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Ease of use



  • Read Messaging
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • Comfortable Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance
  • No Jailbreak


  • It does not support BlackBerry.
  • There is a lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, listening surroundings, and secret camera activation.

Nobody would want to waste their valuable time and money on a tracking app that does not offer satisfactory services. Nowadays, the iPhone spy app market is exploding with many different products that all provide equal capabilities.

Mspy App Review- is it The Best Phone Tracker for iPhone & Android?

This makes it frustrating to try and compare the different types and settle on one that best suits your needs and preferences. Even though there are multiple free spy apps out there, the mSpy app stands out among the competition.

Are you a:
a.    A worried parent who is apprehensive about the type of friends that your kids are hanging out with?
b.    A parent who is concerned about the online activities of your teenager?
c.    An employer who is suspicious that your employees might leak trade secrets to other companies or to your competitors? Or you want to know if the employees are using the work phone for their services?
d.    Afraid that your spouse might be cheating on you and you want to find out who is the person keeping in touch with him/her?
e.    A person who needs a spying device with which to eavesdrop?

If you can identify with any of the above scenarios, you are the perfect candidate for this app! You do not need to go climbing and jumping buildings or peeping through windows like James Bond to stay on top of what is happening. Instead, all you need for your situation is a good spy phone app. You can now take advantage of today’s advanced technology and rely on the mSpy app to carry out all the monitoring activities for you.
In this mspy reviews, you will get all the necessary details that will help you scrutinize one of the best spy apps for android in today’s market. Over this mSpy review, you learn about mSpy and all its unique features, how mspy works, what makes it unique, why it is worse or better than any other iPhone spy apps, its installation process, how to spy with it, and every additional detail that you might need to know. 




This app is the top spy software to monitor all smartphone activities. It is available for both mspy iPhone and mspy Android electronic devices and provides you with advanced options to ensure that whoever you are monitoring is safe. Text messages, call logs, GPS location and many other unique features will be made visible to your control panel. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are going to buy mSpy, the app comes with a 7-day free. You can also try the mSpy free trial demo version on its official website and determine if it will be suitable for your monitoring assignment. Take a look at these in-depth mspy reviews!


This is a software that is created to monitor a specific PC, phone, Mac, or tablet. mSpy has conserved its high quality services since its launch in 2011. Once the app is installed in your device, it allows you to view the instant messages, SMS text messages, call log, GPS location, emails, browsing history, media pictures, and videos, and other social media apps of a target device. 

Out of the dozen phone monitoring apps to choose from, mSpy is the stands out because of the affordable mspy price, mix of features, and customer care support. This makes the app worth every coin spent from your pocket. Unlike most monitoring apps, mSpy does not call for jailbreaking or rooting the target phone, even though it is far more versatile than much of the competition. If you are not tech-savvy, or not comfortable with jailbreaking the target phone, the customer service will carry out the installation for you, for an additional fee. 

mSpy for android is a monitoring software that allows you to monitor computers and smartphones simply. The software will help you know what the target person is doing in their Windows, iOS, Mac, or Android devices. In iOS and mspy Android devices, you will be able to track data information such as SMS, call logs and social networking messages. The one to be used for your case will depend on the type of device that you have and the one that you want to monitor. When it comes to mobile devices, mSpy has two different versions; one that needs you to jailbreak your iPhone and the other one that does not require jailbreaking.

In this digital era and generation, smartphones are seemingly everywhere. These electronic devices, however, are being often mishandled by children, some family members or rebellious employees. This is when the spy software like mSpy can be so beneficial. Yes, it may sound like an odd idea to spy on your loved ones. After reading this article, however, you will likely change your viewpoint on this spy software.

mSpy Review for iPhone & Android


MSpy has a web-based control panel. Some of the other features of the app include: tracking the incoming and outgoing phone calls, the websites visited, text messages received and sent, the keystrokes typed, all the social media conversations, website blocking, and tracking location. The built-in functionality of this mobile phone tracking software is quite comprehensive.  Below is an in-depth look at the features of the software:  

•    Target Phone Information – From the dashboard, you can see some information about the monitored device.  You will learn that this is just simply informational. There are, however, some essential functions that are in-built and will give you have detailed information from the target device. With these critical functions, you will be able to see the following stats: mSpy software version, remaining battery life, operating system information of the target phone, memory space available, cellular service provider, the model of the phone, the last time the target phone had synced with your dashboard and whether the target device is jailbroken or rooted. Some other key activities that can remotely be performed by your mSpy control panel include wiping the monitored phone in case it gets lost or stolen, disabling the software on the target device and restarting the mSpy on the target device. This can be done by sending a message of “777” if the monitored device has disappeared from your control panel.  The user will however, not see this incoming text. Other key activities are: unlinking the target device, clearing the logs in your control panel, changing the logs in your control panel for storage, remotely restarting the target device and remotely locking the device. 

