Carousel scrums and airport bag mix ups eliminated with Baggage Claim App


Carousel scrums and airport bag mix ups eliminated with Baggage Claim App

LOS ALTOS, CA – June 27, 2017 – In time for the summer travel season, Pixie, the most advanced smart finder on the market has just got even smarter with the launch of Baggage Claim. A new third party service powered by Pixie, Baggage Claim allows travelers to be alerted to the proximity of luggage and bags in real-time to help avoid loss, airport mix-ups and carrousel scrums. Now anyone with the ingenious Pixie PointTM tags and Pixie app can access the additional service and functionality for free.  

Pixie is a game changer in location tracking technology and makes finding lost items fun, fast and frustration free. Unlike outdated Bluetooth trackers that rely on beeps to guide people to lost items, Pixie lets people see where items are hiding with an augmented reality interface that SHOWS where items are hiding even behind cushions, through wall or in drawers.

Also unlike Bluetooth trackers, Pixie is based on its own signaling technology and Location of Things Platforms which makes it possible for hundreds of additional services to be built on its technology to continually offer Pixie users even more services and utility.  Baggage Claim is the first additional service to be launched. 

Carefree Carousels – How It Works

To use Baggage Claim, people first need to be using the Pixie solution which is comprised of Pixie Points, advanced tags that give everyday physical objects digital identities and the Pixie app that allows iPhones to quickly locate them. The Baggage Claim app integrates with the Pixie app to provide an easy-to-use interface of visual and audio cues that provides the proximity of luggage in real-time. 

Within the Baggage Claim app, individual Pixie Points can be assigned (known as Pixifying) to any bag or piece of luggage and attached or placed within them. There is an ability to name and even add photos of each Pixified item so they are easily recognizable.

Keeping track of luggage is simple. You no longer need to fight your way to the front of the carousel, have doubts as to whether that really is your bag approaching, or fear if someone is mistakenly walking off with your possessions. Just like watching a driver from a car haling app arrive at your location, Baggage Claim tells you when your bags are in the vicinity and how they are moving towards you.  Just open the Baggage Claim app and as soon as the item is in range (up to 100ft) it immediately shows up within the app, telling the user its exact distance down to inches while also showing how it is moving closer or further from the iPhone.  

As well showing the exact distance from the luggage, the Baggage Claim app also provides visual and audio cues showing how the bag is traveling.   A series of beeps sound with lower toned less frequent beeps indicating the bag is moving further away from the iPhone while higher tone more frequent sounds indicate its getting closer, right up to the point its safely in the owners hands. 

The Baggage Claim and Pixie app are free and Pixie Points coming in packs of 2 and 4 priced XX and YY.  Baggage Claim has been optimized for a travel environment and designed especially for their airport experience.  More information is available at www. 

Achieving Peace of Find™ In The Home

The Baggage Claim app is an additional service to Pixie which is the most advanced smart finder around. Twice a week, nearly a quarter of consumers misplace their house or car keys and more than half say that misplaced items regularly cause them to be late to work or school1.  Using Pixie makes this a thing of the past as it creates a world where lost and misplaced items are a thing of the past.

To Pixify items, Pixie Points affix to everything from keys, wallets and remotes to toys, passports and computers, to allow them be quickly located with an iOS device running the Pixie App. To find Pixified items, users simply open the Pixie app and tap the misplaced item they need to find (e.g. car keys). The app immediately says whether the item is close by and guides users to its location in the following three simple steps:

  • Map it - With a motion similar to taking a panoramic photo, a simple scan of the room maps the immediate environment and locates Pixified items’ positions relative to the user.
  • Show it – A swarm of augmented reality Pixie Dust will congregate in an interactive overlay to show exactly where an item is in the room. The precise location can also be seen with the Pixie Pointer, an arrow icon that shows both the direction and distance from the object. The Pixie Dust and Pointer can even see through walls and objects to guide users to items that are hiding behind a cushion, in a drawer or in an adjoining room. 
  • Grab it - Once users are within five feet of the lost item, the Pixie app acts like a metal detector to accurately zero-in on the target. The Pixie app provides visual and audio guidance to tell users if they are getting closer or farther away from the exact location of the object.


Pixie locates and guides users to items down to inches and has an outdoor range of 150 feet and works within 30-50 feet indoors. You can see it in action here.


With a 12 month battery life Pixie Points are 1.85” x 1.4” x 0.1” and water and dust resistant to IP67 standards. Starting at $49.99, Pixie Points can be purchased for iOS devices in a range of different packages and quantities at www.getpixie.com and Amazon at http://amzn.to/2soZMt6. The Pixie App can be downloaded at www.getpixie.com and by searching Pixie in the App Store.  

The Baggage Claim app can be downloaded at http://apple.co/2seNv5Z and by searching Baggage Claim For Pixie Smart Tag in the App Store. 


About Pixie Technology Inc.

Pixie Technology™ is the creator of the Location of Things (LoT) technology platform that makes location an exact science by allowing anyone to create a digital map of their things on the fly. Pixie uses beautifully designed tags called Pixie Points™ to establish a personal digital map of all tagged items so that it can help users locate lost items within inches.

Pixie Technology is a privately held global company with offices in Los Altos, Boston and Israel, funded by top tier VCs Spark Capital, Cedar Fund, OurCrowd and private investors.  Learn more at www.getpixie.com.