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  • t provides a more granular control over the phones.
  • It has an easy to use and manage interface.
  • The app can manage multiple users.
  • It can specify limits on every individual app.
  • It provides a very detailed log of calls and texts


  • It doesn’t offer the Geofencing feature.
  • The web filtering isn’t that much effective.
  • The tracking of the social media activity sometimes shows an error.

Qustodio Reviews – Is this Spy App Worth The Investment?

Technology is widely emerging nowadays. People live in a world where technology is very advanced. There are a lot of kids who are very hooked with the use of the internet. They spend all of their time surfing and using the internet. They do not have time socializing with other kids outside. Kids prefer to lock be locked in their rooms and play online games. They are not experiencing a real life way of communicating and having friends personally. Unlike any kids in the late generation, they have less time to bond with their siblings and also their parents. These kids are a very addicted in terms of gadgets like cell phones, tablets, and computers. They considered these gadgets as their friends.

Parents find it hard to control this kind of behavior. Even little kids nowadays are entertaining using the internet. They watch videos and play online games. It also affects the number of hours that they sleep; they use the internet even before bedtime and sometimes sleep late. Some kids forget to make their assignments because of the internet. There are advantages that they can get in making use of the internet; however, they misuse it. Kids nowadays do not know how to control and limit themselves. There are instances that they use it in a very unusual way.

In these cases, parents find ways of controlling their kids in the use of their mobile phones. One good example that they make use of the Qustodio Application. This kind of application is a good parental control app that is easy to use. It helps parents monitor their child’s activity and how they use their smart or mobile phones. This can help them to be aware of the things that their child is doing. The parents are being updated whenever their children go. Even in schools, they can still be tracked because of this fantastic tracking device.

We all know that kids spend most of the time using their smartphones as much as adults do. They are very busy living their life in the world of technology. Up to the time that they lack communication with other people. They think that if they only have the technology, they will live without any trouble. Kids will only think about how this technology will benefit them. However, they do not think of the disadvantages that it brought to their lives. In this case, the use of Qustodio will help parents guide the child to make use of technology in a right way. The Choose The Best Tracker is ideal for those parents who have a very hectic working schedule.

For you to have a further understanding of Qustodio, it will be discussed here in this article. For those people who are not aware of what Qustodio is, it is only the leading digital safety for families. It is one of the big names that is creating a noise in the market today. It is a powerful monitoring tool that is used in parental controls, like spending too much time playing online games. It is such a great help to discipline the sluggish behavior of your child.

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What Device Does It Work?

Well, the Qustodio application work in a wide range of devices. It can be installed on different types of devices. One good example of these devices are smartphones. This amazing tracking and monitoring application can also connect other devices like tablets, laptops or computers, and desktops. Even the machines are run by Ios, Windows, Android, or Amazon Fire, and then it can be compatible to this kind of use. Read something about more spy Apps Like – Flexispy, Spyzie,  Thetruthspy Review

Want to build a safe and productive digital environment for your kids? Then, nothing to worry because Qustodio is always behind your back to help you. We all know that parenting is an arduous task on the part of the parent. It is very common to parents with hectic schedules of work. In these cases, they have a hard time in monitoring their child’s activity because of work. Sometimes they lack time in asking them how school and what are the things they have done for the day. Many parents require time for their kids; that’s why their kids live in a world of technology.

It is not a bad thing that you work hard for the future of the kids. However, it is also important that you lend some time to your kids. You need to guide them for them to grow responsible individuals. Sometimes kids divert their time in playing online games even though they want to spend time with their parents. When their parents are not home and busy doing their jobs, kids tend to spend time surfing the internet. This is built as a habit for the kids; they think that it is just fine not to socialize with other people.

In this kind of case, parents can make use of the Qustodio as a parenting style that monitors their child’s activity whenever they are not around. This kind of monitoring application will supervise your kid’s time on the device that they are using. Parents can also block inappropriate content that they think will not do a good thing for their child. The Qustodio will also help parents to be able to control the mobile phone of their child even they use a private browsing mode. Parents must be much smarter than their kids.