•    Settings for the Target Device – From this part in your control panel, you will be able to create a default characteristic of the target device. After this is set, the app will operate with the given settings until you make a change. This enables you to be sure everything is set to “auto-update”, and all the recorded information is sent to your control panel automatically for viewing. Uploading this information regularly is taxing on your data usage and the phone’s battery life. To reduce all this work, you can specify to the software the types of information to direct over particular connections. For instance, videos are large and you can instruct the software to upload the videos when your phone is on Wi-Fi and not in a cellular connection. This, in turn, keeps the mSpy software from consuming your mobile data plan. You can also decide to set the update interval for location and data information. If the setting is low, the rate at which the updates will take place will be more frequent. It is beneficial to strike a balance that will not drain the life of the battery too quickly. Generally, choosing to update data after every 30 minutes and setting the location information after every two minutes is excellent.

•    Website Monitoring and Blocking – This is a popular feature for both employees and parents. The website monitoring and blocking feature lets you view the specific sites that the target device visits, the specific pages the devices have bookmarked, and notify you of the particular keywords typed into the target’s browser. The feature is especially useful for parents who want to have oversight of what their kids are watching. Since you will not always be there to peer over the shoulders of your kids or employees to ensure they are not visiting “unwanted” websites, this app will help you do the work.  With the website monitoring and blocking feature, you will have a full view of what the kids or employees are viewing. The software also lets you block the specific sites that you wouldn’t want your kids to watch. This makes the monitoring and blocking feature even more useful. Note that for all this activity to happen, certain criteria must be met. This feature’s availability depends on your browser, and for phone owners using Safari, Chrome, or the native Android browser, you will be able to block the “unwanted” sites. If you, however, download 3rd party browsers like Opera, this feature cannot be used. 

•    Incoming and Outgoing Calls – From your control panel, this feature enables you to see all outgoing and incoming calls from the target phone.  You will see the durations, call times, the names of the callers (if they are in the contact list of the target device), and the total number of calls received. You will have an ability to control when the calls are deleted from the call log of the dashboard. If the user of the phone deletes a call in their call log, you will still be able to see the call history, regardless of what calls are stored on the phone at that time. Two other functions make the mSpy application a powerful app. These are: blocking the incoming calls for some specific contacts or numbers and blocking all the incoming calls in a control window using the GPS tracker mobile number. For instance, if you do not want your child to get calls from 10 pm to 8 am, you can make this a setting in your dashboard.

•    Tracking Text Messages – The tracking text messages feature together with the GPS tracker mobile number feature, will follow all the outgoing and incoming text messages (SMS) from the monitored device.  From the dashboard, you will see the phone number, the message, and the exact time that the phone was sent or received. This feature behaves just like the call log feature. You will be able to know when the messages in the target phone are deleted from your dashboard.  Even when the owner of the device deletes any text messages, you will still be able to see them. Just like the call log feature, if the user of the phone deletes a message in their message log, you will still maintain the message history irrespective of what message is stored on the phone at that time. The other feature that makes the software a powerful app is the ability to read a person’s text message without having their phone.

•    Read Incoming and Outgoing Emails – You have to monitor more than just your child’s texting. Email is another platform where your employee or child can get into some trouble. The mSpy software will allow you to view all the outgoing and incoming email messages in the log file that is located on the dashboard. Here you will see the address of the sender and recipient of the email, the time the email was stamped, and all the contents of the email. The log file operates just the way the call and text logs behave.  Even when the owner of the device deletes any email, you will still be able to see them. Just like the call log feature, if the user of the phone deletes an email in their mail log, you will still have access to the mail history regardless of what message is stored on the phone at that time. 

•    Access Calendar and Contact Information – From your dashboard, you will be able to view the target phone’s contacts. You will see the phone numbers, names, email addresses, and even the physical address information of some contacts. You will also have full access to the schedule and calendar of the target device.  This feature allows you to view the scheduled meetings of the target phone and all the associated details, as well as all the calendar entries, and all the other tasks planned with their details. Whenever a new contact or appointment is added to the monitored phone, you will see the entry being mirrored in your dashboard in a matter of minutes. This will, however, depend on the update schedule that you have set.

