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  • It can store up to 60,000 media files within 60 seconds
  • Backup ALL Your Photos & Videos.
  • It efficiently filters out duplicates.
  • Scans and finds all media files in minutes.
  • Free delivery and a 30-day guarantee.


  • Doesn’t Come with Instructions.

The convenience of the Photo Stick is that anyone is able to use it. You just need a USB port, and then you can plug it directly into your device and start the backup process. If you like a product that is secure, convenient, quick and effortless, then ThePhotoStick is for you. It makes lots of space on your device by moving the files for you and transferring them to a secure place. You can back up the files, videos, documents and pictures that matter to you and then have tons of space left over for other things. One great thinking about this device is that it does so much of the work for you. It will backup files instantly, saving you the hassle of having to locate them on your own or to seek out the duplicates and get rid of them. That’s right- it even eliminates duplicate files for you and saves you even more work! You won’t have to spend hours searching through your computer and trig to find the files you want to transfer. that will all be taken care of automatically for you. The device can store as many as 60,000 photos and a bunch of videos. You’ll save time by using the Photo Stick and not have to do a bunch of organizing and searching for yourself. You can also avoid having to pay any cloud subscription fee and just buy this device once and use it as often as you like.

The Photo Stick Reviews

The Photo Stick provides a fast and stress-free way of looking for pictures and videos on your device and backing them up, be it a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. The best thing about it is that the Photo Stick will automatically find all the photos & videos files you are looking for in just a few minutes and will store them on the photo storage stick.

When we analyzed Amazon reviews of the product, we saw a mix of happy clients and clients that had some issues with the product. There were ones mentioning the ability of ThePhotoStick to eliminate duplication of photos and handle a large number of pics. Another point mentioned was the process is automatically and Photo Stick is easy to use. Furthermore, it saves the pics into folders so it is very organized and not just dump all to the flash drive. It works fast and gets the needed result. Finally, there are clients that speak about the large capacity of The Photo Stick.

Clients with critics about the product, mention the product stopped working at a certain stage. The support doesn’t react fast enough for messages and emails. There were some issues with the arrangement of pics by folders and for Mac Book Pro there were technical errors in the work.

All in all there were more clients that gave 5 stars to Thephotostick 128JB compared to ones that gave 1 star (47% compared to 29%).The PhotoStick is integrated with software that instantly searches your device for images and videos. It is user-friendly and is able to determine thousands of videos and pictures saved on your laptop in just a couple of minutes.

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photo stick reviews

photo stick reviews

The photo stick reviews

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What Exactly Is a PhotoStick?

Also known as photo stick and photo stick, a PhotoStick is considered one of the most exceptional gadgets ever made. It provides an easy way to support videos and photos instantly, and it is considered to be one of the best flash drive for photos. This gadget is intended to save on memory and to assist you in storing your preferred and most memorable moments safely and securely. If you make use of this gadget, you don’t need to worry about videos or images as they are securely stored. The best thing about it is that you can find long lost pictures or videos using it.

Every one of us understands how many videos and photos are being captured and stored on a daily basis. It’s one of the most excellent ways of saving our precious and memorable moments. Taking pleasure at the moment is remarkable and great; however, having the memory of that moment is even better. Whether the people in the image change, the picture will always stay the same for the rest of the time.

There are many ways you can save your most loved photos and videos. You can print them or store them in the cloud or devices. On the other hand, are sure that your files are safe and sound?

To address this worry, you need to consider using ThePhotoStick. It has the capability to save your hard drive memory or phone memory. This device work wonders for everyone when you make use of the ThePhotoStick 128 or the mobile version on your next holiday or tour. We know that a hard drive is likely to fail, and if that occurs, then all your valuable and prized memories will be lost. Smartphones are prone to damage and breakdown. Once you accidentally drop it, it will break, and it is almost impossible to retrieve the files. This is the reason why we highly recommend using ThePhotoStick.

This small but beneficial device is extremely exceptional, not like anything else available on the market. A lot of people are busy and don’t have time to sort their images or videos out. The maker of the USB Photo Stick device understands this, and they come up with this useful gadget. It is able to save thousands of pictures and images with one click only.

PhotoStick is available in two forms, ThePhotoStick, and ThePhotoStick Mobile. In this Photo Stick review, we will look into the advantages and disadvantages, the features, buying guide, how it works, and whether this small exceptional gadget is worth buying.


The PhotoStick: How This Small Gadget Works?

A lot of people think that this USB Photo Stick device works like a typical USB or flash-drive than they may be right. This small but powerful gadget looks like a USB and has a flash drive that will work on any ports available on your laptop or computer. You will have to ensure that your desktop is working prior to inserting this device into the ports. Usually, it will take a couple of seconds prior to the popping up of the windows on your device. In the middle of this window features one button, with “GO” in its center. All you need to do is to press the “GO” sign, and then this tool will have access to your hard drive.


The PhotoStick makes use of a simple plug and play tech to back up your videos and photos. Here is how this small device functions:

  • You plug the device into a USB port on your laptop or computer.
  • Once prompted, click the Go button to start the process of backing up.
  • The device will start its search in every file and directory on your laptop and recognizes pictures to be supported.
  • The PhotoStick gets rid of duplicates to make the most of your storage space.
  • Pictures that are identified are backed up onto the device in just a few minutes.

If you have made your first backup, then you can make use of this photo storage stick device in creating and updating backups weekly. Because it is able to identify duplicates, you will not just add new pictures with each extra backup. Save altered or edited files under a different file name. This ensures you got these files backed up correctly.

According to Photo Stick reviews, this small device works relatively fast. But will relatively depend according to your laptop or computer’s size, as well as the number of files inside the hard drive. A complete scan With this USB Photo Stick will take one minute to run. This device will search for files that you believe you lost and searches for pictures as well as videos. Also, you can utilize it to look for music files and documents as well. You can access using other devices since a data backup will be created. Provided the fact that you have a USB port, you are able to make use of a PhotoStick.