Parents can balance the screen time usage of their kids in the way of limiting the time of gadget usage. If you cannot get the attention of your kids by using kind words, you can make use of this fantastic application. Parents sometimes are having a hard time calling the care of their kids because they are very focused on using their smartphones. In this case, Qustodio will help you in a way that you can remotely stop or shut down the phone as long as you wanted. In this way, your child can only use their cell phones if you allow for turning it on.

Time limits in playing games and accessing the website can also be controlled and limited with the use of the Qustodio application.  Parents can also block apps that they do not want to be accessed by their children. They can also manage the time of their child doing productive activities that spending time in front of the screen. They can have fun and bond with family members with the use of Qustodio. Watching videos and movies can also be controlled in order for them to have a healthy lifestyle. We advice you to go through this helpful guide. How I find my iPhone?

You, as a parent, can set up schedules of activities that your kids need to accomplish in a day. In this way, you can ensure that they are produced every day. They can also have a healthy mind and body by controlling them using their phones. We all know that other kids do not live healthfully because they sit in front of the chair. They do not have time in terms of their healthy way of living.

Qustodio is easy to set up; that’s why you will not be worried about how you can sue it. Even grandparents can use this kind of device to monitor their grandchildren. It is quick to be installed, unlike any monitoring application that needs time to be installed. You can enjoy the service of Qustodio as fast as you wanted because of these very accessible features. All you have to do is to set up a free account using Qustodio. After creating an account, you need to download the application to your device and to the device that your child is using.

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Any devices that your child is using can be managed using a family portal that is available on the website. Qustodio is also accessible on the web, which is used by parents in their devices. You can choose whether you like the internet or the Qustodio application; either of the two can monitor your child’s activity. The app also provides you with reports of the things that were done by your child. They can manage all devices that your child is accessing, so you don’t have to worry the app got your back.

The Qustodio also have an online dashboard that can be used in limiting the child from accessing the internet. Those sites that are troublesome are being blocked. It is being done to make sure that your child will have a safe browsing experience. It also ensures the digital well-being of the child. It manages the family tech life to be balanced. We all know that digital wellbeing is essential for us. It is a must that involving ourselves in the use of social media should be digitally controlled.

The rising innovation of technology is the reason why Qustodio is created in order for us to be controlled. It is very beneficial, especially to be used in managing your kids. You can make sure that they are going to do their homework instead of surfing on the internet. This is the main reason why technology should be limited in homes. It distracts the student from doing the things that they need to finish, especially when it comes to school. A lot of kids are not willing to study anymore because of the internet addiction that they have.

Qustodio also offers free service of premium subscriptions, which are very innovative to deliver the best and new features that they have. There is a thirty-day breakdown of the device activity that you and your child are using. The application can help monitor the social media activity that is happening on the device that was used. There is a new system that can also track the things that the child is looking for on the internet. Watching youtube can also be controlled with the use of Qustodio. Parents will be aware of the things that they are watching.

If parents are aware of the things that their child is watching, then they can guide them to overcome their curiosity. There are a lot of kids nowadays who are very curious about the things around them. They search for answers to their questions. Sometimes out of curiosity, they can make a decision that have consequences. They are very eager to find out the solution to their problem, and they love to fulfill their interest. With the use of Qustodio, parents can guide their children to make the right decision and to take the right path.

Parents will not get tired of reminding kids about the limit of the usage of their mobile devices. Why? It is mainly because the app is the one who will remember the child that he/she already reaches the limit of using it. The screen will pop up and says, “Time’s Up,” whenever the child reaches the deadline that was given to them. This is possible because the parent is given a chance to choose the number of hours that they allow their kids. The kid cannot demand because the parent is the one setting it for them. If they argue for an additional hour, they cannot access their phone. By the use of this great app, you can control all the digital activities of your child.

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Things that you can control with the use of Qustodio

  1. Emails and Online Activities

Qustodio can track the emails which have been sent or received in the device so that you will be updated on the things that they have time with. It is essential to check the emails that were collected and sent to have an idea of who they are talking with. It is very much recommended to parents to are having a hard time to monitor their kids. By using this device, you will be aware of the sites that they are visiting online. You can also view all the bookmarked websites that they are currently visiting. In this case, you can also figure out how many times they are visiting those websites.

