Mynt ES Key Finder

Mynt ES Key Finder

There’s nothing more annoying and disturbing than not be able to find your key when you’re about to go. A lot of people are relatively familiar with this scenario. But, if you often have to contend with this kind of situation, then you must invest some cash in purchasing a key finder. This device is beneficial and is very handy in due course. There are lots of key finders available on the market today, but if you want the best, you need to choose the MYNT key tracker.

How Key Trackers Function? 

You must be aware of how this device works. A key tracker is a small device that can be connected to your key or wallet. All the key trackers available on the market today have an exceptional signature about which the only user can know about. This device can be attached to the user’s account via a smartphone app. It permits them to monitor the exact location of the key. There’s no way that outsiders can monitor or track the key.

There’s a minimal amount of power utilized by the mobile app and the device itself for offering comprehensive protection or security to your key. Using this key finder is so easy, and even if you doest have experience in technology can easily understand how it is working.

What is the best key finder today? 

Our market is packed with key finder brands, and each one promises to give the best. The growing number of choices makes it hard to look for the best one and often overwhelming and confusing. One of the best key finders available today that is packed with essential features is MYNT key finder.

The Pixie tracker

What is the MYNT Key Finder?

Over the years, searching for lost or misplaced keys, wallets, cellphones as well as personal items has always been a time consuming and daunting problem. The time you spend annually is close to 12 days. Due to the latest development in technology, companies have created a remarkable solution which makes things safer and saves a considerable amount of time.

MYNT is a tiny fob that makes finding the lost or misplaced things easier. Also, it offered control over things distantly. It is considered the thinnest key finder with state of the art remote control functions. It is easy to use. You can easily connect it to keys, wallets, or any personal items regardless of size. When connected, it will monitor the exact location of the object within the Bluetooth range. It has Smart Alarm features which generate once the device is out of range.

Today, it is likely to take control of your time as well as take remote control of Bluetooth devices. This key finder is the best buddy for improved management of keys, wallets, and other vital accessories in life.

Features of MYNT Key Finder 

MYNT key finder is integrated with remarkable features, which make it one of the best key finders available on the market today. Some of these features take account of the following:

find my keys

  • Item Ringer

Looking for lost stuff or objects is now easier with this key finder. You can contact MYNT using the MYNT app. It is easy to use just open the app, click the item icon, set it to ring, and that’s it. The home page or interface will show the exact distances, while upon the last couple of feet, the device will ring that will serve as your guide of finding it.

  • Key-Finder

Finding the key is fast by set it ringing. Just hold your MYNT, and then the device will ring, although it is in a silent or mute mode.

  • Operation Location 

This key finder has the capability to records each last location of the items monitored. All you need to do is to open the map in the MYNT app, and this will display where your item was.

  • Separation Alarm

Imagine you are outside; your cellphone will alert you by sending a notification when you accidentally left your key, backpack, or wallet or things the device is connected to at a school, theater, or restaurant.

  • Remote Shutter

The MYNT button can also be used as a remote shutter for your camera. This is simple to use and works for up to 150ft.

  • Presentation Fob

Click in your Keynote or PPT utilizing this stylish clicker. One key which supports many actions and functions.

  • Compatibility

What makes MYNT key finder apart from the rest is that it works with Mac OS X, Android as well as iOS with Bluetooth 4.0. This groundbreaking tracker supports devices powered by iOS, including iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 7 and 8, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad third generation, 4G as well as iPod touch.

This key finder is also compatible with Android phones. It’s been tested to work with devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 5, S3, S5, Samsung Note 2, N7 105, HTC One M7, Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi Redmi 2, Smartisan T1, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei 3C, Meizu Blue, Huawei Mate 7, No-name tablet that has MTK CPU, OnePlus One, Android phones with issues: Samsung Note 3 N9002 and many others.

  • User Experience

It is easy to install the MYNT ES. All you need to do is to download the mobile app. After setting on the battery, it will start transmitting a signal that will be detected by the mobile app. Your next step is to open the mobile app, then click Add a New MYNT button then choose from product options. But this time, you need to click MYNT ES. A new screen will prompt you to push and hold the M key located at the center of the tracker. You will hear a ring and then release it. After this, you will see a new screen, which gives you a choice to personalize the tracker; it all depends on how you will use the tracker, be it for wallet, keys or cellphone, and what kind of loss prevention setting you want.

Key Finder

  • App

The mobile app takes account of the state of the art digital leash feature, which sends notifications once your device and the tracker lose contact for a specific time. This fantastic feature is intended to keep the user from leaving his or her keys behind. Also, you can adjust the time to 45, 30, or 15 seconds. There is also a safe zone feature wherein it is intended to prevent your device from bothering you with pony rings once you and your key is in the same place or area. However, some users commented that this feature required some tweaking in order to function well.


MYNT ES is one of the best key finders that offers many benefits, such as:

  • Reasonable
  • State of the art digital leash feature
  • Long battery life
  • Decent range


Despite the many benefits this key finder offers, it also comes with some flaws such as:

  • Poor documentation
  • Replacing the battery is overwhelming and daunting
  • Bizarre cryptocurrency feature
  • Faint alarm

How to Find the Best Key Tracker ?

There are vital factors that you must know while choosing a key finder. Once you keep these in mind, there’s no way that you’ll end up buying the best and most reliable. Pay attention to each feature and use them when buying.


It is very vital to check the life of the batter when buying a key finder. You must choose a product that has a battery that lasts 1 year or more. Buying a product with a poor battery life is just a waste of money.


A lot of superior key finder available today has a prolonged range of 100 feet. Buying a product that has less than 100 feet range will lessen the perks the tracker offers.

Sound/ Audio 

Another essential feature that you need to keep in mind when buying a key finder is, of course, the sound. The sound must be loud to get heard even when the key gets buried under something in a noisy environment.


Of course, the budget is also a factor to consider. There are key finders available to a low price, but there are also some that can buy for thousands of dollars. It is vital to calculate your budget. If you need a key finder packed with the essential features, then expect to give out hundreds of dollars.

Once you follow these tips, you will end up getting the best and most reliable key finder available in the market today.


There is no doubt that state of the art MYNT does a remarkable job as a key finder device. There is no issue in connecting the device, and it will keep you connected. It is highly recommended for those looking to keep a key finder on their stuff as it works smartly with its mobile app. The sound is also loud so you can hear it even in a noisy environment. In general, groundbreaking Mynt ES is an efficient, reliable, but affordable key finder available even if it short of polish as well as features of a bit costly unit.