Orbitkey x Chipolo

Orbitkey x Chipolo

Are you looking for a reliable Bluetooth tracker without spending a lot of money? Look no further than Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker. This is one of the best and most sought after key finder and wallet tracker ever made.

What is Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker?

Never lose sight of things which matters a lot with the revolutionary and state of the art Orbitkey X Chipolo tracker. Made in collaboration with Chipolo, renowned designers, this locator is made to fit inside classic Key Organiser from Orbitkeys, assisting you to keep tabs on your wallets, keys, or any essential belongings.

How Does This Bluetooth Tracker Function?

This is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled tool that you can fasten to keys or wallets or any objects you usually misplaced. This is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The location of the Tracker is updated with the use of Bluetooth connection between the app and the device. The app “finds out” the Tracker with the use of Bluetooth signal and then makes use of the Android or iOS devices to update the last location the object is seen. It has a range of 150 feet to be detected or discovered.

Orbitkey x Chipolo: Revolutionize the World of Bluetooth Tracker


What makes this Bluetooth tracker apart from the rest is that it comes with amazing features such as:

  • Compatible with all Orbitkey Products
  • Louder ringer
  • Selfie mode
  • Up to 50m line-of-sight Bluetooth range
  • Remote operation of your device camera via Bluetooth
  • Made to fit Orbitkey Key Organiser


This Bluetooth tracker offers many benefits, such as:

  • Sharing: It’s likely to set this Tracker up on many smartphones. Both iOS and Chipolo Android apps are able to share.
  • Selfie Remote: This amazing Tracker can be utilized as a selfie remote, which allows the user to trigger the shutter of the camera through the Chipolo App.
  • Named locations: This is utilized to ensure the Tracker can be located fast and efficiently. You are able to name areas that you visit regularly; therefore, if you misplace or lose your valuable stuff, with this Tracker connected, it will be marked with the name of the location like lost at the park or lose at home.
  • Quiet Zones: When setting up named location features, they can be facilitated as “Quiet Zones” so you do not get In and Out of Range notifications for the designated locations.


  • It comes with a replaceable battery that only lasts for six months, which is lesser compared to other trackers available out there.

How Do I Find My Lost Key or Item?

Orbitkey x Chipolo

If you aren’t able to locate your wallet or other valuable items connected to the Bluetooth tracker and which item is in range, you are able to utilize the app to ring the Tracker to help you look for it.

Also, you can use the Tracker to assist in locating the connected device once it is within range. Just press the button on Tracker twice, and you will hear a ringtone on your phone helping you to find it. Once the locator is out of range, the app will show its last known place. If you’re back within range of which place the Tracker will reconnect, and you can make it ring to assist in finding the item.

Once the lost object is no longer at that place, you don’t have to worry as a Community Search feature can help. Orbitkey collaborated with Chipolo to take benefit from the current worldwide community, which can assist in finding the misplaced or lost item.

If anyone in the community is running the app within range of a tracker, the app will send an update of which Tracker most recent location to you. This assists in finding the lost item, although you’re not in range.


Where Can Is Orbitkey Tracker?

This is considered the only locator made to fit in the Orbitkey Key Organizer and to reduce bulk once connected to key rings. It can be fastened to the key organizer the same way as keys and can be attached to the Orbitkey ring-like typical key rings. It comes with a tassel that enables you to fasten the Tracker to an array of other objects like luggage, bags, and many others. We may suggest you to choose the best tracker for you.

How to Set Up This Bluetooth Tracker? 

It is easy to install or set up this Tracker. But, keep in mind that this only works with supported devices. If your friend gave you a used tracker, this would not pair with your account. You can address this by unlocking then unit. You can visit the Chipolo website for a detailed guide on how to unlock the Orbitkey X Chipolo Bluetooth tracker.

Does Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker Work Even If There Is No Internet? 

This Bluetooth tracker works without using an internet connection. It works via Bluetooth. The app will recall the last known place when the Tracker was connected to the device. If the connection was lost, this is the time wherein you need the internet to find the location via the Chipolo system. Also, you need a Wi-Fi to sign or register into the app and to pair the Tracker. Once registered or signed, the internet is not required for linking the Bluetooth tracker through the Chipolo app.

What Is the Distance to Sustain the Connection of My Tracker to My Mobile Device? 

As mentioned above, this state of the art locator works via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is most efficient at the 10m or 30 feet range, and it depends on the setting or environment. The scope of the Orbitkey Bluetooth can extend up to 50m or 150 feet when there’s a clear line of sight from the mobile phone to the Bluetooth tracker. There are other factors that can affect the Bluetooth signal. This takes account of:

  • Thicker walls
  • Other Wi-Fi tools or devices
  • Other Bluetooth devices.

What is Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker?

Is Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker Can Be Considered A GPS Tracker? 

Orbitkey X Chipolo tracker isn’t a GPS tracker. Instead, it makes use of Bluetooth to link with a mobile device and creates a log of existing location or lasts known place when out of range. In general, GPS tracker is bigger and need more power, which makes them not viable for tracking wallets, keys, passbook, and many other smaller and valuable things.

Is Orbitkey X Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker Small? 

Orbitkey X Chipolo tracker has been made to fit snugly in a key organizer. With the narrowest shape on the market, it is also made to minimize bulk once utilized with a key ring. This state of the art tracker has a dimension of 60mm by 20mm by 4.5mm. This Tracker also takes the space of two keys once utilized in your key organizer.

Is It Water-Resistant?

This Bluetooth tracker has a rating of IP52 that means this is secured from limited dust ingress as well as the water spray. Also, this means that this Tracker is able to withstand a light splash of water or rain. However, you don’t have to put it in your pocket when swimming or doing a car wash. Keep in mind that this is an electronic device, which can be damaged when submerge or soaked to water.

Is the Battery Replaceable? 

Yes. It is integrated with a replaceable battery that can last up to six months of use. Once it drains, the app will notify you to buy a new one. Ordering a battery is fast and easy; all you need is to visit the manufacturer’s website.

What Makes This Tracker Apart from The Rest?

Apart from the partnership with popular designer Chipolo, Orbitkey Tracker is also the only locator available that is intended to fit flawlessly in the Orbitkey Key Organizer. If you don’t have an Orbitkey Key Organizer, the gap on the locator itself is big enough to fit all sizes of keyrings.

What is more, this Tracker has a narrow shape, made to lessen the bulkiness in the pocket once utilized along with a key ring.

Also, what makes it apart from the rest is the premium tassel made of leather materials, which allows you to fasten the Tracker to any of your stuff, including camera, bags, keys, and many others. The battery is easily replaceable, which means it will assist you longer in finding lost or misplaced stuff.

Can I Use This to Track My Kid or Pet? 

Always keep in mind that this is not a GPS tracker. Instead, it makes use of Bluetooth to connect with the mobile device and makes a log of existing locations as well as the last known places. So, it doesn’t need to be used when tracking pets or kids. GPS tracker is ideal for a device for this purpose.

Is Obitkey X Chipolo Loud?

Yes. It has 90-95dB, which is louder than other units out there and when triggered this locator ring for eighteen seconds prior to stopping. If you have found the object, just repeat the process.

How Do I Find My Lost Key or Item?

Can I Modify the Sound or The Ringtone?

Sad to say, no.  The default tune was made both with high and low tones so that individuals of different ages will have no issue hearing it from afar.


There is no doubt that the Orbitkey X Chipolo is one of the best trackers on the market today. It is equipped with state of the art features and works efficiently. But, ensure to follow the guide of setting up to maximize its perks.