The Photo Stick- LIVE Review of Computer Repair

Does ThePhotoStick Work Faster in Finding Files?

In many photo stick reviews online, previous users and professionals claim that this product offers a fast and reliable performance as it just takes a few minutes to work and operate. However, it depends on the number of files stored on your laptop or gadgets. While it is able to find lost pictures and videos,  this photo storage stick also searches documents and music files. What is more, it can create a data back up on another smartphone or computer

ThePhotoStick Review: Features and Uses 

The USB Photo Stick is specially intended to search for the hidden videos and photos on your computer or laptop. Simply plug it in and press “GO.” It will take about 10 to 20 minutes to work. This device browses every bit of file and folder on your device to ensure it accounts for everything. It also removes all duplicate files, so there is no need to erase them yourself. Plug the device, and you are good to go. All the videos and photos are now on ThePhotoStick. Then, you can print them out, share them, or save them on another device.

  • Once-Click Backup

Not like backing your folders in cloud storage, ThePhotoStick does not need installing software or create an account. All you need to do is to insert it to the USB port, press the “GO” button, and wait a few seconds to complete backing up. You can do some household chores while waiting.

  • Compatible with Various Types of Media Formats

One remarkable feature of the ThePhotoStick is that it is compatible with different kinds of media formats. It doesn’t matter if it is Mp3, PNG, JPG, JPEG, this device will save your videos and photos successfully, which include pictures you are burned in compact discs that are perhaps accumulating grime somewhere. Also, you can store old and new images in one small device and allows you to access them with ease, which is why it is considered among the best flash drive for photos.

  • Automatic and Fast

Without this remarkable and reliable photo backup, you would have to sit in front of your laptop and manually choose which pictures you want to restore and delete. Then you would need to make folders and name them. Those take time! Using ThePhotoStick makes this overwhelming process easier and faster. You can perform necessary household chores until the device is done sorting and searching the pictures and videos. It is integrated with software that is simple to use, so even those who are not so techie can surely utilize it as well.

  • No Internet Needed

No internet connection, no problem. You are able to back up the files anywhere and anytime you want without or without an internet connection. It is far different from cloud storage that will not work provided the fact you are connected online.  You can use the Photo Stick in UK airports or American schools or anywhere else, whether these places have an internet connection or not. This small device works like a typical USB. Apart from that, it is more portable and specially made for videos and photos alone. What is more, you are able to store more than 60,000 pictures and videos.

The Photo Stick How it works, step by step tutorial

Distinctive Features of ThePhotoStick

  • It quickly searches and sorts out all the videos and music
  • It also quickly scans, discovers as well as gets rid of duplicates, so you are able to save a lot of memory
  • Instant backup of file- 1000s of video and images files in a couple of minutes
  • File on your USB can be opened from a MAC or PC.
  • Support or backup your pictures and videos are at your disposal
  • It doesn’t need cloud backups or passwords. No need knowing the files’ as well as folders’ locations.
  • One-time investment

Pros and Cons

Like many products available out there, ThePhotoStick also comes with pros and cons. This review will not be completed without identifying the strong point and weakest point of this device. This plays a vital role in your buying decision. So, let’s start with the pros.


ThePhotoStick is considered one of the best and most reliable devices for photo backup available on the market today. It offers many perks to the users, which takes account of the following:

  • No Monthly Costs or Expenses

With this candid photo back up device, you are able to keep away from paying substantial monthly expenses for cloud storage. You will just spend one time upon buying the device or gadget, and that’s it. Or, when you are making use of cloud storage, you are able to keep away from extra storage that your videos and pictures would have taken up. Instead, you are able to utilize it for other valuable files.

  • Productivity

The amount of time you allot to organize as well as sort out files could be used for other or more productive tasks. Keep away from spending hours on the organization of files by utilizing this photo stick.

  • Security

Keep away the aggravation of losing your valuable images and pictures simply because you failed to back them up. Keep them safe from comp crashes by doing a constant backup of files with the use of this stick.

  • Portable and Light

ThePhotoStick is light and small. You are able to bring it anywhere you go and utilize it with other devices like a laptop when required.

  • Filter Duplicates

Aside from backing up as well as finding your files, the PhotoStick device also recognizes and gets rid of them. This saves lots of storage space, which you are able to utilize to save other pictures and videos. Also, it saves you the irritating anguish of needing to see the same file many times.

photo stick

  • Searches and Scans Files Automatically

Gone are the days when you need to sit in front of your laptop or desktop and pick the photos and videos manually that you want to store or back up. This is a tedious, boring, and slow task. It can also waste your precious and valuable time. With PhotoStick, the whole thing is automatic. You simply insert or plug it on your laptop, set up the app, and then press the “Go,” and that’s it. Your files will be backed up in just a few minutes.

  • Available with Warranty

Like many other products available out there, Photo Stick also comes with a warranty. The manufacturer offers shoppers with 30 days warranty. If you are pleased or satisfied with the result, then you can ask for a refund without question asked. However, the manufacturer is confident that you will surely love this product.

The maker of this device knows the sentiments of buyers and also knows that no clients are the same. While many buyers out there may find this device very useful, and other may find it useless.

When you order this product online, and you receive a defective product, you can bring it back to the company. On the other hand, the return must be received within thirty days of the first shipment date. Return after the given limited days will not be welcomed, and you are not qualified for the refund.

Also, keep in mind that the returned item must have an RMA return form. This form should take account of your name, order number, your email address as well as the right delivery address. Returns that don’t take account of this specific information will not be processed, and thus no refund will be given to you.