  1. Text Messages

Parents can read text messages and all the content in the inbox. All the words which are received by the smartphones can be opened. Not only those received messages but also the messages sent by their kids. They can have access to all the letters in the smartphone, even the ones which are already deleted. There are instances that a child will remove the message sent and receive; however, their parents can still read it; also, it is deleted. In this phone tracker application, the words Some kids forget being controlled by a web control panel.

  1. Call History

The call history of the phone can also be monitored. Parents can have a copy of the person who called their child. Whenever there is an incoming or outgoing call, they will know it. The request also detects the duration of the request. This phone tracker application helps the parent to keep their children from any crime. There are a lot of people out there you can contact their child which have a bad intention for them. Some are bullying and extortion. These two are the most prevalent problems that an individual student might suffer from. In this case, their parents can monitor and block that confident person in order to keep their child always safe.

  1. GPS Location

By the use of Qustodio, you can monitor the location of your kids and love ones. Whenever they are, you can track using this kind of device. You can always check the site anytime utilizing the map of the application. You will be aware also of the places they visit recently through the location history that s being check remotely by the GPS. Once you are connected to the phone or tablet of your kids, you can track them as well as the device that they are using. Qustodio is very powerful and can provide you the most accurate monitoring app that can be used with mobile phones. You can also choose your best tracker for your Iphone

The phone tracker also has a Google Map in which the link is provided in order to have a GPS location. If you want to know or obtain the exact location, the map will help you. However, all information can be captured even in the surrounding where the phone is located.

  1. Contact

Whenever your child added some connection to their smartphone, it can be easily monitored using the phone tracker app. If there are unknown numbers that you are not familiar with, then you can delete or block anytime you wanted. This is another way of controlling the persons that your child can talk with. There are a lot of advantages, and one good example is that parents can make sure that they know about the people that your child talks to.

  1. Keylogger

Qustodio can also monitor the keystrokes on your laptop. Every key that you touch or click is being monitored through the use of this tracking application. When you are composting messages, you can quickly identify what the content of the word is. This is being used to apps that require instant messaging such as Messenger, Viber, Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

  1. Photo logs

Photos are also being monitored. They are controlled by the phone tracker applications, and it logs all images that are taken. In this case, you can also follow the photographs in case of emergencies. Photos are one of the best essential things that can be used as proof or evidence.

  1. Record Phone Calls and Surrounding

By the use of the Qustodio device, you can access their phone recordings. On the best thing about it is that you can listen and record it if you wish to. Even without their phones on their side, you can still monitor their activities. You will beware of the things that they are doing and what they are talking about.

  1. Website Visited

It is the essential part of the phone that a parent can access. With the growth of advanced technology nowadays, kids are very hooked in using social media. Through the use of the phone tracker application, parents can monitor the website which is being visited by their kids. This is very important to educate them not to feed their curiosity on the things that they see on the internet. Porn sites are one of the most visited websites by kids as they build their interest. With the help of this phone tracker app, we can educate the child that not all that they see on the internet is good for them. Parents can teach them not to imitate the things that they can understand.

Parents can access the websites that their child visited through the web browsing history. Through this, they can monitor what site is being visited by their child. The parent can also get a copy of the URL of the website that have been visited.

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  1. Remotely Control A Cell Phone

Yes, that right! Qustodio can remotely control the mobile phone of your child or loved ones. It makes use of the smartphone tracking app to resolve the problem.  You can also adjust the settings of the phone by using this kind of spying device. Another great feature of the Qustodio is that the person operating or controlling the device can send remote commands to the mobile phone. Thus, you will b surprised if there are things that change in your phone.

Letting your child use the internet is not a bad thing as long as they know their limitations. They should use the internet than partying on clubs at night. However, you need to monitor their behavior, especially using social media. There are a lot of things that can be done by just a click of your finger. Sometimes your child may know a lot of strangers through social media. Some may chat with them and ask them to meet and go out. It is very much vital that you are aware of it. You can make sure the safety of your child to those strangers through the use of Qustodio.

