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  • Read Messaging
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance
  • No Jailbreak


  • It does not support BlackBerry
  • There is a lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, listening surroundings, and secret camera activation.

No matter what issues you can think of, in this day and age, usually, there’s a software app that can be utilized to address the matter. In the case of someone being concerned about the activities of another person or loved ones who has use of a phone belonging to the former, or just having a need to have a backup of personal cell phone activities, it’s no exception. Indeed, spy software has been made that can be bought and utilized for just that reason. One reliable spy apps available today is the Mobile Spy. Keep on reading this mobile spy review to know more about this product.

What is Mobile Spy?

Spy Mobile app is one of the most popular tracking apps or software available today. Designed and produced by Retina-X Studios, this fantastic app allows the user to track the smartphone activity of a person. You can see text messages, track or monitor the locations of the person, track the activities on social media, view call details, and many others. With this fantastic device, tracking is now easier. Log in anytime and any day you want from any place to see the recorded information without the need for accessing the tracked or monitored device.

You can see how this free mobile spy app for android functions prior to buying by viewing the Online Demo. Here, you can navigate the different log tools and viewers. Also, you can try this app with a free seven-day trial. Once the trial period is due, you can buy a license, or you can uninstall the app. The best thing about this mobile app is that it offers quarterly, semi-annual as well as a yearly subscription. Not like other spy software available out there, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.We suggest you to review about Xnspy, Qustudio, & TheTruthspy

Mobile Spy is made just to be utilized to track your kid’s or employee’s performance. It can’t be used to track any other individuals like a friend, spouse, colleague, and many others. Your employee or kid will be informed they’re being tracked or monitored by the app itself.

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Main Features

State of the art Mobile spy is the newest in advanced and progressive device tracking and monitoring. This innovative app allows you the capability to setup/ install spy app straight onto a smartphone which you have or have proper consent to monitor. After installation, it will document activities like SMA and MMS, websites visited, call history, GPS locations, IM conversations, and many others.

Once installed, there is no need for you being closed to the device to see the documented activities since the logs are uploaded to your account that can be accessed and viewed from any web browser. This latest technology might sound complicated to some. However, it is easier than it sounds when using the guide online. The Choose The Best Tracker is ideal for those parents who have a very hectic working schedule.

Here are the features of Mobile Spy:

  • Text Message Tracking: Track send, received as well as deleted messages. These messages are all uploaded to your account online for you to check and assess anywhere you are and anytime you want as long as there is a fast internet connection.
  • Track Call Logs: This feature allows you to monitor the conversation and whole your kids talking to. This also allows you when the call was made, how long they talked, cellphone or landline number, as well as the name related to the number in the phone’s address book.
  • View Browsing History: See the entre web addresses which were browsed by the user. Also, you will know if he or she is using inappropriate websites or sites.
  • GPS Tracking: You can easily log-in to your account to see historical GPS locations on a map.
  • See/View Images and Pictures: With this spy app, you are able to see pictures the person has taken with the camera.
  • Read Emails: You can read emails sent and received from the first or original email account. This is very beneficial if you are tracking an employee who you believe doing something wrong with your business.
  • Track Gmail App: You can read emails received and sent through the Gmail app on your Android device.
  • Track YouTube App: One of the best features of the mobile app is that it allows you to track YouTube apps to let you know the video watched as well as a link to take a glimpse of it.
  • Spy on Instant Messengers: Monitor what your kids or employees are up to reading instant messages like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp as well as Facebook.
  • App Blocking and Monitoring: Know what apps are installed on the gadget, and this tracking software also enables you to block or approve specific apps. This is particularly beneficial for kids, as you can monitor the apps they are using and ensure that they aren’t exposed to bad or unnecessary apps.
  • See Contacts: This software also allows you to track the list of saved contacts on the phone. This can record new and old contacts.
  • See Calendar Activities: With this software, you are able to see the calendar entries as well as an appointment on their mobile device.
  • Remote Uninstall: You can uninstall the app remotely from the mobile device without the need to hold it or physical contact with the phone.
  • Multimedia Message: This is a new feature of this app wherein you can see sent and received MMS messages on the tracked or monitored device.
  • Voice Memo: Another new feature wherein you are able to capture as well as sent to the web panel where you are able to pay attention to them.
  • Social Media: You can track Hangout, Line, Fring, Kik as well as BBM.
  • Wi-Fi Uploading: With this app, you are able to pick to upload the logs through Wi-Fi to lessen the data-plan as well as battery usage.
  • View Dropbox Files: See the names as well as dates of files that are uploaded to the Dropbox file hosting service.
  • Keylogger: This spy software is able to record the entire keyword made on the mobile phone. How I find my iPhone?

