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  • Particular filtering tools
  • Simple design and easy-to-use app
  • Remote control
  • User-friendly visual presence


  • No capture of desktop images

With children regularly accessing the world of internet for social networks and schoolwork, it could be very hard always to protect and keep them safe. As parents, you need the right tool to keep your kids free from any harm and online predators. For many concerned parents, there is no frightening than not being aware of what they’re children are doing with their mobile phones. The news is filled with horrifying scenarios where tends are sending their pictures and even dropping into online predators’ trap. As a loving parent, trust among your kids is very important. However, time will always come where they will lack the right judgment to make the necessary decisions.

Today, the world of the internet is no longer a safe place for your children. Access to some of the restricted websites may not be suitable for your kids, depending on their stage of development and age. There are also online gaming consoles that allow young ones to surf their site and talk to other players. While these feature of the game makes it more fun, of course, you might not want to see your kids giving their credit card accounts to these gaming consoles. Aside from that, your children’s brains are constantly developing and trying to learn new things. With this, they are very prone to engaging to some online behavior like providing too much information of themselves like their name, date of birth, school name and phone number.

Net Nanny Parental-Control App Review

Cyberbullying, online marauders, and pornography can also make the world of internet a hazardous place for your kids. Your children needs protection and you must be in charge of their internet activities using the Net Nanny parental control software. Reliable monitoring software like Net Nanny offers numerous advantages. Monitoring a cell phone or a computer device with the aid of a GPS location tracker is one of the most significant practices a parent should consider. There have been plenty of cases where children are bullied and harassed online because kids were not watched over properly.

Although there are some kids who don’t have access to social media or other devices that could possibly put them to danger. However, if a child is active in some discussion or forums online, it is still a good idea to set up a parental control app to make sure that your children are always in safe hands. To get rid of all the possible risks of danger among your children, it is recommended to consider purchasing monitoring software like Net Nanny parental control.  This monitoring software is a decent program and a strong parental control monitoring app. The helpful touches and design of the net nanny app are what set it apart from its competitors. Continue reading this net nanny review and find out more about this parental control app.

Protect your Kids with Net Nanny

Many parents have been impressed with the Net Nanny parental control software, especially since this app mask profanity. Net Nanny blocks inappropriate content so that your children can’t read them. The software is a pornography blocker, and it is just very impressive. Aside from its ability to block pornographic sites, Net Nanny parental control also checks all the rotating ads on good sites. In some cases and well ads just keep popping up – this app blocks the site until the upsetting ads are removed from the rotation.

Net Nanny Software is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. It features time controls, letting you decide when your kids can surf the net and for how long. The software also includes filters that let you decide which sites you wish your child to visit and the ones they cannot visit. The internet features of this app include gore, gaming sites, alcohol, anime, and others. You can also choose to block the content completely or either show a warning message when your kid wants to access the site. Not only that, but Net Nanny Parental Control software also lets you create a profile where you can set the limits depending on the maturity, age and needs.

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While Net Nanny Software is good at blocking inappropriate content, it comes short in the notification department and tracking. However, for parents who wish to protect their kids from internet content – this app is a great choice. Net Nanny’s exceptional web-filtering performance makes it one of the top options in this class. And great news for its loyal clients – Zift’s latest design offers a more current and superior interface when compared to its major competitors. The lack of text message and call monitoring could be a downside of this app, but the high subscription fee could be a problem for some. However, if the standard features of this app cover all your needs, then the Net Nanny Parental Control app is absolutely one of the best options for you to consider.

Net Nanny Features

Net Nanny Parental Control offers all the standard features you need for a proper control of your kids’ time spent on the internet.

  • Scheduling and Screen Time Limits

Net Nanny app offers both schedules and time limits so you can control the time your kids spend on their smartphones each day and for how long they will use them. Likewise, parental control apps limit only activities on the internet, but Net Nanny parental control pauses the device itself. This app also notifies your kid with a message on the screen when their schedule internet time has ended. Most of the tests conducted with the Net Nanny admin, this feature of the app worked excellently. The instant pause button of this monitoring parental control app is also loved by many users.

net nanny review

  • Parental Controls

Looking for peace of mind? You can have it with the Net Nanny app. This offers online visibility of your children’s daily internet activities to help you understand and be aware of their digital habits. You can also protect your child while they are using the internet. Net Nanny Parental Control also helps manage every family’s digital practices with the security of knowing that your children are all protected online.