Also, there is a condition attached when it comes to asking for a refund. The returns should be in the original state with all the original components as well as packaging. The received returns without the device, the packaging, and the insert card will not be accommodated. Therefore, you need to ensure the packaging of the product is in good condition for 30 days.

Once the manufacturer receives the return products, it will be accepted and then thoroughly assessed and checked. The refund will be credited to the mode of payment which you use to buy the product. When the return is processed, you will be notified through email. You need to wait 30 businesses day to get a refund.

  • Lots of Storage Options

Perhaps this is the most excellent and renowned perks of buying Photo Stick USB. No wants to back up a device that is continuously popping up the “Storage Full” warning. You want to back up all your preferred memories in a stressful and secure manner. PhotoStick is available in various kinds, so you are able to pick one which fits you perfectly. There’s 8GB, 64B as well as the 128GB. If you have a plan of storing lots of files, then it is highly advisable to get the 128GB.

The Photo Stick How Does It Work

  • Keep Your Hardware safe from Failure

Each time your storage is full of documents, videos as well as pictures; a warning pops up on your screen. It tells you that you already reach the storage limit. However, transferring as well as storing the file to another storage device can be a considerable challenge. Luckily, this is a simple process through the help of Photo Stick. Therefore, if power surges happen, you are able to keep your hardware from failure. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t bother to make a back up until such time that they lose their files, images as well as video clips. If you don’t want this to happen to you, consider buying ThePhotoStick now to save your essential files.

  • Best Substitute to Cloud Storage

Is cloud storage already full? If so, what will you do, are you going to remove the videos or photos that are special and memorable for you? That is disappointing and unacceptable? Have you been searching for a tool equipped with ample storage space and is to use? Then consider the Photo Stick. This device has been made to give you a fast and stress-free way of storing and backing up your files.

Most of us love taking pictures, recording clips, as well as saving documents. But our main concern is the capacity of our storage. Worry no more, as with PhotoStick; you are able to choose different storage capacities depending on your needs. You can choose from 8 GB, 64 GB as well as 128GB. This is a storing device for the whole family.

  • Stress-Free Performance and fast Operation

Made to search for the hidden videos or pictures on your laptop or computer, PhotoStick is working extremely fast. As you connect it into the USB port of your laptop and click the “GO” button, it will immediately scan the files and remove or delete files with the same content. This is how easy and fasts the device use. Now, you can share them with social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, as well as social media platforms. You can also print the image, put it in the frame, and display it in your bedroom.

  • A Photo Backup that Works in Just One Click of the Mouse

In setting up a file backup in cloud storage, it is vital to establish or create an account, create a password, and set up the software. A lot of reviews online regarding ThePhotoStick show that this device doesn’t need a complex and complicated process. Start from inserting it into the USB port, and clicking the button. While you are waiting for it to complete, you can do other activities as there is no need to continue tracking the device. Not a techie person, you don’t have to worry as it is easy to use. There is no need for memorizing complicated steps.

  • Amazing Deals When You Buy More

The Photo Stick device is costly. Not like the standard file backup tools available on the market today, it may cost you a penny; however, it is worthy of your money. With its amazing features, it proves its value. In spite of the high value, there are instances to take pleasure in the remarkable discounts as well as other deals. It doesn’t matter if you want to utilize it in your workplace, or a birthday present to a loved one, you must buy two or three pieces to save a considerable amount of money. No one knows when another one may come in handy. Photo Stick is a type of device which can be used by almost everyone. It is valuable and useful to have some extra storage space available. What is more, you will save a significant amount of money on the total cost once you purchase in bulk upfronts.

Best Photo Stick

  • Portability is the Key

PhotoStick Plus 1 terabyte may be heavy. However, for some, the 128 GB, 64 GB as well as 8 GB are super lightweight. You are able to bring it anywhere you go- office, school or mall. You can place them in a tough and hard-wearing pouch for protection. Stay them out from the water and large items which can break them. Because it is small, you can easily misplace them, so you must be very cautious. It is much portable than CD-ROMs and hard drives. This little device is intended to be convenient for you, easy to use, and easy to carry as well. A lot of people stick this device into their handbag or wallet; some store it almost anywhere. That is how portable, convenient as well as small this tool is.

  • Costly and Stunning Designs

State of the art device that searches and recovers files on a laptop or desktop are plentiful. Some of these are effective and functional without an attractive design. While some are lacking superior and state of the art features, but armed with fantastic style. On the other hand, ThePhotoStick has all that. It doesn’t just make sure a fast operation; however, it has also remarkable visual appeal. With this device, you seem like you are utilizing something costly as of its classy style and simplicity to use. Other photo backup devices available with the same functionality looks reasonable and don’t work very well. Therefore, you feel like you’re getting value for your hard-earned money with this device.

  • No Password Required

Not like the cloud storage that needs you to make an account and password, state of the art PhotoStick gets rid of this complicated and time-wasting process. From finding the USB port to inserting in onto your laptop, it’s easy and a hassle-free device that enhances your productivity as well as provides a fantastic and stellar performance. This device does the whole thing, and there is no need for setting up an account and creating a password, thus logging in easy and fast. A lot of people have a concern that this device is susceptible to security problems, but it is a safe tool. Just keep it safely and securely, and nobody will bother your documents and files even if someone tries to access or hack them.

At this point, computers and laptops are prone to hacking, with hackers being able to access your files remotely with the use of the hacking tools. You are able to keep vital files on this device to make sure that they are 100% safe from prying eyes and hackers. Simply store this device in a safe place and worry no more about people attempting to steal your videos or pictures without your permission. ThePhotoStick is a type of tool that a lot of people, most especially businesses must consider using for its simplicity to use and security as well.

