Pixie Lost Item Finder

Pixie Lost Item Finder

Are you always have a hard time finding lost important items?

Having daily problems due to your absentmindedness and forgetfulness on where you’ve put small but significant objects? Too preoccupied and busy to forget handy things? Irritated on how you lost small but important items? And feeling hold-up on finding the missing piece? Whether you are young or old, you have probably had a thing or two of memory slips. It is normal to forget things from time to time, and it’s also normal to become somewhat forgetful as we age. Memory problems are caused by absentmindedness, blocking, poor nutrition, stress and even sleep deprivation.

Technology by its definition is anything that helps to make things easier for humans. It can be as simple as a sharpened stick or can be complex like a supercomputer. The nature and functions of technology have been developed to solve some real-life problems and make things work. With its continuous improvement, even the things that we often forget before we leave home or where we temporarily stored our belongings have already been addressed.

Have you ever wondered why you tend to forget things even in just a snap? Or having a hard time recalling where you put specific items that cause you most of the time a delay or hassle on your everyday errands? A great invention has been discovered to put an end to your agony. Pixie Tracker will be a great help, it is designed to assist you to locate the exact position of your lost item immediately without asking someone’s help or trying to recall your greyish memory. This item comes in a handy pocket-sized user-friendly product that is already available in the market.


In turn, this handy object becomes everyone’s favorite item finder. Hence, no more irritating wasted moments during searching for lost items with this small teardrop-shaped Bluetooth augmented device. This lost and found tracker is innovated with technicalities to save time in finding misplaced important items. No more lost key, wallet, files, and even pets as you use this Pixie tech. All you have to do is to order it online, have the app installed on your phone and identify what object truly matters and important to you. This guitar picked-shaped Bluetooth augmented device shows you the exact last location of your lost item, it has a high search range of 30-150 ft indoors and up to 60 ft outdoors and it is also waterproof. From gadgets, purses, collections or even pets, name it! You can easily locate your precious belongings with the help of Pixie Tracker. This item is available online and comes in a set of four with two key fobs and the iPhone case for $99 – you just need to install it on your mobile device and identify what are the things that are important to you that needs to be tracked shall the need arises.

This awesome product can be bought in a set of tags called Pixie Points. The users only need to attach one of the Pixie Points to an included iPhone case or you can use the included adhesive sticker attached to the Pixie point if you are using a different case or device. While the other is on the important thing that you wished to track on. With the help of this tracker, you can easily find an item in a blink of an eye. Instead of using the conventional sound-based Bluetooth trackers, Pixie uses visual data audio to provide a more accurate position of a missing item. With the help of the product, you’ll feel you have your assistant to remind you or look for your belongings.

Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communications technology to replace the cables connecting electronic devices. It is used for exchanging data over short distances.

By then, a day with a question of “where did I put my keys?” with your high-pitched irritated voice will never be heard again. Brighter days with your booming smile are now expected as you simply find a piece of something you did forget, the key as an example. And not the old you, who is always on the run due to taking so much time and effort on looking for the lost keys, keys which are essential but is easily forgotten because of your dull memory.

Pixie Tracker

Having this key finder which technically not only be a finder for keys can be used in searching for anything you want. This is an awesome invention on tracking down objects close to our hearts or objects that are very vital to the daily lives that we tend to forget since it is already there. It is something that we hold but we still search since we are just too preoccupied with our daily chores.

This wireless tracker is a pocket-friendly Bluetooth device and won’t take up so much space on your purse. Having this tracker will make you find any item in such a way that you are just playing the Pokemon go. Instead of traditional sound-based Bluetooth trackers, Pixie uses visual data as well as audio to provide a more accurate position of a lost item. Now, you can feel that you’re not that old enough to have experienced such a vibe of the game.

How to use Pixie Tracker?

Setting up for Pixies is very straightforward and can even be done with your eyes shut. After downloading the app, you simply put Pixie by your phone, tap “Add new point” and the phone finds it and asks you to assign it a name like “find my keys” “wallet finder”. Once the Pixies are entered into the app, you can start tracking your bits and pieces.

Using Pixie tracker in finding a misplaced object only takes this simple process: By simply tapping the app and perform the panoramic scan of your surroundings, searching the location of Pixie points within the 30 to 50 feet indoor area, and up to 150 feet for the outdoor area. To maximize and get the best results, you may have to stand and turn up to 360 degrees while holding up your phone until the shimmering group of dots called Pixie dust displays on your screen, which gives you the signal that the missing item has been found. This is then the start of the quest.

