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The Best Pets That Social Media Has To Offer

One of the best ways to find viral fame is through making content with a beloved furry friend. According to the NY Post, 1 in 4 pet owners are trying to turn their relationships into fame now, whether purely for the internet content interest, or to show off the often quirky relationships they have with their pets. As a result, there’s a huge number of fantastic content creators out there who are pumping out absolutely adorable pet videos. While mostly there to create cute content, many of these owners have also used their platform to do a bit of education.

Doug the Pug

As The Spruce highlights, there are few pet influencers quite as famous as Doug the Pug. With 3.8 million followers on Instagram and a huge commercial empire behind him, including books and clothes, Doug the Pug is the benchmark for what a good pet influencer might look like. However, as well as providing cute content, especially when wearing weather-appropriate clothing to keep the pug warm during winter, Doug has been influential in raising money for some fantastic causes. In 2022, Doug and his owners started a new foundation to raise money for child victims of cancer, looking to help cure the condition and to provide crucial support to children already going through the disease. A real force for good, the fact that Doug and his owners have turned their hand to good causes is another important principle for animal influencer accounts.

Juniper and Friends

In a profile of the huge influencer account Juniper and Friends, South Magazine highlights one crucial lesson that that account has achieved – dispelling myths on exotic animals like the fox. Juniper is an American red fox that has been rescued and is now raised among other exotics and dog friends. While they are unsuitable for release into the wild, that fact has been highlighted by the website. As well as providing cute and accessible content, Juniper and Friends has provided a huge amount of education to the world, too, on wildlife and their lives.

Nala Cat

As part of National Pet Day, StatSocial performed a roundup of the top-performing animal influencers out there. In the process, they highlighted Nala Cat, a Guinness World Record winning cat known for her beautiful blue eyes. Like the other influencers, Nala has been involved in building up a commercial empire, including her own book – Living Your Best Life According To Nala Cat. A guide on living life in a calm and happy way, using tips best demonstrated by the animal herself, this is yet another account that has shown that pets can spread happiness through their cuteness – as well as giving real, life-affirming advice.

Pet influencers have a huge role to play in the modern day. They’re not just a bit of fun – they can be a way of showing off some really good causes, raising awareness of animal rights and a bit beyond that, too.

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