Attach Pixie tags to anything you love and get its precise location. With Pixie's free app, you can see exactly where your things are.

Never lose your stuff again

Know the exact location of the things you love, no other finder but Pixie offers that

Find your iPhone even when it's off!

Pixie locates your iPhone, even if it’s out of power or on silent. 

See where you left it

When you are far away from your missing item, you will see its location on a map

Not being able find your wallet can cause panic and unnecessary delays. Keep your wallet safe and accurately locate it discreetly, immediately and easily with this awesome next-generation finder app.

Smart location system

The Pixie app uses the iPhoneā€™s camera to accurately locate your lost items. Just follow the instructions on your screen and you will be reunited with your lost item within minutes. Luggage, keys, remote, passport, whatever it may be.


Range: Up to 100' outdoor and 30-50' indoor

Accuracy: within inches

Battery lifetime: 12+ months, no charging needed

Compatibility: iPhone 5s or later and iPad 4 or late

Waterproof: up to 3 ft. to IP67 standard

Size: 1.4ā€ wide x 1.8ā€ tall x 0.13ā€ thick

Works with all Pixie-enabled apps

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping In USA

12 Month Warranty

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With Pixie,Lost Items are Simply Found

Let Pixie help you find anything and everything,
quickly and easily using your iPhone.