Mobicip Review

Mobicip Review














  • Easy to Navigate and Clean Interface
  • Safer Internet Browsing for your Kids
  • Versatile
  • Great Design and Layout
  • Excellent Performance


  • Mobicip monitoring feature lacks sufficient customization offers
  • There is no live customer support
  • There is no monthly subscription option

Parenting in this digital age can be a real challenge. Modern kids usually spend most of their time online. They have been ultimately hooked with the online world definitely more than hours spent by their parents online. If you are a parent, you will surely agree that the longest screen time presents problems since there are many illegal, disturbing, and elicit websites that your children might come across with.

Moreover, with the increasing number of devices that children use to connect online, parents will surely find it hard to monitor their entire activities. This is where parental control services significantly come to play. There are numerous applications and software available these days providing parental control function, but not all can really suit your exact needs.

One highly considerable option is Mobicip. This comprehensive Mobicip review can provide you clearer insights about the features, pros and cons, and how this software really works.

What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is spy app software giving you the ability to block negative web content, restrict the use of dangerous applications, and limit the screen time. This is a great help in keeping your children safe and protected while using their mobile and computer devices.

This provides a reliable parental control service suited to this new generation. Mobicip was actually named after Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA that regulates safe access to the internet provided by libraries and schools. This was actually initially designed for the purpose of creating a safer environment for learning online. But over the years, the purpose was shifted and expanded into a tool for parental control. This software can guarantee the safety of your kids online.

Aside from these, this software also allows users to remain updated and connected with their family’s online activities. Users can also check on the browsing history, restrict online access, and examine software usage. Mobicip is known for its different good features that make this software more functional and reliable. You can start reading Mobicip review to learn more about this parental control software.

Getting Started with Mobicip

Mobicip provides security service offering monitor applications for mobile devices. This software is the key to monitor somebody’s browsing activity conveniently. To get started, do the following:

  • Set a particular client into the device that you wanted to monitor to get easily started. Download and then install the Monitor app into your phone.
  • You then need to launch the Mobicip Monitor App. The next thing to do is to log in using your Mobicip log in credentials
  • After this, you will notice that there’s a list of the filter profiles. Choose a profile in order to gain access to wide-ranging use reports. You can also check the browsing history here, block particular pages, and enable access to particular sites.
  • The last step is going back into the menu and choosing profiles in case you wanted to edit them. Adding a photo can also be done, alternate each profile’s level of filtering.

The Mobicip Monitor app is an important tool in managing your account in Mobicip from your mobile devices.

Unveiling Mobicip‘s Main Features


One of the great things that set this software apart from the rest is the excellent set of features. The main features of Mobicip are:

  • Remote Settings Control

Users can customize online filters and also some of the other features from the Mobicip dashboard. Recorded information will be displayed so that you can check this easily and conveniently on your dashboard anytime.

  • Report on Browsing History

This software generates a pie chart reflecting the browsing history and showing types of contents that are highly searched. The list of websites that are provided is also provided.

  • More Convenient Access with the Mobicip Monitor App

Installing the app in your device allows you to review the application usage instantly. This is compatible with Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. Mobicip for iPhone is now becoming more widespread and popular.

  • Access Requests

Each attempt to access blocked content will also be shown on your dashboard. Requests can also be managed remotely, rejecting or allowing access. You can get real-time access when your children are trying to request access to websites or blocked apps. This feature also helps in instantly approving or rejecting override requests.

  • Accountability Mode

Select the “monitor” filtering level to offer unrestricted online access. Users can also manage the levels to choose the level that best works for them.

  • Screen Time Limits

Users of this software can also restrict internet usage for any given profile. They can easily set the day and the time when access to the internet will be restricted for particular users. Aside from setting limits on screen time, this also unlocks family devices. The schedule of screen time will also be set in your kids’ device. This is to ensure that well-managed bedtimes and healthier levels of digital immersions. As soon as they reach the time limit, your kids won’t be able to access their games, apps, and even the internet.

  • View Location Feature

This Mobicip feature enables users to view the location of their targeted device anytime, anywhere. This also keeps you updated about your loved one’s whereabouts or the location where they are supposed to be. This feature helps parents a lot, especially in terms of locating their children. This parent monitoring tool also helps in ensuring that loved ones reach a party, a sleepover, a picnic, or reach school.

  • Supervise Videos

This is another essential feature that helps software users in managing their kids’ video access from different streaming sites and then set filtering that is appropriate for their age. You can use this in supervising video content and then set up age-appropriate and robust filtering.

  • Internet Filtering

This Mobicip feature helps users in filtering internet access based on particular categories such as animals, pets, education, literature, and more. Mobicip helps in creating a safer and more protected environment for the kids. Mobicip’s popular and advanced internet filter tends to dynamically scans online content in real-time. This also goes beyond just keywords and URLs.