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  • Screen Time Management

Many children access the internet regularly, and they usually visit the internet multiple times a day. With Net Nanny app, you can control the number of hours each day when your kids can be online. You can also have the ability to schedule specific internet hours and usage per day. This screen time management feature of this app makes time monitoring and usage structuring easy for

  • Website Blocker

Every day, thousands of new websites are made that may overwhelm you in finding out the websites that are safe to access by your children. The exceptional commanding website blocker enables you to customize your kid’s internet profile settings to alert, block, or allow certain websites from being opened.

  • Block Apps

Using the Net Nanny parental control, parents are able to block all the apps on their child’s mobile phone and access all the apps they visit and use. By using this monitoring app, you can also learn more about the apps they are using in the App Advisor of the Net Nanny Parental Control.

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  • Track Location

Net Nanny app helps to keep your child safe by allowing you to see whether they are safe and when they are, instantly. You can relax and have peace of mind by knowing that you are aware of your child’s and your loved one’s location when you keep track of their location.

  • Internet Filter

With the aid of the Net Nanny’s incomparable internet filter, you can be in control of your children’s internet. You can set the content internet filtering for 14 categories to either Alert, Allow, or Block for viewing. You can also customize these different levels of personalizing each individual user of the child profile. With this amazing app, you can set the profile of your children to Alert, Block, or View for the following kinds of websites:

  • Abortion
  • Adult Novelty
  • Anime
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Gore
  • Mature content
  • Pornography
  • Provocative
  • Strip clubs
  • Suicide
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons

  • Block Pornography

The internet is crowded with tons of porn sites, and your child can stumble upon some serious adult content during their online activities. With just a few clicks on the mouse and a single tap on their smartphones, they can easily access nude contents. The exposure to pornographic pictures and videos from the different sites has never been easier and in fact, 50% of adolescent females and 85% of males have been exposed to nude materials. Luckily, Net Nanny helps you to get alert about the inappropriate sites viewed by your kid and block adult content and pornography.

  • Alerts and Reporting

One of the common issues among parents is their lack of control in seeing their children’s online activity. With Net Nannyapp, everything is set – you can receive alerts for your child directly to your Net Nanny account. You can see all the online activities of your child through your online account as the Net Nanny admin. With this app, it is also possible for you to find out which websites have been accessed and the number of hours spent during their online time.

  • Family Feed

This feature of the Net Nanny app is an overview of your children’s online activity that you can always view anywhere you go. You can access this on your laptop or desktop with the app’s parent dashboard via Android device or iOS.

  • Parent Dashboard

You can always access the parent dashboard as long as you have access to the internet and a device with a web browser. With the Net Nanny parental control, you can view the Family Feed, update their profile setting and see what makes your children busy all the time with their mobile phones. Take note to have a stable internet connection to access and monitor your children and update their profile as needed.

Net Nanny’s Adaptive Feature

Net Nanny: The Upside and Downside of this App

Net Nanny has a lot to offer – from controlling your kid’s internet time to filtering all the content. We asked parents about their experience in the performance and features of this app. This software is developed for parental usage to constantly keep an eye of their children, making this app as Nanny Software, that’s why, where it gets its name. Find out why the Net Nanny app is being loved by most parents.


  • Website blocking
  • Screen time limits
  • Easy to use
  • Has the lowest price among other software reviewed
  • Compatibles with Mac computers, iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Website blocking
  • Pause button
  • Block pornography and other nudity


  • Weak content filters
  • Confusing installation
  • No social media monitoring

Net Nanny Compatibility

Net Nanny, as mentioned earlier, is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices. Net Nanny for iPhone users provides the most reliable parental control services. This parental control for Apple allows parents to filter the internet and protects their kids from online predators and block pornography.

Net Nanny for iOS

If you are unsure about the stuff that your kid is viewing on his or her iPod or iPhone, then it’s about time to get rid of the problem and get a solution. Net Nanny parental control app is a top-notch monitoring solution for your kids to search and enjoy the web safely. Use this app for iOS to block websites, filter the internet, enable restrictions and set time limits and monitor their daily internet activities.

Net Nanny for iOS devices also offers you the power too:

  • Block websites
  • Block apps
  • Block pornography
  • Monitor online searches
  • View account using the Parent Dashboard
  • Track your kids’ location
  • Limit internet time
  • Protect your children with the app’s reliable internet filter

Net Nanny for Android

Net Nanny for Android brings you an exceptional parental control app, giving you control over children’s online experiences. Does your child access some malicious apps on their phone? Look at inappropriate web content? Or download time-consuming games? Net Nanny’s powerful features let you choose the apps that you want for your child. Net Nanny for Android provides you the peace of mind, knowing that your children are protected with the superior internet filter available.