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Pros and Cons

Like many types of spy apps out there, Mobile Spy also pros and cons.


  • Online Live Control Panel

Online Live Control Panel is the first of its kind. By incorporating this option, you are able to view or see the current location live on a map. No other spy apps out that are integrated with this feature.

  • Provide Support

A lot of software companies instantly lose interest in assisting you after your procurement, which is not Mobile Spy. They are always here to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They also offer live chat support to the users.

  • System is Updated

The team behind this app started making hybrid tracking app technology since then. Mobile spy has matured into the most reliable smartphone monitoring app available. When stability is vital to you, then perhaps you have found the best and appropriate solution.

  • Track up to Three Devices

If required, you can utilize your one Mobile Spy account to track or monitor many devices. For every license you buy, you can track three gadgets. Also, they provide discounts for company owners needing to track or monitor big groups of phones. Just ask a quote from the support section.


Every spy software out there has advantages. However, it should have a disadvantage too. Mobile Spay also has problems. Therefore, it is vital to know the cons prior to buying one.

  • Mobile Spy is Not Always Effective and Efficient

Once you setup this spy software in your phone does not signify that it can assist you in spying or tracking services. Some of the spy apps online have an issue of not being reliable, not like what the company states. What is more, the biggest challenge is the compatibility with the target device. On the other hand, they may need the user to Root or Jailbreak the phone prior to installing them. Likewise, some problems arise with the accuracy of the location information.

  • Legal Disadvantages

At present, there are arguments wherein the Mobile spy software is utilized to track someone’s smartphone without then noticing, even if monitoring is therefore unlawful and the software doesn’t endorse without targeting a person’s consent.

There’s a temptation with human beings as they are likely to monitor someone’s device and so to violate their rights. On the other hand, the most excellent way to ask permission from the person prior to utilizing the Mobile spy app on their devices. please review our guides for Best Spy App for iPhones , Tile Slim , Spyzie & Flexispy

  • Invading Privacy

Privacy is a big issue to people utilizing spy software. On the other hand, there are hackers, thieves, as well as dishonest individuals who can take the perk and utilize the software against one’s permission. If the wrong individual wants a way to break your property or harm family members, they are able to monitor location at any time they want.

  • Compatibility

This spay software is compatible with tablets and devices powered by Android. Rooting is also options, and there is no iOS, PC as well as Mac versions. This is a professional tracking app for Android devices only. The version includes the capability to track text messages, GPS locations as well as call information. At present, it is compatible with Android devices working compatible version of the Android operating system. This is considered the first tracking software for Android. You can also choose your best tracker for your Iphone

Mobile Spy has the ability to track the following activities in Android devices such as:

At present, Mobile Spy is compatible with Android OS versions including:

  • Price

Mobile Spy is available for $49.97 for three months. However, they provide a risk-free chance for everyone to try this software without purchasing. Your account will utilize the full version of the spy app. Mobile Spy subscription can be taken on a quarterly, six months as well as annual basis. The yearly subscription provides better value and also comes with freebies. A subscription to Mobile Spy will entitle you to all the software updates and patches, the use of the app on the three devices, and round the clock online support. The superb Help Center assures a reply within 24 hours, but usually, it is much faster than that. Also, there’s a toll-free technical assistance line. Help is at hand from the time the product is purchased or downloaded until you choose to cancel your subscription.

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  • Requirements

A fast internet connection is vital in installing this spy software. No computer is required to set up the Android software. Any carrier, it doesn’t matter if it is local or international, is compatible, provided the fact that they provide unrestricted internet access.

What Are Customers Saying? 

Mobile Spy software receives a lot of positive reviews from past users. One customer discovered how reliable this software is in tracking. One customer also commented that it works excellently in monitoring messages. Let us check some of the reviews given by previous users:

According to Adam from New York, “Our daughter stole our truck, bank cards, credit cards, and the phone. The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software. The police were able to catch her with the messages. We would not have caught her as fast as we did without Mobile Spy.”