  • Apps and Games

This is a feature allowing parents to disable distracting games and applications on their children’s devices. This is a great way of promoting healthy habits and boosting the kids’ academic results.

Pros and Cons of Mobicip

Just like other spy software, Mobicip also has its own set of pros and cons, but individuals are assured that the number of good points of this software outweighs the negative points. The pros and cons of Mobicip are highlighted below:


  • Easy to Navigate and Clean Interface

The web interface of Mobicip is easy to navigate and looks clean with its well-spaced elements in a mix of some muted colors. There are four convenient navigation sections, such as Family, Devices, Activity, and Messages. Users can access subscription settings and their accounts on the upper right-hand corner. But users have to note that there’s no option that enables the two-factor authentication.

Mobicip is known to follow modern suites for parental control in the market in the sense that this enables users to easily manage everything that concerns their kids’ online activities within the web browser.

Users also have the freedom to select their most preferred web browser. Mobicip gives them all the needed information regarding their kid’s habits and activities online within a particular web browser.

  • More Fluid Experience

With Mobicip, you can expect a more fluid experience. The user interface is easy to understand and follow, and apps pave the way for easy navigation. Just in case you are worried about encountering problems while running this software, don’t be. Mobicip actually have icons for every setting. This Mobicip review will reveal to you that you will not experience problems with Moibicip software.

  • Safer Internet Browsing for your Kids

Mobicip is a reliable cloud filtering service helping you create and maintain secure internet for your kids and even your entire family, business, and school. Your own Mobicip account enables you to make necessary adjustments on the internet filters allows you to monitor the browsing activities on many different devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets remotely from a mobile device or computer.

Unlike the other filters for iPhones, Mobicip for iPhone is one step further and provides you with complete control to effectively monitor browsing history and activities. Mobicip ensures your kids are protected and makes your mind at ease at the same time.

  • Versatile

This software supports many different platforms, such as Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

  • Great Design and Layout

The general design and layout of Mobicip are great. The user interface and the application are aesthetically pleasing. For your convenience, there are mobile apps and web user interfaces. The mobile apps are also noted for their excellent designs. This actually makes sense because you will need all these if you do not want to stress yourself while you set up Mobicip into your devices.

  • Excellent Performance

This software can guarantee you with excellent performance simply because of its cloud-based and dynamic internet filtering nature. Studies even revealed that Mobicip is superior to its competitors. This shows excellence, especially in terms of distinguishing between types of contents that children can see and contents that they cannot see.

It has been said that Mobicip’s systems of apps actually work by means of actively scanning actual contents of every web page. This just monitors the pages that users try to visit at a particular time, and this does not really depend on the backlogged database.

  • Reliable Support

This is also one of the most significant benefits of Mobicip. A lot of Mobicip reviews shared by users indicate how happy and satisfied they were with the reliable support offered by this software. If you are having some issues, you can easily get in touch with their technician and support staff through email. The company representative will instantly get back to attend to your needs as soon as possible.

Researches have been made for this Mobicip review, and it has been found out that clients and users are offered with dedicated and reliable customer support. The Mobicip representatives will also give you the best advice on proper ways to resolve your problems. Alternative methods will also be provided so that you have something you can resort to when the first way does not work for you.

  • Simple Set-Up

With Mobicip, there’s a single set up for the kids and the parents. Users can set this software up in parent mode into their smartphone, or they can scan the QR code so that the child device will be set up.


The software has its set of drawbacks, and Mobicip is not an exception to this. The cons of this parental monitoring are highlighted below:

  • Mobicip monitoring feature lacks sufficient customization offers
  • Though parents can actually monitor unlimited devices, there is a limit in the number of children they can monitor. Mobicip can monitor less than 10 children and doesn’t include real-time notifications and social media monitoring for the parents in case there’s an abuse
  • There is no live customer support
  • It is sometimes difficult to access the site if it’s busy
  • Only the free version features options for pre-defined filtering
  • There is no monthly subscription option
  • Compatibility

The Mobicip software is compatible with many different devices such as Android phones, iPads, Apple Watches, and iPhones. Mobicip also works on Windows and Mac computers.

This software does not really require you to jailbreak or root your kids’ phone to function. This is one of the few software out there that runs smoothly on many different devices. Mobicip for iPhones, Mobicip Chromebook, and even Mobicip on older phones and other devices is highly possible. Your kids will not see that this software application is installed, so they are kept from uninstalling or tampering this. Numerous parents love how this software is set up as well as the impressive level of control Mobicip gives them, especially in terms of tracking online activities and blocking content.