•    mSpy without Jailbreak – mSpy released its no-jailbreak version for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The software does not require any software installation on the target user’s iPod, iPhone or iPad. That means you just need the mspy login credentials of the iCloud account for the person you want to monitor. mSpy decided to launch this no-jailbreak version to replace the “Phone Sheriff Investigator”, as it had been withdrawn from the website by the creators.

•    Key Logger – Formerly, the Key Logger feature was only compatible with Android devices. However, this is not the case nowadays because it works with the iPad and iPhone very well. This Key Logger feature will give you all the things that are being typed in the target’s cell phones such as login details, messages, emails, passwords and many other features.

•    Keyword Alerts – With this cell phone tracker, you will be able to view all the phrases and keywords being typed by the person being monitored on the phone’s instant messenger, web browser, emails, and text messages. You will also be notified through your email of the use of keywords you have specified.

•    Google Hangouts – Lately, mSpy has added this new feature that allows you to track the photos, Google Hangouts messages, stickers, maps, GIFs, emojis, and contact lists of the target phone alongside their photos and names. This feature will also allow you to view all the deleted messages from your online account. Therefore, you can now be informed about the Google Hangouts of your target as well.

•    Tinder Tracker – The Tinder tracker feature is a very cool application that works with the dating app that many youngsters use. Tinder usage is something you will want to check regularly. because it does much more than just linking like-minded people. The dangers that teenagers are exposed to include like sexism, cyberbullying, gambling, and pornography. With the aid of this feature, you can easily keep tabs on your kids.

•    Line Chat Messenger – This feature tracks your regular chats and all the hidden chats of the person being monitored with the help of this mspy GPS phone tracker feature for Android and mspy iPhone.  

•    GPS Tracking – The mSpy app does not just record the GPS location of the target’s device but is also able to upload the location for you to help you know exactly where the person being monitored is and where they have been during the day. You can also see her or his location in on a map, in real-time

•    Read Instant Messages – This is just like the Tracking Text Messages feature that can monitor their messaging chats like Skype, WhatsApp and social network platforms, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The feature, however, has only be made available on jailbroken iOS devices or rooted Android devices.

•    View Videos and Photos – This feature will enable you to see all the videos and pictures that are stored on the target phone.
•    Apps and Websites Blocking – This unique feature will help you view the applications that are installed on the target device and then block the specified sites and applications.

•    Unlimited Device Change – You are allowed to carry out a mspy install on one device at a time. With this feature, you have the ability to change the monitored device as frequently as you would like without having to purchase new licenses.

•    Invisible Mode – One of the loveliest parts about this spying app is that it is hidden and, therefore, the person being monitored will never know what you are doing. 

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Advanced Features

Apart from tracking all the basic and standard features like phone call logs, text messages, web browser history, emails, real-time GPS location and others, there are some advanced features that mSpy offers. These offer users more benefits and additional advantages.
With the advanced features, you can even read deleted or unread emails and messages from the target phone. That’s an incredible feature. The messages will be uploaded on the spy server alongside their sent time and date, and even if the target deletes the SMS from their smartphones, it will still up in the dashboard of your account. Some of the advanced features of mSpy include:

•    Telegram – This is an additional feature that has recently been added by mSpy. With this feature, you will have the ability to see all the complete telegram contacts and chats. 

•    Uninstall Alert – This is a unique feature that you will find very helpful. In case the mSpy app is deleted or uninstalled from the device of the target, you will know in detail what the exact problem is. Also, this feature enables you to manage the backup and data logs and much more from the target’s phone.
For you to access the Pro or Advanced mSpy features, you have to root your Android device and peep into devices like iPads or mspy iPhones. You will have to go through the jailbreak process before being able to access the advanced aspects of the software. You will want those advanced functions in order to get very fruitful spying results.

mSpay How It Works? mSpay Reviews


mSpay Pros 

The mSpy offers unique features that other apps don’t have, such as:

•    It has the best balance of features
•    It is relatively easy to carry out the mspy install
•    It has a tremendous mspy price
•    It has a simple setup and fast to get started. You will only take 15 minutes to get started with the software
•    It will give you access to almost everything on the target phone
•    It offers an intuitive interface
•    It will eliminate all the worries that you have concerning your kids’ whereabouts
•    Allows remote monitoring
•    You can view the location of the target phone in real-time.
•    It is compatible with most devices, ranging from iOS, tablets, phones, mspy iPhones, iPadsmSpy™ and Android compatibility
•    Updates you to all the information on the target device after every 5 min
•    You will be 100% invisible since the mSpy™ icon will not be displayed
•    No need to root or jailbreak since mSpy™ firmly stores the captured data from the target device and you are the only one who can see it
•    You will pay less than a dollar a day to be able to enjoy the monitoring functions. This is very affordable and will keep costs low for you.
•    They have receptive and helpful customer support. This is thanks to the 24/7 open email messaging option and chat-based communication services
•    Reliability of operation means that this app does not crash

mSpay Cons

Despite the absolute power that this spy app provides, some things are worth noting before deciding to use it to do monitoring work for you. Also, this GPS phone tracker should not be used for immoral purposes, like stalking someone. Some people have taken advantage of the app and turned it into a dangerous and illegal tool for following specific people. If you do this, you may risk imprisonment. Therefore, you should use the software to monitor your minor as a parent, or your employees as an employer, or maybe, even as a spousal monitoring tool.

Even in the cases when you are justified, or you feel it is perfectly legal to monitor someone’s device, you will undoubtedly be hesitant to do so due to the fear of losing their trust. For instance, kids can probably have their trust hurt when they find out that the parents are monitoring them. Employees can also develop a negative attitude towards their employees when they find out that they are being monitored.
mSpy has several different web monitoring solutions available depending on the device you have and what you want to watch.

For mobile devices, mSpy has two versions- one that requires you to jailbreak your mspy iPhone and one that doesn’t. Jailbreaking means you must bypass security settings and programs on your phone for some features to work, usually text capturing or GPS tracking. But doing so puts your device at risk of infections by malware, and that may invalidate any available warranties. 

What Makes It Even More Unique?

What makes mSpy for Android special is that it is versatile and reliable. The monitored person will not be aware that their smartphone or computer is being tracked. You will have the chance to monitor plenty of stuff like call logs, SMSs, WhatsApp messages, emails, GPS-based location, and much more. You can also access videos and photos that they have stored on their electronic devices. All you need is an active internet connection on both sides; your device and the device being spied on. Unlike most spying software, what makes mSpy unique is its long list of features:
a.    It is the ultimate solution for computer and smartphone monitoring.
b.    With the full credibility and quality from its developers, you have every reason to count on this reliable service.
c.    It is a highly proficient spy phone app that is primarily developed to benefit employers and parents. It can also be used by anyone who needs it.
d.    It is a powerful monitoring tool that will give you uninhibited access to the target phone. If you can control a person’s phone, then you can control their entire lives.
e.    Even though some of the original features of the app (like gaining access to browser history, call logs, message viewing and others) are common to most spy applications, there are some particular areas that mSpy is outstanding and demonstrates specialized services that go beyond what its competitors offer.

mSpy App Reviews

mSpay Buying Guide

Having gone through an in-depth review of mspy, you might be thinking about buying it. In this section, we want to cover the specific things that you ought to keep in mind and factors to consider, which we have outlined below. 

What to consider before making a purchase:

a.    The Discretion of mSpy

MSpy will offer you a discreet option of monitoring a person without their knowledge. Once the app has been installed in a device, it runs in the background and becomes fundamentally invisible. For as long as the target phone has an active internet connection, all the necessary data from the phone will always be communicated to you. If this sounds complicated to you, do not worry. The software is user-friendly and will also come with a very reliable customer care support that is available through live chats, emails or phone.

b.    How does mspy fare against its competitors

Let us now focus on how mSpy is faring against its competitors. Being a free market capitalist society, the strength and quality of a product are mostly determined by how good it can beat its competitors and the services it has that its competitors do not have. Most of the basic features of this app like message viewing, call logging, getting into the browser history and others are standard features in other free spy apps. This makes sense, as these features are what the primary purposes of the free spy apps. However, there are some specific areas in which mSpy is unique and excels far above its competitors. These areas include:

a)    mSpy Has No-Jailbreak Solutions – For most spy apps, you will need to jailbreak a mspy iPhone to install the application and give it access to your iPhone. However, this is not the case for mSpy. The lovely software is among the first monitoring apps that will spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. In fact, with this cell phone tracker, you will have the ability to monitor a phone even when you have not installed the software into it. Nevertheless, for you to gain access to the contents of that iPhone without jailbreak, you will need access to the iCloud account of the device being monitored. If you are planning to install mSpy on Android and get to know how it works, you will want to use an online table that shows the specific features that can be opened without jailbreak and those that will need jailbreak. you might also want to check out best bluetooth trackers

b)    Keylogging –  mSpy is among the best Android key loggers that can be used to determine the password of the target phone. If you can get access to a person’s phone, you will not even need their set password to have access to their mail or social media platform. However, if you are planning to access any of their accounts in the way that they do, without using spy software, you will need their set password. It is in these cases that the keylogging feature becomes very helpful. Keylogging will allow you to have access to all the screen buttons that are pressed on the mspy iPhone of the target. This feature will not just enable you to view the messages being sent from that phone, but will also grant you access to every password that the user has set. This means that later on, you can use the passwords when you like.

c)    24/7 Customer Help – For most spy apps, you will have restricted customer support. Some of these platforms will even ask you to fill out a query form and make you wait for a response, which may take a very long time to reach you. Some will require you to send emails, and that can make them very annoying and unreliable, especially when you are in a rush. This is not the case when it comes to mSpy. MSpy grants you full access to all the technical assistance that you need 24/7. You will have a variety of options ranging from emails, a chat window, or even phone contact.

d)    Additionally, if you are a pro spy, it is advisable to buy the mAssistance that only has an mspy cost of $43.99. The mAssistance will give you the ultimate access to a private assistant who will always be there for you to handle all of your technical issues. This feature will also assist you when it comes to installing the mobile phone tracking software, jailbreaking a phone, using the mSpy control panel, or any other help that you will need.

c.    How do you Install this Mobile Tracker App?

Installing mSpy is a bit more complex when compared with other apps that have the same functionality. Other apps will only require merely downloading them to a phone with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.  To purchase the app, select any of the mSpy™ subscriptions. Fill out the given order form and complete the payments. You will then receive an email. Check the email to get further instructions, then download the mSpy™. Before you begin the installation process on your Android device, turn off your Google Play protect this way:
•    Open the “Settings” on the device being monitored
•    Open Google
•    Choose the “Security” option
•    Choose the “Google Play Protect” option
•    Restrict the Scan device for security threats

To launch the installation, follow the below steps:

•    Open your browser- Chrome or whatever else it may be
•    Select the Incognito Mode
•    Type this link “link”
•    Draw the shape to allow the download to start
•    As the file is downloading, close the tab
•    Open the File Manager folder and go to Downloads
•    Look for the bt.apk file then click on it to let the installation begin

Follow the below steps to start the installation process:

•    First consent to the License Agreement
•    Then turn the “Prevent Uninstall” button on
•    Allow the Key Logger tracking that will then take you to Accessibility.
•    Scroll to the Framework Update Service, then turn it on
•    Allow data to be collected. It will lead you to “Usage Data Access”
•    Find the Update Service, then turn it on
•    You can hide or keep the icon

Finish the installation process by opening the control panel and setting up the app. You will then be given a Registration Code. Enter the name and age of your target, and then choose the Android platform.  Pay attention to the Registration Code, as you will need to enter it in the application when you reach the final step of the registration process. You will see the Finish button, When you press it, you will start your monitoring work on the aimed device by visiting the website. Congratulations! You have successfully installed your spy friend.

d.    Installing without Jailbreaking

After selecting the specific package that you are willing to purchase, make payment for the app. After the payment has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation and welcome email. The message will include your mspy login details and a link that will direct you to your control panel. Follow this link that leads you to your control panel. The very first time of logging into the mSpy control panel, you will have to enter the new device. If you are thinking of monitoring an iPhone with No-jailbreak, you should select the “without jailbreak” feature. After this is done, follow the setup process and you will be given complete access to the elements using the iCloud details of the target phone. Alternatively, you can take the jailbreak method, and in this case, you will be given detailed guidelines on how to install the mSpy app into the phone of the target, be it Android, iPhone, or Blackberry.

Note that to get a premium feature, you will have to root the target device.  Log into the mSpy control panel and start monitoring the GPS location, the messaging apps, and all the other social media activities that are taking place in the target device. You will also be able to see the phone number’s location. 

mSpay Cell Phone Spy Review – mSpy Demo

What Does mSpy App Do for You?

