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Smart location system

The Pixie app uses the iPhone’s camera to accurately locate your lost items. Just follow the instructions on your screen and you will be reunited with your lost item within minutes. Luggage, keys, remote, passport, whatever it may be.

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Size: 47mm x 35mm x 3.2mm

Range: Up to 100' Typical indoor performance 30-50'

Accuracy: within 1'

Battery: 12 months in typical usage

Works with all Pixie-enabled apps.

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Never lose your stuff again

Know the exact location of the things you love, no other finder but pixie offers that

Find your iPhone even when it's off!

Pixie locates your iPhone, even if it’s out of power or on silent. 

See where you left it

When you are far away from your missed item, you will see its location on a map


"...the set up was simple and searching was so easy and even fun that my 8 year old loved to play with it."

– weilin Hu

"...Great lost and found gadget! The app is very easy to use and overall gives a solid performance"

– Joel Boquiren

"...I have tried a couple of tracker technologies and this one is by far the most reliable"

– Adrienne DeFuria

We got this for our fifth grader who loses stuff all the time. We haven’t had an episode of lost stuff panic or visited the school lost and found since he got this..."

– Haim H.

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