During testing, many parents would agree that this is easy to set up though they need to grant this with administrative permissions on every monitored device. Doing this would allow them to control target devices remotely from the app or from parent portal granting the children access to the phone itself and setting limits on internet activities and changing settings on monitored devices. Please read our review about Flexispy , spyzie & Net Nanny Parental Control App

Mobicip Review

  • Price

The Mobicip’s basic plan is free of charge, and this covers limited features. The basic subscription will not allow you to use the Mobicip monitor app in checking the records from a personal device. You can also opt for the Premium Plan if you consider the monitor app useful. Premium plan can cost around $39.99. The price varies depending on the plan you choose.

The different plans are designed to cater to different needs and types of customers. The first plan, which is the basic plan, is free of charge that includes options to block contents depending on the pre-defined filters, Safe Browser app installation on mobile and browser protection on desktops.

Additionally, the Premium Plan is also offered, and this is tiered piercing, but this still depends on the number of devices that you wanted to protect. Pricing for the premium plan also varies per year, and for a particular number of devices. Online management tools are also included in the Premium Plan as well as time limits, app monitoring on Android and iOS, browsing history reports, which can be imposed on any accountability mode and on any device.

Mobicip also offers the Enterprise plan, specially designed for larger institutions and schools which obtain custom quotes for the anticipated cost in protecting their networks regardless of the size.

What Customers are Saying

If you see Mobicip reviews, particularly those that are shared online, you will notice that most users and customers have nothing but great words about this product. The following are just a few of the many positive feedbacks from clients:

“Mobicip gives me the ultimate peace of mind. Now, I no longer worry about my kids being surrounded by negative things and influences that can surely affect their lives negatively. With this software, I am confident that my kids and my family will be safe and protected. I am so blessed to have come across Mobicip, and I am very much willing to incorporate this software into our lifestyle and our family structure as well. Thank you so much Mobicip.”

I definitely love this software’s cross-platform capability. I also love the website visits and reporting on apps. Mobicip is indeed a very promising spy and parental control software. I would highly recommend this software, particularly to parents who wanted to ensure the safety and protection of their kids in terms of internet access and use. “

“Mobicip is ultimately flexible. We even came to the point that we stopped blocking, and all we do is monitoring. I guess it’s really important to tell our kids that they are capable of avoiding negative things and places that are very prevalent online. Mobicip is such a fantastic software. This is not just a simple blocking tool but also a training wheel to manage the use of the internet and social media in a meaningful and healthy way.


Mobicip vs. mSpy

Mobicip is a great content filtering application; however, this somehow lacks some useful features that can help parents learn more about the online activities of their kids. Mobicip is good software, but before you invest in a subscription, you can pay attention to another great parental control software known as mSpy.

There are notable differences between Mobicip and mSpy. The latter covers some beneficial features that Mobicip does not have. These include the following:

  • Keyword Alerts-The mSpy does not really block all websites containing blacklisted words. This applies a special technique in filtering content instead. mSpy will notify you each time blocked words are typed into your children’s device. This will help you know if your kids are looking and accessing inappropriate materials over the internet.
  • Geo-Fencing-mSpy does not only focus on online safety. This also guarantees real-time safety and protection for kids. Users of this software will instantly get notifications in case your kid enters and then leaves pre-defined areas.
  • Call Blocker-Anyone contacting your kids by phone can be restricted using mSpy. You just need to add particular numbers on the list, and the owner of these numbers can never contact your child. This block list feature is very manageable. Once the numbers are added, you can delete them.
  • iMessage Spy-Messaging history in your children’s device can be checked. mSpy offers a complete overview of the sent iMessages, including the received ones. Users can also scan their Facebook messengers as well as other platforms for chatting to determine information shared by your children with their friends.
  • Inbox Monitoring Tool-this is an extremely useful feature for business owners who wanted to check on their employees’ emails.

mSpy software is fully compatible with iOS and Android running devices making this a versatile and well-versed software to monitor somebody’s activity effectively. Give this mSpy tool a try and see for yourself if this app is really suited for you.

Mobicip vs. mSpy Pricing

The mSpy basic edition actually costs around $ 20.37 per month, and Premium Edition is offered at the cost of $11.39 per month. The no-jailbreak edition is also available at $27.14 per month.

The price for Mobicip plans varies depending on the type of subscription users have chosen. There’s a free version readily available. The cost of the Premium Plan ranges from around $39.99 every year for five devices and $79.98 for ten devices. Mobicip also offers Enterprise plans wherein price ranges depending on the chosen subscription. Free version is available as well. For the premium plan, the price for five devices is $39.99 a year, and $79.98 for ten devices. This enterprise plan also offers tracking above twenty devices that may cost about $159.96.