There are many uses of the mSpy application. Many customers use the software to monitor their children’s devices. This is because even though kids can claim to be using their smartphones for “homework” only, you cannot always be present to ensure they are not using it for different purposes. From your web-based dashboard, you will view everything that is going on in the target phone. This is done safely and securely without the user’s knowledge. The dashboard is accessible from either a mobile device or a computer.

e. The App’s Legislation

MSpy™ software is mostly designed for parents. Installing the software confirms your intention and desire to use legally use it. It helps them supervise all the online activities done by their children. Using the mSpy software is legal if and only if:
• You own the target device
• The owner of the target device is aware of the mobile phone tracking software
• The device being monitored is that of your minor child
It is worth noting that you are exclusively liable for the use and misuse of the mspy Android app. You are also responsible for knowing all the notifications, disclosures, and necessary agreements to be used in the mSpy™. If you have unresolved issues, challenges, or questions regarding the use of the mSpy app, you can contact their customer care and get their legal advice.

f. MSpy and YouTube

Since the inception of YouTube in 2005, the video publishing service has grown tremendously and it continues to grow. However, being popular does not always mean good. The rapid development of YouTube has alarmed parents and guardians, especially what kind of effects it may be having on the younger generation. It is also obvious that this same platform has lots of questionable content that is inappropriate for these youths, who are not developed enough to be accessing such information. Therefore, for parents and guardians, we have the following advice on what to do to avoid the dangers of YouTube’s content to your kids;
• Start by blocking the YouTube app using the mSpy app and you can choose to download or not download the YouTube Kids app instead. By doing so, you will have the ability to filter out all the specified content that has been considered as not suitable for your kids.
• Set the mSpy key logger and get to know what is being typed on the device of your kid
• Create a list of “unwanted” words such as “alcohol”, “sex”, “drugs”, etc. and you will be notified every time your kid types a phrase or sentence with any of these words.
• Next, be sure to turn off the Auto-Play option; this enables your kids to view only of the videos that they click on.
• Check all the channels that your kid is subscribed to and only allow the trusted sources that you will feel comfortable when your kids watch. These might include Nick Junior, Disney and others
• Always remember that one of the best ways of protecting your kids is to have regular conversations about online viewing and explain to them which content is okay for them to watch.
This way, mSpy app will provide every parent with many different ways of supervising their kid’s YouTube. You will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to block YouTube completely or supervise the platform by seizing the keystrokes that are entered in your kid’s device.
The internet has a tendency of opening a door for young people to come into contact with online strangers whom they would never have an opportunity to meet in their real life. This is why e-safety is important, as it will protect your kid from hazards like online predators, kidnapping, cyberbullying, negative peer pressure, sextortion, hackers, scammers, adult content, smartphone addiction, video game addiction and many other dangers that you may not think about. Also, the frequent use of social media will pique their interest to suicidal games and pranks such as the Tide Pod challenge. Subsequently, the internet can affect fragile teens- their confidence, their health, their confidence and their overall wellbeing. This is why every parent or guardian should always be on the lookout and rely on trustworthy parental control tools like mSpy.

g. Its Compatibility

MSpy is compatible with a wide range of devices. It primarily works on all the major brands of tablets and smartphones. It is important to recognize that the Operating System (OS) version of the monitored device should be compatible with the mSpy software version. Other compatible platforms include:
• HTC Smartphones
• IPad and iPhone devices up to iOS 9.1
• Android tablets and smartphones up to Operating System version 7.0; Android Nougat
The software is compatible on all the above platforms. All you need to check on is if the monitoring version is compatible with the targets device. You can also well visit the official website of the software and view the listed phones alongside the detailed information of the manufacturer. It is also recommended that you check the Operating System version of the target phone ahead of time and make updates if necessary.
h. All the Miscellaneous Info That You Need to Know
You definitely want to know the following information:
• 10 Day Money-Back Guarantee – The mSpy software comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. This is especially if you purchased the software and it is not giving you the desired results. In this case, you can always get the app changed or ask to take advantage of the 10-day money-back guarantee. Be sure to also read the specific terms and update terms and conditions of the guarantee policy before asking for the 10 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
• Customer Care Support – This has already been spoken about but is worth repeating because it is so important. The customer care support is just excellent. Well trained and experienced enough to offer you nothing but quality and satisfactory services, the customer care team has a 24/7 availability and are very friendly and helpful. Tell them about any concerns you have before or after purchasing the app, and the customer care experts will answer all of your questions. The software provides contact to a calling facility, an email facility and a live chat support platform. All you need to do is “ask,” and you will get a response within the shortest time possible.
• Take the mspy free trial Demo tour – To get to know the functions of this fantastic software, check out the mspy free trial demo version. The control panel interface is user-friendly, but you can still ask as many questions as you want about the mspy demo version before purchasing to clear all your doubts about the app and its functionality.