  • Free Delivery

This advance photo back up device is rich in essential features, from fantastic security to automatic operation. The manufacturer offers free delivery to clients living in the US. However, if you are from Alaska or Hawaii, you might need to pay for a shipping cost. To know more about their shipping, please call the company or visit the website and see the info provided there.


  • Keep your Unforgettable Safe and Sound for a Lifetime

Gone are the days when you required printing out photos and organizing them one by one in your album. Today, you can take hundreds or thousands of pictures without printing them out. Since computer malfunction happens without a sign, you can keep your unforgettable memories safe and sound with the help of a PhotoStick. It doesn’t matter if it is the photo of your loved ones or late grandparent; this device can make it safe and sound for decades.

  • Save your Time and Minimizes Effort

Do you experience losing an important document like inventories in an instant that you worked on for many months? Once this happens, you need to start from the very beginning. Losing a critical file is very discoursing and overwhelming, most notably when the document is badly needed. ThePhotStick is here to help you save you from this stressful scenario. Aside from cutting down your workload, it can also save you precious time in the end.

  • One Time Investment

This device is pricey. On the other hand, its operation and performance make the price worth it. This a one-time investment, which keeps you free from unexpected expenses from online stores. Just ensure to use the device with care in order to prolong the lifespan of this device.

The photo stick reviews


There is no doubt that ThePhotoStick offers many advantages. Even if it is considered the best photo back up available in the market, it also comes with drawback such as:

  • Not Able to Sort Out Pictures

A lot of users say that this device is not able to sort out their documents or files. Even if it is efficient and reliable in saving documents, pictures as well as videos, it did not organize the backups in the most excellent manner. Older images were assorted in newly saved pictures.

  • Lack of Instructions and Guides

One of the minor issues many clients encounter when buying this device is that it doesn’t come with physical instructions. However, the official site has the needed info for a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is to go to the page in case you need support and assistance. Navigating is easy, and what is more, it is also user-friendly.

A lot of clients or users did not encounter issues in inserting it to a computer’s USB port. The scanning and backing up just takes a few seconds. Sad to say, some users find it hard to customize the features. Some also encounter difficulty in knowing the settings; it requires many trials and errors. However, you don’t have to worry because the manufacturer offers fast and reliable customer service. It doesn’t matter if you have a specific question about the use of the product or you want to verify something, please don’t hesitate to call the company. The staff is always available to accommodate your calls and answer your queries.

There is no guide or instruction included in the packaging. This device is simply user-friendly. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy individual to use this. It is made to be so easy and intuitive enough that even kids can use this device with ease. It is highly advisable to buy the high-quality version of the photo stick in order to avoid some issues in functionality. Proper research and taking time reading ThePhotoStick reviews are significant.


  • Don’t Accept Returns for Error During the Application of this Device

You will not be qualified for a refund if your reason is not pleased with how this device works. So, prior to making your buying decision, make sure to read this review carefully in order to keep away from having remorse. The company will just take returns on a malfunctioning or faulty device. If your reason for the return is you do not like how this tool works, but it functions well, then you will not be granted a refund.

Always bear this thing in mind before buying to make sure that you don’t be sorry for the money you spend. This ThePhotoStick review is able to assist you in making the right choice. You must feel good about the purchase you make. Therefore, you need to read reviews and take time to understand more about this product, including the return policy.

  • Expensive Compared to Other Alternatives

At this point, a lot of people are searching for something reasonable and inexpensive. On the other hand, the state of the art PhotoStick is expensive. In spite of having a high price, the capacity of the storage, fast scanning features, fast backing up as well as integrated software, the money you spend is worthwhile. You can buy the cheapest device if you want. However, in just a few days of using, you will encounter issues in performance as well as functionality, so you need to buy another one. This, in due course, leads to spending more. With this device, you can take pleasure in the utmost safety and security as well as fantastic operation for many years. Rather than wasting your money buying reasonable brands, it is highly advisable to choose the expensive one as you are assured of its quality.

Many people today choose cheaper alternatives. These might look like a remarkable deal at first; however, in the few days or weeks of using, they will experience issues in functionality. They find that reasonable alternatives stop working shortly after a while. You may be dissatisfied with how the cheap device functions and in value it offers. Therefore, it is better to pay more and get one which will last for many years of using, and there is no need to replace it over and over again.

  • Freezes Once in While

A lot of users say that this device freezes once in a while. That is the reason why you have to make sure to buy the original and highly-regarded regarded brand of PhotoStick, and make sure to just buy from reliable ecommerce stores like Amazon or buy straight to the manufacturer’s website. Anyone wondering where to buy Photostick should check those retailers.

If you purchase your PhotoStick from a store that is not reliable and reputable and does not provide a warranty, then there is an instance that you end up with a cheap knock off. Yes, you can get one that feels like the original PhotoStick. However, it will not work or function like the best and genuine one.

There are simple steps allows you to determine if the seller or the company isn’t providing genuine and quality products such as:

  • Don’t provide warranty
  • Don’t acknowledge returns and refunds
  • Don’t allow customer reviews
  • Don’t post constructive reviews from previous clients
  • The charged price is lower than the usual price
  • Don’t provide a safe way to pay online
  • Don’t assure the superiority of the item you purchase

A defective item can lose your valuable files, freeze up, experience from issues incompatibility, and stop malfunctioning infrequently. Even if these knockoffs might be reasonable than the real deal, still they aren’t worth your hard-earned money, as they are inconsistent.

The PhotoStick customers review

How Many Files Can I Save?                   

