Introducing the
Location of Things (LoT)
technology platform

Over the last three years, we’ve been building a pretty profound technology platform that adds Location Awareness to the Internet of Things (LoT).

We call it our Location of Things platform, or LoT, and we think you are going to hear a LOT about it.


Innovative Platform


LoT is the first and only technology platform to accurately locate things on the fly, down to inches, even through walls.

Importantly, it simply works right out of the box, with nothing pre-installed – so it goes with you and keeps on functioning wherever you go – perfect for today’s mobile lifestyle!

It includes a small, efficient but incredibly powerful piece of hardware – the Pixie Point – and the location engine that can locate the whereabouts of each “thing” and calculate its exact coordinates, a unique feature of our technology. Whether there are several things around or only one, our location engine produces an accurate map of things.

LoT utilizes an extremely efficient power management system that gives it long life, powerful function unmatched by much thicker and bigger tags. Pixies actually talk to each other, and form a robust self-managing network of things, that is completely private and secure.

Besides accurate triangulation and range extension, our network enables our unique kits and checklists that identify whether things that belong together actually are, and enable our unique “organize” and “nearby” features.