As you approach the direction of the target object, the app switches to pointer mode and becomes your compass directing your way. As users get closer, the avatar grows its size and once you’re within five feet near to the object, the app changes to a metal detector inspired interface which provides audible beeps that beeps faster as you get closer to the lost item.



  • 47 mm x 35 mm x 3.2 mm in size
  • Available Colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green
  • All points ship with adhesive backing
  • Water-resistant sealed case, can withstand being submerged for 30 minutes in a shallow water
  • Service life: 12 months of typical use
  • Built-in lithium batteries

Comparative Analysis

Pixie vs Tile Tracker

Tile tracker has been well known when it comes to tracking lost items through a mobile device, with its cheaper price compares to Pixie, it is the primary choice of the market; But due to its limited features compared to Pixie, Pixie becomes the final choice of purchase, simply because, it does a better job tracking missing valuable items.

Pixie Tracker allows you to see exactly where your lost things are since it uses augmented reality to show you exactly where your lost items are. It has visual guidance that is great for noisy environment that is hard for you to hear the beep anytime.

Pixie Tracker

Pixie vs Samsung Smart Thing

Samsung Smart Thing has been evaluated as having a poor security system and lacks monitoring, which is mainly one of its drawbacks. Should there be an instance when something happens or someone intentionally kept one of your belongings, you will never know since there is no alarm feature or anything that indicates that your item has been stolen or lost. This is because an intruder can easily disconnect you from the connection that will help you monitor your belongings. Whereas, using Pixie can help you easily find your lost item anywhere since an intruder can hardly disconnect you from the system as the tags are empowered by the Bluetooth.

Pixie Vs Samsung Smart

Pixie vs TrackR Pixel

Pixie tracker is way beyond more reliable than this TrackR Pixel since the latter got some downsides. One of these is the limited working range which is only up to 100 feet. There is also an existing restricted partnership of TrackR with Alexa and has no partnership with the iPhone, which is the most used mobile phone across the globe. This only explains why Pixie is the best choice among trackers available in the market.

Tabular comparison

To help you better understand the use of the Pixie tracker and to give you an overview of how well it performs, a tabular comparative analysis is given below. This data shows how is Pixie tracker in comparison with the other trackers available in the market.

  • Pixie tracker
  • Tile tracker
  • Samsung Smart thing
  • TrackR Pixel

Works for a range of 30 to 50 feet indoor area, or up to 150 feet outdoor area. Slightly cheaper than Pixie.

  • Poor security system
  • Works for a range of 100 feet only
  • Tags are Bluetooth operated
  • App has no warranty
  • No special monitoring devices
  • Has restricted partnership with Alexa
  • Find lost items through walls
  • Provides audio services only
  • No apple partnership
  • Track your items in a 3D dimensional view
  • Only starts ringing 5-10 minutes the phone is away from the tracker
  • Uncontrollable and annoying siren
  • Metal detector helps in getting closer to the item without relying on sound
  • Water and dust resistant to IP67 standards
  • Non-replaceable batteries which can last up to 12 months
  • The app is with one-year warranty

The Pixie tracker

Advantages of using Pixie

As a complete paradigm and leverage of Apple’s ARKit, it has an enhanced 3D motion tracking, powerful animation tools and patented signaling technology which makes it:

  • Faster – it reduces overall search time, which makes you save your effort and time during the finding process. More time means you can do more things to increase productivity, less stress and more time for recreation.
  • Friendlier – It provides the ability to continually use the ultimate intuitive AR interface through the entire searching process while on the move. With the use of a better form of technology, it is easier to operate.
  • Functional – Improved accuracy and the ability to conduct even the hardest searches and even in areas with a high degree of noise pollution. It has a better number of features than its competitors and makes your search easier to conduct even in noisy areas with the help of its visual tracker or find your objects through walls.
  • Fun/Entertaining– Search is supposed to be boring most of the time, but with its game-like features, it makes searching less tedious and enjoyable.
  • Longevity – Longer battery life means you don’t need to change its battery from time to time. With our very busy schedule, even changing batteries is already a chore for us. But with Pixie, changing batteries is less of a hassle.
  •  Flexible – This is a very important feature for every product since it doesn’t limit its functionality to a specific or limited kind of device. It has a flexibility support feature for augmented reality with iOS11 and ARKit.

Customer Reviews

As very available in the market online and with its purpose of keeping necessary things monitored. Here are some feedbacks upon using the device which only proves how good the Pixie is.