A lot of people considering this device asks, how many files can we save from it? Is ThePhotoStick have the capability to back up many files and documents? Well, the answer is straightforward; it all depends on the model you purchase. At this point, Amazon provides the base model that is Photo Stick 8. This kind of device provides GB of storage that is sufficient enough to store more than 3,500 pictures and videos. If you have a plan of storing 30,000 files and videos, then why not consider the Photo Stick 64 GB storage. If you are a professional photographer or just a simple individual who loves to capture a fantastic scene, then you will need a PhotoStick that is able to store 60,000 pictures and images or more. If that is the case, then you will need to consider the Photo stick 128. This gives you more space to store your memorable pictures and videos.

One important thing to remember as you go through PhotoStick review would be the storage capacity you acquire will be dependent on the files’ size. Even if many of the models available have the capability to store 3,500 files, they will hold few videos. PNG files are larger and will take lots of space. Bigger and larger documents or music files on your device means you will get lesser space once you store them as well. Also, you must remember the size of your laptop’s hard drive. You may have to choose one of the big models, especially if your hard drive is large, having more saved files.

How The Photo Stick Systematizes Images and Videos?

One amazing feature of this fantastic device is it will eliminate duplicate files and sort out your pictures and videos automatically. The app or the software (just in case you are utilizing a smartphone) will assist with this. It is so easy to use, and you don’t have to be skilled or techie. You can figure it out on your own without the help of someone else. Each one of us can use this device. It is relatively the same as a regular USB, except for the fact that its app has the capability to sort out as well as back up all the stored images and videos.

The app of this state-of-the-art device is well-planned so every user can understand it with ease. If you are making use of the Photo Stick’s mobile version, then you will need the app set up on your device. When you are making use of the desktop version, you will need to download the software or app.

Why Should You Consider a PhotoStick?

A lot of us perhaps experience the crashing or the corruptions of hard drive, wherein we have lots of pictures and videos installed in it that cannot be restored. Smartphone fails without notice. One drop or accidentally touches the wrong keys, and then all your files were gone. All these issues can be addressed with the use of the PhotoStick. You can use it everywhere and anytime you want. It doesn’t need an internet connection. Also, it doesn’t have anything to do with the cloud that makes it secure and safe. This is what makes this device the best option for everyone to give a try.

Other reasons why you need to consider getting ThePhotoStick device includes:

  • Able to store thousands of memorable images and videos in just a matter of a few minutes
  • The weekly backup will make life easier and comfortable
  • Scan and searches all videos and pictures in a few minutes
  • Free shipping and available with 30 days warranty.

Thephotostick Reviews

Step by Step Guide on Running PhotoStick on your Desktop/Computer

For Windows

Insert USB Photo Stick into the port of your computer. Wait for a few minutes for the File Explorer in your laptop to identify the PhotoStick.

For Windows

Click the “ThePhotoStickWindows.exe” to start the device. Then a window will appear with the “Go” button in the middle. Click it to get going.

For Mac

  • Insert the device into the USB port of your desktop or computer.
  • On your desktop, the PhotoStick shortcut has to be double-clicked. Once you experience difficulty in finding the device on your desktop, press Finder, then click two times on the Photo stick.
  • There are two options available, but ensure to click the “ThePhotoStickMac” to let the device work on your Mac laptop or desktop.
  • A Photo Stick window, then, will pop up. Click the “Go” button to start backing up the videos and your photos as well.

What is a photo stick

Buying Guide to the Best Photo Stick

Today, with lots of products to choose from, it is tough to look for a photo back up tools that functions fast and in just a matter of seconds. It is also very hard to look for lost or misplace pictures and videos or retrieve documents and files after device failure or power shortage. Nowadays, there are lots of solutions to recovering lost files. All the choices available have their own features as well as benefits. Narrowing down the options can be a complicated and annoying task. Undoubtedly, pleasing products are indeed inviting and tempting. But the question is, do they superior and meet your specific needs? Do they have the features that you are searching for? There is a saying that looks are deceiving.

Also, there are options of the photo back up tools that looks simple but works very well. So, be certain to pick the best one. The simpler, plain, as well as more functional item must be what you get. On the other hand, prior to making a purchase, there are other essential factors that you need to think of. It doesn’t matter if it is your first- or third-time buying photo sticks; this buying guide can really help you a lot. Make sure to keep this thing in mind to make the best purchase!

  • Your Purpose of Buying

The first factor to consider is how you will use the device. Are you planning to give it as a gift or personal use to back up your important files? Perhaps, you are planning to buy this to use to recover the lost vital videos or photos from your desktop or smartphone. Are you planning to buy this as you run out of storage space to store newly captured pictures? No matter what the reason may be, it is vital to know the purpose of buying this tool. This helps you decide on getting the right one that meets and suits your personal needs.

  • Speed Performance 

This is a vital factor to consider when buying a photo stick. Everybody loves a photo backup device that is proven effective. On the other hand, it is not always easy to get one online. With extensive selections of products to select from in the market today, it is so hard to choose. The best thing to do is to search for the best solution that is able to do a full scanning in just a matter of seconds and can run for five to ten minutes only. Even if recovering a vital document or video and making a firm and reliable back up can take you lots of time with some tools, many products can help you complete the process in a short while. It doesn’t matter if you are a busy person or have a pile of documents that need to be done at your office; a reliable and fast device is worthy of your money.

  • Hardware Compatibility  The Photo Stick

Are you using a Mac, Android, or iOS device? Hardware compatibility is a vital factor that you must not take for granted when looking for a photo stick. While a lot of devices available work with various kinds of devices, it is dangerous to buy one and not know if it will go along with your Android or Mac laptop. It is wise to pick the one which is compatible with various kinds of Windows as well as Mac devices.

  • Storage 

Before, it was annoying to burn a compact disc or buy a floppy disk to store or transfer your documents and files. But there is a significant change today. Now, you can fit various files in one small, state of the art device.