You can track the exact location of your child. If there are emergencies, you can track them easily. Another great thing about Qustodio is that it gives you invitations to parties that your child will be attending. There is an email alert that will be sent to you if there is someone who ci inviting your child. In these cases, you will not be worrying about where your child is and who they are with. There are chances that the child will not ask for the permission of the parent to go out. With the help of Qustodio, you will be updated on the places that your child is visiting. It is one of the excellent parenting monitoring control that Qustodio offers to parents.

Balancing Homework and Digital Screen Time

Posted by Qustodio on Monday, December 16, 2019

There are extra features that are available on the website of Qustodio. That’s why, unlike any other monitoring app, Qustodio cost a little bit expensive. However, it is ensured that you will be satisfied with the service that this monitoring app will offer for you. You will not think about the money that you have paid to purchase it. You will only think of the benefits that it can provide for you to track and monitor your child. There is a panic button that is available in order for your child to be safe always. There are instances that your child has an emergency. The app will send you an alert to inform you.

The monitoring and tracking app, which is the Qustodio have a very user-friendly interface. It can track the exact location of the child or any family member. The information provided by this device is considered a hundred percent accurate. So, you will not be doubting if it is the right information that you are looking for. The Qustodio app is well evaluated by one of the most expert technology analysts in the world. They make sure that everything that is being offered for the customer is certified reliable.

There are monitoring devices that are offered in the market, which is not very reliable when it comes to the information being generated. In this case, the technology expert conducted a test in which he makes use of the tracking and monitoring app of Qustodio. He sees for himself the best features that it has and tries if he will get the right information. This result to a good outcome in which the data are accurate and reliable. It is being used in real world situations in order to try the effectiveness of this fantastic device.

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Qustodio Pricing and Plans

As mentioned above, Qustodio is a little bit expensive. It is mainly because it has added new features that could help parents track if there are cases of cyberbullying. We all know that bullying nowadays is a severe issue. There is a lot of children who subjected themselves to suicide because of bullying. You should be aware also that bullying comes in many forms, and one of these is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying happens with the use of social media and the use of Qustodio can prevent it.

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For the pricing and plans of the monitoring device, there are advantages in using it. Here are the benefits that you can get in subscribing to Qustodio.

  1. No Credit Card Requirement

One great thing in subscribing to Qustodio is that they do not require the client to have a credit card number. Since it is a free trial requirement, you will be given time to try the application, and once you don’t like it, then you can cancel the subscription to the trial. You will not be paying also for the trial of course. Qustodio is not charging their customer with payments that they don’t consume. Unlike any other monitoring and tracking app which asks for a credit card number. Canceling of the subscription for the application is easy and very convenient.

  1. Free Premium Trial

The premium trial is just for free, so you will not be worrying about paying for the expenses for the test. You are given a limited day for you to try the subscription for the monitoring application. Once you exceeded the number of days that is limited for trial only, you will be asked to pay since you already exceeded the number of days for the free trial. All you have to do is to download the app and you will enjoy the three day trial for the Qustodio app.

  1. Premium Support Perks

There is support preference that is being offered for the customers. It allows them to enjoy the premium subscription that they wanted. The customer service that is being provided by Qustodio is equal to all types of customers that they have. They do not have any favoritism when it comes to their customer. What is offered for a satisfied customer is being offered to everyone. It is mainly because of the satisfaction of all the customers that they have is the topmost priority of Qustodio. They will not risk the name of the company by not treating their customer correctly.

Features and Usability of Qustodio

For essential protection that you are looking for, Qustodio does an excellent job of that kind of service. With the powerful technology that we have today, it is very much right that almost all people are not only using one gadget in a day. We have multiple devices that are using depending on the service that it has for us. If you are using various methods, it is highly suggested that you invest in the premium packages of Qustodio in order to enjoy full protection and monitoring services for your kids.

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Installing the application is effortless. You will not need a lot of time to fix it, for it is straightforward. All you have to do is to wait for a few seconds; then it will be installed successfully. It is very convenient to use, unlike any other spyware that is available in the market. It also has a user-friendly panel that can help you every time you have a hard time to access it. There are a lot of benefits that can contribute to you in monitoring your loved ones, especially your kids. we all know that in these cases, we need to have a partner that will surely help us. You can have this monitoring application anytime you’ve wanted without any hassle.