With the app’s top-notch monitoring features, you can also manage your family’s account, set the screen time, and get access to all the reports and alerts. Net Nanny for Android users offers:

  • Filter websites and the internet
  • Block mature content and pornography
  • Block or allow websites
  • Monitor online search keywords or terms
  • View Parent Dashboard and access account reports and activity
  • Track location
  • See the overview of your kid’s internet activity with Family Feed

Net Nanny for Windows

Net Nanny for Windows lets you protect your children from online predators. Just like Android and iOS, Net Nanny for Windows, you can take control of your child’s internet activities. The parental controls that this app provides offers you help guarantee safe and protected browsing for the entire family.

Net Nanny for Windows offers you the power to:

  • Block or allow websites
  • Create multiple users on the account
  • Accurate performance when filtering web content
  • Provides usage and alert reports of your child’s digital activities
  • Dynamic contextual filtering for 14 different categories such as Adult Novelty, Abortion, Anime, Gore, Gambling, Drugs, Nude Content, Provocative, Pornography, Suicide, Strippers, Tobacco, and Guns/Weapons
  • Review online researches
  • View reports, review and manage settings
  • Limits children’s internet access

Cost and What’s Covered

When it comes to the retail price of the Net Nanny parental control app, it cost $39.99 as an annual subscription. If you’re a parent and you need a solution for multiple devices of your children, then consider buying a reliable monitoring app like Net Nanny. This mobile app supports Kindle, iOS, Android, and paid subscriptions include other devices like Windows client and the macOS as well, soon.

Net Nanny is available for iOS devices, with a purchase of the Family Protection Pass for either 5 devices or 20 devices. If you are looking for software for several devices, then consider buying this app for either 20 or 5 device licenses. You can also bundle along with other devices like Kindle Fire, your PC or Android device.

As mentioned above, the cost of this app starts at$39.99 per year, but it also offers family protection passes which include:

  • Five-device plan for $54.99 as an annual subscription
  • Twenty-device plan for $89.99 as an annual subscription

Net Nanny Parental App does not offer a free trial or a limited free version.

How Does This App Work?

Net Nanny uses an active Internet filter to analyze the content of a certain website completely. This superior technology has allowed millions of parents to keep their children safe and protected. Net Nanny app restricts the amount of unsuitable web content your children might be exposed to, but still able to only access those websites that are beneficial. Net Nanny analyzes the content of an internet page in real-time and provides a protected internet connection for your family. This only means that the Internet Filtering features of this app are able to cope with the fast-paced moving world and secure that your kids are safe while they are online.We suggest you to review about XnspyQustudio, & TheTruthspy , Flexispy , spyzie

When it comes to setting up this parental control app on your device, installing the Net Nanny app is easy as one, two and three! For families with multiple gaming consoles, tablets and phones, this can only mean spending plenty of time setting up monitoring apps on the different operating systems as well as the different interfaces. Search for a reliable monitoring app such as the Net Nanny parental control. It, alone, can be the best solution in keeping your children safe as they use Kindle Fire, iOS, PC or Android.

To install and set up this parental control app, all you need to do is to follow this step by step guide:

  • First, click on the Net Nanny icon to start the installation process
  • Then choose your desired language from the menu and click ok
  • After launching the Net Nanny Wizard, click continue to finish the installation
  • Read first the license agreement before clicking next
  • Input the registration number and click Next to continue

Take note: If in case you purchase your software online, the registration number will be sent to your email address. However, if you bought it from a store or shop, the registration number is on the CD. If you cannot connect to the registration server, you will get a reminder to verify that the app disabled the firewall and asking if you want to configure the settings of the proxy server. Having a problem connecting to the Content Watch? Here are the reasons why you can’t connect using the proxy server:

  • Your internet connection is disabled
  • Firewall is disabled
  • The ISP offers a proxy server as a substitute to the internet

Nowadays, finding the most reliable parental control app is quite a serious task to do. It is important to use all the advantages of the Net Nanny app to provide guidance to your children.

Net Nanny FAQs

“How do I check the license of Net Nanny?”

The best way to update your license status is to log in to the app’s Administration tools and then go to the “Devices.” The tab will show you all about your licenses, the status and subscriptions.

“What Operating Systems does Net Nanny support for Windows?”

Net Nanny supports all versions of Windows – Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. The Net Nanny 6.5 version is still compatible and supported for Windows XP.

“How do I reinstall the app?”

To do this, download the Net Nanny software from the product’s website and then start the installation. The software will ask you to use your account to start and authorize the installation process.

