Pixie Augmented Reality

Pixie Augmented Reality

Pros: Easy to install tracker, user-friendly, and upgraded with state of the art augmented Reality to gamify the experience. 

Cons: Awkward and burdensome phone attachment, just iOS, pricing is higher compared to other trackers available out there.

Locators or also known as Bluetooth trackers aren’t new to the smart home market. Pixie is the first AR or Augmented Reality that plays a vital role in looking for the valuables you have misplaced or lost. 

Only Pixie gives you the capability to see precisely where the lost stuff is. This utilizes AR to easily locate the exact location of the lost objects/ Visual guidance is ideal for crowded as well as noisy surroundings wherein you aren’t able to hear a tune or a beep. 

Pixie the Best Wallet and Key Tracker

This is only the locator precise enough to tell you the exact location of your lost belongings. The state of the art Location of Things Technology makes use of Bluetooth and signaling as well. These two allow the Pixie points to converse to each other. This might not sound too much, but enabling the Pixie to converse is what assists in providing precise distance paths to the lost object. This state of the art locator is able to provide 30 to 50 feet search reach indoors, and 100 feet search range outdoors.

Pixie key and wallet tracker, informs you where the items last location. If you have a difficult time staying in one place, this is the best device if you wander far out of range.

You often waste time searching for stuff as you don’t recall where you last left it. Imagine a scenario if you are almost last at the meeting, or you need to present a proposal, and your key is missing. Though everything is ready, there is one thing left, your car key. This is a very stressful and demanding situation, right. You don’t have to worry because Pixie key tracker is here to help. This amazing device can help you locate the missing object fast and easy.

Pixie is a set of tags. The one is attached to your bag, wallet, or key, and the other one is for you. And then, you can utilize the tag that you possess to look for another tag. This device is powered by Bluetooth, which assists in finding any lost object. While a key is a good example, you can also attach this tracker to many things like essential documents, cellphone, luggage, and many other valuable objects. This can be ordered online. We advise you to keep on reading to know more about this device.

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How this Tracker Works? 

Pixie tracker is considered one of the most precise and accurate tracking software which you can purchase online at this point. It helps a lot in monitoring a wide array of valuables. On the other hand, have you thought about how this device can assist you in locating lost objects? The vital point is that it is powered by Bluetooth technology. This is the reason why you are able to monitor almost anything with this device.

Upon your purchase, you will receive two-tracker tags. You will keep one ticket for device use while the other is used to connect to the item or stuff you want to monitor always. It has a superb mobile display and shows the exact distance between you and the lost object and few just a feet or inches away. So, worry no more about misplaying or losing your bags or keys. Even if there are many Bluetooth trackers available on the market today, state of the art Pixie Bluetooth tracker makes use of the newest and groundbreaking technology in order to improve the accuracy of the result.

Pixie Tracker: How to Look for the Lost Objects? 

This state of the art Bluetooth tracker is the only locator that is integrated with Augmented Reality or AR for short that is easy to use. As a result, even kids or those who are not tech-savvy can utilize this tracker. Once you purchase this tracker device over the net, you will get a free iPhone case, which makes it easy to attach the device on your iPhone. It is easy to use; in fact, you don’t have to do anything technical. After connecting the device to your phone, you can start tracking your stuff.

If you lost your bag or wallet and want to locate it with the use of this tracker, all you have to do is to use your device as a scanner. You are able to scan the place using the camera of your phone. It looks like you’re making a panorama shot. Once you detect something, then the tracker will inform you which way to go. Keep in mind that this tracking device is able to scan through concrete or walls, so there is an assurance that you will locate the lost object fast and easy.

Hard to Find Keys/Wallet? Use This New Pixie AR 

This Bluetooth tracker is considered the best and finding locator you can buy today. Aside from being reliable, it is also considered the cheapest product, so rest assures that it will not drain your bank account. There are lots of Bluetooth trackers available in various stores online while some already purchased them and disappointed with the service, Pixie will surely meet your needs. The company will give you insight on how to use this device, including the newest features.

A lot of people from other parts of the globe already experienced the perks this device offers. According to Pixie reviews, a lot of customers are happy with this product and precisely locate the lost objects. This is the reason why it gets lots of positive reviews online.

You have lots of things to care for that it’s fine to lose a number of them here and there. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you’ll waste lots of time searching for them. In view of the fact that you have a busy lifestyle and you want a fast solution to the whole thing, this state of the art tracker from Pixie is advantageous to quickly monitor the lost objects, like files, cards, bags, luggage, keys, and many other valuables. It is a blessing for us, and you are still in doubt you can try this product now. This customer-centric innovation aspires to make our lives easier. Now you can sleep well prior to leaving your workplace, and you will not be late for your meeting due to misplacing car keys. This is how useful and advantageous this product is. We advice you to read more about lost and found tracker & choose the best tracker

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Pixie Tracker Can Draw Map to Lost Objects 

This state of the art Bluetooth tracker can help you find the lost object right at the comfort of your mobile device. As a result, there is no need to disturb your loved ones to assist in finding the lost objects. This device will help you make an independent person, and you feel accountable for all your belongings. If you are a person who has been dependent on others, then it is the perfect time to consider buying the Bluetooth tracker. However, some ask how this tracker sketch a map on the mobile device to locate the lost object quickly.

As mentioned, it is composed of two tags, one for your phone and the one to attach to the object you want to monitor. You can utilize the Bluetooth to create a connection between the tags. And then, your mobile device will give you a full instruction on where the lost object is. The screen will show the distance. What is more, if you use the phone to scan the area, it will sense where the lost object is. Imagine the missing credit card is just in between of your planner; you can use it to track your bags or even the bookshelves. This will save you precious time as well as maintain a peaceful and calm mind. Pixie is indeed the best Bluetooth app for looking at the lost object no matter what it is.

Now that you already know what Pixie is and how it works let us discuss the pros and cons of this device.


  • Look for the lost objects in walls
  • Track the objects in three-dimensional space
  • Metal detector assist you to get close to stuff without depending on beep or sound
  • Augmented Reality with ARKit and IOS 11
  • Affordable and very accurate
  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant


  • Batteries are not replaceable
  • Should attach extra Pixie to mobile device
  • Somewhat restricted range indoors


There are lots of Bluetooth trackers available on the market today, but if you want the best and most reliable one, you need to consider the Pixie Bluetooth tracker. Integrated with Augmented Reality technology, this helps a lot in finding the lost object fast and easy. It can scan lost objects through the wall, and provides information on how far you are to the missing object.