Pixie 6 Pack

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Pixie 6 Pack
Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack Pixie 6 Pack
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This pack includes:

6 Pixie Points (colors may vary)
3 key chain, 5 extra adhesives, 2 curved surface adapter, Quick Start Guide.

  • Please note that one Pixie Point will be used on your iPhone
  • Available for iOS.
  • Coming soon to Android
Give peace of find. Pixie makes a perfect gift.


Smart location system

The Pixie app uses the iPhone’s camera to accurately locate your lost items. Just follow the instructions on your screen and you will be reunited with your lost item within minutes. Luggage, keys, remote, passport, whatever it may be.

More details

Size: 47mm x 35mm x 3.2mm
Range: Up to 100' Typical indoor performance 30-50'
Accuracy: within 1'
Battery: 12 months in typical usage
Compatibility: iPhone 5S (or later) iPad4 (or later)
Works with all Pixie-enabled apps.
Waterproof IP67 - up to 3 feet of submersion

Don’t just chase a Beep!

Life is noisy! Did you know, traditional Bluetooth trackers require library level sound  to hear their faint beep! Only Pixie can SHOW you where it is… whether it’s quiet or loud!  Other trackers can’t do that!

See where you left it

When you are far away from your missed item, you will see its location on a map

Find your iPhone even when it's off!

Pixie locates your iPhone, even if it’s out of power or on silent. 

Never lose your stuff again

Display up to six features with an option to toggle images on or off, and add unique calls to action.