You can make use of this application in Qustodio to control the target device activity. If you want to block a specific phone number on your child’s phone, then you can do that without informing it. Your child will not know that you deleted or erase something on their phone. How? It is mainly because it will be done remotely and not physically. You can also manage the screen time on the tablets or even smartphones that they have. You can lock a cell phone without touching it by the use of the spy device. You can also take screenshots, wipe data, record a voice call, and other endless possibilities that you prefer. It can be seen that Qustodio is the best spy software that everyone will love to have.

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Once you subscribed and installed this Qustodio, you will enjoy new features now and then. It is mainly because they are always improving their functions. They make sure that every time they updated the features that they have for the satisfaction of the customer. Well, they know that customer loves having new features that will help them monitor their loved ones all the time. They always take into consideration the satisfactory level of their customers. They are making sure that everything they paid is worth it. It is ensured that all features are working correctly and a hundred percent in good condition.

Comparing qustodio VS mSpy

There are a lot of things that should be considered when it comes to parenting. You need to monitor your child every time. That’s why Qustodio is here to help all parents that require parental monitoring. But there are a lot of things that a child can do when a parent is not around. They can make decisions that can affect their life. Also, harassment is widespread as social media is emerging. There are things that you need to consider in monitoring your child. We all know that tracking the child every day is a tough job that a parent should do. If you lack watching your child, there are a lot of consequences that could happen. That’s why it is imperative to have every detail of the child’s daily activity through a spy app such as mSpy.

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While qustodio offers plenty of benefits, mSpy tends to be the better choice as the favorite Spy App mSpy. It offers the Best Balance of Features, Easy installation, Excellent Customer Support, and available for Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions. You should take care of guiding your child in the right path. Make sure that they are doing just fine when you are not around. Even you do not have your presence because of the very hectic schedule that you have. But take note that having a parent that will guide you is such an essential thing in the growth of a specific individual. Parents are the ones who will teach them about the right things. They will grow into a fully grown man and woman if they have their parents beside them. All kids want for the time and guidance of their parents.

One of the best things about growing up is having your parents. Enjoying and treasuring every moment that they have with them. Nowadays, it is sporadic to see a family that bonds just like the old times. It is because of the emerging presence of technology. The time and attention of the child are being diverted using the technology. Using their mobile phones is one of the most common things that you will see the most houses. They lack communication with their parents and mind with they also require time for their child. They are busy making money for the future without knowing that they lack time with the most critical person in their life.

Using this magnificent phone tracker, the parents can monitor their child’s phone on a real-time basis. Parents enjoy using it, for they feel like they are real agents. You are spying their kids. All they have to do is to view the logs in any computer. Then, they can already track and monitor their child activity. This is used by parents who are not always at home in which they can’t control their children.

Do you want to buy some phone tracker application in order to keep a close monitoring of your child? Then, you can get this at a meager price. Some form is also costly. However, it depends on the feature that specific phone trackers possess. Just advise to everyone. If you are going to buy some of this phone tracker, then make sure that it is compatible to your operating system. This is a good thing to save money. You will not want to pay for something that you can’t use right? This is a friendly reminder for every parent that wants to purchase such a phone tracker application.

Monitoring and keeping an eye to your child is not a bad thing. You are just making sure that they are safe whenever they go. Make sure that if you are going to install the monitoring and tracking application of Qustodio, your child is aware of it. It is also essential to take into consideration the privacy of your child that why you need to inform them that they are going to be monitored. This is a right way of building the trust of the child and also respecting the decision of their parents. It is sure that if you inform your child, they will appreciate and understand it because it’s for their excellent.


Do you have a hard time monitoring the digital activity of your child? Well, Qustodio is here to help all struggling parents when it comes to parental control. All you have to do is to subscribe, download the app and installed it to your phone and the target device. After that, you can monitor and track your child’s acts on a real-time basis.

There are a lot of good reviews when it comes to Qustodio. However, when it comes to features and selling prices, the most suggested product is the mSpy. It is the most comprehensive app that was tested and guaranteed a hundred percent of high quality.
qustodio offers some great features, but for the money I think you’re better off going with one of the more feature rich options like mSpy.  In addition to offering the ability to track more chat apps, they offer superior tech support.