Daily life basis

“This is the coolest locator I have used, and I have used several. So, you have to put one of the little chips on your phone in the included case. Then you attach the other chips to your keys, put one in your wallet, or whatever you’re trying to be sure you can find. Then, you can use your phone as a scanner to tell you exactly what direction your stuff is. It will show exactly how far you need to go and in what direction to find your stuff.”

  • Pugwump

“This product works flawlessly with the iPhone, so I would recommend it. If nothing else, its app will save you a lot of frustration vs most of its competitors.

  • WVH

“This is a great idea and works exactly as it says it does. My wife is constantly losing her keys but now that I have this, I am the savior every time she is scrambling and saying I can’t find my keys. The app is super easy to use and will put right on top of the item wearing the tag so you can find it.”

  • Lee

“My robotic vacuum—Rosie—chokes on socks lost under furniture in various parts of the house. Then she plaintively beeps for rescue for hours until her battery drains. Sometimes she is lost for days, then I have to hunt for her. The Pixie has finally solved the problem of finding Rosie. The Pixie points and app have made it possible to find her in less than a minute.

  • K

“Works as expected. It’s fun to have someone hide them, then go find them.”

  • Airiden


Technology is a Greek word that shows the knowledge of modern technologies as the basis for all areas of life, which has become an urgent necessity that cannot be lived in isolation in the light of the information revolution and the challenges and radical changes that have occurred at the global level or in the international arena. The development of technology to mankind has one way or another led to a scientific revolution of light by discovering and developing information that has a positive reflection on human knowledge that increases inventions that facilitates human life.

There are many uses of technology for us and we were surrounded by it. It can be used for business, communication, building or maintaining human relationships, education, purchasing, agriculture, banking, healthcare, transportation and for our daily lives. Innovations and technology are changing the world and the daily lives of every one of us. Many things that were mere visions of the future yesterday are now a reality. Its use is immeasurable, it has played a big role in different areas of our daily living. And it will keep on changing based on the demands of people or the emerging needs in the market.

Technology is important today because we become very dependent on the ease and efficiency of new methods. No one can escape the absolute need for technology in our daily lives. Everyone is dependent on it in this era due to a very fast phased that we already have. The use of technology has made our lives comfortable; we cannot think of life sans technology. It has a very big role in most aspects of our lives; it aims for the comfort of use in whichever form it is. It always directs easiness in life. Technology can help not just with the present but also in the future because without it, our world would be radically different. We use so much technology that it has ceased to be a luxury item it was even 10 years ago and became a basic necessity that it is today.

In today’s demanding schedule and society, where multi-tasking skills are a must rather than a preferred ability. It’s easy for us to have a memory slip and misplace our prized possessions. We’ve all needlessly searched for our keys that are just inside our pockets or temporarily put our mobile phone underneath our pillows just to grab some food.

But with the innovation of technology, there will be no missing items around the house, office or even at school. The innovation of technology continues every day that assists us in our everyday lives and gives us answers to our needs that we thought were impossible eras ago.

Pixie Wireless Tracker

Pixie under the right conditions stands out as one of the most reliable devices that find your lost valuables right from your phone. With its design and qualities, no more hesitation can be raised in using it. It is enthusiastically competitive among trackers and is the grandest on its functionality. This friendly lost item finder is an effective way to monitoring precious items that we are so afraid to lose. Maybe you should try it on your girlfriend and boyfriend to know if he is loyal to you. Kidding aside, this innovation is an act of treasuring things we own and never relying on the thought of replacing such items. This could also minimize conflicts at home, school, and offices which are caused by pointing fingers when something valuable is lost. With a little investment from your pocket, your life and those who surround you will have a peaceful life.

Pixie Tracker compared to its rivals is a standout, from its features up to its flexibility – which works with a wider range of products to enable the tracker to work effectively and accurately, It is user-friendly- it’ll give anyone a hard time to operate, it also minimizes the time consumption in finding the lost item which means it lessens your stress and hassle and it’s waterproof feature means you will no longer worry of water spillage or any liquid substance that might ruin the proper functioning of the tracker.

Technology has widely grown over the years, all products that existed in the market promises us the value for our money, their product is the best among the wide range of competitors; But among all of them, considering the features, price, and functionality, Pixie Tracker has maximized the technologies growth and was the best value for our money and trust. For an absentminded mom, forgetful dad, and even stressed students; this product will help ease their pain of regularly losing their things or forgetting important files to be carried at the office or school.