If you often lost your wallet, keys, cellphone, or any valuable stuff, then buying a key finder can help a lot. Key finder, wallet tracker, or Bluetooth tracker, this device assists in keeping your items in place. It is also easy to integrate into your everyday living. This locator device is available in different sizes and shapes. Some look like a credit card, while others have a resemblance to a key chain. They were made this way for you to bring it anywhere you want to go with ease.

Safedome: Reliable Bluetooth Key Finder That Tracks Valuable Items in Style

If you have decided to buy one for you, you have to choose one out of many reliable, super lightweight, and durable Bluetooth trackers. Even if you are able to look for the same devices online, none does that ideal job as the Safedome rechargeable key finder.

What Is Safedome Key Finder?

Misplacing wallets, keys, or cellphone is ubiquitous. Thankfully technology is very advanced that we can depend on it in times of stress. Safedome premier in the is of key finders with a focus on looks and style.

State of the art Safedome key finder has a size of a credit card that allows it to fit smartly in your purse, wallet, or any stuff you usually misplace. The Safedome premium leather key tracker easily and smartly attaches to your kitchen to assist you in monitoring your keys if you are hurrying out the door. The app will enable you to access the features and look for your keys fast. There is a backup with a superb biometric fingerprint lock with one press, it opens.

Easy to Use Key Finder

It is easy to set off the card. You switch on the Bluetooth by long-pressing the button. Then, pair it with your device with the help of the app that can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

After setting, it will automatically scan the space/distance between the exact location of the card and your mobile device. This will notify you if it gets distanced for too far. Also, there is a Faster Alerting feature that will check the exact location even more frequently. This is a vital feature, most particularly if you’re in a crowded place. Also, you can set a safe zone mode that will notify you each time you’re in that location.


Safedome Premium Leather Key Finder is integrated with amazing features, which is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the most sought after key finders today.

  • Replaceable Battery

This key finder is integrated with a replaceable battery that lasts for about one year of regular use.

  • Made of Leather Materials

This key finder is made of premium leather that makes this device looks pleasing and attractive.

  • Stylish 

Safedome key finder fob unifies perfectly with the sense of style whether you utilize it as a tracking accessory or a fob clipped to the backpack or bag.

  • Durable/Rugged 

It has a rugged style and looks fashionable, making sure years of use.

Pixie Key Tracker

Pros and Cons

Like many other products out there, Safedome Key Finders also comes with pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

State of the art technology: This key finder connects to both Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth and notifies you when your key is at risk. Not like other tracking devices and apps, this state of the art tracker is extremely active. It is smart and knows that your key is missing before you do and ensure you are notified and alerted quickly and fast.


  • Look for Lost Objects Fast

This super slim key finder fits snugly into any important object like keys and wallets and even cellphones. Keep this device in your purse, wallet, passport as well as a handbag. Connect to the Safedome app so you will know the exact location of the object always.

  • The last Location Seen

Just open the Safedome app and then connect the card fob to your mobile device. Just keep the app working in the background, and it will recall or record the last location as well as the time you have your key or wallet.

  • Only Rings when Needed

Users can customize the notifications according to their needs, control how fast you get notifications, pick the tune or sound you choose, and pick locations you do not want to be notified, like work or home.

  • Charge the Card and Charge the Mobile Device

Safedome recharge lasts for three months on one charge. It is integrated with a wireless charger that is compatible with Qi-ready devices and smartphones.


Like many other products available on the market today, Safedome premium leather key finder also has some flaws such as:

  • The battery only lasts for 12 months or one year. Not like other models that last for 2 to 3 years of use.
  • The leather is cheap as well as spoor quality very easy to break off.
  • Poor customer service. It would help if you waited days for the customer service to reply to your queries.

How Safedome Works?

This is considered the smartest and most dependable Bluetooth tracker, which keeps your things safe and sound. It gets connected to your device either powered by Android or iPhone fast and always stays active to keep you alert once your key is at risk. All you have to do is to set up the app and keep it running, so it recalls the last Location as well as a time where the item is lost.

Guide to Use Safedome

1: Attach the key fob to backpack, keys, purse, luggage, as well as belongings you wish to monitor or track.

2: Connect the tracker to the app on your mobile device via Bluetooth. The app will notify or alerts you once it senses that the item is out of range.

3: Save locations for places like Home or Work and set up custom alerts if you leave a saved location without an important item.

4: Once you misplace your key, check the Safedome app for the last recorded location of the tracker and get direction for retrieval.

With simple to use the app, there is no need to worry about losing or misplacing your key or wallet once more. Pair it with the item finder and monitor the last Location. The app works on Android and iOS and allows you to customize notifications, alerts, as well as track the lost object on a map to locate them quickly. Keep your items safe and secure while you are on the go by turning the backpack into a portable safe.

Other Variants 

Safedome key finder is available in various styles and patterns such as:

Safedome Classic: This is renowned for its sleek style and is ideal for people who enjoy traveling light. Because of its design, you can attach it quickly and secure your wallet, laptop, keys, and other valuables. On the other hand, this is not water-proof, but it gives you a long battery life.

Safedome Pebble: Another remarkable type of Safedome Bluetooth tracker is the Safedome pebble. This is not just intended for comfortable handling but also considering the safety of the kids and pets. This can be used for many purposes like safeguard your kids, bags, keys as well as pets. One of the fantastic features of the Safedome Pebble key tracker is that it comes with a replaceable battery that lasts longer and what is more it is also water-resistance.

Safedome Recharge: This is considered and the most excellent Bluetooth tracker available on the market today. It is also the thinnest and slimmest key finder that provides a seamless future. It is renowned as the first wireless rechargeable key finder that can be utilized to secure the baggage as well as wallet passport. It looks like a typical credit card that makes it recognizable in your purse and wallet. It is also water-resistant compared to other trackers made by a renowned company.

Why Should I Choose this Key Finder?

Not like other locators out there, you are able to customize this key finder in accordance to your convenience. It doesn’t matter if you wish to pick the audio setting as well as the control the range or frequency of getting notifications, all these can be done in just one press of a button. What is more, you can pick the locations as well as set the place on the map to acquire customized notifications.

You cannot merely secure your precious items but also monitor kids and pets once they out of your site. This makes your life easier, simpler as well as stress-free.


Even if you may encounter an array of key finder online today, you need to ensure you pick one which is hard-wearing, tough, and reliable as well as connects easily with your mobile device and lasts for many years. It is vital to do a research when looking for the best one. But if you want the best without spending a lot, you can try the Safedome premium leather key finder. Aside from offering remarkable connectivity, this helps in lessening the risk of losing your precious items.