“How can I permanently allow a specific site for all the users at once?”

You can always allow all the users to access a specific site. To do this, go to the Net Nanny Administration tools. Then go to the Family tab and then choose to allow/block tab. Enter your chosen name of domains you wish to always block or allow.

“What if I forgot my Net Nanny Account Password?”

If in case you forgot your password, you can always reset it by going to the Net Nanny admin account and on the options, choose Forgot Password.

“Will this software reports or email alert to me?”

This software does not send email reports, but you can access all the data from anywhere with the aid of the Net Nanny Administration tools. To access the admin tools, just log in on your Net Nanny account using your Net Nanny email address and your password to log in. The alerts can also tell you when a person has sent a request to access a certain website or overridden a restricted site. The Choose The Best Tracker is ideal for those parents who have a very hectic working schedule.

“How do I add more users?”

Go to the Net Nanny Administration Tools and then select the “Users” tab, then choose “add users” to add a new Net Nanny user.

Net Nanny Real Customer Testimonials

Whether it is the ability to manage the internet time or the superior Internet filter, parents are talking about the amazing ways this parental control app keeps their children and family safe. Below are some of the real customer testimonials.

“I use Net Nanny for my kids, but also as the leader of a high school youth. I recommend this app to other parents too. The app is easy to use, nevertheless offers a high level of security. Just what I always tell other parents, using the app is very affordable. Even if you trust and have confidence in your kids, using the software is a great protection against all kinds of bullying and other online threats. Aside from that, the technical support, as well as the customer service, is superb!”   – Ling B.

“I am very happy and satisfied with this product, for I have tried some software in the past years, but Net Nanny is the only one that does what it promises. I have a 10-year-old son and two 12-year-old daughters and this app allows them to explore safely. Thanks for getting my issues very quickly. Good customer service and even better support. You guys rock!”   – Tom M.

“We have appreciated the benefits of using Net Nanny as our home and children guard. Our children are learning, and they are young and starting to learn everything about the things around them. The software provided an added amount of security and protection that we need for our children.” – Kevin B

These are real customer testimonials given by clients who purchased the software. Reading these would probably convince you to finally decide whether you’re going to buy this app or not.

Choosing the Right Parental Control App: mSpy vs. Net Nanny

Most of the apps today have the ability to monitor every child’s online activities. With the numerous apps found on the internet, it could be very daunting to find the right one. Today, we are going to discuss the difference between two of the most trusted brand of monitoring app – Net Nanny and mSpy.

Net Nanny was also compared to other alternatives like the Qustodio. Qustodio vs. Net Nanny is another case so; let’s just focus this to Net Nanny and mSpy. To help you choose the most appropriate software for your family, this net nanny review is for you. Here are the following criteria:

  • Ease of Use

How easy is the software to use?

  • Ease of Installation

How simple are the setup and installation instructions?

  • Features

How useful is the parental app to parents? best parental control app for iPhone support restrictions on installed games, messaging apps, and provide accurate reporting.

  • Control Effectiveness

How parents can easily monitor the logs and get easy access?

  • Customer Support

Product support is very important. Does the app come with support contact methods? A user’s guide? What support does it have: tutorials, telephone numbers, email forms, FAQs, forums?


mSpy scores 9 out of 10 and currently the leader in parental control apps. The installation wizard of this app is excellent and very easy. Plus, users do not need to be a tech professional or expert in the computer just to install it. mSpy offers 25 features to parents, and among them are:

  • SMS
  • Website blocking
  • Keyword alert
  • Keylogger
  • Snapchat
  • Application blocking
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • GPS
  • Tinder

On the other hand, Net Nanny scores only 7 out of 10. This app has been around since 2007 and said to be the first parental control software. The features of this app are not as good when compared to the mSpy. Net Nanny is concentrating on blocking malicious content from the web, but does not cover and offer complete phone monitoring. Although the software has support systems and forums, it does not offer 24/7 customer care service.


The bottom line of this Net Nanny review: Net Nanny boasts a strong performance in terms of internet filtering along with its solid app blocking features and screen time. The app is another strong option for many parents who are looking for a complete control over their children’s daily internet activities. The simple yet thoughtful design of the software, along with its helpful touches like App Advisor and Family Feed, set it apart from its competitors.

However, it’s a bit pricey. If you really want a complete monitoring app, then we guess you should look for a parental control app that offers everything you need for a safe and more protected monitoring of your kids. mSpy is one of the best parental control apps available today in the market. Net Nanny offers some awesome filtering features, but money-wise, it could be better to opt for more features like the mSpy.