Gone are the days when a hard drive has a limited array of storage options. Now, you can choose between 8GB, 66GB as well as 128Gb. If you want to store more files or documents, then select the 128GB. If you are looking for a photo stick that can store and save 30K files, then the 64GB is right for you. If you want to save important files, then the 8GB is the best option. Even if some models are able to store 3,500 images, they will save.PNG files.

Large video clips need more space. Storing many songs as well as bigger documents will consume more of your storage space. Also, it is vital to think about the size of the hard drive of your personal computer.

  • Design and Style

Aside from the capacity of the storage, a lot of brands available came in different styles and sizes. Classic choices are usually short and come with a tough and hard-wearing cap. Also, you can find products that come with exceptional themes and a touch of wood as well as crystal design.

Also, there are lots of memory tools made that resemble various kinds of objects. While it boosts the look of your device, a lot of people suggest getting a photo stick that has simple, plain as well as effective performance. The simplified design makes the product easy to use at home, school, office, or anywhere you want to.

  • Customization

A lot of products available for recovering a lost file or making a backup for vital documents aren’t customized. If you have a plan of using the device as a gift or personal use at the office, then custom looks are significant. It depends on your choice; you can engrave or print a design on the tool. For a small tool, printing a logo is a smart decision.

  • Other Quality Uses

Are you planning to buy the device solely for backing up a necessary file? Then, the photo stick is able to do that. This state-of-the-art device comes with software that efficiently looks for lost pictures, videos as well as documents. There is no need for tedious installation process. Thus, it makes the photo stick the best device for students and professionals alike.

  • Customer Service

Customer service also plays a vital role in looking for the best photo stick. Aside from saving a lot, you also need a fast and quick response from the company if you are some concerns and issues. Make sure the company is providing the best support for their clients.

  • Cost

If you are searching for a photo stick to retrieve a lost file, you have to keep away from buying the cheapest model. Yes. It can save you a lot, but your decision can result in an expensive replacement. So, it is advisable to invest in a quality one as it works for many years to come. Even if it is expensive, you are guaranteed of long service. So, there is no need to buy a new one now and then.

  • Warranty

It is so hard to buy the best and most reliable photo stick online. This is because no one wants to get an ineffective and damaged brand. Therefore, you need to ensure that a generous warranty supports the product you choose. This will not just protect your investment, but also saves you from the hassle and pressure.

The photo stick


Frequently Asked Questions About ThePhotoStick

If you have queries or concerns with ThePhotoStick, then this FAQ section is for you. We are hoping that this section all the questions that linger in your mind. In case you can’t find the right answer to your concerns, then it is highly advisable to keep in touch with the manufacturer.

Q: What exactly a Photo Stick Is?

Photo Stick is a small but very useful and beneficial gadget intended for backing up and transferring videos and photos. This device allows you to save the images on it, or you can transfer from smartphone regardless of the operating system, it doesn’t matter if its windows, mac, iPhone, or android.  This latest invention rapidly becomes popular to the public; in fact, it had lots of purchases in just a matter of months. Photo Stick is a remarkable device that helps in saving your valuable pictures and memories and won’t have to worry about getting them lost. It does need Wi-Fi to use this product.

Q: Can I use The Photo Stick On iPhone and Android devices?

Yes. This amazing device can be used both on iOS and Android devices. What is more, it is also made to work with Mac and Windows. So, regardless of the operating system, you are using, you can make use of this device. There should not be any issues with this device.

Photo Stick review

Q: Can I Use this Device on My Android Device?

Yes. You can make use of this device on your android device. It supports all versions of Android’s operating system.

Q: Can I use this device on my iPad?

Yes. This state-of-the-art device is a reliable gadget which can be utilized on your iPad. It supports all versions of the iPad.

Q: Is Photo Stick Expensive? How Much will this device cost?

You can buy the Photo Stick device almost everywhere, online and offline. The price of this device can range depending on the store you choose to buy. However, you must expect a price from $30 to $200, and it also depends on the type of photo stick you purchase.

Q: Who can utilize this photo back-up device?

This device was made to be beneficial for everyone. You don’t have to be a technology expert in utilizing the PhotoStick. You simply need to follow the steps, and that’s it, you can now use the device. It is easy to use, and it does not have a learning curve, like other products available out there.

Q: Will I be able to Use PhotoStick on any device?

Yes. This is one of the best features of this device and also one of the many reasons why it is very popular today. The photo stock is compatible with Windows, iPhone, Mac, as well as Android devices. However, for android devices, you are required to buy the Photo Stick mobile, and you will need to download and install an app.

Q: Is Photo Stick is able to save my videos?

One of the best features of this device is its capability to save not only images but videos as well. This is the best way to keep memorable videos that you don’t want to be forgotten or deleted.

Q: Can Photo Stick save documents or do documents back up?

Sad to say, this device doesn’t have the capability to save files or do document back up. So, it is advisable to get another gadget for which purpose. This device is made particularly for videos and photos as well.

Q: Is photo stick able to save and hold many photos?

Yes. This small but useful device is able to save and hold more than 30,000 images; it all depends on the version you purchase.

Q: I have many devices that I want to save video and photos, can photo stick do this?

Absolutely yes, regardless of the number of your device, you can use this Photo stick to save photos and videos on different devices, whether it is powered by Android iOS.

Q: Can I use this device on my Mac device?

According to the Photo Stick review, this device is universal, and it effectively works on Mac devices. On the other hand, always keep in that if you want to utilize this tool to transfer images from iPhone or android to windows or mac devices, you will need to utilize the PhotoStick mobile version.

Q: Can I use this device on my Windows laptop or desktop?

Yes. The good news is that it doesn’t just work on Mac, iOS, and Android; it also works on various versions of Windows. It doesn’t matter if your desktop has Windows, 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 operating; you can freely and efficiently utilize this device.

The photo stick reviews

Q: I am planning to buy Photo Stick for myself, but my worry is how long it takes to deliver?

