It’s Easy to Achieve Peace of Find™

Attach Pixie...

Attach one Point to your iPhone and the others to anything you want to keep track of… your keys, remote, passport luggage, even the cat! Pixie comes with all the accessories you need including key fobs and specially designed iPhone case!

… and know where everything is, down to inches!

Now that your most important things are “Pixified”, the Pixie App becomes your control center. At a glance, you can see that your wallet is 28 feet from you… and next to your glasses case.

No other tracker even gets close!

Looking for your keys? The Pixie Dust shows you where they are…

After doing a scan of the area – just like taking a panoramic picture -, the Pixie Dust appears revealing the location of your lost item. That’s it! Pixie gives you superpowers to see where it it’s hiding… even if it’s under the couch or behind a wall!

No other tracker even gets close!

… the Distance and Direction Indicator takes you to their exact location!

The Pixie Pointer gives you exact real-time distance and direction to your lost items and guides you directly to them. It looks your keys are 8 feet and 4 inches away from you. If you pass them by mistake, the arrow will correct you and guide you to turn back!

No other finder can do that!

Accuracy Down to Inches

Finally once you are within arms' length, the Pixie App goes into Metal Detector mode and uses both sound and visual cues to find your item… down to the inch!

No other finder can do that!

What if you left your items behind?

If your item is out of Bluetooth range – meaning further than 100 feet from you -, you will see where you left them. Ooops… left the sunglasses at a friend’s house!

How To Find Your Things

The ONLY finder that can locate your iPhone even when it's out of battery !

Can’t find your iPhone? Use the Pixie app on your iPad or a friend’s phone to find your lost phone, even if its out of power or on mute.

No other finder can do that!

The ONLY finder that doesn’t make you chase a Beep!

Life is noisy! Traditional Bluetooth finders make your lost items ring requiring a library level silence to hear the faint beep. What if you drop your wallet in a busy restaurant? How will you find it there? Only Pixie SHOWs you where it is so you can easily find it regardless of how noisy it is!

No other finder can do that!

But wait…there’s more! Accessories included!

Each Pixie Packs comes with everything you need to get started: specially designed iPhone case, key fob(s), curved surface adapter (ideal for remote controls and eyeglass cases) clean wipes, extra adhesive - the works! Key fobs, Curved Surface Adapter (ideal for remote controls and glass cases), Clean Wiped, extra double-sided adhesive. The works!

No other finder does that!






in typical usage

up to 3 feet of submersion 

Let Pixie help you find anything and everything, quickly and easily using your iPhone.