According to Mike from Manhattan, “I love the reliability of this spy cam, it’s working great and help me track all the text messages from the monitored phone. I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my child’s phone.”

Also, one user from Illinois praises the dependability of this spy. According to Julia, “That far exceeds what I would think about good product support! To people behind this product, thank you so much, and you can rely on my support as well as references on your other products, which by the way, are more stable and generally work better than those of your competitors.”

These positive reviews are enough to tell that Mobile Spy should be considered if you are searching for the best spy software today. Rest easy that when you buy this app, you’ll get the best product, with state-of-the-art features, fantastic support as well as service.

Comparing Mobile Spy VS mSpy

Mobile Spy is a reliable monitoring software available today. However, there are other types of spy apps available out there that works efficiently and effectively than Mobile Spy. One of the best alternatives is mSpy. It’s easy to use interface together with superb technical support mean users of all skills and experience will be able to utilize it without any issue or trouble.

It is also cheaper compared to Mobile Spy. The flexible subscription plans provide a price for all budgets, and the knowledge which no further outlay is needed. The software is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones and all major network providers.

The software program allows users to see all the videos, photos as well as personal information like meetings and scheduled events from the monitored cell-phone at a different area with the use of an internet-enabled device.

You will have to log-in to your account and get back the information following the prompts on the user’s interface. This is a remarkable perk since you are able to know what videos, pictures as well as audio files the mobile device are downloading as well as streaming at any given time.

In general, this app software is smartly affordable as well as very user-friendly and is perfect for parents tracking kids and employers enforcing mobile device usage policies.

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Our Favorite Spy App mSpy Offers

mSpy is our favorite spy app. It is the best monitoring apps today that offer lots of benefits compared to other brands. It is undetectable and worries no more about being caught in the act. Not like Mobile Spy and other spy software that is just compatible to one operating system, mSpy is compatible both with iOS and Android devices. It is integrated with advanced features for sophisticated tracking and monitoring. This also allows you to track more Social Networks like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and many others compared to Mobile Spy. It also offers parents a chance to set safe as well as risk areas for their children and get notifications the moment they breach them. It also captured keystrokes types on the phone, and it is available for purchase.

Gone are the days when Mobile Spy was an extremely powerful tracking or monitoring app. Today, it’s useless as it is no longer accessible for purchase. Besides, it does not work in the slyness mode and not accessible for devices powered by iOS. After the attack of hacking and leakage of information, Mobile Spy is not a tool to depend on.

Best Balance of Feature 

Upon the installation of this app on your kid’s phone, you can precisely see what your little ones are up to and who they’re talking to on various social media platforms. This remarkable app can monitor their location.

The latest editions support an extensive array of devices such as iPhone, Android devices, iPad, and many others. mSpy is a reliable spy app which is set up quickly on the device, and it gives you the best and perfect balance of features such as:

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GPS Tracking: mSpy is able to record your kid’s GPS location and also uploads the same for you to have an exact idea of where your kids are during a whole day. Also, you can see the location on the map in real-time.

View Call History: With this app, you can see who contacts your kid and who they call. See the details such as phone numbers, contact names, duration as well as the date of the calls.

See Text Messages: Go in their sent and received text messages, although they have removed them.

Keylogger: This allows you to record keystrokes keyed in by your little ones while utilizing the mobile device. This special feature is just accessible for the Android operating system.

Read the Instant Messages: Also, you can track your kid’s instant messaging chat, which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others. On the other hand, this amazing feature can just be availed on the rooted Android devices as well as jailbroken iOS.

See Photos and Videos: You are able to see the photos as well as the pictures stored on your kid’s smartphone.

See the Emails: See-through outgoing as well as incoming calls. Emails sent via email clients or Gmail can also be read.

Access Contacts and Calendar: Check the list of contacts, so you are able to see who they are interacting with. What is more, you are able to see the calendar of activities of your kids stored on his or her phone.

Track the Use of the Internet: See the site they browse and visited web pages as well as search history.

Apps and Websites Blocking: You are also able to check out the apps which are downloaded and set up on your kids of the phone and, at the same time, block specific apps as well as websites.

Keyword Alerts: With the assistance of this fantastic feature, you can make a list of the target keyword easily like drugs, guns, sex, and many others. You will receive an email notification if any of the keywords mentioned is used in searching, chatting, texting as well as emailing.

