Pixie's Location of Things (LoT) SDK

Build Accurate Location Solutions 

LoT is the first and only technology platform to accurately locate things on the fly, down to inches and even through walls, using ultra-low power. It's packaged for you in the Pixie iOS SDK, enabling apps developers and enterprises to build applications and solutions on top of LoT. No infrastructure needed! All you need is a mobile phone & Pixie Points (location tags).

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Locate People and Object Without Infrastructure!

Our consumers use the Pixie Points and Apps to find their valuables. The fundamental usage is “Find on demand” – you need to know the location of one object now!. Enterprises can scale this up by using the LoT platform. Here are a few examples of LoT applications:

Asset Tracking - Accurate Objects Location

Adding static Points to any facility or even open space will enable tracking of anything with Pixie points attached to them. The location is known relative to the static anchor points.


This affordable and light infrastructure solution can enable accurate location tracking in many applications that cannot afford traditional TRLS installations.

Pixie brings to the world new capabilities of location tracking. It can be store associates locations for retailers, tracking the movement of seniors for safety and health monitoring, or even tracking artists on the performing arts stage.

In the Connected home space, this technology enables to make the smart home smarter by adding location awareness. Object or people location and movements can be tracked.


Have an idea for a Location of Things (LoT) app? Our development team can’t wait to hear it!

The Pixie iOS SDK 

Building your app on top of our LoT technology platform enables you to focus on the cool stuff. We have dealt with the HW elements and system design, such as RF protocols, UWB, BLE, pairing, advertising, tags administrations etc. so you don’t have to.  

SDK For App Developers

This SDK works together with the Pixie App. It’s a great solution to shorten time to market for iOS Apps, and also for fast prototyping.

The management and setup function listed below are done using the Pixie App:

As you will not need to develop and test these, time to market can be significantly reduced. The SDK version for app developers enables the following:

You can quickly build a hot/cold app with this SDK, or a “blue dot” tracking app that provides accurate location of the moving object relative to the anchor points.

SDK For Enterprise

The enterprise SDK enables developers to build location-aware systems from the ground up, on top of Pixie hardware. The SDK version for enterprises enables the following:

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