Does mSpy work worldwide?

This monitoring software works in any geographical location regardless of the available cellular carrier network of the target device. It is also compatible with all the service carriers and providers. However, the cell phone tracker requires an active internet connection for it to transfer data from the target device to your personal account’s control panel. This account can only be created after you have purchased the app and the WI-FI connection or phone internet has been switched on for the target device.

What Package Subscriptions Are Offered by mSpy?

Basically, the mSpy app provides the subscription package in two different categories; the mSpy Basic Subscription Package and the mSpy Premium Subscription Package. The Basic version takes care of basic monitoring features like the phone call logs, plain text messages, GPS location tracking, browsed web history, and others. All these features will help you be knowledgeable of the location of your target and provide the time and date of messages in the spy logs.
On the other hand, the advanced features are enabled with the Premium Package that will allow you to listen to the conversations of your target. The latter also allows you to track the target’s Instant Messenger chats that are taking place via Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, BBM, and Facebook Messenger chats.

What is the Standard Pricing for mSpy?

Below is a list of the different Subscription packages that are being offered by Mspy;
•    The Basic Package for one month retails at $29.99
•    The Basic Package for one month retails at $59.99
•    The Basic Package for twelve months retails at – $99.99
•    The Premium Package for 1 month retails at $69.99
•    The Premium Package for 3 months retails at $119.99
•    The Premium Package for 12 months retails at $199.99

The above packages that have a one-month validity are a great option for beginners who are looking for the spying app to test its competence. The packages that have a six-month or one-year validity are a great option if your primary requirement is to spy on your loved one(s) and help them to stay safe when they are under your supervision.

Is mSpy Reliable? 

MSpy totally works, it is 100% reliable and will definitely be compatible with most modern devices. It is well-grounded, feature filled and a dependable software, making it the best app if you want to monitor your loved ones or your employees while keeping the competent and economic measures in mind. Its modern report managing features- with some few unique extras like Premium support and Key Logger- is what will make it a great deal that is well worth the price.

Who Are the Creators of mSpy?

MSpy was sold by MTechnology Ltd. MTechnology Ltd is a company with offices located in U.K and U.S. The company continuously puts great efforts to deliver reliable and efficient software products to all its clients. By granting a 24-hours customer care support, a refund policy with the 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee, it is a company that prides itself in offering nothing but the best in service to its clients. It has been almost five years since the inception of mSpy, and since its launch, the company has done its best to ensure the mspy android app has maintained its market name in the spy league. It is far above what its competitors feature and offer. This is why mspy has always been considered reliable.

How Are Payments Done?

The payments of the software to the company are usually done through secured payment means like credit and debit cards or through the PayPal platform. Currently, the below payment methods are accepted:
•    Master card, or Eurocard
•    American Express
•    Wire/Bank transfer
•    Diners Club
•    Fax
•    JCB
•    Vendor to vendor
•    Check
•    Purchase order
•    Alipay (支付宝)
•    Carte Bleue
•    iDEAL
•    Giropay
•    WebMoney
•    CashU
•    Boleto Bancario
•    Cash at 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or ACE
•    Ukash
•    Dankort
•    Chinese Debit Card
•    Qiwi Wallet
•    Konbini
•    eCheck/ACH
•    UnionPay

The payment options vary from one country to another. Once you have chosen the package that best suits you, select your preferred method of payment and proceed to checkout.

What Will I See in My Bank Statement?

Once the mSpy purchase is done, it will appear on your credit card or bank statement as PayPro * mSpy product, or AVANGATE* How it appears will be determined by the payment processor.

How Can I Get a Refund?

Refunds are not a guarantee. You may, however, be eligible for a full refund in 10 days after the date of purchase. Refunds can only go through if the refund reasons are in line with the Refund Policy Conditions. Additionally, the friendly customer support will help you with any issues you may have in getting a refund. This ensures that you are fully satisfied with this phone tracker.

