Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020

Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020

When we talk about Mobile App development or a Mobile app in general, the one thing that never skips our mind is how good that app will make our life, what else will it bring to make our experience smoother. We all are always in search of new apps that have the potential to make our life better and get our things done in less time with the same efficiency as us or more. In this search, we often ignore the basis of an excellent Mobile app. What the general user sees is the final product, in our case, a mobile app; it’s functionality, it’s used, it’s efficiency, etc. But we often forget the essential elements that contribute to changing one simple app to a million-dollar idea. One of those elements is The Internet Of Things. At-least for once in our lives, we’ve talked about this fantastic technology.

Mobile app development and IoT: The meeting line

The Pixie tracker

Why the Internet of Things (IoT) at all?

Simple yet revolutionary. The Internet of things has changed how we interact with our gadgets and devices. More than that, it has changed our interaction with our gadgets from one gadget at a time to a number of them at the same time, all through some swipes and taps on our Mobile Phone. For those who have doubts regarding what Internet of things is, it is a networked system of computers, gadgets, appliances, machines( physical and digital both), etc. Each provided with a specific identity and capability to send and receive data over that network. A typical example can be a system of your thermostats, cars, alarm clocks, refrigerators, microwaves, and almost every appliance you can think of in your home.

Being such a useful technology, it is rapidly adopted by institutions and as personalized home systems. In this article, we will be discussing the top 14 IoT Mobile App development trends that will most probably be seen in the year 2020.

1- Healthcare:

One of the most important fields is, of course, Healthcare. We will see some significant changes in our present healthcare systems. The healthcare institutions will adopt IoT inclined systems. According to Frost and Sullivan, the use of IoT in Healthcare is going to increase at a rate of 26.2% per year.

Claiming that there will be changes in Healthcare to use more IoT implies that there will be several changes in the field. Some of them are mentioned:

  • Organizations will start to adopt wearable tech connected with IoT that will be used by doctors to examine and manipulate the condition of patients efficiently.
  • Ambulances will be made smarter to give proper treatment to patients in critical conditions.
  • Personalized mobile apps will come into use for patients to monitor their primary health conditions from their home itself.

2- Security:

As already mentioned, the adoption of IoT enabled devices and appliances is going to increase rapidly in the year 2020. With this large wave of people relying on IoT, there will come a number of security issues. As more and more devices get connected to the Internet, the web becomes a playground for hackers and breachers to steal and manipulate necessary information. This is because the IoT devices that we have today don’t come with security like our laptops and phones.

Therefore, a large number of changes are expected to rise in the field of IoT this year to make it a safe place as it was. The use of biometrics, Artificial intelligence, big data skills, etc. will be common.

3- Blockchain Technology:

You are probably thinking of bitcoin right now. Aren’t you?

The first thing you need to get out of your mind is that Blockchain is not Bitcoin. It’s the other way around; Bitcoin is based on the technology of Blockchain.

With the passing time, researchers have realized how mind-blowing blockchain technology is. Blockchain technology is not only made for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. It can have several advantages in other fields too. As the number of IoT devices in the world increases, we encounter scalability and cost issues that all root down to the problem of a centralized network.

Blockchain technology eliminates this problem as it is fully based on the concept of decentralized networks. So the new mobile apps will connect to IoT devices using blockchain technology.

4- Smart Cities:

Due to its popularity, many governments have already started to deploy IoT driven systems in major cities. The year 2020 will see the term ‘Smart City’ becoming a norm.

These changes will be seen in Parking meters, traffic lights, street lights, etc.

5- Smart homes:

The IoT started as a technology used along with the devices at our homes. From the start, it has taken several twists and turns. What we had at the beginning is different from what we have today.

By the mid of the year 2020, a vast number of families will have personalized home systems with devices that are connected through IoT but now with more security and efficiency. People have started to believe in this technology, so a huge rise in its usage is expected this year.