You don’t need to worry as the delivery process doesn’t take that long. The manufacturer delivers the item as soon as you order a photo stick.

Q: I am from the US; do I need to wait longer to receive this product?

No. The manufacturer assures a fast and reliable delivery process as they partner with the best shipping company. The moment you order the product, they will process it instantly so you can use it immediately.

Q: Can you enlighten me about the refund policy?

It doesn’t matter if you like the device or not; you will always be able to ask for a refund. This is your right as a buyer. The manufacturer of this device understands that there are buyers that may not appreciate the functionality of this product, as much as others do. On the other hand, if you have a better and reliable reason why you need to ask for a refund, make sure to state it clearly to the manufacturer. Also, you need to ensure you keep the packaging to qualify for the refund.

Q: Is it easy to back photos using this device?

Yes. You don’t need to be a techie to make use of this device. All you need to do is to insert it in your personal computer’s port. Then open the back-up which came with the device. Lastly, pick which option you like, be that videos or images.

Q: What does this device do?

Well, for beginners like you, this device is capable of scanning as well as searching for all your videos as well as images you store on your smartphone or personal computer. It automatically and instantly backs them up in spite of the location of the videos and photos.

Q: Where to buy this product?

The best thing about this product is that can you buy it from different stores online. However, if you have an issue about the quality, you are advised to buy straight from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon, which is one of the leading online stores. We highly recommend buying it from the official manufacturer to get the best and high-quality product and, at the same time, to avail of a massive discount.

There are lots of deals available out there like Buy One and get the other unit half price, buy two products and get one unit for free, or buy the product 50% off. Also, the official manufacturer provides free delivery in the US and worldwide if you order in bulk. You can enjoy that free shipping for ThePhotoStick in UK addresses or anywhere else in the world, thanks to this generous offer.

Keep in mind that import responsibilities, taxes as well as charges aren’t included in the price of the product or delivery cost. These charges would fall under the buyers’ responsibility.

Q: How to purchase ThePhotoStick?

This device is available for just a limited time, with exclusive offers as well as free delivery. It is easy to order this product, so take benefit of the amazing price by ordering one today.

The photo stick reviews

The Photo Stick Competition


The Competition

ThePhotoStick is really a valuable and useful device. However, some people are still searching for alternatives. The most popular option is the flash drive or USB. If you were going to look for flash drives online, particularly on the Amazon store, you would be bombarded with many results. There are lots of flash drives available to choose from. There are also hard drives which are preferred by some. External models usually have more storage space compared to flash drives. Below are some of the alternatives to the photo stick. We will be going to assess each one to help you enlighten if this product is worthwhile or not.

Picture Keeper 4GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Device for Computers

Picture Keeper

If you are looking for a one stop solution to your photo backup issues, then consider this portable flash USB photo back up as well as a storage device from Picture Keeper. Aside from being a flash drive, this photo back up device effectively and reliably keeps your irreplaceable and memorable memories safe and sound. It also clears up storage space instantly to accommodate new pictures and videos. It comes with state of the art software that takes the stress out of keeping the vital and essential videos, photos, as well as files safe. Picture Keeper aims are to help billions of images from your tablets, smartphones as well as computers regardless of the operating system.

This device is easy to use. All you need to do is to plug it into the USB port of your computer, save the photos and videos you would like to cherish, and that’s it. All the valuable files, pictures, and videos are now safe and sound.

This flash is integrated with many essential features, such as simple to use. With this device, backing up your importable files is easy. Just click the Start Backup prompt, and then your laptop backup will work instantly, scanning as well as storing your files. There is no need for downloading or storing software, or choosing folders or even dragging and dropping files. This device efficiently does every single work for the user.

With every new laptop backup, this flash drive recalls where the previous backup ended. The best thing about this device is that it just downloads new images, and skip duplicates pictures to make the most of the storage space. The smart functionality of this device is amazing. The easy to use software offers a simple and instant solution for recovering as well as backing up vital files. Once your memory is already full, this device will pick up where the last one left off. Register for free Backup Reminder through your email so you’ll be informed to make use of this device to back your files up monthly.

This device is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows 10, Vista, Mac OS 10.7, XP, and newer computers that have USB Type C port, but you need an adapter.

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USB C Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone Flash Drive Photo Stick

Photo Stick

This flash drive from Sunswan is considered a plug and play photo back up tool that eliminates the need for drivers for it to function. This allows you to transfer videos and photos with ease between iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac as well as Windows computers. If you are using an iPhone, you are required to download and then install the app cool disk. You don’t have to worry as this app is available for free.

This amazing photo backup device is able to increase the capacity of your mobile phone storage anytime. What makes this device apart from the rest is that it is compatible with the newest iPhone series, including iOS 8. This flash drive gets rid of the annoying warning message. Keep in mind that Type-C doesn’t support iPad pro.

The USB C Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone Flash Drive Photo Stick from Sunswan works really fast. Just plug it into your desktop’s USB port, and then experience 80MB reading as well as 40MB writing speed. This remarkable device also allows you to save and then play your preferred music and movies afterward straight to the drive with a drive-free compatibility. However, you couldn’t transfer iTunes video files and muscle files to a thumb drive, and this is because they are secured by Digital Rights Management or DRM for short.

This plug and play photo back device doesn’t need an app to function or work. In using this device on smartphones powered by Android, it is vital to know if the OTG function of your mobile phone s switched on.

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Picture Keeper 32GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Device for PC and MAC Computers

Picture Keeper

Another remarkable photo back up device available on the market and various online stores is the Picture Keeper 32GB Flash drive. This device is compatible to use with PC as well as Mac computers.