How Can I Test the Functionality of the App before I Make the Purchase?

Take the mspy free trial demo tour. To get to know the features and all that is included in this fantastic software, check out the mspy free trial demo version. The control panel interface is user-friendly, but you can still ask as many questions as you want about the mspy demo version before purchasing to clear all your doubts about the app and its workability.

Can You Help Me with Tracking the Phone Number Location? Can I Find the Lost Device?

Kindly note that mSpy starts to collect the necessary data once it has been installed on the target device. Monitoring is NEVER provided by the phone or its IMEI number. You will need access to the device, install the application on the target phone and then start the monitoring process.

How Does the Money-Back Guarantee Work?

10 Day Money-Back Guarantee – The mSpy software comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. This is helpful if you purchased the software and it is not giving you quality results. In this case, you can always get the app fixed or ask to be given a 10-day money-back guarantee. Be sure to also read the terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee policy before asking for the 10 day money-back Guarantee.

Does mSpy Have a License for Multiple Devices?

The mSpy app will not allow you to use a similar license if you are spying on more than one device. However, you can divide your time with one account between many different devices. You can activate one and deactivate another if you want to spy on more than one device. Most of the other monitoring apps will not even allow you to install the mSpy app on another device. In the other apps, you will only be able to monitor a single device for the duration of your license.

What Is the Compatibility of the Software?

MSpy has wide-ranging compatibility. It mostly works on all the prevalent platforms of tablets and smartphones. It is essential to recognize that the Operating System (OS) version of the monitored device should be compatible with the mSpy software version. Other compatible platforms include:
•    HTC Smartphones
•    IPad and iPhone devices up to iOS 9.1
•    Android tablets and smartphones up to Operating System version 7.0; Android Nougat

The software is compatible on all the above platforms. All you need to check on is if the monitoring version is compatible with the target’s device. You can also visit the official website of the software and view the listed phones alongside the detailed information of the manufacturer. It is also recommended that you check the Operating System version of the target phone ahead of time and make updates if required to do so.

Is mSpy Detectable?

While spying on someone, you would not want them to know about it. The point of spying is that you gain information while staying undetected. According to tests made by experts to determine whether mSpy is detectable or not, from the user’s point of view, the following were the 2 significant results that were noted:
•    Once the software has been installed in the target devices, the mSpy icon will not be seen on the app list or drawer
•    Even better, the services and mobile tracker app are never enumerated on the App Manager. This is pretty awesome since, even when the target will think that he/she is being monitored, they can never find a way to monitor this.

With the advanced features, you will be happy to know that even read, deleted, or unread emails or messages can be tracked from the phone of your target. That’s how powerful this device is. The messages will be uploaded on the spy server alongside their time and date, and even if the target deletes the SMS from their smartphones, it will still be visible on the dashboard of your account.

Can the Monitored Person Sense That I am Using mspy on Him/Her?
Another possible way that the target can sense that there is a tracking software in their device is when their battery starts to drain rapidly. Fortunately, though, the mSpy app does not consume too much energy. Only a minimal amount of energy is used for the tracking process. Therefore, chances are, your target will never find out that they are being monitored by the mSpy that is in their device. This is the same case even for computers. The detectability nature of mSpy in Mac and PC, Task Manager and Activity Manager is also the same. Simply put, it is okay to conclude that mSpy is virtually undetectable. You need to know this before you make a purchase.
Before Doing Anything Else
If you are interested in going forward from this point and downloaingd the mSpy app, be sure to check the following:
•    Check out the mspy free demo to have an overview of what to expect from it
•    Read through the FAQ’s to be sure that your phone is compatible with the app. This is because most of the added features will need you to root or jailbreak the device.
•    If you choose to get the full version of the application, you will spend some extra cash and have access to the “mAssistance” program. The reliable and helpful team of mSpy will handle the setup process for mspy and install it for you




Final Verdict

After all is said, you are the decision-maker. Now that you have read the details about of what this spy phone app is and what it can do, the ball is in your court. According to the positive mspy reviews, the mobile tracker app is highly rated by its users who are grateful for its superb construction and efficiency. Of the dozen phone monitoring apps to choose from, mSpy is the outstanding one on the market. It offers a great mspy price, feature mix, and customer care support. This makes the app worth every cent you spend. Using this spyware will be among the best decisions you make. Get started now and be among the millions praising the app for what it offers! What are you waiting for?

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