Limitless Device Change: State of the art mSpy app can be set up on one device at a time; however, if you want, the target device can be modified often without the need to buy new licenses.

Block Incoming Call: This app can also block the incoming call. Just log into your account and then press the device management tab. The next thing to do is to type in the numbers you are willing to block.

Invisible Mode: One of the most remarkable factors of this app is the fact that it’s invisible, which means your child will never get a hint in which she or he is under observation.

Aside from being useful with regards to parents monitoring the activities of their kids, but one can also utilize similar checking out the actions of their workers in a company. There’s no denying the fact that if you’re running the company, money is essential. You want your workers are dependable as well as reliable, and to know if they are responsible or not, keeping them under constant inspection will give an idea.

Due to mSpy, it turns out to be extremely convenient for you to make sure that your workers arrive on time and leave the area when scheduled. Also, you can monitor the amount of time they spend on their smart devices every day and who they interact with. Tracking of the websites they have visited can also be done for ensuring that they aren’t indulged in any activities that may cause damage to the standing and name of the business.

  • Easy Installation

This spy app is easy to install. If the target phone is powered by iOS and you don’t want to jailbreak it, you have to use the latest version wherein user ‘user’ iCloud credential is badly needed. Also, you are required to log in to the control panel and pick an option that leads you in a few easy steps of installation. iPhone backup needs to be enabled. And ensure the iPhone back up to iCloud once these conditions are followed:

  • The phone is plugged in
  • Phone is locked
  • The phone is connected to fast internet connection

Once iCloud Backup isn’t switched on the phone, and you can set it off manually by clicking Settings, click iCloud and then iCloud Backup and press on. Next, go to Backup and click Back Up Now to make the first synchronization of the info from the target phone to the Control Panel.

This app can also be installed remotely once you opt to mSpy Without Jailbreak with a smaller number of tracking features with the use of iCloud credentials of the phone. Ensure it backs up daily or twenty-four hours. The access still might be needed when iCloud Backup is not set off on the phone.

If the phone you are using is jailbroken, you need five to fifteen minutes to access the phone for a successful installation. When installed, mSpy will start sending monitored info logs to the user’s personal Control Panel- the account which will be made after purchase.

Once the device or mobile phone isn’t jailbroken, you’ll need to jailbreak it prior to installing that will take a few hours to complete or finish.

  • Excellent Customer Support

mSpy offers amazing customer support. As a client, you can access the 24/7 email support for basic packages. If you choose a premium or no-jailbreak package, you can access email support and 24/7 chat. The team of technical support can assist you with any problems which come up during the process of installation or use of the app.

You must look forward to getting a response to your email inquiry in just a matter of 30 minutes. You don’t need to wait longer to keep in touch with support reps to get clear explanations regarding your issues or concerns.

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  • No Jailbreak and Jailbreak Versions

There are many things which make mSpy apart from the rest. Recently the released the No-jailbreak version that enables the user to track devices powered by iOS without the need for jailbreaking. No other monitoring app available that provides this amazing functionality. It is risky to jailbreak a phone, but mSpy users can rest assure that they don’t need to take this risk to take pleasure in their software.

A lot of spy software available needs that the user accesses the device to download the app, however the mSpy doesn’t. This is a web-based app that users can access with the use of web browsers, while other tracking systems are renowned as device software. It provides you the capability to track iOS-powered devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and many others.

mSpy without jailbreak version is far different in which you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device. It functions by extracting info from iCloud backups. All you have to do is buy a license you can choose from Basic or Premium, get the Apple ID as well as password, and connect their Apple iCloud account to the app.

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Without a doubt, Mobile Spy was considered the best option for many years. On the other hand, considering the recent developments in technology, we highly suggest the mSpy app for parental monitoring needs. You will never go wrong if you choose this app. The possibilities are endless when you need to track and monitor suspicious activities and behaviors of your kid.

What is more, you don’t need to jeopardize privacy as well as security when utilizing this amazing software. mSpy is the first tracking software available to provide tracking for devices powered by iOS without the need of jailbreaking them. This is a remarkable perk for those who are using iPhone devices, as jailbreaking comes with great risk. mSpy is integrated with amazing features that give you an assurance that you are 100 percent aware of all the things and activities your kids are doing.