Pixie leads you to lost items in 3 easy steps

 Step 1: Map It

Pixie finds the location of your item.

If you’re close, Pixie asks you to take a panoramic scan of your surroundings. If not, Pixie provides the item’s last known GPS location.



Step 2: Show It

Pixie shows you where to look.

A Pixie Dust “X” marks the spot in camera view, or a Pixie Pointer guides you with live distance and direction information.




Step 3: Grab it

Pixie closes in.                       

When you’re within 5 feet of your lost item, a series of beeps, similar to a metal detector, takes you right to it.




With Pixie,

Lost Items are Simply Found

Let Pixie help you find anything and everything,
quickly and easily using your iPhone.