Pixie More Then The Average Tracker

Yeah, it’s like an Easter egg hunt whenever we misplaced something. Seek there, seek here, scratches the head, wastes too much time in searching… I hate it and nobody likes that kind of scenario. Mostly, in situations like when you are hurrying because you will be late at your work or school but you misplaced your car keys. Or, when you need to contact your Mom but short-term memory hits you badly, and you cannot remember where you last put it.

Well, that common problem among many of us have propelled the Pixie Technology Incorporated to invent this certainly great tracker for lost things- the Pixie Tracker.

Our Verdict: The Pixie Tracker is far much better than any other tracking devices available in today’s market. It is authentic and not that difficult to operate. It has the fascinating augmented reality feature. It has dual assistance (visual guidance and audio service) which its competitors doesn’t have. It is waterproof and very pocket-friendly. With regard to its tracking performance, “good” fits Pixies’ working mechanism.

What is Pixie Tracker?

The Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth Tracker, or simply Pixie Tracker, is a small waterproof bluetooth tracking device that aids in search for misplaced things like keys, an important document, a wallet, a mobile phone, and many more. This thin guitar-pick-like device is a set of  tags with adhesive backers, enabling the user to place it wherever he wants to stick it. But always remember to stick one of the tags (commonly known as Pixies) in your phone. Because if you placed all of the tags, for example, to your car keys, calculator, document and did not save one for yourself, then the system will obviously not work and you’re just making things a big joke. Again, you need to stick one of the Pixies at your phone in order to make its working mechanism possible.

Actually, Pixie AR Bluetooth Tracker for me is an  evolution of prior innumerable trackers invented as this uses the latest technology we have today in our modern world. For instance, the Pixie Tracker uses an  augmented reality to easily show where you exactly misplaced your stuff. Tracker with visual guidance, great right?

The Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker costs 99 USD. The price is pretty satisfying because the Pixie Tracker comes with four great Pixies, two nice keychain fobs and a pretty handy iPhone case. Another good thing here is, the battery-life of this AR tracking device and it’s warranty last up to 12 months.

Aside from bluetooth, the Pixie tracker also uses signaling which allows the tags or Pixies to talk with each other. Accordingly, this thing makes the search for a lost thing more accurate. Its searching capacity ranges from 30 feet to 50 feet if you are using the device indoors, while it is up to 100 feet if it is outdoors.

 How does Pixie Tracker works?

Setting up this awesome Pixie AR Bluetooth Tracker is as easy as 1,2,3. It is not that technical. There’s no hassle. Actually, even a child can do the job of finding a misplaced stuff through using this awesome tracking device.

Of course, the first step you need to do is to download the application for your Pixie Tracker. Next, just simply stick a Pixie on your phone. Then, tap the “add new point” and assign names to the other Pixies like “My Keys”, “My Wallet”, “My Pouch” or “My Umbrella”. Yes, umbrella. It’s the very thing that I have misplaced many times. After giving names to the Pixies, it’s done! Hooray!

But how this Pixie Tracker works?

Actually, the Pixie Tracker functions similarly to the fad game Pokemon Go. Yes, you read it right. Finding your lost stuff by using Pixie Tracker is like playing the famous Pokemon Go game.

An augmented-reality, or the map, will be displayed in the screen as you tap the application that controls Pixie Tracker. Take note: be sure that your phone’s bluetooth is on.  Next, hold  your phone and then turn it clockwise to counterclockwise movement or the opposite way. Either of the given ways will do. Just continue turning your phone until sparkling dots or the so-called Pixie Dust spreads over the location of the misplaced item.


Walk closer to the shimmering Pixie Dust. Do not panic if the application will suddenly become a compass-like pointer. When that thing appears, it only means that you are only few steps closer to the lost stuff you are finding. And as you get closer to the Pixie Dust, series of tones resembling to Geiger counter’s beep will be heard. Just follow it until your phone is right next to the thing that you’ve misplaced.

Remember that it still has range functionality. Again, if you are using it indoors, the range capacity is just 30 to 50 feet away from you. Do not expect that it can cover up to 51 feet and above. If you are outdoors, the Pixie Augmented Reality Tracker can search up to 100 feet away from you. Another thing that you should remember is the functionality of the augmented reality feature of the Pixie Tracker is not that good if the stuff you are finding is behind a wall or a door. There are some issues of inconsistencies.

That’s why I don’t truly believe in other reviews of Pixie Tracker that its searching capability is the most accurate and very consistent.

Pixie Tracker vs. TrackR Pixel and Tile Tracker

Well, I admit that between Pixie, TrackR Pixel and Tile Tracker, the Pixie stands out in three things:

  1. Unlike the two trackers, Pixie has dual assistance. It has visual guidance and noise guidance. TrackR Pixel and Tile Tracker doesn’t have this kind of feature.
  2. Tile Tracker is cheaper than Pixie Tracker. However, the price is insignificant since Pixie Tracker performs better than Tile. Plus, Pixie has a one year warranty while Tile has none.
  3. Some users of TrackR Pixel said that the alarm of the tracker is uncontrollable and a bit annoying. So, this only means that the visual guidance feature of Pixie is much better.

The Pixie tracker

Pixie’s Advantages

  • Unlike other tracking devices available in today’s market, the Pixie Bluetooth Tracker is waterproof. Meaning, if it gets wet, it will not be easily destroyed. But remember that only the Pixie Tracker is waterproof and not all of your stuffs are the same as this AR tracking device. So it’s up to you if this one is an advantage or not.
  • The Pixie Bluetooth Tracker’s locating method is certainly innovative and creative as this uses augmented reality which you cannot find in other tracking devices.
  • Its thinness makes it pocket-friendly. This doesn’t also make any discomfort in sense of touch unlike other lost-and-found tracker which is a little bit bigger and a bit not pocket-friendly.
  • The Pixie Tracker’s augmented reality capability is great if you are searching in noisy environments where beeps are like whispers.
  • This device has dual assistance: visual guidance and audio service, which makes it stand out from its competitors.
  • The Pixie Augmented Reality Bluetooth Tracker comes with one year warranty which other tracking devices available in the market does not offer like the Tile Tracker.
  • If you are someone who used to be dependent with others in terms of finding a lost stuff, this lost-and-found tracker will indirectly teach you how to become independent. Aside from such, this will also teach you how to be responsible for your personal belongings.

Pixie’s Disadvantages

  • The augmented reality screen cannot function well against walls or doors. Try to hide your stuff in another room and see to it that the Pixie Tracker cannot find it. In situations like this, sound-based trackers are much better.
  • Its augmented reality feature is stellar but actually a bit tedious.
  • The Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker doesn’t have a version for Android phone users.

Pixie Tracker

Bottom line

The Pixie Augmented Reality Tracker is really a great help in shortening the time span of finding misplaced stuffs. Actually, Pixie and other tracking devices are money savers. Why? Because you don’t need to jump in quick decisions like “Ugh! I’m out of this. I’ll just buy another one!”

I love how the idea is innovative and customer-centric. I love that it is waterproof and pocket-friendly. But what I love the most in Pixie Tracker is its authenticity and smooth functioning. The price may be a bit expensive but Pixie Tracker’s working mechanism is beyond its price. Salute to the developers!

Many might say that Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker is the most accurate and most consistent tracker ever or the best app for finding lost stuff. Yeah, I agree in the part that it is “so far” the best tracker among innumerable trackers available in the market. However, due to some issues of inconsistencies in tracking lost stuffs, our verdict is just “good”. Well, I am looking forward for further developments of this tracking device. But still, Pixie for me is currently the best app for finding lost stuff.