feature made tracking for lost or misplaced objects not only easier but entertaining. Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth tracker gives you a real-time feed of the location of your objects. Another good thing about this innovation is that the pixie tracker can scan through the walls. Pixie tracker has a built in battery which is small and water resistant.


Pixie provides several transmitters (the guitar picks shaped objects) that when placed on your phones and other objects allow the Pixie software to create map of where those objects are. It sort of make a connection between all objects tagged by transmitters. The good thing about this is that, you get to locate all the objects that are important to you through this map whether you are currently looking for them or not; it already gives you an idea where you have placed each object in the room or area.

In conclusion, augmented reality tracker has provided great help and benefits to different users. ART also led to more innovations and developments. AR is engaging and entertaining for users or customers when used in a business. can be claimed that AR technology is not yet refined, but its fast development that goes with the increase of phones and gadgets, and the demands of the digital age, AR technology might be an app leading the globalization and marketing campaigns anytime soon.