There are many good reasons why you need to consider getting this device. First and foremost, it is user-friendly. Upon the installation of software, all you need to do is to press the “Start Backup” and then wait as this device does the job for you. This device can also be used anywhere and anytime you want. You don’t need an internet connection to use this device, so you can bring it on your next holiday. Another good reason why you need to consider getting this device is that it is compatible with most computers. It works on Mac with free software and on many computers. It comes equipped with a software that knows where every photo backup ended. If one Picture Keeper fills up, all you need to do is simply insert the second one and keeps on where the other stops.

If you are searching for a photo back up tool that offers peace of mind, then you should definitely get this one. You can set back up notifications to keep your unforgettable memories and pictures safe and sound.

This device is easy to use. Just insert it to the USB port, and then press the “Start Backup” key. Then, it instantly and automatically searches and saves pictures and videos. It instantly backup your preferred pictures as well as skips duplicates. It easily recovers pictures to another device and easily shares videos and images with friends as well as loved ones. The best thing about this device is that it functions with digital image frames as well as protect pictures from social network sites and email back up attachments as well.

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Photo Backup Stick for Computers, Phones, and Tablets

Photo Stick For Computers

This photo back up stick from Paraben Consumer Software is your all in one video and picture back up too. It also has a special program to help and support from Mac computers, iPods, Windows computers, iPod, iPhones, Android phones, iPod touch as well as Android tablets.

Keep your images safe and sound without needing complicated as well as expensive cloud service. This also supports virtually all pictures as well as video formats. If you are using Mac and Windows computers, insert the stick into your computer and then run the app. You are able to back up from default locations. You can also pick to scan the whole device or particular folders or drives. You are also able to connect tablets as well as smartphones to your desktop and back them up all at once.

The windows app enables you to eliminate duplicated, although they were supported by other devices. It enables you to copy the supported files with ease to a drive or computer. Decide what pictures you want to sort out in one folder structure or save it to one folder on this device.

For Android tablets and smartphones, you can download the app for free, insert the device into your computer with the use of the adapter, and directly back up to the flash drive without the need of a computer. For iPod Touch, iPads as well as iPhones, just insert the device into your computer, then unlock the screen, run the app from the flash drive. Then your important files will be instantly backed up. This device is compatible with Mac OS 10, 12, and the latest one. It also works on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. You can use thephotostick in UK devices or those from other countries. It doesn’t matter where your device comes from.

Prior to deciding to purchase a flash drive, it is vital to compare first the product. Compared to flash drives, state of the art PhotoStick is integrated with software, which makes the process easier and faster for you. This device will find any lost file on your desktop regardless of the locations. It also transfers the files to internal memory. Also, you don’t have to worry if it may create a backup file it already saved or with tracking down data buried in hidden locations or folders. Using a flash drive, you are required to manually look for the lost files and then drag and drop each video or picture onto the drive. On the other hand, one good reason why you need to opt for a flash drive is that they are available for a very reasonable price. In fact, you can find a flash drive that comes with many storage spaces for a very reasonable price. It all depends on the functionality as well as the reliability of the product.

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Photo Stick

We have spent a lot of time working with the Photo Stick. It’s a superb device that is worth a look by anyone wanting a reliable storage option. Our goal is to give you the most complete review of Photo Sticks products, and we wanted to do more than just factor in our own opinions. We also wanted to look at customer reviews to get the bigger picture of this product.

A hard drive failure could happen anytime. You could also experience memory failure on your phone without any warning. The Photo Stick can help you with these kinds of problems. It’s something that you should have if you own a computer or phone.

Are we convinced that this product is worth a purchase? In our estimation, it definitely is. It has so much value to offer, and it is great for people who have been having trouble finding a good storage option. There are a lot of similar choices out there, but this is the best one we have found. ThePhotostick just corners the market on portable, safe storage, and it’s a very cool product that is an excellent buy for most people.

Our Photo Stick reviews are designed to help you make an informed decision. You should have more peace of mind about what you pick now that you know the information. As you learn more about what your choices are and how they compare, you will be better able to make the right, smart choice. We think the PhotoStick would be the best option, in most cases.

It can be stressful to look for each of your photos and other files to transfer from your phone or PC onto a memory device, but you don’t have to do all that sorting. It’s done by this storage tool automatically. It’s a modern product for a world that has moved on from developing a roll of film at the store when you want pictures.

This Photo Stick has no subscription attached to it. It is very functional and will protect your memories from the dangers of device crashes, memory failure and limited storage space. The Photo Stick really is the best device of its kind.

You won’t find another product on the market that can compete with ThePhotoStick. It is very safe as a way to store data, and it offers a lot of convenience. It is a multifunctional tool that helps you organize files no matter where they are stored on your device. It also finds lost data for you and creates a very safe backup. ThePhotoStick is designed to be durable and last for a very long time. It does not have to be difficult to make a backup of your files, and you should have this product on your must-buy list.

There are a number of flash drive devices on the market these days that come in all sorts of styles and types. The sheer variety can make it tough to find which one would be right for you, which is why we hope this Photo Stick review would be helpful to you. We want to help you to improve your data security and your peace of mind. This tool offers a long list of features that make it stand out, and it can improve your productivity. The pros and cons we have listed, as well as the extensive FAQ section, should be enough to help you make an informed decision. You ought to be able to purchase a storage tool that fulfills your needs.

ThePhotostick is also visually appealing and well designed. It is a hardy tool that works very well, so it is going to be suitable for most people who want something long lasting, stylish and convenient.

If you are looking for where to buy Photostick, we suggest to order the photo stick on the manufacture official website. You can take a look at Amazon’s sales page for this item as well. you will no longer have to worry about hard drive failures causing your files to disappear forever. You can keep videos, files, documents and music safe with the Photo Stick. It may be a bit expensive, but it is well worth the asking price, thanks to all the benefits it offers.

The photo stick