3 Simple Steps to Find Your Things

Attach Pixie to your iPhone

Pixie Points talk to each other, so to keep track of your things apply the first Point to your iPhone.

Attach Pixie to Your Things

Pixie Points go on anything you want to find: keys, wallet, remote … even your cat!

See Your Things

The Pixie App shows you exactly where all your things are relative to you, it even guides you with accurate turn-by-turn directions so you can find them faster!

Watch how Pixie Works

Pixie Points talk to each other (we all need friends), so to keep track of your things you apply one Pixie Point to your iPhone and the other Points to the items you want to track. Watch how Pixie Works (button to play video)

2-in-1 Functionality: See It! Hear It!

Only Pixie allows you to see EXACTLY where your lost things are! (That’s right, we even use Pixie dust!) Pixie uses augmented reality to easily show you exactly where your lost items are! Just don’t trip over the couch on your way there. Visual guidance is great for noisy environments where you can’t hear a beep!

Precision Matters

Pixie is the only finder accurate enough to show you where your things are…down to the last inch! Our Location-of-Things Technology uses Bluetooth, but it also uses signaling, allowing the Pixie points to talk to each other. This may not sound like much, but allowing the Pixie points to talk to each other is what helps to provide accurate distance directions to your lost item. We can offer a high search range, 30 - 50 ft. indoors and up to 100 ft. outdoors.

Out of Range…No Problem

Pixie shows you where your items last were. For those who have a hard time staying in the same place, this is a great starting point for when you wander too far out of range

Find Your iPhone…Even If It's Off!

We get it, sometimes bad things happen to good people, like forgetting to charge your phone.

Pixie lets you find your phone even if its, off, out of power, or on silent!

We’ve got your back!

Pixify Your Life

Each Pixie account can keep track of up to 7 items, in addition to the one on your phone,  and includes adhesives and key chains so that you can pixify just about anything…the limit is your creativity

Let Pixie help you find anything and everything, quickly and easily using your iPhone.