6- Retail Shopping:

Saw an advertisement for something you just searched for, yesterday? We’ve all been there. It’s called personalized retail experience. The sophisticatedly designed algorithms track our browsing experience and show us only the adds that are relevant to us. But how is IoT related here?

Well, IoT will help manage the retail supply chain more efficient, and the IoT mobile app development in 2020 will personalize the advertisements and notifications for the products you want to buy.

7- Energy and Resources:

We all hear the great environmentalists and activists talking about resource and energy management. Climate change has alarmed everyone around the globe, and people are not paying more attention to what was earlier, not a very big concern.

Thankfully, people have managed to use IoT in the field to make some exciting so-called ‘green projects.’ Scientists are finding more ways to help IoT to help solve the problem.

Several mobile apps are going to come up soon enough, relating to the problem of Energy and Resource Development with IoT deployed.

Key Finder

8- Big Data and IoT:

As already mentioned, the number of IoT devices is going to increase in 2020 rapidly. This means that the data transmission will increase too. Big data analysis and AI will be used to collect this transmitted information and make some sense out of it.

Apart from the above mentioned general app development trends, we also have some specific ones. Some of them are mentioned below:

9- Bluetooth tracker:

Now losing small items is a thing of the past. Open the specified app on your smartphone and tap on finding my keys. It is that simple. With the advent of IoT and its integration with home devices, companies have built cheap and tiny Bluetooth Tracker. All you have to do is attach a Bluetooth Tracker to the thing you might lose in the future. This Pixie Bluetooth Tracker will help you find it if you ever lose it. This little Bluetooth module will send you the location of the lost device on your smartphone, and you can then easily find it.

One specific use of Pixie Bluetooth Tracker is seen in the Pixie Key Finder. Your little key finder is just a Bluetooth tracker attached to your keys. Open your find my keys app and tap on finding my keys; your Key finder will help you find your keys. Apart from Pixie Key Finder, the Pixie Bluetooth Tracker is used in many other fields.

Pixie Bluetooth tracker

10- Climate change solutions:

This is one typical example of a specific trend. It can be included in the ‘Energy and Resources’ section, but for the sake of importance, it is discussed here too.

The role of IoT is already evident in Energy and Resource management. It has already been built that the IoT devices can be very efficiently used to deal with nature that will, in turn, help to fight climate change. Systems will be developed that will notify users about their excessive electricity usage. We advice you to read more about How I find My iPhone ?

11- Wearables:

Wearables have already been mentioned in the healthcare section, but this trend deserves a separate section. People always prefer portability over fixed systems. Companies have managed to make sophisticated, innovative, and light wearables that can be taken anywhere.

People are getting attracted towards these wearables more as they can be easily connected to our smartphones and operated using their specialized apps. One of the most successful examples is the Fitbit watch. It’s like the whole Internet on your wrist.

12- AR Tracking:

AR tracking in itself is going to have a huge global market and usage in 2020. AR tracking is brought relatively recently in the field of IoT, but its usage with IoT says otherwise. So in layman language, AR tracking technology is used to recognize a specific pattern or image hidden somewhere that an AR app can spot. AR tracking cameras are designed for installation in complex systems where there is a problem of space.

AR tracking technology will be very widely used in 2020 in association with IoT and unique AR mobile apps.

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13- Pixie Tracker:

Pixie Tracker is a type of Bluetooth tracker that recently got its fame for its function. Pixie Tracker is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that a large number of people have started to use. Its popularity is going to increase in 2020 due to its usage and easy to use Pixie tracker app.

14- Commuting:

IoT is going to make commuting more comfortable, be it for students, business people, or the elderly. Some uses of IoT in commuting are:

  • Finding the shortest routes for efficient traveling.
  • Checking for parking spaces will not be trouble now.
  • Status check for public buses and other transport.

So these were the top 14 IoT mobile app development trends that we are expecting to see in the year 2020. No matter who the person or organization is, these trends are going to benefit everyone.