Mobicip Review

  • Installation Support

The mSpy software can be installed remotely, especially if you choose the mSpy with no jailbreak and with few monitoring features utilizing the target device’s iCloud credentials. If in case a device isn’t jailbroken, you need to jailbreak this prior to the installation of mSpy.

If you want to install this software on your target phone, you should have physical access to the phone and ensure that this device is compatible with the mSpy. For instant messaging, you must root the phone and install mSpy. Make sure that the target phone is correctly connected to the internet by means of cellular data and WiFi. Overall, mSpy is easy to install, so you can instantly get started using this software.

Mobicip, on the other hand, is a parental control and internet service that functions on many different mobile internet devices and major platforms. Parents can use this software in customizing the filter to establish the blacklists and whitelists, blocking website categories, and managing devices and users.

Mobicip for iPhone installation is possible by following simple procedures. You just need to download the software on your iPhone, open the application to select Parent as the main user, create an account, and facilitate a Mobicip login using such an account. Choose “add children” when creating a persona for every child. You’ll need to set up a minimum of one child profile.

  • Overall Good Foundation

Mobicip is particularly designed for multi-device and modern family, and the wide range of fully supported platforms of Mobicip is highly notable. This provides a more improved web interface, and the software now sends real-time notifications of activities and requests.

Moreover, set up on the iOS devices is somehow complex and lacks useful features like capping weekly or daily internet use and geo-fencing. But Mobicip is still recognized for its good capabilities for an unlimited number of devices at comparable or even more affordable cost. However, Mobicip can be good when it comes to monitoring but, it cannot be denied that there is still similar software that can offer you better and more robust features along with excellent customization options such as the mSpy.

What Our Favorite mSpy App Offers

mSpy is proven to be one of the best spy apps for your phone. This is packed with excellent features making this one of the top favorite spy applications among countless users, especially the parents. mSpy can remotely monitor and effectively view all deleted, sent and receive messages and calls, GPS routes and locations, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications, web browsing, data on tablets, iPad, iPhone, tablet or phone.

With mSpy, you can take full advantage of this software and experience these amazing offers:

  • Great Compatibility with other Devices

This spy software is compatible with almost all iOS and android devices, tablets, phones, iPads, and iPhones.

  • Information Update

This software also remotely updates information regarding all activities on the targeted device every five minutes.

  • Confidentiality

Users of mSpy can remain a hundred percent invisible since the mSpy icon will not be displayed.

  • Easy Set-Up

It only takes about five minutes to set this up. No root or jailbreak is required.

  • Convenient Data Storage

The mSpy can store captured data securely on targeted devices, and only you can access and view it.

  • Reasonable Price

mSpy price is less than a dollar per day.

mSpy is noted for its best balance of features, easy installation, unrivaled customer support, and the jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions this software offers.

Getting Started with mSpy Monitoring Now

If you are convinced with the great features and all the amazing things that this spy application can offer, now is the best time to get started with mSpy. The following are the easy steps to follow to get started with mSpy monitoring:

  • Purchase mSpy

Choose one mSpy subscription then fill out an order form. Make sure to settle your payments and check on your email for more information.

  • Install & Set-Up

Download the mSpy then install this on the targeted device. Keep in mind that the Premium features need rooting targeted Android devices.

  • Start Monitoring

 You must log in to the mSpy control panel to begin messaging apps monitoring and to also monitor multimedia contents, GPS locations, and activities that take place in the device being monitored.


With more instant access to technologies than before, how do you really set healthier limits on the digital experience for your child? Using a spy app designed for concerned parents like you are the best option to take. There are numerous parent monitoring and spy app available these days, but it pays to choose the best one that suits your needs. We suggest you to review about XnspyQustudio, & TheTruthspy ,

It is true that Mobicip is a good monitoring software packed with modern features, but upon reviewing many apps, it has been found out that mSpy is still considered the best option. This is the best value software linked with impressive features that are lacking in Mobicip software.

So, if you are one of those concerned, careful, and loving parents who wanted to ensure the safety and protection of your kids, especially in terms of internet usage and more, keep in mind that Mobicip is good, but mSpy is the best option you must consider. There are many strong points that will surely convince you to invest on mSpy.

mSpy will never fail to give you the best in terms of features, tech and customer support, performance, and more. This spy software will function best both in Android and iOS devices so you will not have to worry about encountering problems upon use.

To not put your time, money, and effort to waste, you better go with feature-rich, reliable, and functional spy apps such as the mSpy. Invest in mSpy now and see for yourself how this application will work wonders in ensuring a child’s safety. Now is the best time to get this app and incorporate this into your lifestyle. Not only can you get confidence and peace of mind knowing that you can track your kids’ activities and whereabouts, but this also promotes more effective style of parenting.